MIAMI HERE I COME!!! Booty, Booty, Booty Rocking Everywhere coming SOON!!!

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I have stalked this site since May 2016. I have...

I have stalked this site since May 2016. I have met with 2 doctors locally 1 with Dr. Fisher and another with James McAdoo and then had 3 consultations with Dr. Yily, Dr. Duran and Dr. Baez in the Dominican Republic. Two out of the 3 did not get back with me and Yily was he only one that responded. After careful consideration I decided to remain here in the states and get it done for one, I already live live in the land of booties; Florida. I am only 4 hours away from Miami, so why spend all of that money traveling over seas to an island that I won't even get to enjoy anyway because I will be recovering. I researched until I found the perfect doctor, well actually I found Dr. Rami Ghurani and initially inquired about him, but the lovely coordinator Lizbeth emailed me within 24 hours and advised that Dr. Sergio Alvarez is running a special for $4100. So I researched him and and his before and after pictures and was quite pleased. I sent my pictures and again, Lizbeth responded within 24 hours and advised that Dr. Alvarez said that I was a great candidate for a BBL and she will be in touch to give me information. She called as promised and she answered all of my questions and I placed my deposit down of $500 with her and she sent me a BUNCH of paperwork lol. I appreciate that because I am the type of person that has to see it in writing and read it and analyze the information (don't ask me why I am like that, I always have been). So basically I am set and all I have to do now is send back the paperwork and the count down begins. I cannot ACTUALLY BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING, but I am excited because I have always wanted this procedure done for about 2 years. My fiance is a REAL BIG support. He was the one that encouraged me to get it done (of course and butts) and he was also helping research as well. We are getting married September 9,2017 so I wanted to make sure my body is going to be BANGIN in my wedding dress and on our honeymoon in Jamaica. I am so excited and ready for a change. Can't wait until my surgery date arrives. I am actually thinking about moving it up to February because I am so anxious lol.

I am kind of torn

Okay, so at 1st when I was researching I REALLY wanted Dr. Ghurani, but the nice coordinator hit me back and informed me that Dr. Alvarez was having a BBL special for $4100.00. Of course being a bargains shopper and trying to find the best deal is my thing, so I took a look at Dr. Alvarez's work and I like it, don't get me wrong but I LOVE Dr. Ghurani's MORE!! Now Dr. Alvarez does amazing work, but it looks like Dr. Ghurani has these females looking curvy with the small waist and Dr. Alvarez I cannot find that many pictures of his work on IG or his website. IG has majority of Dr. Ghurani's patient's on there and ALL OF THEM, I mean ALL OF THEM look amazing. If I go with Ghurani, my price is going to be much more, but I think it is worth it in my opinion, but if I can get the same results with Alvarez paying $1900 less, then I will stick with him. Are there anymore Alvarez dolls out there that would like to share their pictures so that I may get a good idea of his work?

Tushy & Waist Wish Pics

These are some wish pics that I envy. A couple of waist and projection pics

My Mind was not at ease....

Okay, so I have FINALLY made up my mind and decided to switch doctors from Dr. Alvarez, to Dr. Ortega. With many sleepless nights and staying on RealSelf non stop, even at work looking up Dr. Ortega's work and before and after pictures I feel that he is the right one for me. So I am sticking with Dr. Ortega. I was considering Ghurani, AND still just MIGHT change over to him, but Ortega work looks amazing and I have studied the body type of women he normally work with and yes, I fit the picture. Dr. Ortega doll coming soon. I wish I could update my status to reflect that Dr. Ortega is now going to be my doctor, just have not figured out how.
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