Let the Journey Begin 29 Time 4 a New Me! - Miami, FL

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So after long research I decided to book with Dr....

So after long research I decided to book with Dr. Fisher, im not willing to risk my life with a Dr. That's not board certified so Fisher is my guy plus his work looks amazing. This will be my third surgery I had traditional lipo to my luv handles when i was 18 after my first child with Dr. Lee in CO and he totally took advantage of the fact i was young and uneducated in plastic surgery he didn't do a good job i looked the same after surgery, so then i had surgery again after my third child in 2012 with Dr. Nathan Rosner. He was great he did vaser lipo to luv handles, upper lower abs and right above my butt, I would go to him again but I dont think he does BBLs alot and i want s pro. So after weight gain and being unhappy with my body here I am again I hope it Will be third times a charm. I love reading all you ladies post and I hope I can be as helpful as most of you have. Vanity has been fine so far and has answered all my question every time i call, or has called me right back if they missed me, my coordinator is Regala I like her thus far. I will keep you all posted along the way im currently 5'7 183 hoping to be 165 by surgery, I have 3 kids.

Wish pic


So im so annoyed as I sit here and look at some new butts from this year that Fisher did, and im not happy! they all look the same doesnt seem like he does his surgeries as a per patient bases and gives everone the same look with no cuff at the bottom just high butts sigh!!... and I called Vanity today and they told me the girl that posted the bad fisher bbl review was his patient, and she did get an infection but they think it was from the recovery home or wherever she went. Umm humm! I just dont know what to think or feel right now.

Feeling better

So I live on here and it may not be the best thing but I am so thankful for all you ladies who post updates, it really helps us newbies. So after continuing to look at new bbl work I noticed that they all look similar but it must be because its days after surgery and the butts probably super firm and hard, but updated pics I noticed everyones butt starts to fit them and look really good, so im feeling better. I called Vanity yesterday because I saw the doctor was running a special for 200 less with a garment included, I asked if they would include my garment and I would still pay my original amount, they denied go figure but whatever. Also time is flying and weight loss is hell I have not lost anything, any suggestions ladies? And anyone going 9/16?

Lost 5lbs on a juice clense

I purchased a slowstar juicer and drunk juice for breakfast lunch and dinner for 3 days I feel good and if you ladies are struggling with a few extra lbs I would recommend a juice cleanse. Groupon has raw juices if you dont want to purchase a juicer, I plan to do it twice a month until surgery.

I had my surgery today

Hi guys had my surgery today and im here! I am about 11 hours out of surgery so far everything has been great. I will update you guys in a couple of days im a bit out of it right now. But all I can say is fisher is the man and I loved the anesthesiologists he made me feel so comfortable such a great guy. Vanity was good alone the way. I did get cell saver I recommend you ladies to do it, it has helped so far with recovery. Pictures to come give me a few days.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Have not met the Dr. Yet but looking forward to a safe journey. Vanity has been good so far.

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