2 months Post Op Results are Amazing Miami, FL

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I wanted to get rid of unwanted fat and get a...

I wanted to get rid of unwanted fat and get a bigger butt. I wanted to improve my overall shape.

Things to know before...

Things to know before hand:

waterproof mattress protector
dark sheets
antibacterial soap
antiseptic spray
Vitamin C


soft low sodium foods. I wish they had given me a list.

I got 1 lymphatic massage pre op. It was not recommended by doctor but saw that it helped others on RealSelf.

Pre Op Measurements
31 Waist
38 Natural waist
41 Hips

Pre Op
I was very nervous. I actually started crying. He performed the surgery in Hollywood at Memorial Same Day Surgery Center. Everyone was very nice and did their best to comfort me. I was awake until the moment I went into the operating room and the last thing I remember was them moving me from the gurney to the operating table.

Dr. Pazmino was late so that made me even more anxious. But when I met with him before surgery he helped me calm down. He drew on me and told me that he would also take a little from my inner thighs to make sure I had a trim look.

When I woke up from surgery, I felt a burning sensation (but I can't remember exactly where). They told me about this before surgery so I expected it. I woke up from surgery on my stomach. I felt really good and actually didn't want to leave. My brother drove me home. I laid down in the back of his car on my stomach. He prepped the back seat with pillows, towels and a shower curtain. By the time we reached home I had a lot of strength.

We got home around 6:30-7pm (surgery was scheduled for 10:30am). I slept most of the remaining day and had some soup.

I had to use the restroom very frequently throughout the night. I got up in the middle of the night to take medicine and was feeling strong so walked the length of my apt 20 times and iced my lipo areas.

In the morning, I went to the office. Anaisca (spelling), the other Dr at the office, removed my garment and put some padding in anff showed me how to clean my drains. I got very weak when she took off the garment. From my understanding, your blood pressure drops a lot when you remove the garment and causes lightheadedness, dizziness and nausea. She told me I could take a shower but I didn't want to because the garment seemed like a hassle to put on.
I had my strong and weak points throughout the day.

I take vitamin C, Ultracet (pain) and Keflex (antibiotic). Clean your drains 4-6 times a day. The most important thing to remember is WIG: Walk, Ice, Gatorade. I walk as often as possible. Ice at least 1x a day and drink about 2-3 24 ounce bottles of Gatorade.

Post op day 2
I decided to take a shower. It was the worst decision ever. I immediately got weak when I took off the garment. I was shaking and got dizzy. I had to use the nausea suppository they prescribed. I barely could wash myself. It felt very weird. I had to wait for my garment to finish being laundered. It was very tight after being dried so I had to stretch it. I can't put the garment on myself.

Post op day 4
I had a bowel movement. It was difficult. I sat on the toilet but put the pressure on my thighs. I took a shower after as recommended by Dr. I use Dial antibacterial soap. I had to wash my garment because I got urine on it. When I waiting for it to finish laundering I realized my legs, ankles and feet were swollen. I couldn't even put the garment back on. I called the office so I could get the emergency personnel. I wasn't sure if it was normal to have swollen legs and feet. They told me the Dr. would call me back soon. I forgot that Dr. Pazmno went out of the country to Peru on a service trip so I asked my brother to text Anaisca. She said it was normal and to elevate my legs. I slept without the garment.

Post op day 5
I put back on the garment today. The swelling went down a bit but is still present. I really want to have the drains taken out but it looks like I'll have to wait until Wednesday. They need to have less than 30 ml per day for 2 day in each bulb before they are taken out. One only gets about 20ml a day but the other is at about 35 per day. The tubes are super annoying. I'm also afraid of them being ripped out. I have 4 drains in: 2 in pubic area that reach into my belly, 1 in navel and one in butt crack. The navel really doesn't leak much but the but gushes out from time to time. I wear depends to catch the fluid.

To be honest some times I have issues with catching all my urine in the urinal. So I have to wash my garment when I didn't plan on. Hopefully I won't need to wash it again until the drains are out. They will only take out the front drains this week. The other has to stay in for an additional week.

