Happy 40th Birthday to Me - Miami, FL

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I'm a 40 year old professional and mother of two....

I'm a 40 year old professional and mother of two. I had a small waste and curves but no booty. I have worked out but could never obtain the girth I desired in my gluteus. I sought out a well educated physician to make me fabulous. Below are the details of my journey.
7/6 I had pre-operation consult and meet the doctor for the first time as I was an out of town patient.
I was more than excited to confirm Dr. Orlando was an HBCU graduate and completed his training at Howard University Medical School. I too graduated from an HBCU and can attest the vigor required to be successful these programs. I know he was well train and that is why I picked him as my doctor.
The coordinator took additional pictures. I Selected what time I would be having my surgery. The facility was very nice is very modern very busy.

7/7 My surgery was scheduled at 7:30 AM in the morning. I was one of the first patients. I must admit I was very nervous to the point where my blood pressure was a little high. I met with the anesthesiologist and he could tell by my voice that I was nervous. He was very comforting as we had great banter and conversation.

7/7 post op, I really needed The pain medication. I took my first dose of four pills at 3:00pm. I hydrated with Gatorade. And ate some chicken noodle soup. I didn't eat any food since 12 AM. I was very hungry about a time.
At 5 o'clock I took my second dose of pain meds. This time I only took two. I ate some more chicken soup. I drank some more Gatorade and took the first dose of my anabiotic's.
To prevent blood clots, I wAlked around for 25 min.
7/8 -7/10 the next couple of days was a battle to bare the pain. For me, this experience was worse than child birth as the level of discomfort from 1-10 was a 10 for me. Sleeping was a challenge. You couldn't sit. Because you are so sore and tired, you really can't stand long. It was a little miserable for me as Everything hurt. As a patient I wish I was provided more support as to how to cope post operatively. I was assigned a surgical coordinator, ironically our contact was few and far between. My sales person was great. She always responded and gave me the attention I needed.
7/11 was my first trip back to the clinic for my lymphatic massages that was included in my package.
I will say the steps and requirements for post operative care were not clearly communicated. I will note that I opted not to reside at the recovery house as it doesn't accommodate family members that travel with you. I often wonder if I had stayed in the recovery home if the level of care would have been different.
Needless to say, I showed up for my lymphatic massage on time for my appointment, but Waited 1 hour or so for my massage therapist. There is a small waiting area and no special accommodations for bbl patients to make them comfortable while they wait. I will say my therapist was sweet and very attentive once she was able to get to me; however overall the clinic lacks proper coordination and provision of care for patients.
I will say right after surgery lymphatic massages feel like salt is being poured over an open wound. The pain was excruciating but I made it through the first massage.
7/12 returned back to the clinic for my second massage. Ideally in the healing process you are suppose to drain the lipo fluid from your body or your body my expel or absorb it. if your body retains the fluid, fibrous tissues can form from the fluid buildup that will eventually need to be removed by surgery. I unfortunately had fluid build up in my abdomen that had to be aspirated. This is not an unusual occurrence after surgery however since was not a local patient I was very concerned with my health if I were to leave Miami with these issues. Thankfully my massage therapist identified the swelling cancelled my massage and sent me to the nurse. Carla my nurse was patient and great. She removed the fluid via an aspiration process. A big needle was inserted and fluid was manually removed from my body. Mind you, your body is already tender and no local anesthesia is provided. This too is very uncomfortable, but removal of the fluid relieves pressure and gives some relief. Due to my condition I had to extend my stay and delay my return home.
7/14 back to the clinic for a lymphatic massage and follow-up. My massage therapist noticed there was still significant swelling and she again could not complete my massage. At this time I was very frustrated as I didn't understand how to remedy my condition and couldn't communicate my concerns to the staff as many of the staff members didn't speak English or if they did, it was extremely limited. Some of my questions and requests were lost in translation. For instance I ask the nurse that took care of me during surgery how many cc's of fat was transferred and what was in my file. She couldn't answer me as she didn't understand English. Furthermore my doctor was out of town. I didn't have a follow up by him post op nor was one scheduled with his backup until I requested one with the on call Doctor as I was concerned with my condition.
As a patient (especially an out of town patient) I like to be informed of what to expect and how to take care of myself afterwards. I will take ownership and admit I did not ask enough questions prior to surgery as to what to expect and what to do post op.
I work in healthcare do I expect a certain level of care as a patient. As an out of town patient as I didn't want to leave to resolve my complications on my own.
7/15 after a rough week I was cleared to leave. The aspirations really helped and CARLA advised that I massage my abdomen in the shower daily while at home. I was so excited to be leaving. I skipped my last massage. I even left with stitches remaining.
8/5 today 25th day post op and officially 4 weeks. My condition is great. Still some tenderness, but very mild. The swelling has decreased and I can see some of my results. I were my compression garments and boards faithfully. I only take them off when I shower. I even purchased a lumbar board. I'm going to purchase an ab board next as I want my stomach as smooth as possible. I posted some pictures. I will add some more.

29 days post op pictures

Took some pictures. I'm indifferent on what I see as results. Maybe bad angles. I will give it do some time. ????

Me before my surgery

I'm a little disappointed as I wasn't expecting to be bigger where I couldn't fit my clothes. I added some pics from a couple months up to 2 days prior to my surgery. I will encourage everyone to stay positive as this is clearly not an overnight transformation. I'm hoping for the best.
Please note the 4th pic (no booty). ????

6 weeks progress

I'm back in the gym. Not really sure if I'm supposed to be training or not but I feel really fat. I laid around on my stomach for a month so I'm ready to be active again.
My booty is looking Great!!! I only have to get the rest of my body ready. My back and stomach are still sore to touch. I have ordered a waist trainer to use when at the gym. I also will try wrapping my mid section with bandages for the compression and inflammation. I don't wear my garments as much now. I mostly wear my waist trainer and compression boards.

Dr llorente is very nice and funny. I think if I had seen him outside his vacation schedule I would have had a more memorable experience.

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