dr Fisher here I come!!!

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Hey ladies!! I'm a long term member to RS, I've...

Hey ladies!! I'm a long term member to RS, I've been stalking reviews for years now. I am finally ready to take the plunge and get my long awaited bbl. I've been wanting this surgery since like 2010. I'm 22yrs old and I feel like its now or never. So over this past week I've been sending emails back and forth with my surgical coordinator Margaret @ vanity, she told me dr hasan and fishser has a Feb special going on so I'm trying to get on that and save as much as I can, she's also been very helpful with my questions about the typo of lipo they use and all, (she quoted me $5,000 off the rip without even seeing any pics of me which I found to be ass backwards. Have any of you ladies been experiencing the same thing?) Regardless of prices, the time has finally come for me to choose a surgeon and I simply CANNOT make a decision between dr Fisher or dr Hasan. At first I was set on fisher but then I read a couple of reviews by rs members (with the same body type as me) of whom were upset with their results because he didn't give them the big BADONKADONK that he promised but then I see other girls with the same body type that went to him and their results are out of this world. So I guess Fisher can either be hit or miss. Dr hasan; on the other hand, gives great result but then there was that whole scandal about one of his patients dying right after surgery and that scared the hell out of me. I don't want to die in the pursuit of vanity nor do I have the time or the money to be wasting on a round two. LADIES PLEASEEE HELPPPP!


These are some pre op pics of me and some pics that I played around with using the plastic surgery app. A girl can dream right?

Ladies, Your opinion matters!!

These are just some pics of me that I sent to my surgical coordinator Jade. She says that I have enough fat but what do you girls think?! Should I gain 10-15lbs. Any feedback would be great.

By the way I'm 5'5in and I weigh 132lbs my BMI is 22

Wish pic

Wish pics

QUICK UPDATE... Took my measurements today & Questions for VANITY VETS!!!!

Hey ladies!!! So Yesterday I decided to tell my very close cousin about my journey to Bootyland and turns out she wants to take the journey with me.. YAYYYYYY, its going to be fucking littttt lol. I'm so happy that she has decided to go through the process with me so that I won't be completely alone. At first I was thinking about staying at a RH because I had nobody to come or assist me but now that I have her I can rethink all of my options. If we stay in a hotel we will be splitting all cost evenly and be saving money.
BTW I forgot that I never posted my measurements so here they are: Bust 38, waist 28, hips 37. My goal post op is to be bust 38 waist 24 and hips 40. Do you guys think this is possible for me or am I just dreaming?
Now questions for the vets or anyone who can answer them, Does anyone know how many lipo foams are actually needed and will be used for sx? I am leaning more towards Hasan because.. well... More Booty... Does dr Hasan prescribe any kind of pain meds or any medication for that matter? Because if not i'll have to find a way to bring some down with me. How much extra money should I bring for extra stuff?...I have health insurance so if anything does happen I can go to any ER and just pay 200-300 dollars or they can bill me.. but anything else I should be prepared to spend it on?

Haven't updated in a while

I've been really busy with classes. I go to school and work full time so my schedule has been kind of crazy. Ever since locking in my price, I cant seem to get any response from my coordinator. I'm freaking out a little, I gave vanity a call yesterday and asked to speak to my coordinator, they put me on hold for 15minutes and then told me that she wasn't there for the day. Something seems fishy. I was calling to see if I can get a list of what was needed for my bloodwork because I do have a history of being slightly anemic and I don't want any surprises later on down the line. Have any of you ladies experienced this with vanity? and does anyone know what dr Fisher asks for as far as bloodwork is concerned? any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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