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Hello ladies, i am finally writing a review after...

Hello ladies, i am finally writing a review after over two years of stalking you ladies profiles and gaining soo much information and helpful tips from you all. Thats is what pushed me to share my bootylicious journey lol, i am 24 years old 5'10 in height and currently weighing 247 ughhh :-(. I am in new york and decided to go to vanity to dr hasan based on pictures and reviews of his work he seem to really be talented in the booty sculpting. I have finnaly took the first step and had a phone consultation with vanity. Jaqcline the receptionist answered the phone and was very polite, than she transferred me to shari who is going to be my coordinator. She informed me that i world have to get down to 200 lbs in order for dr hasan to be my doctor, there are other docters who would do it with my current weight at vAnity but nooooo i have to be a hasan doll lol!!!! She quoted me 4,000, she said there was a promotion or something going on if i made a 1,000 payment in a matter of 3 weeks than 4,000 would be my set price. Vanity better nott play noo games with me lol, im looking to have sx around june, july but soo far soo good i will post some pics of the email vanity sent and current me. For now im about to start lossing this weight. Please feel free to write me and leave comments please of anythinggg you want to sAy. If you have any weight loss tips please let me know. Im going to post as much as i can of my journey and answer questions that i always wanted to ask, till later smoochiesss

Email from shari at vanity

For now im going to be going to xandou recovery house, i did some research on them and they seem ok, im guessing they work closely with vanity because its the only one shari mentioned. Also you can bring someone to stay with you with is gooood!!! My sons father is going to be coming with me to help *were quote on quote working on things lol but you ladies know how that goes lol* plus he supports me. Plus i feel most comfortable going thru this with him. Any ways i did some research on another recovery house, newbodyrecoveryhouse you can goole it, they have better priced packages but you cannot bring someone to stay with you there soo :(

wishhhhh picsss

Just a few wish picssss nothing to crazy right???

Just my diet tips

Soup 140 calories a can! Healthy choice chicken alfrado 250 calories! In the morning im eating 2 friuts with a bowl of either oatmeal or special k cereal (fat free milk), lunch: can of soup with crackers or fruit, dinner: baked salmon with mixed vegs or healthy choice meals range from 2.49- 4.49 unless on sale, 3-4 apples, oranges, or grapefruits in between the day to keep from going hungry and gallon a water, fiber bars are good too, also taking 3 - 6 garcinia pills( appetite suppressant) a day, dont forget to exercise atleast 30 mins 4-5 times a week! I'll update nd let yal know how much i lose in a week wish me luck lovesss, happy healing

Scared to post pre op pics lol

Well this is my current body and shape yuckkkk i hate it, :( i wasent going to post this but i want you lady to see where i started, the beginning!! Im 5'10, 249 lbs as of now i have to get down to 200 lbs!! 9 months is enough time to lose this weight! Sorry bout the crappy pic its actually hard taking body selfies lol, also are my final wish pics, actually stolen from a fisher doll, but im all for hasannnnn, hope all is well and healing, keep me posted ladies

Switching to dr omulepu

Happy holidays ladys and gents if any, hope everyone had a great christmas, and to everyone who plan on having their sx in 2016 than happpyyy newww yrsss too us!! Lol, anyway i have been busy with life soo i havent posted much altho i know people care more about post op, well since i posted i have switched coordinators, from shari to leo, leo is really nice sooo far anyway. She just asked more questions on what i wanted and asked me to send in a few pics of myself soo she could show dr omulepu. ( not sure if she really did or not). I decided to switch to dr O, because ive heard hes very aggressive on the lipo which i need and he seems to work better on thicker built girls, plus i just have a gut feeling that he can give me the body i want so im going to follow my heart, there arent to many reviews on here for dr omulepu but he does have an instagram with his work @niptucklipo and youtube his name he has some videos up and with what ive seen he gives some good curves and seems to be more personal, all in all i will have to see for myself , my new quote is 3900, ive lost 10 lbs in 2weeks with trimaxxx tea and i recieved my weight loss drops soo imma see how those work out, .......finally made my first deposit and since im in new york i have to make my deposits into vanitys account via bank of america if anyone was wondering, ive also started ordering supplys early so i will be set ahead of time, any questions pleaseeee feel free to ask and message me, or if anyone have their sx in late july/ August let me know, ive added some pics, i also added some recovery house options i got from another doll soo pass it on, im considering keylas for the first 3 days than a hotel

Just some wishh pics

Im allowed to wishhhh

more pre op pics and dieting

Pre op pics i took after getting out the shower so excuse the bathroom pics i tried, these back rolls need to go, 10lbs down in 2 weeks, and planning on losing 25- 30 more b4 my bigg day, trimaxx works good i lost the 10 lbs using that alone, i will give an update about the drops next review after i drop another 15lbs, God Bless to all

forgot to post these

Real self can drive a girl crazy

I've switched to Doctor O because I seen some of his work which I think is good, he give nice curves and he uses drains, which I want, but I would be lying if I said the infections don't scare me , just don't seem to clean, now I'm looking at dr fisher work and he uses drains overall think he would be a wiser choice back to researching on dr fisher........any fisher doll???

