Howdie' Lovely Ladies I'm ChiChie, I Am 29 Years Old with Two Kids, Waiting to Be Hasanified!!! - Miami, FL

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Well I am getting a Bbl and arm lipo as well. I...

Well I am getting a Bbl and arm lipo as well. I went threw alot of surgeon's and I saw a few of doctor Hasan and I was instantly hooked on his work. Lol, I have been looking at asses all month. I was going for Osak or Salma, I even looked at magic J or whatever his name is but no one I felt well give that coke bottle like Hasan. His customer service is the best i have incountered since searching, they give you the feeling of talking to a sister. I not only want a butt, but I want to be cared for and treated comfortable knowing I'm in great hands and Vanity i know can provide plus I want the hips and fullness with my butt and Hasan is the man for me!!! I'm counting down the days????. Feb18 2016, that day????.

Pre Post Pictures Mtowns Fatty lol

I can't stop looking at asses, I know I got a ways but I'm so anxious, hell I can't even do my homework cuz Im always on here. Ha, Hey got questions ladies, Imma cheifer IGA there any Loud packers out there just want to know if I can have my smoke after surgery for pain of needed. Lol that is my pain med.

Soo Addicted, I can't wait, I got 5 months!

You ladies are great I love all your pictures and I hate I have to wait until Feb for surgery but your pictures are what I make my past time till dat time. Lol no, PS3 or 4, No Wii U'in, shoot I take my kids to the water park and sit in the car and look at the great jobs that the docs have done, Smdh. Haha. It's crazy because I had a friend that wanted me to go with her in 2010 but she and I thought butt lifts were what they were called, they lift up your butt checks, like breast lifts. Hell, we were so dumb, I think that's y I am butt crazed

Big shout Outs!!

I wasn't too sent a big shout out to the best staff ever! Yes, Vanity, they are amazing, I thought I would have had my deposit last week for my sx but my check was very short. Leo, her sweet heart went out her way to ask Dr. Hasan to hold the special they are having for a few more days till I can pay. I mean you guys are the best, that don't call and worry you about the payment and if your struggling they work with you. You can't help but be overjoyed to know that these people actually care and aren't just trying to take your money and label you as another number. Vantiy best ever. For those who don't know what doctor to choose or where to go check out Vanity.

*Paid my deposit* Due Feb.16, can't wait!

Good Afternoon Ms . Monique

I have scheduled your surgery date for Febuary 16, 2016 with Dr. Hasan.
I will send over the invoice shortly




if you have any questions please call me,

hope you you have a wonderful day!

Leomarlys Galvez
Cosmetics Miami
Surgical Coordinator
Phone: (305)-262-6070 Ext:207
Fax: (305)-262-5322

A few more views of my pre post pics*

My day is on my husband birthday so what a gift for him, lol. Gonna give you ladies a few pre-post pics of my flabby but.*** Beware of the flab**

My Final wish pics for the donkey mtown booty i wish for.....

Good morning RS sista's out there. Just on here cuz i figure i spit alil knowledge for those in need, because i was lost on my invoice once i received because i agreed to the bbl and 12 lipo areas. well once i looked at it i noticed it said Liposculpture of full body and bbl. So i called this morning to speak to Leo and she explained it to me. Boi, Leo is heaven sent I'm telling you ladies if you got a Bitchy consultant switch to Leo, ext#208! Best one and so pacient and understanding, I love her. But i am a plus size girl curvy but plus sized so i need all lipo err where, you feel me. So she said that with the full body lipo it only covers all the torso. So that is abdomen, bra line, flanks, stomach, lower back. She also told me that the full body is the 12 areas and that he will liposcluture my hips to give me the hourglass shape so i said cool. But i need my arms and my thighs. She said great 500 extra for arms and 500 for thighs. I want him to do my inner and back thighs she said the 500 covers the whole thigh area. I was shidy i have to pay a extra 500 for my thighs because i thought that thighs was included but you know what Hasan is the best and Leo is sweet ain't nobody pressured me out of my money so ill pay that extra 500 for that divine hourglass don't want a hourglass figure with cellulite all in the back of my legs alil is okay but all over the back of my thighs is gross as hell. So for the sx all together with arms and thighs is 5,500. Not bad, i wish i had it for 5,000, but its all gud in da hood. I can't wait it's killing me i, Ladies that have had surgery and don't have pics up. GET THEM UP THERE I'M ADDICTED I NEED MORE PICS I THINK I'VE SEEN EVERYONES BBL, And to those waiting i feel you its crzy the wait feels like being a kid again

