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Hi Dolls! Finally got around to making my review! ...

Hi Dolls! Finally got around to making my review! After much research, I'll be getting a BBL done with the talented Dr. Hasan on January 6th in Miami. I've booked my flights, my massages with Marian and my recovery for the first half with Keyla. My boyfriend will be flying down for the second half and we'll be staying in a condo until I get the rest of my massages then flying back home. I haven't bought any supplies or supplements or anything yet so that's the next task on the list. I'll post my pre-op pics soon. 2 more months to go! :)

Instagram Sx Page

I decided I'll be posting my pics on Instagram so if you would like to see them follow me @hasandoll16 :)

For all my marijuana enthusiast....

When did you guys start back smoking after surgery? Just curious...do you think it affected your results at all?

Supplies Shopping!!

Starting my supplies shopping today. i'm 38 days out and I can't wait!! Figured this would be a good time to start taking vitamins and getting my levels checked :)


Any advice on which vitamins to start taking would be greatly appreciated! I'm thinking iron, vitamin c, B12, and Bioflavanoid as of right now. When should I start bromelain? I am missing anything? I'm pretty healthy..no history of anemia but I still want to make sure I take the right precautions. Thanks in advance loves!

Pre-Op Pics

Here are my most recent pre-op pictures. I mean, I know I don't look terrible but I want those results that diet and exercise won't be able to give me. Hips and some juicy projection lol. Just a natural hour glass figure that fits my frame.

My Wish Hips

I was playing with the surgery app. My goal hip-waist ratio!! Is this a realistic goals?


Got my lab test done today. Hopefully they will post the results soon. Ready to see what this hemo looks like! :)

34 more days!! &Lab results!!

Hemo is sitting at 12.5 without taking any supplements :) My MCHC was 31 which they flagged as being on the lower end so I'm going to start taking my vitamins now that I know what I need to work on. I'll be taking Iron and Vitamin C with dinner...B12 and Folic Acid with breakfast/lunch. 34 more days until Hasan!

The Countdown Continues

Ok. So I have 20 days left...un-freaking-believable that it got that close that soon lol I've got all my supplies...some are still in transit but everything should be here by the end of this week. I'll be getting my labs redone this Friday. I'm still taking my iron, Vitamin C, B12 and Folic Acid and eating red meat daily so hopefully it all turns out fine. Im so ready you guys! All I have left is to get my maxi dresses and I'll be good to go!

My Vanity Experience Thus Far

Ok so with all the negative reviews of Vanity, I was really expecting to have problems but honestly they have been amazing! I have absolutely no complaints. My coordinator, Jade, answers promptly and if she didn't know the answer she found out for me. Dr. Hasan's medical assistant has been checking in to make sure I have everything in order and done before the holidays so there's no hang ups. I've had a very pleasant experience. I'll be paying the remaining balance $3000 in full next week so I won't have to do it when I get down there and I have everything surgery related printed off (copies of deposit slips, lab work, etc.) so incase there is confusion I am already prepared. Ladies we have to do our part in making sure we have everything squared away and not always depend on Vanity to do it for us. Do our research and be proactive! Take the necessary steps to make this as stress free as possible for you. At least that's my approach lol Have a great day!

In my head I've already had the surgery...

I just need my body to catch up with my mind lol I fly out on Tuesday!! I can't believe it's finally here!! After waiting for what feels like forever! Got my labs done and redone and everything looks good from what I could tell. Nothing out of range this time but I asked vanity to call and let me know if everything is good tomorrow. I've packed all my surgery supplies now I just need to pack clothes and toiletries. I've been trying to keep myself busy for the past few weeks and not obsess over it and guess what? Time flew! Between the holidays and having to travel for work, I've been going so much it really kinda just snuck up on me which is great cause this waiting period will drive you crazy lol Soon to be a Hasan doll! I can't wait to meet this man :)

Lab Updates and Vitamin Regimen

Originally my hemo was 12.5 which is good but I started taking iron and vitamin c at night and vitamin b12 and folic acid in the morning and my hemo went up to 13.4 in two weeks! I was shocked to see the effect it had so ladies Iron+Vitamin C def works to give it that extra push. I haven't been taking any extra iron (sss tonic, geritol, etc.), just been trying to eat red meats and iron rich veggies when I can. I made steak, spinach, and rice tonight for example. Just a few tips for what's been working for me :)

Miami here I come!!

