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Hi, I am feeling very fat and at times im so...


I am feeling very fat and at times im so uncomfortable i just want to run to the gym. i will have the lipo and butt life either mid August or September we are trying to fix dates that work for me. I am the biggest I have ever been and am very excited about this but, so so nervous about the pain - i am such a coward. Most of my life i have had the body i want, i work out hard and eat well (most of the time!!) although i go through phases. On the other hand i have never had the butt i wanted, its too flat and has never had that lovely feminine curve in the lower back.

I sometimes wonder how conceited and superficial i am doing this, spending this money and going throuhg this pain just to 'look good' but i have always been interested in maintaining my looks and love to look good! What can i say!!!

Just reaching out to other girls/women who've done this surgery. I have chosen Dr Mendieta. Here in London its enarly midnight and i cant sleep, just thining about it all. I dont know anyone personally who has ever had this surgery and really need support. Please give me a shout out or something...

So many of you recovered so well and quickly i ahve read reviews where girls have been out of bed the next day, i have also read some where 9 days post op girls are still suffering terribly OUCH. Hope im gonna be ok. Look forward to hearing from someone! anyone!!! ;)

Much love,

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