My final Wish Body

I finally found my wish figure and hopefully I won't have to post nothing else but my weight follow ups: I first got into the game weighing 230, I currently weigh 216, and now I am currently working toward 190 hopefully. But with these Holiday's, lord idk what Imma do, lol, I guess go on strike... Ohh and if any beauties have high blood pressure and had the sx already holla at me.Wish me luck Dollz,xoxo!

BRAINS over BEAUTY BITCHZ*keep it real with yourself this is real self cuz assumptions are the number one cause of death do you

BRAINS OVA BEAUTY!!! That's great what your sayin but let me take u dollz to school cuz a lot of females is completely dumbfounded. You don't have to be a plastic surgeon to take a needle and inserted halfway into your fat and suck out fat to put it into your ass now a lot of ladies think that you have to be certified but if that was the case don't you think they would have closed half of those type of Surgeons down. Now if you want to talk about this let's talk about this I think of soccer has somebody died last year or the year before Lord knows let's not get on Dominican Republic I think they have somebody died everyday I'm here and Solomon or whatever his name is I don't even I wouldn't even go to him he does like five or six surgery today he's just sloppy but I just don't I know a lot of women think Hasan is probably you know not certified and he had somebody die that's great but that was in 99 that was almost 20 years ago I'm really starting to think people are hating on him like what the f***. And if Hasan is not certified when he killed that woman he would have lost his license to practice he didn't even get a slap on the wrist just be honest with yourself Lady I'm not trying to be cool about the lady that passed away the rest are sold but I'm saying this numbers don't lie his patients satisfactory rate completely out outweighs his death rate. 17 YEArs NO DEATHS facts outweigh fiction in a courtroom maybe that's why Hasan is still at it, HASANIFIED DOLL BI**HZ!!!!

Messin with that Plastic Surgery App.***** ITZNICE, lol

love this app been playing with it since i first found out about this page as you can see i been going to town with my pics, lol. I knoticed my fellow Angle faced Dollz had theirs up here so what the hell. LMAO, I GUESS THIS HALLOWEEN IMMA COPICAT,, LUV, HUGS, and KISSES. HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all my RS dollz and kidies!!!!! Smiley facez

Lost pics

F*ckin Aaee!! I can't win for LOSIN!

Okay I was Under the dumbass impression that I couldn't get pregnant because me and my niguha been trying for two years and nothing so we have up. I figured he smoked too much and his sprem count was too low and plus I just got off my birth control to prepare for sx. But No, A mu fucka strike gold, I'm so sad. I found out yesterday and didn't even want to know hell I went and wasted 50$ on a fuckin plan B pill knowing I'm bout a month prego. Ladies I'm sick....... Imma kill dis niguha, I don't know what to do Dolls. I want my sx and Imma be 30 in June I don't wanna be raisin kids at 40!ยก!! Shidddd

My two bugers, she is 5 and he is 11

I thought I'd put my lil Devils up her. I don't need, No Moe

So sorry ladies. I been in hospital for a while

I lost the baby bue to a miscarriage and I went to the hospital and they kept me for two weeks. I'm sorry I have not been on here ladies i have been hospitalized for a minute and the cramps are unrealistic! I love you all for checking in on me. Im okay just very sad and in pain. Pray for me Dollz. Xoxox

Going thru it...... !