August 25 is locked in

Hello ladies ive been mia from posting just trying to get in shape and continue to plan for my sx, since dr oask is gone my final decision is dr fisher!! Leo is my coordinator and shes cool i dnt have any complaints, i made my big deposit today so i can lock in my date August 25 and she promised ill be the first or second patient of the day, im am sooooo ready but soooo nervous at the same time, but i know its time to do this, after surgery im planning to stay at keylas for 4 days than a hotel for 4 days before i fly back, keylas is 150/night, also for booking flights expedia and priceline has the best deals handssss down, plss askk me anything if needed, vanity also sent me my labs today but im not gonna get them done till late july

Access to my portal! Its all becoming real

145 daysss till my new life begins!! Stay motivated ladies, ive started ordering supplys which ill post later, stay blessed dolls

Priceline is the best!!

Booked me and my brothers flight, hotel and car rental for August yesssss, i booked from priceline they have the besttt deals, im staying at keylas for 3 nights than clarion inn for 5 nights which is 13 minutes from vanity (well thats what the gps said), hope everyone is doing great with post op and to us dolls awaiting our dates letttttssss getttt itt :)

Information from one doll to the next

Recovery home options!!
Passss this on ladys we all know the struggle of finding recovery homes along with contact information in miami

Assistance for Life
Close to Miami International Airport
(786) 546-5396,(786) 327-0510

Miriam Landford
15759 sw 54th ct, Miramar FL. 33027
(954) 4714330

Keyla Recovery House
Close to Miami International Airport

Claudia Recovery House
Close to Miami International Airport

Marcia Recovery House
(786)6241027 , (3059349990)

135 days seems soo far away

since i have soooo long to wait lol i have noo choice but to "bootyshop"

Still counting

Time is flying

Supplys starting to arrive

Ab board frm amazom 18.99

Little over 2 months to wait

Hello everyy one, as of today i have 78 days till sx, supplys coming in to fill up my suitcase, im down 17 lbs and another 25 to go, soo far i havent had any problems with vanity except the one time i called and anna had a very nasty attitude as if she was annoyed altho i emailed her twice to get my invoice smh after calling her out on her stink attitude and a few words to her she quickly shutt that down and apologized smfh, i also booked with keyla from August 25th till the 28th, before i head to a hotel for 5 days, preparing for this is a mission in itself but im sure it will be all worth it, hope all healing dolls are doing good and working them curves, and to us ladies awaiting our dates this summer, ITS ALMOST OUR TIME :)

Finishing up my supply shopping

Last of my supplys are coming in, still just gotta get my faja, couple more maxi dresses, extra compression socks, and tank tops than I'll be set, ordered everything frm amazon thus far, going to use ebay for my faja where its 60 dollers for the vedette 929, anna sent me my labs to do after july 27th along with a letter to my docter requsting clearance, i can't believe how fast time is going ill be in miami b4 i know it,
Heads up, I had to order rubber bars for my nipple piercings *must have if you dnt wanna risk your holes closing, for those with piercings*

stay blessed dolls

Thincking about switching to dr macadoo

Thinking about making this last minute switch to dr macadoo hmmm

Sticking with Fisher

Went thru a lil phase earlier but i will definitely be sticking too dr. fisher! 57 days nd counting


Every day is a step closer to what yu want if you work hard

Faja helppp pleaseeeee

I am lostttt here trying to find a faja to order, i wanted to order one online to save money frm vanity, but i dont wanna order the wrong size, do anybody know whether to order your size or a size up?? And a good brand?? Or is it better to stick with buying one from vanity?

Continuing my journey on instagram

The support is real on instagram vs realself, being preop you can actually ask a question and have it answered by someone, soo follow me on Instagram @fisherdoll_08_16 doll if you wanna follow my journey, wish i would have joined the bbl life on instagram a long time ago :) 49 daysss to goo and i couldent be more excited!!

Pre op


Follow me on ig to follow my journey @fisherdoll_08_16

Deactivating my account today

Happy healing to all dolls and future dolls, still keeping my date 08/25 with fisher :), i will post my journey in detail on ig @fisherdoll_08_16

The support is gone on here for pre op girls soo why share my post op

Thank you to all the girls who really helped me with their reviews and answers yal the real mvps lols

Summer 16 dolls this is our time
Its been real ladies:) stay blessed
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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