On my way ladies!! So nervous and anxious but ready!! Can't believe it's finally happening :)

Preop & Keyla Recovery House

So I went for preop. Lisa, one of Keyla's helpers picked me up from the airport. We went straight to Vanity and did my preop. Vanity was calm and clean not busy like some have said and the ladies at the front desk were very nice. The lady in the back that went through my paperwork didn't have much personality and was on her phone almost the whole time but whatever I knew I was signing my life away. We then went to the faja store to get a size larger than the one I had since mine was the perfect size preop it wasn't going to work for post op due to swelling and padding. Vanity was selling them for $120 but I got mine for $80. I needed a ab board as well and Keyla sold me one for $20 which isn't bad because Vanity was charging $40.

Now on to Keyla. Hands down, one of the sweetest people ever. I've only been here for a few hours and she makes me feel at home already. She was making homemade chicken soup and pineapple water when I came in and let me have some for dinner. So down to earth, knowledgeable, and very easy to talk to. No complaints.

About an hr after I left Vanity they called to tell me my surgery is scheduled for 5:30 am. Meaning I'm the first Hasan doll of the day! Whoot whoot! I'll be posting some current preop pics soon! Send up prayers for me loves!

I made it ladies!!!

Hasan did a great job! I'm sore but not really in pain. I took a hydro that I brought from home soon as I got back to Keyla's and I went to sleep for a little bit. Hasan gave me hips and a super tiny waist from what I can see right now. Can't wait to see what it looks like under this faja :) I'll update again with more pictures later babes.


Hey ladies just wanted to update...I'm doing a lot better than I expected. Still draining ALOT as you can see but not feeling too weak so I guess my pill regimen worked for me. Ladies make sure you are preparing for this, it will make a world of a difference when recovery time comes. I'm still taking my iron and vitamin C. I'll be going for post op appt today. Keyla has been so great taking care of all of us. I'm definitely grateful because she has 5 girls here, 4 of which had surgeries on the same day then me the day after them so we're all freshly into our recovery and she's been doing great taking care of all of us. So glad I decided to stay here :) let me know if y'all have any questions!

Post op day 5!!

Hey ladies. So sorry for the delay, realself hasn't wanted to cooperate with me here lately but anywho...I'm doing pretty well. Can't complain much, still draining a lot but I've started self massaging now too to try and get it all out. It can be so exhausting lol but I take my time.

Vanity has called me at least 3 times since surgery just to check on me and see if I had any questions. Also if there is anything that you don't quite like about vanity they send multiple surveys and they'll actually contact you if you had an unpleasant experience and talk to you about it so maybe they're working on improving some things. Overall I have no complaints about vanity. My experience went very smooth and I'm grateful especially after the horror stories lol :)

Keyla. Oh Keyla. Y'all she is the bomb.com if you're looking for a recovery house, do yourself a favor and stay with her. I can't express how awesome it was to stay with her. She's very genuine and caring and will go out of her way to make sure you are comfortable and satisfied. Even some times when people don't deserve it (there were a couple spoiled brats there that, in my opinion, took her for granted but she catered to their every whim and cry without complaint) so if she can deal with the ungrateful ones like a champ, she's definitely worth your money lol she's very real and open and makes you feel like family. I would stay with her again in a heartbeat :)

Hasan snatched me dry lol and I'm still in love with my results :) happy healing ladies!! Pics are from post op day 3.

Update & pics!!

Hey ladies! It's been a little while but everything is going pretty good. I've been stiff and tired but I've gotten back on my massages and making sure I keep my calories up so it's getting better. I started taking my vitamin regimen(iron, vitamin c, b12 & folic acid) again to help the healing process. I also decided to start drinking ensure in the morning to give me a little boost.

Garment/Massages: Started wearing my Vadette medium garment a few days ago since I feel like I need a little more compression. I held off on self massaging for a couple days to let my skin heal a little more. Massages today and it was MUCH needed. I noticed some lumps deep in my sides and when I massages them out it kinda tingled/burned a little but apparently that's the nerves reconnecting or something like that. Lol I had to google to make sure it was normal lol I drained for about 5 days then decided to let my holes close up and just massage without draining. I'll be self massaging daily from now on or getting my boyfriend to do it lol either way I'm not skipping a day anymore cause I feel sooo much better afterwards.

Trip home: The flight was ok. I did first class but didn't get to sleep much because I was too focused on not putting too much pressure on my butt. I say with a chair cushion under my thighs, got it at Walmart, and put the little meck pillow under my butt and stuffed my jacket in the dip of my back to keep all the pressure off. Needless to say I was Very exhausted but grateful my boyfriend was there to help me cause I don't think i would've been able to make it the whole way alone lol

How I feel about my results: LOVE THEM!! Hasan worked his magic as I knew he would and gave me better than I expected. Natural but major improvement and I'm very happy. I didn't see him until day of surgery. He marked me up and said he would take in my sides, get rid of my back fat and give me a "sexy bikini curve" lol he asked how big I wanted it and I told him I didn't want it to be huge. He told me with just the lipo I would look ok since I already had some booty so he asked small, medium or large and I hesitated for a second so he asked me what i did and I told him my profession and he said he would go small to medium lol

Recovery Home: I miss Keyla's RH. She is a recovery angel and she'll spoil you rotten lol very caring and passionate. Truly loves what she does and is great at what she does :)

If I think of anything else I'll add it later. Let me know if y'all have any questions! :)

Pics are Post op Day 7&8

How could I forget...

