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Hey Ladies, After alot of research and decision...

Hey Ladies,

After alot of research and decision making, I have decided to go ahead with a Brazilian but lift with Dr. Miami in august 2016.

Ladies I have never had surgery so I have mixed feelings about it all. Regardless I am very excited.

I am a very confident individual. I have never battled with anything to do with how I see myself than my hips and the shape of my butt. It has a very awkward shape in which I've always hated. I have tried everything from going to the gym constantly, taking pills while I work out to squating and working out with weights to focus on my butt area but it changes abit but not how I would want it to look.

So I am 100% sure that a bbl is for me.
I am 5"5. I am 11 stones but will most probably put more weight on before my surgery.

I am so excited that I wish it was next week but obviously planning is essential.

If there is any things I need to do before surgery or anything I need to know please let me know. This is all new to me so bear with me.

If there is anyone having surgery with Dr. Miami in august, shout me :)..

BBL buddy for beginning on August ????

Im having my Sx on August 4th. I am looking for a bbl buddy ... so we can share our planning together... just to guide each other... also if anyone knows of any good Recovery houses in miami let me know


I don't normally post negative things about a company unless it is something that I feel like as a patient, a company trying to take liberty of exploiting my will to get good care.

So my bbl journey has been important to me that
1. My care is important
2. My massages are important.
3. My Recovery house is important

I came across medical massage professionals and I heard amazing things about them that I put a deposit down for my massages for $25. First and foremost they took forever to reply but due to their popularity I didn't think much of it.
I put a deposit down and they didn't discuss with me what day I would like to come for my first appointment.

Anyways I heard they were opening a recovery house called dollhouse I was soo excited because they were in partnership with serenity recovery care.I thought yes I can get good massages, good care and a pleasant place to stay at.

They offered care for 32 hours and I was a bit apprehensive as I'm not from Miami and I'm travelling quite far for my surgery with Dr Miami in august . I decided to book an extra 8 hours care. Deposit for dollhouse was $200 and extra care was $128.

So in total I paid $328 on the 13th March. KEEP THAT DATE IN MIND LADIES!!!

Through my excitement of booking my Recovery house I posted my transaction on instagram and tagged medical massage professionals, dollhouse and serenity recovery care as they were all in partnership to give me excellent care.

Straight away the owner of serenity (vanessa) messaged me privately, just making me feel comfortable about my care and my stay at dollhouse. She was so nice she even rang me to talk about any medical history I may have. Just to reassure me that my safety is important during my recovery.

Anyways on the 14th March literally the next day after I put my deposit.. VAL whom is suppose to be the owner of dollhouse, messaged me asking if I wanted to transfer the deposit I put down for medical massage professionals to dollhouse to pay off my stay. I stated that I wanted to keep my deposit with them as I wanted to have 10 massages in total.

So time went by,Vanessa( owner of serenity) would check up on me to see how my planning is going for my surgery. I would ask her a question and she would reply back quicker than Val (dollhouse).

I was very concerned about not having 24 hours care for the first week that I decided to express this to dollhouse but they were very blunt about what they could offer regardless of them knowing my concerns of my health especially with my health condition as I have lymphedema already.

I decided to stay with family and told dollhouse this and asked if they could transfer my payment to medical massage professionals for my massages. Val said she will see what she could do on Monday (21st March) and she would get back to me. I waited and she didn't, that I messaged her and she was adiment on taking my money and not considering transferring it to medical massage professionals. I was shocked as she was the person who wanted to transfer money from them and add it onto my stay with dollhouse.

She didn't want to offer me anything that I had to beg her then she decided to send me this

" Yes $328.00 $200.00 is NONREFUNDABLE and says so on our website. $25.00 is for Medical Massage Professionals. 328-200-25=$103.00"

She decided to add my deposit I had put into a different company and subtract from my deposit with dollhouse which didn't make sense. The proper thing to do was to transfer the money The proper thing to do would be to transfer balance to medical massage professionals since this would not result in any monetary loss on their part.

I started to feel like I was getting robbed then to find out they were not in partnership with serenity anymore but they were still advertising like they were.

I was so shocked... dollhouse were bad mouthing serenity saying they didn't have a license but dollhouse didn't end the contract serenity did because they were taking money from patients for serenity's extra care but not notifying serenity this which means they were scamming their patients. Serenity ended the contract on this basis.

To even make things worse when I was desputing the costs on PayPal I needed evidence from serenity so they showed me the contract between dollhouse and serenity and the CONTRACT WASN'T SEALED UNTIL THE 14TH MARCH. I will upload this document.

Which means when I made my payment on 13TH MARCH!!!! the services they were advertising was on FALSE PRETENSES!!!!. As a company you CAN NOT advertise services when a contract hasn't been sealed. To top it all off on the contract it wasn't stated that Val was the owner but Marian Sotego (the owner of medical massage professionals) signed the contract as the owner.

All this deceitful and greedy behaviour didn't make sense to me.

1. If Marian is the owner of both companies why wouldn't you just transfer the money to my massages but instead she wanted to scam me by stating they are 2 different companies but she wanted to transfer my deposit for my massages onto my stay.

2. Why advertise a service when the contract isn't sealed yet but try get more money for serenity but not notify them.

3. You are saying serenity haven't got a license but why would you go into partnership with a company and not do your research about them properly but put your patients at risk if you claim they don't have a license.

4. They kept on changing their company policy. First it was non refundable then it was non transferable... like come on stop taking me for a fool

My surgery ladies, I am not from the US and I am so shocked in this behaviour that I don't know what to say than DO NOT TRUST THESE SCAMMED!!!... they do not care about your well being but only about your money.

In the end I fought for my money and received $128. Sorry for the paragraphs but I felt like my RS sisters needed to know the truth about them.

Almost 4 months to the big day ????????

I have mixed emotions about the journey so far.... after my experience with doll house stay it has put me off trusting any RH but the journey must go on.

I have booked my flight. Booked my 10 massages with cspostlipomassage. Just have to pay off my surgery and make sure I'm healthy for august... I'm so excited but nervous as well.

Ladies what pain killers should I pack?

Also where's the best place to get a faja and a bbl pillow?
Miami Plastic Surgeon

My experience pending...

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