Second round with Dr Hasan

Hello all :-), im 30 yrs old, 5'3" and 176 pounds....

Hello all :-), im 30 yrs old, 5'3" and 176 pounds. After i had my son 6 yrs ago i went for not being able to get to 130 pounds if i tried to its being extremely hard for to lose weight. I am super grateful for the body i have right now because it could always be worst but a few improvements here and there couldnt hurt. After my son my boobs webt from a C cup to triple D's. Thinking about improvements on those too but at a later time.

pics taken in nov 2015

lost 20 pounds

Its amazing how different you feel when you lose weight. 10 pounds do make a difference:-).

wish pic

This is maybe too much hips

Thank you!:-) im so excited but very very nervous.

Im just trying to only think of what my results would like.


Today is the day :-)

Its really here. The day that my world changes....well, my wardrobe changes. Lol going to the movies with my family then straight to spectrum.

Round 2 with Dr hasan

Results after ortga
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I did not get exactly what i wanted. I did like the lipo but my butt wasnt hiw i expected it to be. 8 months later it kinda looks weird to me.

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