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So far in my journey which actually began over a...

So far in my journey which actually began over a year ago I have received 2 consultations and have a few more to go. I would like a reasonable price but that is not the most important thing. The most important thing is results. I got a quote from Dr. Shahine in NY. It was 8700.00 just for full back or full abs and love handles. But either or not both. She stated he could give me the thinnest results possible with the biggest projections. I have been researching night and day and I know for a fact he does great work but it is quite risky and time consuming. Overall I am a healthy individual thank God. I am 34 yrs young????. I also got a consultation from Dr. Salhauzer aka Dr. Miami. I have seen his results on instagram and online and have loved many of them. He spoke to me himself for the free consultation and he said he will do my full back, love handles, full front for 7000.00. I received my quote by Arianna. The price is fair. Only problem with him is he is over booked so you can't get in till currently November of 2016. Pretty crazy. I know that in some places they have a speedy list that if your procedure is paid in full you don't have to wait.
I am now waiting to speak to Dr . Hassan and Dr. Salomon both in Florida. I will keep you all informed.

Newest update

I have received several other quotes from Dr's I was interested in. I got one for 7,200 from Dr. MIAMI. I also got one for 5,200 with recovery house from Vanity Hasan in Fla but they were both at least almost a year ago and I'm not sure how long they expire. I just received one from Dr Heneo from Cali in Colombia and I'm thinking about going there. I would love a partner to link up with me and share expenses with recovery house and support if possible. Let me know??

The newest

Hello ladies god bless you all I have been on this journey for about 3 years waiting for the time when I could actually dish out my pocket for my services. In the mean time since my last update I have had several quotes I had some from Dominican Republic and others from Florida. I have got a chance to read so many great reviews from tons of awesome women. I have had my ups and downs and this has been an emotional rollercoaster to decide in itself was not there I wanted to go give my money and my body to.
In Dominican Republic I got a quote from cabrAL which was 3500 and the email was so plain it didn't even explain what was included in that price. Also from Dominican Republic I got a quote from the Dra. Wilkas all inclusive which included the recovery home was $5,600 10 days stay all medications and everything included other than if you need a blood transfusion. I also got a quote from alder heneo in Columbia it was $2,600 for the BBL and lipo, everything included other that blood transfusion. His work is not so great though. I got a quote about a year ago from Dr Miami which was $7,200 would have to still come up with airfare and a place to stay. Today I got a quote from Ortega and that's 4500 all inclusive and I think I will be booking with him. I also went on on Airnb which is an awesome website that let you communicate with people who have homes that rent out rooms all around the world and the rates are so much cheaper than staying in a hotel. My best friend is coming with me so she will be assisting me in all my needs. Thank God!

Wish pics

Pictures of my faja.

This faja is different because this compression garment is made by medical Dr's and it the fabric is made different for faster healing.

Heading over

April 10th and sx will be April 11th. I'm excited! Staying at a place with my bestie from Airbnb a block over from Spectrum. Hotels can be approximately 100+ a night. My room will be in a couples home at 52$ a night. Share kitchen which I like.

Anyone have a short butt Crack to begin with??

How are the results. My sister and mom and I all have what we joke and call low riders lol. It is actually the line of our Crack is short.

A few more weeks

I'm up 4/11 I'm excited. Pray all you ladies are doing well!!

I'm 3 days away.

Here are some last b4 pics on my surgery with Ortega. I'm excited, nervous, anxious. I am leaving my 3 kids at home with a sitter while I'm out in FL for 5 days. God protect my children while I'm gone I know they are in good hands. Lord thank you for this opportunity that I've been wanting in a long time Kama you know My Heart Lord and you know that I don't do this for vanity more than I do it to feel good about my body. I pray that you protect my mind and my heart from anything negative and against your will Lord.!
So on that note here are my last b4 pics. Pray all you dolls are well!

