Second round with Dr Hasan

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Hello all :-), im 30 yrs old, 5'3" and 176 pounds....

Hello all :-), im 30 yrs old, 5'3" and 176 pounds. After i had my son 6 yrs ago i went for not being able to get to 130 pounds if i tried to its being extremely hard for to lose weight. I am super grateful for the body i have right now because it could always be worst but a few improvements here and there couldnt hurt. After my son my boobs webt from a C cup to triple D's. Thinking about improvements on those too but at a later time.

pics taken in nov 2015

lost 20 pounds

Its amazing how different you feel when you lose weight. 10 pounds do make a difference:-).

wish pic

This is maybe too much hips

Thank you!:-) im so excited but very very nervous.

Im just trying to only think of what my results would like.


Today is the day :-)

Its really here. The day that my world changes....well, my wardrobe changes. Lol going to the movies with my family then straight to spectrum.

Round 2 with Dr hasan

Results after ortga

Claudia's recovery home

I just wanna say i freakn LOVE claudia and her assistant Frania!!! I was fortunate to be able to meet Claudia's son and husband too and the whole family is nothing short of AMAZING , down to earth and funny. The love and compassion her and Frania has for her patients is behind commendable. With the world being how it is today you just forgot that there are still good people out in the world.The time i felt that dont want anything other than to make you happy and healthy. Ive been here for a short time (since 12/8/16) and ive already feel like apart of the family. Tomorrow (12/15/16) will be very hard for me to leave them (Tearing up right now writing this) but im missing my babies.
At Claudia's she make sure your well fed throughout the days with 3 meals. You will have transportation to and from the airport and appts. Her or Frania is alway near by when you need or just call for help. Even before i had my surgery they were still taking care of me and checking on me like i was hurting. Claudia is human and sometimes she cant please everyone but if you are just looking for good hearts ti take care of you in your time of need that can show you compassion and still be able to put you in the right direction for recovery. CLAUDIA'S RECOVERY IS DEFINITELY THE PLACE! realself likes to delete numbers sometime so you can contact me in my inbox her her number. Just in case 3054695110 is her number.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I did not get exactly what i wanted. I did like the lipo but my butt wasnt hiw i expected it to be. 8 months later it kinda looks weird to me.

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