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Ok so I've always wanted to get a body make over I...

Ok so I've always wanted to get a body make over I decided to wait until after my last child so now I've been going to consultations and googling surgeons for the last 5 months it's really time for me to get what I want! After googling doctors I decided to go with fisher but the I read and seen pic of Hasans work and I feel he's the doc for my body type. Yes I know about Hasan's past so I don't need anyone to tell me or remind me. Any who, I put in a request online for a consultation and the next morning Jesse from Vanity (ERES new name)called me asked me what my expectations were, I told her I really don't care for a huge butt as long as my waist is SNATCHED!!! Plus a super flat stomach. She told me procedure then cost and what the cost included. I told her if I decided to go with Vanity I would give her a call back. I thought about for days went over somethings with my husband and gave Jesse a call she gave me the options of using a credit card or wiring the 1000$ to hold my date I went with credit card Jesse sent receipt by email right away I got emails regarding the portal and the next steps I would have to take as it gets closer to my sx date. I've read about Vanity not following up or answering phone calls I don't have that problem after I made payment I went about my daily life and I've been getting emails and I have messages where they've called to make sure everything was ok with me which I thought was pretty cool. If they don't call I'm still ok with that I'm super antisocial and to myself I'm not looking for them to be my friend I'm looking for Hasan to deliver what I request and his assistant to answer all random questions. Oh btw Hasan only does pre/post op appointments at ERES the sx is going to be at a outside surgery center. I also asked in advanced how often I would see Hasan his assistant told me the day of surgery not even post op. I'm not complaining as long as happy and healthy afterwards. I usually ask questions in emails so I'll have proof of answers if needed. A recent question I asked was if he was going to use ANY kind of laser or ultrasound and she said no. Well that's all I can think of as of right now I'm debating on posting pics of this raggedy body of mine. Lol.

After playing phone tag

After playing phone tag I finally talked to coordinator Yohania for Dr. Hasan she wanted to go over my health/medical history and also my family history that I submitted via email she's really nice btw I forgot to mention in my first post that I am hypothyroid I've been for 3 years now I manage it with Levothyroxine I don't feel any different I've seen an endocrinologist I've had test run ultrasound and everything comes back great except my vitamin d levels I am a home body so no sun for me I live in Chicago where the weather is unpredictable and I'm lactose so no dairy????I do take vitamins now (d) and iron which seemed to help a lot with my thyroid Yohania says I'll need a medical clearance for it I called my doctor he says it's no problem. I'm going to get my labs done now and when it's closer to surgery date I just want to see where I'm at some I can fix everything ahead time. Anywho my coordinator also asked who was coming with me I told her a recovery home she let me know that Hasan doesn't want anything to do with Miami Escape (yes I know why) wasn't a big deal I told her I'm already sold on Loveshows recovery home I love Ms. T and I've only spoken with her over the phone and through text. Yes she calls you like she known you forever I'm already so comfortable I follow her on IG she post pictures of her dolls food which looks so good and I love that her dolls come back to visit her. It's so much more that I can say about Loveshows recovery home but I don't want to bore anyone.

I hate my body

I hate my body so much after this last pregnancy I hate having no clothes on ugh!
I'm 5'7 168.4 bmi 27 I think. I have to get rid of this belly and put that fat back where it belong in my butt! I'm really concentrating on stomach and waist area

Ghurani doll

I'm no longer a patient of doctor Hasan yayyyyy! I'm a soon to be Ghurani barbie??I'm book with Ghurani for 6/7/17 and I'll be calling Eres tomorrow to refund me my deposit I'm so done with them??????
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