BBL with Dr Miami May 2017 !!

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I have my Skype consultation with Michael "Dr....

I have my Skype consultation with Michael "Dr. Miami" Salzhauer on January 4th. I have already submitted photos of my body and I'm not sure what to expect for the Skype interview. Hopefully I get to tell him what silhouette I'm going for. I'm paying my $1,000 deposit next week. Inspirations below

So the consultation went.....

...well! Actually Dr. Salzhauer was very friendly and open to any questions. It was a little bit late when he called so I felt a bit rushed. Also, we didn't actually FaceTime, it was a phone call. But I was all good with that ^_^ he was personable and very honest about recovery time (10 days). Next Thursday I will be putting down my $1,000 deposit.

BY THE WAY- Ladies, have you guys caught any slack by your friends/family/society in regards to this procedure? A disclosed to a close friend I was getting this procedure and I felt so judged and attacked. Just wondering!! Happy New Year!

Deposit Down and Slot Booked!

I put my deposit down this week to hold a spot for the Brazilian Butt Lift. I don't have an exact procedure date but I'm booked for a slot in April 2017. It sounds suuuuuper far away but that gives me time to prepare financially and it gives way for me to reach some current fitness goals, and then gain weight back for grafting. I always have the greatest time dealing with Dr. Salzhauer's team!! My coordinator is Joanna and any questions I have she answers, and she was so excited for me to get slotted and she congratulated me on being one step closer to surgery! So even though the appointment is a year away, I am so excited to be one step closer to being molded by Dr. Miami!!!!

Financing a BBL...????

Hey Beauty Dolls! So I have a question about Financing a BBL. So the base price for the BBL is $7749, I put down a deposit of $1000 which brings me to a grand total of $6749 :) Originally, I was thinking I would just save up and pay for the entire surgery outright but I'm thinking that maybe I should just put another $3000 down and finance the rest. My question is, how does that work? Is it like financing a car? How much would I have to pay a month? Has anyone had any experience in this area...?? Heeeeeeelpppp lol

Oh No...NOW I'm freaking out.... :-(

so just got emailed the medical clearance form from the Dr. Office stating that I have to have a Medical Clearance before I can undergo surgery. I'm an active duty military person and my Dr is under TriCare- I seriously doubt they will clear me for something like this!!! How can I go about this?? They won't clear me to have surgery...I'm im the military. Does anyone on here know how I can get my medical history over to him without going through TriCare??

What I look like Feb 2016

I'be always been a bit insecure about my body, I could always lose weight and do squats but I would not have the results I really want.


I found a doctor willing to sign me off for my medical clearance! I'm going to have to pay out of pocket but I am
Perfectly okay with that! I've been doing so much research and I am so excited. I am booked for my clearance on 20 April 2017 and I'll be getting my bloodwork done a week or two prior to that. I could be happier. This is my DREAM procedure. I'm so ready to get this done and I hope the next year just flies by!

EXACTLY why I want...these are looks that Dr Salzhauer has done

Wishhhhhh Wisshhhhh

About 1 year prior to my surgery and...

So with the job that I have, taking 2 weeks of leave at a time is never promised. One of the things I was most worried about with this procedure, and my situation, was that I would pay all this money and make all these reservations and then have my leave DENIED at the last minute- wasting a ton of cash. So I spoke with Taylor, the travel coordinator and she informed me that as long as my money for the surgery was Paid In Full on time than my spot was reserved, I could reschedule according to my work schedule. WHAT A RELIEF!! *wipes sweat off forehead**

I know this is silly but I pray every day for this surgery. Every single day. It's more than just superficial . This is something I am working HARD towards especially financially (all those missed Victorias Secrets sales aren't easy to pass up on). This is something that is going to improve me physically and emotionally, and mentally. Father God I pray that this Brazilian Buttlift Surgery happens for me in May 2017 and that I love the results forever and ever!!

1 Year out....Wish Pics

Just uploading some of my inspiration photos

Any Beauty Warriors booked for May 2017?

My surgery is booked for Dr Salzhauer on May 12th 2017! I plan on flying down to Miami on the 11th (for medication pickup) and staying until the 22nd...I'm trying to decide whether to stay in Marys recovery suite for the entire time or if I want to spend only half the time there and the other half in normal motel. Also? Is anyone renting a car? Looking to bring the cost down anyway that I possibly can!!

348 days until my Sx date with Dr Salzhauer!

In honor of my 11 m and 14 d countdown I will post some inspiration pictures

More pics of thy current unflattering body

Tummy Tuck on top of BBL??

Hey for my ladies who know from experience or from research- if I want a nice cinched waist and flat stomach do I need to pay for a tummy tuck on top of the bbl? Like separately? Or will my stomach be nice and tiny after the bbl lipo anyway?

I actually lost a bit of weight. (Second guessing surgery??)

So I recently got into a fitness kick and have been doing serious lifting and running and eating. I am now starting to second guess if I need a BBL or not BUT I do feel like a BBL will give me the round nice booty that squatting won't. Money is right right now but I feel like my dream body is worth it. If I go through with the surgery I have to have the rest of the money paid in full by April (about 5k left since I'm already 2k invested) so you guys think I should go through with the surgery and get my dream body or save a pretty penny and stick to my natural body?? Honest answers!

In need of Medical Clearance in NJ area with No Insurance?

I need to get the BBL Medical Clearance accomplished but I am not able to go through my insurance. Can anyone recommend any facilities in the NJ/Philadelphia area? I am willing to go to New York as well! Also, how much should I budget out of pocket?

Anyone staying in Miami from May 11th-21st?

Looking for a way to cut down on cost...

