HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!! my Time Has Come with Dr.Omulepu!! - Miami, FL

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Been wanting a bbl since 2012 and I really really...

Been wanting a bbl since 2012 and I really really really want a big booty, some hips with a slim waist.. No back fat, no more big arms, no more lateral tails(side of breast and under arm) already a 44.5 in the bottom. Married, 27 with 4 kids now it's time for a upgrade!!! Booked and ready Happy mothers day to me from the hubby!!

9 days until time to go but nowhere to stay

Do anybody know a good place to stay in Miami?? any reviews on vanity recovery house??

before pics

Hopefully he can fix this mess..
38c-36-44.5 measurements!!!

wish pics

almost ready!!!

Back in 2012 Dr.j curve wanted under 10,000 when I met with him.. Consults were free then..after shekinah from tiny and T.I show went to him prices jumped to 13,500 not even including tt..consults 50 for phone 100 in person.. Went to Dr.hedden here in bham he told me 8600 and 12,500 with tt. Never really seen his work I saw one girl on here but I don't think she got enough.. (I couldn't see a difference) I want like 1250 or better nothing less.. Lol once I got on here I found out about Miami and Dr.O paid everything up front.. Gotta find a room and book my flight.. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time..lol been wanting this so long and I feel it's gone make me a better happier person.. I ordered my bbl pillow, I have a boppy that I never used after I had my daughter. still got the bbl pilow anyway looks like it works better.. 100 bucks tho.. Ordered my funnel and arnica tablets also.. Found the arnica gel and cream at walgreens.. Almost ready!!

3 days to go

Ok so my sx is Saturday, my flight departs Friday from ATL.. I did my lab work here in my hometown. Now I gotta pack.. I have all my stuff, the only thing I'm missing is my bbl pillow which should be here by Thursday..(hopefully) I'm so excited, but also still nervous.. I've never been on a plane before that's the main problem..lol but what's the do's and dont's on what can come on the plane or should just be in my suitcase ?? As far as The bbl supplies and my makeup case

at the airport

Missed my flight at 12:30 didn't know I had to be here 2hrs early..first time flying!! Had to pay 150-75 each to take the 5:15 flight..my appointment at vanity was at 3:34 so yisle told me to be there tomorrow at 6:30am for surgery.. Nothing to eat or drink after 10:00 PM tonight..

bunch of bull

Came to vanity at 6:15 no one came to the desk. We stood there for about 10 mins before we seen someone. Then the lady says are you patient? I tell her yes.. She keeps going.. Then they tell me they don't have my labs.. My doctor office didn't send them over like they told me they would.. So I had to do them over here and they told me to come back at 10.. Wtf this is not the plan..then one of the chick's are rude ahh f### every time I said something she was like Ok.. Lil biih!! Fix it Jesus

if it ain't one thing it's another

My doctor finally sent over my results 10.5 so of course they were like no biih.. I asked what about the results yall did and the anesthesiologist was like oh yeah well it might still be hope.. I was like I doubt it and he was like me too.. Wtf took him like 2hrs to finally come back he told my husband 11.5..when he texted me I was super excited then the lady came in and was like no sorry he said no..it was a 11.1..Well damn then I made an appointment for the 30th to have it done.. But I'm on these iron pills real heavy and I'm trying to go back Tue...don't have time to go back to Birmingham and come back Biih.. Plus it was a chick in there working my and everybody else nerves for a BL or follow up whining and crying putting on..talking bout she was hurting so so bad but already took the pain meds.. But wasn't crying until people was around..wtf then said the doctor told her to take 4 or 5 at a time..the nurse was like no biih just take 1..smdh gotta be a pill head or sum!! Ijs

SURPRISE!!! got my surgery today

Went yesterday and did my lab work for my iron it was a 11.4 Yezeale called Dr.Omulepu because I was a 11.1 Saturday and 11 Monday and he approved it!! Scheduled for 12:30 felt like it took forever.. The same chick I got into it with Saturday was there today in the Miami office..wtf but she was much better today. And yall the anesthesiologist was fine as all get out..like he was built for the Gods.. So so handsome.. I felt really safe with him. Real flirty too.. Didn't leave until 7PM. the doctor was a whole lot better today.. Told me he was giving me the biggest butt in plastic surgery history.. He was cool tho.. But my lord this pain in the bottom of my butt is killing me I feel like I'm dying..pain meds not working cause I took them too late. I don't think my garment is on right it's not smooth I feel like it's bunched up. I tried to stand up and my garment just filled up with blood in the front..hopefully nothing is broken.. The ride back to the hotel was bad and it took forever (to me). glad it's over praying for good results!!!