I was laying on my sides but now I only lay on my stomach. I think the size of my butt has gone down because the swelling has subsided. My but is very hard. I try to massage it. My back also hurts and sometimes its difficult to stand up straight. I''m thinking of getting Arica gel to hep with the remaining swelling.

I think my shape looks nice. He got all the fat out of my stomach and lower - mid back. He told me he would get my upper back but I don't think that as done much. I think up to my bra strap was done. During consults, he told me I would have 7 incisions: 2 in pubic area, 1 in belly button,1 under bra strap, 1 in butt crack and 2 under each cheek. Instead I have all those minus the one at bra strap, one on each hip and one under each breast and one on each thigh. Thats a total of 10 incisions from what I can see.

My knees are starting to hurt.

Current weight 152lbs

I got 3 out of 4 drains taken out yesterday. I...

I got 3 out of 4 drains taken out yesterday. I have to say I feel like an actual human now lol. I felt much better immediately after they were taken out. The holes have already closed. When the drains are removed you feel it pulling out of you but it actually doesn't hurt. Its more described as a weird discomforting feeling.

I felt so good that I came home, walked and cleaned up. However, within an hour of doing so I had the worst headache. I think the amount of work I did coupled with heat of the sun caused the headache. It was a severe debilitating headache. I stopped taking the Ultracet pain med on post op day 7. I looked for Tylenol (which is the only other over the counter pain reliever approved to take after surgery) but apparently there was a recall. Unbeknownst to my brother he went searching for the Tylenol to no avail but it took him over an hour to come back with the generic Tylenol. So because I could barely open my eyes or pick up my head from that headache and he was taking so long I took the Ultracet. It still really didn't go away. I had to go to bed and this morning I was better.

At first I was feeling like my butt was too big but I think its the perfect size. Its not overly big and it looks natural to my body, shape and proportion. I still have swelling but I purchased arnica cream and have massaged it into my lipoed areas. I also did a butt massage to break up more of the hardness in my butt. According to Anaisca, the fat is pretty much injected as a solid dense material which causes the hardness. With time and massage it will loosen up and cause the butt the become more full and pop out. She said that I've softened up a bit already.

I also have to say that the staff (particularly Dr. Anaisca and Dr. Pazmino) are amazing and very caring. As you may recall, I experienced a lot of swelling in my legs, feet and ankles ad few days post op. Dr. Pazmino is on a service trip in Peru and has been calling to check up on me. Anaisca calls daily to make sure I'm ok and even offered to come check me out at home. She said if I had any problems that I could continue to reach her on her cell or at the office and she would come out if necessary. I think that is extraordinary service. I am glad I chose Miami Aesthetics for my surgery because I've had a great experience all around.

I am still wearing the same size garment. I believe it is a LARGE. However, no I have an inch thick foam in the back that wraps around to the sides. The garment fits tight as its supposed to. I have to admit that it is extremely difficult to put the garment back on after washing it because it shrinks a lot and requires stretching to put it back on. My thighs are super thick so I had to cut the bottom portion of the garment off completely because my thighs don't fit that well. Next week, Anaisca is taking out the back tube and giving me a smaller garment that has shorter shorts.

I added more naked pics lol. I'm still swollen and have the back drain in but I think I'm shaping up nicely.

I'll taken some pics with clothes and add them later.

I saw another member post that she got a directors...

I saw another member post that she got a directors chair to sit on after the surgery. I found one a Pier 1 Imports for $40. I'm now sitting on it. I pulled the fabric out a little so that my butt hangs off it.

My doctor actually gave me a "chair" to sit on. It was kind of difficult to sit on because it is backless and kind of low. I'm so happy I have something to sit on now. Laying on your stomach causes strain to your neck when you want to look up. Also, you get very sleepy from laying down so much.

I'm back in business yoo-hoo!!

I'll post new pics today too.

My thighs are way too thick for this garment. I am...

My thighs are way too thick for this garment. I am wearing and XL. It's loosened up a bit in the waist and I also have an inch thick foam in my back. I'm supposed to go down a size in garments on Wednesday but I know my thighs won't be able to fit in a Large. I know Annaiza is supposed to be getting me a garment with shorter shorts but I still doubt it will fit and probably cut off my circulation. The large is doing exactly that.

