3 Kids!! Cellulite Ready to Be Finnneee - Miami, FL

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So I'm sorta scared but looking for a buddy I want...

So I'm sorta scared but looking for a buddy I want to move my date up as well to like the week of the 15 which RH is good? I was referred too Elite concierge but not sure and how many days are needed to stay I called Vanity she told me I need to stay 7 days however the nurse at elite said I don't need too

Locked in My Price!!

Well I locked in my price for Dr Omulepu I have spoke with Elite Nursing and I'm leaning towards them however I was a sx buddy I have to lose 18 lbs! I'm starting my meal replacements today

Don't have any where too stay

Ok I spoke with my coordinator Emily she stated they have feb 8 available however Mary at elite is booked now ???????? I need a recovery home for the 7-13 ????

Locked in my Date

Soooo I locked in my date for Feb 8. Spectrum dr Omulepu and I need a RH and looking for a surgery buddy! Elite is full ????

Pre Op photos

Ok I look a fucking mess it's really embarrassing and I been dealing with cellite since birth do you all think the BBl will help with it ????


Just got email on taking labs should I take a iron pill? I haven't started


So I notice on labs it askes weight, however I haven't got my weight all the way down I wonder will that matter? I know I will lose by my surgery date


I went and did my labs today I'm so scared because I didn't take any iron pills however I have been drinking orange juice and eating correctly



Bbl pillow or Bobby Pillow?

So I been seeing different reviews so which one is actually working?

Weight loss

Soooo I am supposed to be at 200 even when I have surgery I have 2 weeks to lose 16 pounds I need ideas omg

recovery House booked and paid for

a new life recovery it's a new RH a few girls say they love it she even face timed me with a Patient ???? excited COUNT DOWN begins I'm on a 7 day Salad diet I have 12 lbs too lose

8 more days and 10 more lbs

So I have 8 more days before leaving and I need too lose 10 more lbs it's so had too say no to food! I'm going to just do straight smoothies beginning tomorrow! But I have to get my mind ready! Any tips? I'm so excited but ugh this losing weight part is killing me


Does spectrum weigh you or see how tall you are?

Before stomach as requested

Military Diet

So I began my military diet today it's going to be hard! I went too gym this morning did a mile I hope it works I have too lose 7more lbs before Sunday ????

Time of the month

So I leave Sunday and I just started my cycle has anyone else experienced this? Can I still have surgery?

Please help! Weight

I'm freaking out?! I was supposed to be 210 for surgery at spectrum I'm 216! Will they turn me away? I leave Sunday help


Started my cycle got my email to be at office for 830 lord I'm nervous I fly out in morning! I hope they don't cancel me for weighing 6 lbs over ????


I just landed in due to be at office at 830am tomorrow Nervous? Hell yes! Waiting on Yane driver too pick me up


Babbbyyyy so far I love it! It's peaceful VERY CLEAN and no one here but me ????????I love it yall

I'm here ????????????

A little nervous I am ready to go back haha

Yesterday was horribke

Spectrum was nice n quick got there at 830 I was in surgery by 915 but I had to stay all day because every time it was time too go I would get in wheelchair n pass out (it happened twice) they had me on oxygen ivs I didn't leave till 7pm I drained so much n they had me lay on my butt today I'm feeling a lot better might get a massage at my recovery house today it's so hard to pee even with the pezee I fell so bad I'm making a mess I really love my recovery home

A few photos

Here are a few

What do u think?!

Feel great after a shower

Got my first bath and massage

So I feel a lot better energy wise tell me this all of my incisions are closed so when I got my massage they massaged it too my pelvic area they said because I'm going too pee it out is that true?

10 hours till take off

I don't want to leave Miami or my recovery house they are sooooo nice it felt great to just be here I'm about to get my last massage will make my 6 lympthtic massage and I had 2 ultra sonic my body hurts all over so I'm getting a full body as well so far I love my results just can't wait too hill when did you all switch garments?


I'm currently in the hospital I had a blood clot in lung and I have to get two units of blood transfusion also kidneys aren't properly functioning I wish this on noone

If I could do it again I wouldn't stay at

Soooo I love a new life recovery but I wouldn't stay there again they never checked my vitals nothing and I feel what I'm going threw could have been helped a lil but they were nice as hell but basically it was just a baby sitting area then when it was time to go I kept asking Yane for my pillow she said it was in car I said I want h too show me how to use it she said it's easy just sit so I said ok so when willy n I pulled up too the airport I'm like where is my pillow he said Yane said it didn't come with your packet so I showered him my receipt and walked off texting her asking why she lied so I missed my flight and willy brought back an inflatable ring lol but knowing I passed out at spectrum twice they should have checked my vitals which weren't don't they are a new house so just small things then my food was way off timing!

Feeling way better

I been taking pain pills I go get my massage tomorrow my first one since I been back n out hospital here some pics that you all been asking for

Dr omulepu and his restrictions

Wow everything he got restricted for is the same stuff that happened too me with that same girl I love my results and thankful to be alive

How long do you stay hard

Just wondering how long back n stomach is hard? I get massages ever other day?

Hard in back n stomach

So I get massages every other day I'm almost 1 month post! Why is it still hard in my back n stomach? I feel better after massages but on weekend it's killing me its so hard! What can help

Feeling great

Hard spots?

Ok I'm 6 weeks post I had complications so I been sitting on my butt and laying on my side I got 12 massages since I got home and I have been back because I been doing them my self! My lower back is still hard and numb and my upper is tender ..when I soak and apply a lil heat it gets soft and I work the tissue back and forth but for the most part it still hurts a lil what can I do? How long are you hard for?
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