Hasan Gone Guess I be a Macadoo doll - Miami, FL

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I'm lost for words right now. My friend flew...

I'm lost for words right now. My friend flew way to Miami today because she was scheduled with Dr. O and his butt aint even there no more. I'm scheduled for Hasan in May and they reassured me he will be back. Im really thinking about looking somewhere else. I don't know what to do. Praying for all the ladies on RealSelf that are awaiting upcoming surgeries



May switch to Macadoo

My surgery is May 17th and I plan to book my plane ticket this week. Tickets are already high and I'm sure it's goin to continue to get higher due to May is the kickoff to the summer! I'm scheduled with Hasan but we don't know when he coming back ! I'm tore to pieces but I mY switch to macadoo

BBl or just lipo?

bbl give u the full package but I'm so not looking forward to the recovery after having a bbl!! Any rs sisters up here that only had lipo done with vanity !! Hit me up please thanks !!

Vanity will here from me today

I'm to stressed over this Hasan mess! I booked my ticket for plane yesterday too!! Calling vanity today and get switched to Macadoo

Those vanity girls ain't Shit(sorry)

I just called and said can I switch because I don't think Hasan coming back!! She didn't even try to convince me he was coming back so I said can u put me with Macadoo for my same may 17 date because I purchased my plane ticket ! She was like sure. I said are u sure he will be available . She said I told u he will I said yall be lying because girls get way down there and the dr be Mia!! They stressing me out

Macadoo dolls please check in

Due to hasan disappearance I have switched to macadoo!! Please share any info u have about macadoo.. My friend went to him and she look gorg!!

Ladies scheduled for bbl in May!!! Hey!!!

May 17th my date!! I had hasan but I switched to macadoo!!! I'm ready to get this over with

Pic of me

Ready for macAdoo to bless me with his creative hands!!

My body now!!

Need macadoo to bless this body ASAP!! I'm ready for May to get here!!

Come on May!!! Team Macadoo

Me now!!! Awaiting for macadoo to get me right in may

My body now!!! Macadoo doll in May 2016

Ready to get my waist tiny and ass plumped up

Hit or miss with macadoo

I'm scheduled for macadoo may 17th I originally had Hasan but he just dipped!! Macadoo did my friend in February and she look awesome !! I seen he did a few in March!! Some are pleased and some are disappointed!! I have mixed emotions right now

Macadoo u are taking over the summer!

I can truly say macadoo has really stepped his game up!! My friend look awesome
And couple other dolls up here on RS!! Yall looking amazing !! I can't wait to meet him in May! 47 days left

Me in my Moschino jeans

Just a before pic !!

How much coins should I take to Miami

I been to Miami twice !! I ain't trying to do shit but get this surgery.. Heal and get back on plane to Virginia To my vets how much money did u take down there



Fake pages

Not trying to sound all paranoid but I been getting comments from ppl that just made their page and has only made one comment on my page !!! Just kinda weird !! May need to take this mess down

Water pills

Went to doc to get my lab words done and my pressure was way high!! I ended up getting on blood pressure meds!!! She said if I take the pills, exercise and lay off salt I should be good by May 17!! Have any of u went thru this before !

anxiety!!! need calming techniques

went to dr yesterday by blood pressure was high. went to pharmacy today and started to relax and think happy thoughts and it dropped down close to normal range. I have a lot going on im bout to graduate next week and the list goes one... waiting for my results! just ready for May 17

Undecided if I still want the bbl in May or just do lio

May 17th my surgery day !! Still waiting for my doctor to contact me about my lab work !! But I'm schedule for a bbl but now I'm thinking I may just do the lipo!! Not so much worries about my but I just want this belly gone!! I'm so confused

My doctor cleared me yay

Well my lab work came back good just need her to write a medical clearance letter!! I have also had a a toothache ..dentist gave me amoxicillin !! After this surgery I'm just goin to wait and then get it pulled!! Hurry may 17

I'm cleared

Yay!!!! I'm cleared ! May 17 yes !!!

Encore death!!!

Rip to the young lady who died today during her procedure at Encore!! My surgery date there is on the 17th I'm all to pieces right now

Macadoo may 17

Hey ladies I was so upset yesterday regarding the young lady that passed away yesterday!! A young lady up here put me at ease because she was actually there and she had her surgery with macadoo right after that young lady!! I shed my tears but I also said a prayer and I'm still goin to get on this plane to Miami on Monday!! rip to heather meadows and praying for all u upcoming dolls that's ready to slay this summer!!

I will be in Miami tomorrow ! Groceries

I fly in to Miami in morning !! after I leave encore I plan to go to grocery store ! What food should I buy I don't want to spend unnecessary coins !! Help me out dolls!