To alleviate the tightness, I cut off about 4 inches off the shorts and purchased Target brand Accents by Spanx high waist shaping shorts. They were $28. This has helped a lot. It has helped too with markings and create a barrier between the zipper and my skin. The zipper was causing small cuts on my skin. I cut a whole in the crotch so I can urinate easily without having to remove my entire "outfit."

I purchased a waist cincher from HourGlassAngel.com Squeem SlimBand. It is maximum control. Supposedly the waist cinched allows you to lose 1-4 inches from wearing it for 8 hrs per day in a month. I ordered a medium. After I placed the order I wished I ordered a large. I ordered based on my pre op measurements and their fit/size guide. But I wish I ordered the Large just in case the medium is too small. It should arrive this week. I plan on wearing the waist cincher and the spans instead of the garment.

If I ever got Lipo again I would get my inner thighs sucked out. But I would never get another BBL just because its too much of an inconvenience to not sit. I'm feeling much better. However, I do get a little weak after showers but they weak period is much shorter than before. I just have to lay down for a sec.

I am no longer taking any meds. I don't walk as much as I am supposed to. Annaiza said to walk for 10-15 minutes every 3 hours. I walk for like 20 minutes in the morning and that's pretty much it. The swelling has gone down a lot. I used arnica gel but I don't know if that really helped. But I do think it helped with soreness.

My butt seems to have gotten smaller but everyone says it still looks big. I think its fine either way because it looks natural and proportionate. There are still some hard spots but its much softer. I massage it a lot. The right gets massaged more than the left because its easier to reach. So, my left cheek is harder. When I massage I can feel where the fat was laid down. Its a lot of fat but i don't know how many CCs.

My abs are getting a lot of definition as each day passes. I have that V cut coming in.

Got a notice from the surgery center that says Dr. Pazmino spent 4.5 hours on my surgery. I was scheduled for 3.

I sit on the directors chair. I can only sit for about 30 minutes at a time. I can't wait til I can sit on the pillow. That way I can sit up in bed.

My current weight is 149lbs. Pre Op weight 146lbs....

My current weight is 149lbs. Pre Op weight 146lbs. Post Op weight 154.5lbs

I got my back drain taken out yesterday (two weeks...

I got my back drain taken out yesterday (two weeks post op). I'm so relieved that its out because 2 two prior to it being removed it became very painful. I also got all my stitches taken out.

Yesterday was also the first time I sat on the pillow provided by the doctor. I drove for the first time as well. Its very uncomfortable to drive. Maybe its because I have a coupe so its not that much space to begin with.

I got my nails done and it was very uncomfortable because of the constant repositioning of my legs. I sat in the pillow provided by the doctor. The nail tech was so curious. I told her I had back surgery and that caused me to hear and earful about acupuncture, seafood and surgery.

I saw Annaiza yesterday ( Dr. P is still out of the country on service trip). She told me that I am recovering well and my results are that of most people at 1 month. I'm still in an XL garment because my thighs are to big to fit in the L garment. I have short style garment now so its much more comfortable on my thighs. Annaiza gave me a 1.5 back foam. Yesterday the XL garment was SUPER tight with the back foam. Today I put the 1.5 back foam and the original 3/4 back foam (placed on the belly) inside my garment. The garment doesn't fit as tight as it did yesterday. I went on the Ann Michell site today to see if they had other options from the ones Dr. P office offers. I think I'm going to get an XL short and either a L or M waist cincher. I'm going to wait to see how the one I ordered from HourGlassAngel.com fits first before I make a purchase.

Today was my best day yet post surgery. I wore a body con skirt and realized just how big my butt is! I added pics below.

This surgery is definitely WORTH IT although the recovery process is inconvenient and uncomfortable at times.

My current measurements are 37-28-43. Pre op 36B-...

My current measurements are 37-28-43. Pre op 36B- 31-41. Ratio is crazy!! 14 inch difference between hips and waist!!

I'm almost 2 months post op...

I'm almost 2 months post op.

According to everyone, my butt is HUGE. I think its big but I don't always realize that its huge.

I still have a hard spot in my left cheek. Right is completely soft. I massage and foam roll it but don't see much a difference in the softness.

