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Hi everyone! recently i've made the final decision...

hi everyone! recently i've made the final decision to get a bbl, breast aug, lip injections, and veneers (in that order) idk if I'm going to make separate blogs about the different surgeries or post them all on one. honestly i don't even know if i'm doing this right, the "write a review" is confusing since i haven't even chose a doctor yet i wish real self would update their site so it's easier to blog (although i'm new on here i've been snooping for years! decided to make an account since I am for sure getting sx) i'm not nearly as educated as most of you are, even using the term "sx" just made me happy because before a few days ago i had no clue that meant surgery :( yes i'm that uneducated. by the time i have my surgery i will be very educated i am researching daily, literally all day! i made the decision to finally get the surgeries I've been wanting because... well i the money to get them done. that was the main thing holding me back. i don't have any children so no big income tax checks for me :( i had to save because i don't have good credit. also right now i'm currently 5'4" 149lbs i've been trying to gain weight but then i read posts saying doctors want you to have a healthy BMI so i'm gonna chill out until some of these doctors i emailed let me know how much i should be gaining if i need to gain any at all. i'm not looking for a huge, kim k ass. that's actually gross to me (no offense just being honest) i want something proportionate and pretty natural looking. i see a lot of women's biggest thing is projection and that's actually not the case with me. i'm more about the hour glass shape, and since i don't have a ton of weight to work with i'd rather my doctor focus on getting me that hour glass shape (small waist, big hips) than ass. i actually have a little bit of ass to me. my measurements currently are 39" and 29" waist i'm hoping to get a 24/25" waist and like a 42" ass... idk honestly i'm gonna upload some wish pics soon and i'll upload pics of my body when i feel comfortable (it will be before i get my surgery) i want my surgery in the next few months so hopefully i find a doctor who can do it this fall, i'm happy i chose this time because i see a lot of girls say they wish they had done it in the winter because of the heat (especially since i'm really considering flying to miami for my surgery) i don't want this post to be super super long so i will post some wish pics next and then i'll come back on here when my quotes start to roll in from the surgeons i have contacted.

wish pics and surgeon info

okay so from now on i'm going to be focusing on my bbl as i want that to be my first procedure. i'm going to upload the exact body i want below. i talked to a surgeon in miami they quoted me 5,300 for everything i really wanted 5k or less :/ they said if i paid in full i could get a discount but i don't have all the money right now. the lady said that's a "sale" they're running and it expires on monday i know that's BS just to lock you in... she said i have to put down a 1k deposit which is fine. i've been really leaning on getting my bbl in colombia i found a great doctor but he's recently become popular so it's hard getting in contact with him and he probably has went up on his prices... we'll see. i wont make a final decision until i get a quote from him.... idk if i mentioned in my previous post but i want more of an hour glass shape than a big huge ass. oh also i talked to a lady who showed my pics to the surgeon (who quoted me 5300) and he said i was a great candidate and i was at a great weight and had a healthy BMI which was great because something about when you're around a healthy weight the surgery takes better and i can really get that hourglass look i wanted (again i'm 5'4 149) i'll talk more about it really really soon here's some wish pics :)

surgeon info. idk who to choose!

okay i'm literally becoming addicted to this site i'm gonna give tomorrow a rest from researching because it's becoming a obsession for real! but i wanted to come back on here again and just.... vent. so as i said earlier, idk if i said the surgeon, but i was quoted 5300 but dr hasan coordinator/asst whatever. 1k deposit, and she said it will be less than that (total) if i paid in full but like i said i cant. i also said i was waiting on a colombian dr to email me back and he finally did yay! so the dr im talking about is dr plazas ive seen him mentioned a few times on here but hes definitely not popular like some of the others. now is time to weigh out pros and cons (i will be contacting more surgeons) so the pros of going with hasan is ill be stateside, that gives me and my boyfriend a lot of comfort. its also the cheapest (US wise) and i believe he is board certified? (i will find out and let u all know) and i do like his work... the cons are bad though :/ so hasan does have a death on him and i don't automatically cancel a dr because of this because it is a risk we know we are taking. if u have pre-exisiting conditions or a mistake happens or an infection or something... i will say it seems that deaths from bbl's performed by certified surgeons are rare but it does happen. my issue is that he is not a board certified plastic surgeon. he is a board certified cosmetic surgeon? and certified in dermatology? correct me if i'm wrong... but i read in FL once you get like your board cert in cosmo you can do plastic surgery. that's... weird to me? idk. granted, like i said i love his work he's done tons of women's bodies and they look great but i'm not gonna lie him not being a board certified PS makes me a little uneasy. also, like i said idk if he works with spectrum or vanity but it doesn't matter because they both get horrible reviews. i try not to go solely off that because i know some women are brats and complain a lot but the bad reviews are a little overwhelming and it's enough negative things being said about these two clinics to make me want to rethink dealing with them. some women on this site make it like money isn't a thing to them, going for round 2 and 3 and that's awesome for them but i work hard for my money and i don't have tons of it so i don't want ppl playing with it! i hear it's damn near impossible getting refunded (that's not a huge deal to me though i will call my bank quick!) and also they are notorious for double booking and making u change ur surgery time and/or date or even your doctor! HELL NO. this is my body and ultimately my life ure playing with and that i'm trusting u with. i don't like that. as far as some of the employees being rude like i said i won't too much hold onto that because that's personal opinion but something to think about... just iffy... ANYWAYS. onto the pros and cons of dr plazas in colombia. the pros are i have found no negative reviews on him although some girl said she got fibrosis in his IG comments but again that's a normal complication with surgery... i don't think that was caused by him? could be wrong. i'm gonna do my research on him too so i'll let yall know. he seems nice and so does his staff (haven't talked to him yet though) but i hear he's into charity and he personally visits the ladies at the recovery homes and his mom owns one of them so that's cool! he also snatches the waist! exactly what i want. the cons... colombia :/ being out of the country period is scary... colombia is scary... i'm scared yall. about going out the country for major surgery. i really gotta do my research. thats honestly my only con with him. he quoted me 3,500 with a 500 deposit. oh another pro is he did a woman's surgery i know and she healed fabulously and looks wonderful so that was comforting. idk. what do yall think? ill be glad when i get some friends on here lmao! i'll post more wish pics soon. like i said i'll actually probably give researching a break for a few days cause i literally haven't did anything else with my life but read yalls stories. it helps so much though. so yeah... honestly im leaning towards plaza. chat with yall in a few days!

i'm choosing dr luis eduardo plazas as my surgeon

hi! so i've decided to choose dr luis eduardo plazas as my surgeon for my bbl. to be exact, he will be performing a laser lipo (12 areas) + bbl on me sometime this fall. i don't have a passport so i'm going to get that and then pick an exact date. i'm gonna book my tickets right when i pay my deposit so i get a good rate. i'm really shooting for sometime in november i will keep you all updated of course. i will be traveling there with my boyfriend so that will make me 10x more at ease. my boyfriend also said colombia has really good surgeons and the price honestly was just right in my budget. i'm super nervous but actually it's getting better. i try not to think negative and just focus on how beautiful my body will look after. here's some more wish pics


i dont get any responses on here so im gonna take my talents to ig lol follow me thegoldenbody if u wanna follow my journey im ONLY adding sx pages not nosy women ! i will be back on here after surgery tho to review my dr but day to day i will post on ig only xoxo
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