Met Macadoo today

Went to Encore today !! Not as bad as I thought it would be !! Met dr Macadoo he is so cool and have a sense of humor. I snapped a pic with him too . My Surgery is tomorrow at 11:30am.. Praying everything goes well... Do any of u dolls know where I can get massages cheaper than encore

I'm a Macadoo doll

I'm a Macadoo doll!!!! I have so much to tell yall!!!be on standby .. I even need to share something's with yall regarding Heather!! Thanks for yall prayers

Been sleepy ladies but here some quick pic

Another pic

Help with sleeping

This is how I slept last night!! Every time I lay on my stomach my drain leak. Macadoo suggested that we lay on our back! This is what he suggested. My question is am I wrong for putting pillows in between!! I'm scared I'm goin to fall thru crack and smash my butt

Heather meadow last ride!! Rip please read

My friend typed this up because I was so dopes up but I remember bits and pieces of the convo


Haven't had A bowel movement and I'm getting really upset I took laxatives myralix excuse the spelling and prune juice nothing working please help

The worst 10 sec of my life !! Drain removal

Had my friend take my drain out!! I ain't even goin to lie I cried like a baby !! Took like 10 seconds to remove but that burning sensation was the worst

Having trouble driving

I'm using the butt buddy my friend gave me and I'm still having a hard time !! It's like pressure is still goin on my right side which is the foot I drive with !! And also it's like I'm leaning back in seat to avoid my butt from hitting the seat!! Any suggestions

1 week and a day post op pic

My butt did drop in size but I'm still in love it's perfect for my size!! God bless dr Macadoo

When to sit and stop wearing foams

I'm only one week and over it already . I leave out the house looking like spongebob around my tummy area and me not sitting is a headache!! When did u dolls decide to sit down

I just google my dr and this pop up!! Rip

I went to Macadoo on the 17th right after heather passed away!! I'm hearing so many different things !! I google his name and this pic popped up as I scrolled down! Rip !! I can truly say I love dr Macadoo and he made me feel comfortable !! Ladies just stay prayed up and don't let realself negativity sway u in a different direction

Almost 2 weeks post op

I know some of the dolls desire to have that Big ole booty!!! I love the way Macadoo just perfected the butt I had and Sculpt it perfect for my size !! I love it !! Not too big but perfect for me !!

Love dr Macadoo

Tingling feeling

Had my bbl on the 17th and for some reason my right butt cheek is getting on my nerves !! It's like a itch and tingly sensation the left butt cheek giving me no problems !!

Macadoo gave me a natural look

I know a lot of dolls want that big ole juicy booties !!! Me on the other hand I love my belly of course and my backside it's not too big and it sure is way better than the ass I originally had!! I'm happy so far

Foams leaving dents

Ok I will be 3 weeks next Tuesday !! My foams are beginning to leave dents on my belly and the bottom of my belly look wrinkled! I love how flat it is but just would like to know what can I do to make this better

think my ass small.in public they like damn!

I been running errands to the store or get gas or whatever and the attention been crazy ! I will wear a sundress or big shirt with tights because I look like sponge bob wit these boards on! I haven't really put on real clothes yet because I will be three weeks Tuesdat but it's crazy how ppl notice the difference in my backside lol

I'm 3 weeks tomorrow !! Time is flying

I will admit sometimes I have my up and down days but I'm feeling great today

I'm 3 weeks today !!!

Yay I'm 3 weeks !! I'm ready to sit down !! I wil admit I been eating like a pig but I been throwing my salads and fruits in the mix as well!

Love the back hate the front

Suppose to Go out with my friend tonight !! I'm only three weeks!! I love the back view but my damn belly have Dents from the foam boards! So I'm not goin out Til I'm and healed completely

Faja came how do I know if it's too small

Just ordered a vedette 929 my friend swear by this thing ! It feel different from the one encore provided !! Macadoo told me the 2nd day that my large faja was too big!! The one I just purchased is a medium it feel snug !! Am I being paranoid


My period should have came on.. Just curious how do u ladies wear pads with the faja I don't do tampons. I also heard the dolls periods be heavier and last longer

Macadoo doll 4 weeks today

I'm please with my body so far!! Macadoo gave me booty to fit my small frame !!! Happy so far !!

Macadoo dolls check in please !!

Macadoo dolls post tall pics today!!! Let's show this man some love!! Good luck to all the future dolls!


I'm 4 weeks ready to workout !! I don't want to lose any weight I'm ready small!! Any suggestion vets

What waist team macadoo

These the same pants that fit me like a glove back in May .. Look at me now .. My pants didn't fall off me my butt held them up lol

5 weeks today decided to hit gym

I know my dr said 8 weeks but I wanted to play around in gym today I took it light !

Up and down days

In my eyes I think my butt is natural and not big at all!! When I step out my house the attention is bananas!! Still get knots and swell up but this is me! I will be 6 weeks on next Tuesday

Finally dressed up

I felt really great after my massage yesterday !! The eyes were looking chile!! Macadoo doll

Me yesterday

Macadoo doll

Past and present

I often times look at myself as if I don't see a big diffence but then I found this old pic and did a side by side !! A huge difference !! I'm pleased so far and hope I can keep this up

Did I fluff yet or nah

The first pic is me 5 days after surgery and the second pic is me on Thursday!! It's kinda weird look like my second pic is bigger than the pic after my surgery !!

9 week update

I still have my bad days itching and sore on my sides and back. I have lost a lot of volume on my ass but it still draw a lot of attention !! Booty greed is real and I want my belly smaller even though ppl think I'm crazy and look good but here goes a pic

3 months

3 months macadoo doll

Update pic

Im almost a year out!!!

Time flies by so fast!

Very sweet and I love my results so far !!

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