I started workout out on week 6. I am doing Insanity and weight lifting. I am doing butt lift exercises (nowloss.com) to lift my butt even more. Mainly because butts start to sag over time and I want mine to remain lifted and sculpted as long as possible.

I don't wear my garment at all. My thighs are too big to fit and I wear and XL garment. I think for my legs to fit comfortably I would have to have a XXL. I measured my thighs and they are 25 inches round. That almost the size of my waist!! I have a waist cincher. I don't wear it as often as I should because it gets uncomfortable when it bunches. Then I forget where I took it off at. I mostly wear it at night.

Went for post op follow up on week 7. He said I still had swelling. Couldn't tell at the time but now I notice that I am slightly swollen in my lower back. When all the swelling disappears in about 6 months my butt will APPEAR even bigger. I don't know how many cc's I was in a rush to leave the appt so I didn't get a chance to ask. I will on my next visit.

Skin Tightness
Skin tightness is completely gone. I think mainly because of stretching and exercise. Sometimes it feels weird to run because I can feel the weight of my butt.

I have noticeable scars on my mons pubis where the drains where. Its mainly noticeable because there a dimple like impressions. If not for that you wouldn't be able to tell immediately. I have been using Mederma Advance since the drains were removed on week 2.

It was definitely worth it. I however now want lipo of my upper back and my inner thighs to have the complete look I want. But I still look great. All the surgery areas are amazing. When I do the lipo of the other areas I will be using Dr. Pazmino. Not sure if I will throw away the fat or put it in my butt again at this point. I think my butt is big enough and I don't want to go through the hassle of not sitting again. So at this point I'm not considering it.

Waist 27.5
Hips 42

I am going in on Dec 14 for more lipo. I look...

I am going in on Dec 14 for more lipo. I look amazing now but this will be about fine tuning. Taking me from Great to Perfection!

Procedure (NEW)
I went for a consultation on Friday. I planned on having lipo to the abs, mid back and inner thighs. After Dr. P explained to me his new procedure I am going to do that. He said he would do flanks, abs, inner thighs, arms, underarm/bra and full back. He mentioned the arms but when I spoke to Cathy she said that the arms may require more time in surgery so it would be up to me if I want to spend more money on the facility charge. I think I will do the arms even though my arms aren't too big. The goal of his new procedure is to sculpt and define the body more towards an athletic look. I will require 3 more incisions; middle back and one under each arm pit.

I got Vaser lipo w 3 other lipo procedures the first time. Now he is doing Vaser and Vasersmooth with 4 other lipo procedures.

I am still hard in the center on the left cheek. I purchased a high density foam roller to do self massages. Its helped a little bit. Dr. P recommend self massages starting from the center then working outward. He said to do them deeply. Annaiza recommended 3-4 deep tissue massages spaced every 3-4 days. I think I will continue with the foam roller for this week and then do the deep tissue if needed.

We also discussed adding more fat to my butt. I am considering it. I think once they take out all the fat in my abs and back my butt will appear bigger. I am comfortable with the size of my butt now. However, I am leaning towards adding fat to my butt in the sides, middle and top for a more rounded look. But only a little!! I don't want my butt to be too much bigger because it may not look good on my frame and I want to maintain this natural look. He asked if I wanted hips but I think I'll pass on that.

He said the drains are a requirement and he will do the same amount as he did before. Four drains; 2 in the pubs, 1 in the navel and 1 from the butt.

Recovery Time
He said if I don't do the BBL portion my recovery will be faster and easier. If he does graft fat to the butt it will be the weeks of no sitting. However, if he adds to the upper portions, I can begin to sit sooner.

Today I got a deep tissue massage to get rid of...

Today I got a deep tissue massage to get rid of the hardness in my left butt cheek. It did not hurt much (just a little discomfort). My massage therapist was able to soften it up a bit. I had an hour long massage and she probably spent 30 minutes on the left cheek. It is sore now. But still softer. I will be going back next week for another deep tissue massage.

I would highly recommend getting a deep tissue massage after week 6 post op just to prevent this hardness. After 6 weeks you shouldn't be losing much more volume so the deep pressure won't kill the transferred cells. Do not do it before week 6. Just do light massages on your own prior to week six.

