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I've done a few years of research & was kind of...

I've done a few years of research & was kind of putting the thought of getting a BBL in the back of my head but now that my wedding is less than a year away I've decided to finally get this ball rolling. I've picked a doctor (Dr. Hasan), paid my little $500 to lock in my price now I just need to pay Half of my remaining balance to secure my date. ideally I want to get my surgery done the first week of October so hopefully I'll be able to come up with the rest of the money within the next couple of weeks fingers crossed.

Help me Hasan Dolls!!!

Soooo I'm trying to see if anyone who has already had their sx with Dr Hasan has any suggestions or recommendations on a specific Surgical Coordinator from their office. My current coordinator Lia just isn't doing it for me. So if anyone has any suggestions on a better coordinator that has good communication leading up to the sx, is helpful at the location once everything starts going down, and is also knowledgeable I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm planning on sending another payment next week, unfortunately my Oct 5th date might not be happening but I'm going to just be optimistic about it :)

Dr. Hasan's Staff is THE ABSOLUTE WORST

this review is not to bash the people at Vanity but merely to let others know my experience so you all are completely aware of what COULD happen to you.

So I had finally made up my mind on which doctor I was going to have my sx by & I chose Doctor Hasan, I wanted "Dr Miami" but he's booked until like 2017 or something crazy like that. Anywho I started the process, did my consultation, sent my pictures, got my quote and everything was a go. I was SO excited!!! My coordinator was super helpful & friendly & everything was like damn near perfect. The only issue I was having was that my fiancé wasn't too thrilled about the whole thing but he was still being supportive of my decision.

The original price for my sx was $5000 but then I wanted to add lipo to my arms so an extra $500 was added. So the total cost of my procedure would be $5500. I didn't want to finance the sx so Lia (my coordinator) said I could make payments just as long as my balance was paid two weeks prior to my sx date. I paid my $500 deposit to lock in my price & everything was all good.

I was sending my payments via chase quick pay for my convenience & to also help with my paper trail. ALWAYS KEEP A PAPER TRAIL!!!!!! After I would send any money I would screen shot my transaction & email it to my coordinator. Her communication was great! She'd let me know my balance and bam still smooth sailing.

Well everything was cool until they switched my coordinator without telling me. I sent two separate payments one for $2000 and then another a few days later for $500. I emailed my coordinator (not knowing they'd made the switch on me) and got no response. About a month later I get a call from her & an email telling me to call her. I call and she wanted to go over my remaining balance. She tells me my balance is $3000. I'm like "No my balance is $2500, if the sx is $5500 how is my balance $3000 if I've sent a total of $3000 already" She goes on to say that "they only have record of me sending a total of $2500" we go back & forth for a little bit then I tell her to check her email because I have sent all transaction records with confirmation numbers to her. This went on for a few weeks & I decided that their unprofessional behavior completely turned me off from having my sx done by Dr Hasan. They are so unorganized it's ridiculous I'd be a damn fool to trust those people with my life. So now it was a matter of getting my money back. They owed me $3000 but claimed they only owed me $2500...now $500 isn't that much money but it was the principal & the fact that they were trying to make me out to be a liar despite MY VERY IMPORTANT PAPER TRAIL. I filed a dispute with my bank but because I agreed to the money being sent it was very difficult to do so. They were able to see that the money was indeed accepted and by whom. Turns out one of there employees (my new coordinator I had no idea about) was stealing money & that's where my money had magically disappeared to...HER POCKETS!!

My only advice is keep a paper trail & if you can pay it all up front do so. Keep your receipts and save all email communications with any employee from vanity. I'm still waiting on my refund tho, I'll let y'all kno how that goes.
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