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Hey, guys! My name is Cupcake and I've been...

Hey, guys! My name is Cupcake and I've been hardcore creeping this website for the past couple of days. I have never wanted to be skinny or thin. In fact I feel like the curvier the better. People always tell me how curvy and hot I look, but what they don't know is what is underneath all my clothes.

I have a deformity I like to call "back-butt" because with clothes on you'd think I had a huge ass...In actuality it's almost all back fat. No one else in my family looks like this and it kills me. No matter how skinny I get, my back butt stays :(

Right now I'm searching for a doctor. I'm loving the results I see from Yily, but traveling out of the country is scary to me. I also love the results coming from Salama, but it's so expensive!!!

My plans for my BBL is just to have my whole back lipo'd I don't mind having a gut, because I like being squishy I just want my back fat to be gone!!!

Email from the Dr.

I got an email back from Cynthia and basically I'm a great candidate after losing 30 lbs which is something I knew I'd have to do. Price tag : $9,199 OUCH!! That is so much money...Ugh

Waiting for quote

So, I had given up for a bit because I couldn't find financing to afford Dr. Salama but I had a mini emotional breakdown about my body and decided that I really do need this surgery. I sent a second email to Dra Yily and sent one to Dr Duran as well. Both emails I translated into Spanish to see if I could get a response sooner. Omg. I need this so bad. Also, I found a perfect time to do the surgery before I start the semester. Hopefully I get a response soon and get the money!!!

New doctor in the mix!!!

I emailed Dr. Baez in the DR and got a response IMMEDIATELY and it was in ENGLISH!!! That makes me feel so good.

She quoted me $3000 for lipo to arms, abdomen, waist, back, thighs, flanks and Brazilian butt lift and $4200 to add a TT which I already know I don't want. Her email is very detailed, she responded back fast and only does 2 surgeries a day. That seems very appealing to me.

ALSO, I don't need to put down a deposit to set in my date? Hell yes.

Yily got back to me

$3300 for everything which is only $300 more than Baez and I KNOW that Yily can turn my body into what I want. Hmmmm. I need to think about this.

More Wish Pics!

More wish pics. My wish pics are making me think that I should wait a bit longer for this surgery. I think I need to be around my goal weight first to get my desired results and that's me losing 100lbs. Lol. That'll take a while. Maybe, I will end up with Salama in the end anyway haha.

Might have changed my mind?!?!?!

A week ago I decided against doing the surgery because I will be hopefully having children in the very near future and would rather get a Mommy Makeover after that is done. I chose to just do it the old fashion way (weightloss)

Well, I thought about it and I've changed my mind again. I'm thinking about just getting lipo without the BBL for now. Still not sure, though. I'm a broke college kid and spending money is something I don't know about doing.

Regardless if I get the BBL or just Lipo I think I've decided on Baez.

So it wasn't a phase, that's good!!! Choosing a doc soon!

So it's been a while since I've posted on RS about getting a BBL and I still want it BADLY! I lost a bit of weight and it all came straight from my ass and that's when I realized that I need it asap. I want to be happy and comfortable with my body and I think that the BBL will help that happen. I'm looking into surgeons in Miami, because a year ago it was Yilly, Yilly, Yilly and now I'm seeing Fisher and Ortega. If I can find an affordable surgeon in the US and isn't shady then I'd love that. Here are some updated pictures of what my body looks like. BEWARE : Back fat is no fucking joke.

Wish Pics

These aren't my exact wish for the results, just mainly the silhouette. I want to be a pear, rather than an hourglass. If I end up with a shelf, I'll be upset.

Played around with a plastic surgery app

It was really fun playing around with it. It gives me more of a realistic wish pic because it's my own body.

NEW BEFORE PICS (40lbs down & 80lbs to go!!)

It's been a long while since I've posted on the site, but I creep pretty regularly. I learned about the BBL in 2013, and I still want it really bad. I have a fear of death, and a fear of regret, so I've changed my mind a few times...but if I still want it years later maybe it's meant to be.

Since i've been gone I was in a relationship, gained over 80lbs, and then got dumped. I'm now 240lbs with a goal of 180-200lbs and I've never been more unhappy with the way that my ass looks. I submitted a question so that hopefully a doctor will answer it, but I don't see a possible way for diet and exercise to give me the butt I desire (or at least one that doesn't cause me sadness and anger) Here are new BEFORE pictures! From the side it almost looks like I have an ass, but its so small and flat and it makes me sad. How the hell did I get fat only on my back and not my butt or boobs, or even my stomach?!?!?! Ugh. I want to lose another 35lbs before I book the procedure, just to make sure that my ass doesn't suddenly pop out, but I highly doubt that'll happen. I just want a scoop where my shelf is and nice projection. I don't want a huge butt, just a cute bubble with no back fat. I hope its attainable. Im miserable in this body.
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