I am scheduled for surgery December 5. I am super...

I am scheduled for surgery December 5. I am super excited! This will be my last BBL. I am mainly looking forward to having a slender look in my abs and back. The doctor will be breaking up some hardness in my left butt cheek and adding a little bit more fat for a rounder appearance.

Dr. Pazmino has changed his procedure in several ways.

New things about his procedure:
6 different liposuction techniques
Including VaserSmooth and Vaser liposuction
Vest worn for a week in addition to garment
Injections for a week to prevent blood clotting
Includes liposuction of:
Full back (lower back scoop, mid back, and upper back)
Underarm/ breast fold
Inner thighs
Arms (can be added additionally)

This surgery is really about sculpting the body. I'm super excited. I think I am going to add my arms because I'd like sculpted arms.

I plan on massaging early after the surgery to prevent hard spots. If you read my previous notes, the hardness was present after week 2 because I couldn't reach my left side. I was able to massage my right butt cheek more so by week 2 it was completely soft. I'm going to put a tennis ball against the wall and lightly stand against the tennis ball rolling it around my butt. Then at week 3 I am going to start regular massages (once a week). Then at week 6 I will do deep tissue massages until I reach week 8.

My Pre Op is scheduled for November 28 and my...

My Pre Op is scheduled for November 28 and my surgery date is December 6. I'M SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!

I'm so excited! I'm going to look extra fine. My main concerns are reducing the fat in my back, abs and inner thighs so I can have a thinner look. I want him to make my hourglass shape look perfect by slimming down my flanks a bit.

I also want him to address the hardness in my left butt cheek and add minimal volume. My butt is already huge! Don't need it too much bigger. I want it to maintain its natural look.

I added pics of my current shape.

I went for my Pre Op appointment today. We...

I went for my Pre Op appointment today. We discussed which areas will be treated and my expectations.

This is what will be done:
Lipo of- Abs, Full back, Inner thighs, Hips
Fat Transfer to a little fat to Top and Middle of Butt
Break up hardness in my left butt cheek

To accomplish this, he will be adding one more incision in the middle of my back under my bra strap.

My surgery is scheduled for December 6 at 7am.

The gave me information for a masseuse, scar treatment and pre op shopping. The masseuse will offer 1 free massage pre op. Every massage after will be $50. The massages are done in office or at your home.

I tried on a new garment in size small. It comes down to the knees so hopefully this will help with the issue I had in the first round. My thighs were too big for the short garments (previous garments) so it would cut off my circulation. I can't remember the brand but its softer than the Ann Michelle one I received last time. Th brand name starts with an I.

The shopping list they gave is:

Gatorade/Smart Water
Depends Adult Diaper
Sanitary Pads/ Chux pad
4x4 Gauze
Antibiotic Ointment
First Aide Tape
Ice Packs
Acetaminophen 500 mg
Antibacterial body wash
Cotton balls
Plastic Shower Curtain
Dulcolax or any gentle stool softener

Things I am adding to the shopping list:
Pineapple juice
Arnica Gel
Body Pillow
Derma Roller
New Gel+ Scar treatment (newgelplus.com). I was given a sample and I will be ordering more. $39.95 each
Some more dressed/ Flowy clothes
Alcohol Swabs

Fried Foods
Dairy Products, Pasta Steak (until first bowel movement)

Keflex (Antibacterial)- (I have left overs)
Ultracet (Pain)- (I have left overs)
Suppository for nausea (I will purchase this time)
Ambien (I will purchase this time)
Annaiza recently had the surgery and she recommend from her own experience that taking a Motrin and 2 Ambien before bed helps her sleep as if she never had surgery.

I already started taking Vitamin C 1000 mg daily, I will continue after surgery.

I added pics of my pre op May and Pre Op Dec /7 months post op.

I am currently 2 weeks and 4 days post op! I feel...

I am currently 2 weeks and 4 days post op! I feel amazing! The recovery from this surgery was much better than the first. I experienced swelling in my legs but after a few days it went away. I didn't have any skin tightness or sensitivity or nausea.

Post Op I have been taking the recommended prescriptions antibiotic and pain killer for 7 days. I didn't take the pain killer much. Only when I went to sleep. In addition, to the prescriptions I took Vitamin C 1000mg, Arnica pellets, bromelain. I also rubbed arnica gel on my swollen areas.