BM! Such a lovely topic. Ok so my first BM took like 15 min..second time took 30 min AFTER a stool softener. Third time it got a little easier again with stool softener. Fourth and fifth time were a lot easier. I drank more water and tried to eat more fiber rich foods. First few times it wasn't a full moment because I got tired of pushing and straining but I also got tired of the discomfort so day 4-7 were pretty uncomfortable. Needless to say I'm glad it's back to normal! Lol

Opened my drained back up...

Not for the faint at heart lol my holes have been closed for about 5 days now but after 2 massages I noticed a lot of fluid build up on both sides of my stomach and I was going to wait and see if they just go away on their own but I'm too impatient for that lol. Plus I didn't want to take a chance on it getting worse or having to use a needle to get it out. Me and a q-tip coated in neosporin opened my drained back up and out came the river of fluid. Lost an inch in my waist just from that. Think I'll try to keep them open for a couple more days since my boyfriend will be giving me daily massages to help get the fluid out. I know it's a part of recovery but I'm not of fan of the fluid as y'all can tell. Lol

One month post op!

Ok so I'm a little late on the updating lol here's some pics of me one month post op. My body is finally starting to feel normal again. It's gets better and better everyday. Still very happy with my results and even though Hasan has went MIA, vanity still calls to check on me and see how I'm doing. Still No complaints about them just still waiting for my cc's report but other than that I'm healing nicely!

The black compression garment is one I got from Walmart for $20. I've stopped wearing my foams, I'm on and off with this ab board...usually only wear it for work so my pants don't make an indent lol and sometimes when I sleep. I've altered my garments myself so all three now fit PERFECTLY. Still loving my Diane faja the most. I'll update more later :)

South Beach Dreaming

Currently going on 17 hrs without my garment. Went out for drinks last night and had a few too many so I never got around to putting my garment back on when I got back home lol but feeling pretty good ladies :)

7 weeks post!!

I started back doing yoga this week :) it's been helping soooo much with my stiffness especially my lower back..feeling better and better everyday!

11weeks...36-27-43...It's been a while!! Omg...

Hey!! So I just wanted to say this is the best thing I've ever done for myself...to take something that was once you're biggest insecurity and have the opportunity to turn it into one of your best features has definitely been a journey and an adjustment..a life altering decision...
I've been the most uncomfortable and inconvenienced that I've ever been in my life lol but it's been SOOO worth it!! At the end of the day, I would do it all over again if I had to lol luckily for me I'm one and done so now I'm just focusing on maintaining....getting my diet right and protecting the investment :)

it's so hard to find clothes to fit this waist-to-ass ratio smh 36-27-43 means I have to be soo picky now lol be sure you prepare for a wardrobe update ladies...the new body will demand it lol other than the swelling and back stiffness that's always on 10 -___- I'm pretty much healed...not much soreness at all and I'm back to all regular activity. I'm still self massaging after I shower every day. No lumps no fluid just swelling but that's normal so overall I'm very happy...wish I would've considered surgery a lot sooner lol sometimes I look at myself like I still can't believe I actually did this lol

Let me know if you have any questions ladies!


More Pics!!!

3 months post op so I'll start doing more comparison pics since my results are pretty much settled in now. No real updates...still dealing with some back stiffness/tightness every once in a while. Other than that I feel mostly back to normal finally. I have started sleeping on my sides some while having a pillow at the dip of my stomach so it relieves some pressure off my hip...I haven't wore my garments in about 2 weeks and I have very little swelling on my back and sides occasionally but I expected that so I'm okay with it.

I'm starting to get more comfortable wearing clothes again lol it's weird because I basically am having to rethink my wardrobe lol...everything fits differently so I have to dress myself different..not a bad thing just an adjustment so be prepared for that ladies. I love trying on clothes when I go shopping lol even if I'm not gonna buy it I still want to know what it would look like on my new body lol

Still the best decision ever! :)


More pics from over the last few months ???? Current measurements: 34-26-42 ???????? still loving my results ???? Hasan is an artist!

8 months post op

Miami Physician

I had a very good experience with Dr.Hasan and Vanity. Overall no complaints. Very happy with my results. Dr. Hasan is definitely an artist in his field! Did not see him after the surgery but his assistant made sure I had everything I needed and answered all my questions.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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