over all ...im just happpy I did this

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Let me just get to the point. I really wanted to...

let me just get to the point. I really wanted to get the surgery for a while now. I have 3 kids all by cesarean section so you must understand partially why I've been yearning to do this for myself. I've always had a pretty nice shape before the children and love to get there again. After finding real self I I was so happy and addicted to this site. My cousin chose Dr Pelayoand so did II after seeing her results. After deciding to book the date of my surgery I have learned that he was on quote unquote vacation. Nevertheless they decided to schedule me with Dr Salas. I didn't see many people with his work.but what I saw on the real self was great and after doing my research I realized that he had a solid background in cosmetic surgery. I would be leaving for Miami in 5 days and it is now getting really real.I have received my instructions um the clinic and I've been slowly packing all my supplies and clothing.I must say things to everyone on this site. There is a wealth of information here and I'm grateful that people share with they experience.stay tuned for pictures once I learn how to do it I will keep everyone up to date! smooches!!!

Meeting With Salas in the morning!!! whooo hooo ***preop pics***

Ok ladies just uploaded preop.. look at your own risk lol

finally in Miami!!!! yippeeee

Ok girls flight was fab. We actually arrived 20 min early. As soon as I got out of the airport, was shuttled to the hotel dropped my bags and came to vanity. Inside is clean and pretty. I paid my balance filled out my pprwork. They told me that dr salas wason his was to the clinic to see me. Oh boy. The wait continues. Will keep u all post.

Im a sexi Salas barb!!!!

Hey girlies. I made it. Thanks for your prayers. Went really smooooooth. We had conversation at first to go over what he thou hgt was goos for me. He also lipo 4 liter of fat (which btw is Miami's legal limit). Not too sure how much was injected. I didnt bring a wish pic because I know everyone body shape is different and my own preference was to allow him to make me sexi. In other words I let him work. I did tell him the areas that bothered me the most and he addresses them. He is a super cool doc. I was relaxed with him. He marked me up and expkained every moment of it. He took a series of pics then the anesthesia guy came gave me some fluids then something to help me relax sorta like xanax or ativan. Then the propafol. Next thing I woke up. dr said it went well. I gave him a thumbs up then fell asleep again. An hour later I got up to use the restroom and went back to sleep til my ride came.I did not experience a single episode of nausea for the first time in my life. Because I voiced my concern I recieved anti nausea meds via IV pre and post general anesthesia . My experience today went well and I thank you all today for ur prayers!

post op day 4

okay its post op day four I'm feeling okay. Still have lots of swelling but I'm happy so far with the results

6 day po

Ok so been having highs and los . Felt really weak and bloated today. I realized I had swelling all in my lower abd. I went and got a smaller garment in to help with the swelling. I am also wearing my abd board. I am resting and walking every two hrs to keep the blood flowing. Drinking lots of fluid is also a must right now. Anyway ladies..ttyl. smooches

6 day po pic

hey ladies

Just a pic upload


Feeling much better today. My dad is so cool. Hes in the kitchen juicing up some fresh veges for me. Not as weak as before waist is shrinking. Wearing my garment religiously!

12 days post

Ive been feeling better as each day passes. I am sooooo satisfied with results. Swelling continues to go down. Waist shrinking. Stopped taking pain meds about 3-4 days ago. I religiously wear my my garment and abd board. Its so amazing to look at myselfin the mirror. Im not too hung up on measurements but what I do know is that my waist right after surg was 32in now its 30. Booty measured 45 1/2 in now its 45. Im loving my new shape guys!!!!! To think it only gets better!


Omg. Soooo itchyyyy. I know I heard about butt itching but woww!!! Every where that was lipo'd itches. Sheeesh. I used the topical benedryl anf also the pill for unbearable itching. They do help to an extent. I was certainly not prepared
Any way im 2 weels po. Im still impressesd with results and my overall shape. Will post pics soon. I have been back at work and im sooo tired. Gotta rest up. Legs are swollen from being on them for hours at a time
Xoxox o

Almost 3 wks post op

Hey girlies! Feeling great bought a vedette 136 and omgggg its comfy! I still get itchy from time to time. Gonna buy a squeem to wear over it to waist train. Swelling going away nicely but notice if I dont wear my garment naturally I swell up. It also feels uncomfortable without it. Imma post some pics chicas! Talk to u soon ;-)

waist is decreasinggg yipeeee :-D

Chest 37in
Waist 28 1/2 ???
Hips 45

altered my garments

Hey ladies all is well! Tranforming each week. Loveeee the beginning of the new me! My fiance is going crazy. Lmaooo I love it. Tummy is really looking great .its nicw to be able to s ee my cooch again without lifting up my tummy!!!! Ttyl muah

just checking in

Hey all! This surgery recovery is no joke. Last night I decided that I was gonna put my garment on strike just till the morning but omggg. My body felt crazzzy weird without it. I hate wearing the darn thing but yearn for it when I dont have it on :-/ im still numb at the ares of lipo. My lower abd gets swollen and hard so I massage it a few times daily. I am down 10lbs from surg.....Not sure why cause My appetite had been wicked monsterous!!! Has that happened to anyone?? My booty is still 45. Its much softer and jiggly. Still love the shape. It s still pleasantly appealing to "every one" lol. Will post pics soon


Hey there girls. My measurements are now chest 37, waist 28 to 28.5 and 44.5. I feel great I look great its all good in the hood. I have a. Week before I could sit. I cant waitttttt. Ttyl chicas

pic update

Hey chicas. Adding a few pic with no clothes so you could see the real deal. Plz ignore the ashy skin.hehehe.. im still pretty itchy at times. I dont get tthe sudden pains like I used to.still get lots of swelling ..back and abd area. Still on The hunt for comfy garments hit me up if you know any.. ttyl



6 weeks post

Yayyyy I could finally sit. Feels sorta kinda weir d. Now im used to the yoga mat..I love my shape but sometimes my mind feels like my butt should be biggerr. Butt measurement this week is 44.5. Just ordered my xs vidette 136. All of my clothes now has a big gap or empty space around the wais area. I have to shop to accomadate this new shape. Anyway dolls will post pics soon

sorry guys removed my pics

Got a little creeped out seeing my pics else where. Happy healing to you all and to future surgery best of luck to you! I will post from time to time

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