BOOKED MY LODGING ! Booty Wish-List Photos

Finally got my lodging booked. I have to pay for a nurse $200/day I think I will request 2-3 days.

2 Months Before BBL Surgery and I Need Some Reassurance Ladies....!!!

I'm disbelief. I feel like it is too good to be true. Like SOMETHING will go wrong and the surgery I have been waiting for won't happen for me. You guys have no idea how devastated I would be if something got in the way of me and this BBL. Like I have been praying for this, meditating...ect. I talk about it every single day and I am borderline obsessed with the idea of getting it. I seemingly have everything in place for my surgery. I have about $800 left to pay (not concerned about the money) and i have my lodging already covered. My medical clearance date is April 21st and I'm driving 5 hours away just to get it! (insurance issue). I have a friend who works at a lab ordering the lab work for me so that should be fine as well. I also ordered some loose maxi-dresses to wear during my stay. On paper- everything appears to be right in place! And all of my friends and family are reassuring me that it will happen for me....I just keep psyching myself out over it. I would be so depressed if something intercepted. Did/Does anyone else feel the same?? Like keep playing it over and over in their minds hoping it happens?? Ugh ladies please reassure me I need all the positive affirmation I could get.

Medical Clearance Tomorrow!

OH. MY. GOSH. I am freaking out guys! My labs all came back good to go and tomorrow is my Medical Clearance. I'm praying that everything comes back perfectly and that I can officially be on my way. I've been praying on this for a while, this is the final stretch! Please pray for and with me guys. Check back tomorrow for an update!


Yes thank you Lord I am good to go for surgery!! Dr Miamis team sent me a form I have to fill out and return to them Monday ! Now to buy my ticket. I'm so thankful !! In honor of this special occasion I have posted more "wish" pics featuring the Queen Bernice Burgos ????????????

Sx is Next Week!

Can't wait to get bodied like this next week! I'm ready to gooooo! This girl has got it going on ????????

Getting Packed

All things on my checklist! Still having to get Gatorade, Soup, and Crackers

Tomorrow's the Big Day!

Well ladies.. the day has come. 2 long years waiting have finally come to fruition and I couldn't be happier! I am excited to say that my initial meeting Dr Salzhauer and his team was a success and I'm finally headed in for surgery. I can't describe how excited I am for this procedure and to finally be so happy with my results. I've prayed for this moment, saved money and been extremely patient. My surgery will happen on the 2nd floor tomorrow morning. I showed him my medications in hand and had Jovana explain everything to me about post op procedures (Fajas, waist trainers, exercise). I elected to get a Heart shape and provided him with examples. He says I'm a great candidate for that product as my hips are wide enough! Woot Woot! Well I'm getting ready to go under tomorrow . Prayers to the Most High!

Surgery was a success

Surgery went well!! All Dr Miamis people kept gushing about how good I'm going to look???? I'm at Mary's recovering house now jut healing / great experience so far

2 Days Post Op!

Still sore and bruised. From what the girls at the recovery house have said I'm recovering very well and I should be healed in no time. I'm not sure I like my hips I gee like they are TOO big but people keep saying the swelling will go down

5 days post op and my tummy looks bad

I feel like my stomach is still fat and I can't tell if it's just swelling but I REALLY don't like the way my tummy looks. Dr. Miami told me not to get a garment but I few like I need SOMETHING to shrink my stomach !! Is this normal! I really was looking forward to having a nice tiny waist!!! I'm so this normal!

Recovery is a Bitch + 7 Day Follow Up

I'm so tired of laying on my stomach all day long... before surgery I pretty much knew that I wouldn't be able to move around a lot during the week after but STILL!! My back hurts from laying flat all day and I'm pretty sure my boobs are shrinking! ???? my entire midsection (tummy and back) are swollen, hard, and NUMB. I can't walk around very long without getting lightheaded.

I had my one week post op appointment with Dr Salzhauer today. He says he really doesn't think garments are necessary other than maybe Spanx. He promises my stomach will go down significantly and that my body will take the next 6 months to settle. I'm praying for a fast recovery and AMAZING results. Nice flat waist and round big booty!!!

Trust The Process

Alright ladies this is my second post today, I was freaking earlier because of how I was looking but I DO wanna say that Dr Miami is THE BEST DOCTOR and I know that I need to listen and just be patient. I don't want anyone to think his work is anything less than amazing because he is absolutely the best doctor. I read through the packet they handed out "Beauty Warrior Survival Guide" and it definitely comforts me. I took pictures today at the Target dressing room.

so impressed with Dr Miami

I cannot believe how amazing my ass looks! I've never had a booty! Like he gave me so much projection. Despite my little panic attack a few days ago I LOVE my results! I hope my booty keeps is awesome projection!! #ASS

3 Weeks Post op

I can't believe this is my body! Swelling in tummy is going down and the booty is looking right ! I'm not in any pain. I'm wearing my garment (spanx) every day!

Per Request!


Look how different. This surgery ha chngd my life!

5 weeks post

Booty shrinkage, all the cells that remained alive are all that I'll have. They say o can grow them by gaining weight or losing weight. I'm gonna try to gain by healthy eating. Not loving it as much as I was a week or so ago but I knew to expect that. Dr Salzhauer is still amazing I just wish I could have had more projection and I'm hoping my stomach goes down.

David's Miami Beach Homestay

I stayed at MiamiBeachHomestay which is Davids property in North Beach Miami, it was so well priced and so closely located near Dr Miamis office! It's a quiet property off of a main road so I had plenty of privacy while still having access to essential stores. The house is so well decorated and very clean, sleeps up to 4 people. David was so sweet and made sure to check on me daily to see if I was okay! He was super accommodating and kind! I will definitely be staying here again my next stay in Miami! I recommend him! 5/5 stars!

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