Day of surgery

Survived in Florida. My appointment was for 1:30 in the afternoon. I was out at the supermarket buying some groceries and Spectrum called me to ask me if I could come in a little earlier and I said I will come in as soon as I'm done getting my groceries. When I got there it was approximately close to noon and I waited in the lobby that is always very packed with women for about 40 minutes before they called me back. Then when I was in the back I had my best friend with me and the girl came in to have me sign all the paperwork which they do not give you copies of unless you request them. I waited 2 hours before Ortega payment to mark up my body. After that I told him I wish pictures I discussed with him that I only wanted my abdomen to be liposuction as soon as possible and then to just add that to my bottom I did not want any hits at all I wanted and athletic look. It was my time to go to the back I went pee and I lay down and they were putting my Iv in so I could fall asleep. Before I knew it I was asleep in waking up I woke up with my garment already on and I was being put onto the wheelchair and strolled out to the lobby. My roommate and my best friend we're waiting and they took me out to the vehicle or I laid on my belly and went to our rented area to get rest. My midsection feels as if somebody took a potato peeler and killed my first layer of skin off and the skin that be underneath that is exposed it's very tender to the touch that is my best explanation of liposuction. As far as my behind everything was bulging because of so much swelling and I couldn't really get a clear view of my body shape but I could tell that I had some kind of hips and I looked wider than I wanted to. My rear and had a bulge of injection at the bottom of it the middle seemed Denton NC and that's how it came up very high on my back and it didn't look like a small just round Athletic Full little behind like I wanted. Everyone's feeling is different but in my healing my first garment was dirty before my night was over I had to change into my other one my best friend's have very good care of me she would change all of my causes constantly as soon as they were filled or soiled and we make sure we were very sanitary in washing our hands and everything every implement it we use during the procedure of changing. Right now I am on my 7th Day in they didn't take out my stitches when I went for my second follow-up appointment. During my first follow-up appointment which was a day after the surgery Ortega never seen me I was seen by a coordinator or whatever kind of job description the girls that work there have. She just wanted to see how my swelling was I told her I had concerns about a fever and she took my temperature and it was 100.0 and she said I do not have to worry unless it's 101.0. So I got dressed and went on my way. One of the things that hurts the most is being able to pull this extremely tight garment around your new extremities and trying to not hurt the so sore areas of your life while doing so. On the 5th day of my appointment when I had the follow-up I had a little less this swelling and it was an emotional roller coaster for me because I felt like I look very wide and I was very upset that Ortega did not meet my needs when I told him to not give me hips that was one of my biggest concerns is to just look very small. When I went there and he took care of me he explained to me that is very early for me to see my results and having the immense emotions that I did that take a toll on my recovery and to please give my body time to heal and that in four months I will be writing him an apology letter for the way that I felt because everything has been falling into place. So I will wait patiently and see how I feel about my body as it progresses and I will then see if I require a revision which you would pay surgical fees and they would do a partial fixing their mistakes. My Wish pics had very full round basketball butt and I feel like I just have a flat wide load. So let's just see as time progresses how my body falls into its place and I will keep you guys updated. I will upload some pics to show you my journey up to now. God bless you all !!

Healing process

3 days apart

Feeling better

Hi everyone. I am feeling much better ad secure about my body. Change is great and I had to adjust to appreciating my new body. You get use to looking at the old body for so many years that anything besides that is a total shock. I have a small frame and my torso is short. I could not have possibly had my wish pics results bc she does have a long torso. Ortega can see this from afar, that's his specialty, not mines, so I must trust that he did me as perfectly as he could with how I was to begin with. I would have liked my butt to be fuller, but I will wait to see if it slowly fluffs a little more. My waist is beautiful, that I can definitely say. My shape is beautiful. That's my update. Slowly the swelling is going down. I will post pics at 1 month post. God bless you all!!

Not happy

Just wanted to update u guys. I am completely unhappy. My surgery was not a hip lift, it was a butt lift. My butt is not lifted. It is very wide and no projection what so ever. I am asking for a revision. The bottoms have a little lump of fat that is not breaking up properly especially on my right side. My middle has no fat at all its like 2 ditches. I'm 2 months post op on Monday this week.
Mel Ortega

Dealt with Candice for consultation and contract. She is very sweet and humble. Can't wait to meet Dr. Ortega!

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