Hey Ladies,Dollz, and Barbie's out there I'm back and time is flying by. I am so nervous about the sx in Feb. I am so confused because my scale at home tells me I'm 218 but when I went to my doctor yesterday I got on her scale and weighed 230 I was heart broken. She said my house scale isn't calibrated and that I shouldn't worry. But I am, not only that, I also found out my pregnancy Test is still positive, WTF! She thinks it's my hormones still due to the abortion, but I'm worried even more than ever now, because I only have 65 days left and if I'm really 230 I have to lose 30lbs in 60 days and I'm scared I can't. Do any bollz know of any cheats please, I'm going to do my cabbage soup diet in Jan. I will also be exercising everyday I can

Happy New year too all! Getting Nervous

Its getting close to dat time, I'm so worried I won't lose all my weight. Thanks to the hoildays i added 6lbs. I need you dollz help and motivation. Leo my coordinator called me and gave me positive feedback. Told me i can do it, I'm just scared time is so close but im 229 now and was 219 but i got 43 days left. Root for me dollz Xoxo

Counting down! Feb.16th is creeping up!

Holy Shid!!* 23 Dayz left!!!!

Mane! Da struggle is real. I have been keeping my weight dwn. But i still have problems with my scale at home. My scale says 206. But i went to my doctor office Fri to ck my weight and I am 216 with clothes on. Im lost i guess i need to lose 16lbs. But i saw a Hasandoll on here yesterday and she had her surgery yesterday and she is taller than me. 5"10 and she said Hasan don't like 200lbs. But Roxana told me get to 200. So im worried ladies help please do i need to be under 200 or do what Roxana said. Mind you she also told me in Dec. I need to be 204. So im worried about my weight and I dont wanna get turned around. Bcause i paid for room awredty, 1798.97 for a week and got my tickets. Ill prank if i get turned around! Help me doll babies please.

Still Fuckin Waitin

Hasan has went MIA I still am getting my sx done im just getting it done by the one and only Hasan. So if i have to wait till next year, ill wait he"s worth it. So thats all for now from me,, ohh yeah i have gained most of my wieght back too, gotta work on it im 220 instead of sticking at 209 but it coo imma get rite in time for the Booty Creator


Whatcho Ladies it's been a while but I ain't not fixing this body and I got this face. Plus, I turned 30 this year, i'm not getting this after I'm 32, i just feel a age limit myself. Not knocking the ladies older getting it, i just don't want to be on a sx table after 32 unless manditory. Bit let me tell my dollz about these hoes at Vanity,
It's took them 11 weeks to send me my fuckin money. And low and behold he comes back in September. WtF, I sent for my refund in April 2016 and got my cash in July. I am back now because Hasan is back and I wasn't going to no Fisher or. MCadoo for no Nike check booty. So I'm back lurking, once I get my tax refund I will pay full price and schedule will keep you ladies updated


Hey dollz out there it's been awhile since I've been on here but hopefully I will be getting my surgery in March or April since Hasan is the back. Anyway I would like to talk to these women that feel that getting this butt surgery is just a fade or a fashion that will get out play of course this was a white woman that said it because not only have y'all stolen our religion race and culture but you're running around trying to get ass is now and the only reason I'm on here saying this it's because I still look up pictures and I still read reviews and I noticed one lady review another woman and told her what are you going to do when asses are no longer popular? Let me answer that question for you and all those that feel the same way into words Sarah Baartman that's all I should say, white people got off by touching her booty and breast humping her and watching her Dance 4 hours because of her ass so it will never be a fade bitch as has always been amazing to a man it's a part of your body that's like me saying women with breast implants it's just a fad which it is technically don't know man want to feel on silicone that he thinks his tites but any man will feel on a big round booty white black orange or yellow since 1809 up into 2017 and on in 2046. Everyman loves a big ass and still will. What is going out of style putting plastic in your body

Let's Get It

Hey dolls and finally back this time I paid full price 4900 and all I need to pay now is the recovery price so I'll need about 1800 to cover everything almost there my surgery isn't until January 19th because of a baby bump in the road LOL. But I've paid finally no refunds this time and I'm sticking with the booty creator dr. Hasan so ladies if you're having surgery January 19th or around that time let me know I'll be recovering wit Eries! They have a great package deal right now for six days in a free garment and two free massages 1350 I think that is awesome and my husband can come so I'm taking it no question all these other recovery homes is 4 women that's coming along and it's way too much just for recovery no massages just transportation and room and board I need more than that so yeah but ladies hit me up I know it's been a century since I've been on here but I'm back now and this time I'm on here until I get my booty!!!

I finally found my new ass

Miami Physician

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