2 days post

Well no one tells you that it's hard as hell to get up off your stomach took me 2hrs last night just to get up..kinda glad he didn't do my arms because I definitely couldn't help myself.. It's hard pushing yourself up after just sleeping on them.. My husband makes me sleep on the couch cushions on my knees while my head, shoulders and arms are laying at the foot of the bed..it's easier for me to get up that way..I've been getting those massages and they hurt.. I don't like massages really and definitely not any while in pain.. My garment is too little for my booty so it's hard getting it on and off so I had to buy a bigger one.. I am moving around better today. I was one of the ones hanging on to my husband's shoulders walking on my tip toes.. Although walking makes me hot I think it's because of the stockings he said to wear them for like almost 2 weeks..but if my feet and legs are hot then my body becomes hot. I sit on my knees in the front seat facing the back seat because I can't push myself up anymore if I lay in the back.. Other than my stomach being tender I guess I'm good

pics after massage

4 days post op

Finished my last message today..I get my drains taken out tomorrow morning before going to the airport.. I must say I feel a whole lot better today.. I can actually walk better and not leaned over like I was a few days ago.. I had 2 girl's stop me when I was heading to the potty after massage. Asking me who my doctor was and if I had hips before..then they wanted to touch it lol I didn't have my garment on because I had to potty and left that in the massage room.. But i did let them get a Lil feel tho..

trying to recover from home 1 wk post op

My plane ride Tue was awful..I used my bbl pillow but it was still really painful..Idk if maybe I wasn't sitting on it right. Or what!! Of course Dr. O only took out one drain so I came home with one.. I have 4 kids ages 3 to 8..my youngest son saw my drain and he was like mama gotta tail lol..so they're kinda outta my way because they think I'm hurt/sick.. For the most part I'm doing Ok around my waist hurts like hell only because I'm laying on my stomach all day.. Oh I took my stockings off only because they made me hot, and I felt faint...anybody else felt that way? Do I need to put them back on? When does the booty start getting soft and fluffy??

measurements 7 days post op: 38c-32-50

Ok someone tell me please how long does it take For movement, and a softer feeling booty.. Asked my hubby about my results so far and he was like not saying anything until it can jiggle and bounce again!! I'm like wtf I still need to know if something has moved out of place or flattened..but whatever Ass...ladies help!!! Old measurements 38c-36.5-45

quick question

Ok doll's I need your help... I know we wear the garment for 2 months but what about the foams and board?? How long do we keep that in?? Also I'm itching like crazy... I literally have cuts on me from scratching so bad. How do I fix It?? I'm laying on my stomach all day and night but it's killing my waist. It hurts all the way around. This healing process is for the birds. I never thought about this part at all. Then on top of that I think I'm losing my booty!!! The hubby said it looks the same it's just me.. But Idk. If so I'm gonna go crazy!! Then sex..why do we have to wait 3wks? What's gonna happen if you do before then?

pics without garment

Had to take it off...I was itching really bad.. Had to drive today and it hurts so bad. My bbl pillow does not work. Warning!!!! If you go get a big booty and your legs are thick already the pillow won't fit you...my legs are too big so it's very uncomfortable.. That pillow is for chick's with smaller legs that can fit in the slots!!

12 day post pics without garment

4 weeks post

Everything has been pretty good so far.. Other than the pain around my waist and the itching.. I can't fit any of my old clothes unless it's a dress.. Too thick!! Lol I think I wanna go back and get more..only because I think it's going away but that's just due to swelling going down.. Loving my results tho!! Oh yeah finally got my refund from vanity this week for the work he wouldn't do.. Had to snap a Lil bit..Any who update pics!!

6 weeks post

Hey ladies hope all is well with everybody.. Let me start off by saying I am going back for round 2 very soon.. He really didn't Lipo my back so I have rolls.. Still got stitches..My stomach has 2 lumps at the bottom and the right side burns..I think it's fluid pockets. The E.R gave me antibiotics yesterday..My bottom is between 46-47in but it's just not big enough like I thought it would be.. To me looks like my old booty with more on the top, hips and smaller waist..Great news is I'm fluffing and the booty is soft.. But i will be contacting him tomorrow!!

update!! almost 4 months post

Everything is going well.. my booty is soft/jiggly and the lumps in my stomach are gone.. My only problems are the scars, and the itching.. Other than that I'm good.. Would love to go back and do it again but first I gotta get my breast Aug done..I do have some pain if my man grab me certain places wrong.. Furthermore I must go back for a repeat..

the butt pain is real!!

Omg I'm almost 6 months post and I have the worst pain in my butt and hips. It's like I have to get it punched or rubbed really hard to make it feel better..sometimes it hurts to sleep on my hips. does anyone else have butt pain? I really wish he did arms ugh! my back needs more work, i feel like it's shrinking everyday..so i have to go back. HOW TO GET RID OF THESE DAMN SCARS?? seriously how to make them disappear?

the butt pain is real!!

Hey dolls.. Omg I'm almost 6 months post and I have the worst pain in my butt and hips. It's like I have to get it punched or rubbed really hard to make it feel better..sometimes it hurts to sleep on my hips. does anyone else have butt pain? I really wish he did arms ugh! my back needs more work, i feel like my booty shrinking everyday..so i have to go back. HOW TO GET RID OF THESE DAMN SCARS?? seriously how to make them disappear?

My 1yr post

Hey ladies I hope all is well with everybody...I know I'm late with my 1yr after sx picture... my booty is still round.. I have pain sometimes especially if I lay on my left side then it really hurts...I'm really considering a round 2

1yr post

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