I had my surgery on December 6 at 7am. He probably didn't start until around 8:30am. He operated on me for 4.5 hours. I felt pretty good after surgery. One of the nurses was nice but she kept trying to say that I didn't know what I was talking about but I was very coherent.

My issue with the surgery center was that I was scheduled to pay for 3 hours at a rate of $1900. They called me 2 days prior to surgery telling me that they changed their rates and the were pre billing me for 5 hours at $2900. I was very upset because that was an extra 1k. I had it but I thought it was inconsiderate to call 2 days prior to surgery to tell me of an increase. Dr. Pazmino's office was not aware that they were increasing their rate and it was a shock to them as well. The surgery facility is not affiliated with Dr. Pazmino, we pay them separately so that he is allowed to operate on us at the scheduled time. The facility was Memorial West Same Day Surgery Center located in Hollywood, FL.

Dr. Pazmino transfered 500cc total this time. For my first surgery he transferred a total of 800cc. So from both surgeries I have had 1300ccs transferred (approximately 650cc in each cheek).

Now, Dr. Pazmino has a few massage therapist he refers patients to. I went for a pre-op lymphatic drainage massage on December 5th. The first massage is free. Teresa, the massage therapist, put me in an inflatable suit that mechanically does a lymphatic massage and them she did a manual lymphatic drainage massage. FYI a lymphatic massage DOES consist of light touching on your lymph nodes.

I went for post op massages starting on Day 7. I purchased a package of 5 for $200. She does a combination or mechanical and manual lymphatic massages AND ultrasound massage. Each massage is about 1.5 hours. She also during my last 2 massages started to massage my butt to break up the fat. During my last massage she put me to stand on a machine that vibrates for 10 minutes. I shook my body vigorously and I felt the massage in my butt. The machine was called the Crazy Massager.

I already finished my series of 5 massages because I went every other day (as recommended). They recommend 10 massages (for $400) but I wasn't sure if I'd be in Miami and I also have a membership with Massage Envy.

Teresa uses arnica oil for her massages too.

Teresa and Annaiza (Dr. P's physician assistant, also MD) recommended I massage my butt on my own. I use a tennis ball to massage on my own. I have been doing this every day for the past 3 days. My right butt cheek is completely soft and my left has some firm areas. I concentrate on the left for that reason. To use the tennis ball, I stand and place the ball between the wall and my butt. I move my hips so the ball moves across my butt. I do this for about 5-10 minutes. For more pressure, bend and your hips slightly and push your hips into the wall more.

My front drains were taken out on Day 6. I would have taken them out on Day 5 but I had to do something that day and couldn't. I was only draining about 10-15cc per day for the last 3 days they were in. The back drain was supposed to stay in for 2 weeks (counting from surgery date) but I was going on a road trip so I asked for them to be taken out at 1 week and 4 days. It was hardly draining anyway.

This time I had a longer garment. It worked out better for me because with the swelling of my thighs it didn't cut into my skin and off my circulation like the shorter garments do. This garment was also a softer material. I'm wearing a size small (been since surgery) but its too small. I'm going to take in the sides a bit. An extra small would be too small for my butt and thighs.

I am still slightly swollen but it has gone down tremendously and I can see my amazing shape. My hips and the right side of my back are the most swollen. Pre Op weight 154. Current weight about 150lbs. I haven't taken measurements yet.

Overall I think I look amazing! If you have any questions let me know. This is all I can think of for now. Will post picture another day. Happy Holidays to everyone!

I think this will be my last update. I put a lot...

I think this will be my last update. I put a lot of effort sharing my experience but I think people on here are more concerned with reviews of Dr. Jimmerson and Dr. Salama or some humongous ass. I've shared as much as I know about this surgery and if you want to know my experience you can read my previous detailed posts. I've uploaded my most recent pictures so you have those to see.

I'm not sure where all my old pics went but I...

I'm not sure where all my old pics went but I don't have any of them to put back....
Miami Plastic Surgeon

The absolute best. Very skilled and qualified doctor. Harvard trained and holds several distinction in surgery.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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