BBL with Alvarez - Miami, FL

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I booked directly through his office. The overall...

I booked directly through his office. The overall experience has been A1!! Lena is the office manager and will return your calls, emails, and answer your questions. She is completely upfront and honest. It's not always what you want to hear but it's the truth. No Dream Selling Here! I am excited about the procedure.

Looking for a SX Buddy

So I will be in Miami September 15th for a BBL with Dr. Alvarez the 16th. I am flying in from Atlanta alone and would like to book a recovery house with someone. I am also open to splitting hotel and nurse service. Right now I plan to be in Miami at least 7 days. I am really excited and I might get to Miami early that week just to relax and prepare. Feel free to message me with any suggestions. Good luck to you all!

Before pics

I did not want to do it but...

Booked with Curvy Angels

I just booked my recovery house with Curvy Angels. I will be staying at least 5 nights. Sometimes you just get good vibes from people and the owner Vanessa just a had a great conversation. She told even if I did not book with her, I could still give her a call. That speaks volumes that she cares about my well being outside of the money. I totally booked with her!!

Well it is count down time!! Omg!! In two weeks I...

Well it is count down time!! Omg!! In two weeks I will be traveling to Miami alone and completing my surgury. Well here's a count break down so far. 4,500$ for my sx with Alvarez, 99.00 for my round trip flight, so far $630 for my RH for 5 days with Curvy Angels, my labs cost me close to $200 w/o insurance, and my faja was $70. I've been eating better and for over 2 months, doing light excerise for about 3 weeks. I weighted in at 186 lbs today. Ready for the new me just wish I had more support. NO ONE SUPPORTS MY SX. :-(. Moving forward...

Well its almost that time!!! Nervous and excited...

Well its almost that time!!! Nervous and excited at the same time. Am so ready reach the other side!! It was somewhat hard for me to jungle work, eat right, exercise and do OT to help with the cost of surgury. Ladies all I can say it book your sx at least 90 days ahead of time. Allow yourself time to relax, lose or gain weight, plan for a move , school, ect. My last month been a little crazy...I stopped my birth control (IUD) and started a new relationship, and my job started acting up. So am under a little stress. However my blood work and labs were all fine.

I honestly feel like this is a vacation for me.

Well today I had my consultation with Dr. Alvarez.....

Well today I had my consultation with Dr. Alvarez. He is so personable and honest.  I got good news and not so news...Not so good news is that I really tight skin.      ( which I knew) meaning it's so far that my skin can strech for great volume and size. I will be able to tell a difference but round 2 maybe needed. Good news is my skin is tight meaning better hold to my shape, and nice tight  healing. Tomorrow is my big day. I was concerned at first because I could not find any pain killers but I got all my scripts It's was right at a $100 without insurance.  Uber has been best friend!  My first ride was free which was 20$ from Fort Lauderdale Airport. My ride from spectrum area (NW) to Maimi beach  Roundtrip was 14$. I had to eat some good food today. I've been doing all Cuban food!! Delicious...this is a vacation that I will be leaving with a new body!! Well see y'all on the other side..


Well dolls have been in the hospital now for 3 days things didn't go as planned after surgery I'm still not sure why I'm here please keep me in your prayers. After surgery I threw up nothing but black stuff and I was unable to keep anything down not even water. Vanessa and curvy Angels recovery is the best her and Tanika. Everything I asked for they were right there and Vanessa has even came to the hospital to see me since I've been here. Honestly I'm very depressed that it ended up this way and I have yet to get any answers. Since I've been in the hospital I have two blood transfusions, plenty of moraine. I've been on an
IV since Sunday. Idk how long I will be here as of right now. I am getting better with time. I have not even consideredy results I've been so down and out of it.


I have been out of the Hospital 4 days now. I came to stay with my family since I live alone. My focus has been to eat, get my engery back up and take my medication. It has been a hard recovery!!! It's so hard to not sit on my butt and lay on my back. Am so uncomfortable, I just want to rest. I have been getting up and moving around which is good. My stomach is still very swollen and I need a new garment. The scar on my tummy is so kind of burn...
I will be glad when it goes away and heals right.

This Burn

This Burn Is the size of Texas. It is so ugly. I hate to look at my tummy. The nerves in my body are starting to come back and the pain is starting to kick in.
I will be so glad when this recovery is over and this Burn is healed.

Side by side 3 weeks post op

Today makes 3 weeks post. Everyday is a new day and some or better than others.
I still deal with alot of swelling times. I've had 3 massages which am behind on those. It was hard finding a therapist that would touch me with burns but I did. I went back to work last Saturday. I had to change schedules because 8am was not working for me. It's much better going to work at 1pm. So far I like my results. I know I talk about it alot but it's so serious. I cannot get pass this burn!!! It's ugly, hard, painful, etc!!! Between the burn and going to the hospital for 4 days. It completely ruin my experience. Am just trying my very best to move forward. Postive note!!! A lot of my fat transfered survived.

1 month post op

Well today marks 1 month. I feel like my journey is almost over but it's not.I have to plan a trip to Maimi soon for a possible scar revision. I will not go through with any revision unless my scar is impossible for me for get over. For some strange reason today my butt looks much flatter that 2 days ago. The shape has changed and am disappointed. Hopefully am not going crazy or it may be the pictures. I did woke up on my back twice this week in my sleep. I find it hard to believe that laying on my back for a few hours at a time caused me to lose volume after 3 weeks. I hope not at least. I will post pictutes and give me some feedback. I wish I could eat more but my appetite is just not there.

Burn update

Well my burn is healing good I will say. It's aggravating as ever!!! It suddenly stings, it's burns, it thumbs sometimes like a tooth ache and itches like the devil. I keep it clean with antibacterial soap, bactin, silverden cream, and another rx cream. I use Gold Bond lidocaine max strength for burns. It is ugly.... I have been working closely with my PS. Dr. Alvarez has been very involved and we speak often. I am planning a trip to Maimi for a possible scar revision. However am not up for it. I don't want to risk going under anesthesia again so soon. I still can't believe I ended up in the hospital for 4 days. CRAZY. Well ills just wanted to keep everyone informed.

6 week updated

Well its been a journey. Sorry for all the typos and missed spelled words through out my review...idk what's going on. However I had y sx 9/16/16 and I take weekly photos. It's crazy how things change week by week, day by day. Some days my butt it big and I like it and other days it's like small or normal no volume. Some days I swell up without my garment in 30 minutes, and some days it's 4 or 5 hours. The past two weeks my hips hurt, and throb. I still use my Aricare everyday on my hips and back. I take pain pills everyday still because I deal with pain and stiffness in my back, hips and my burn of course. Am semi-happy with my results. It's way way better than before however every week I get less impressed. I DO NOT LIKE MY SCARS! They are very visible and noticeable. AM waiting until am at least 6 months to give a full review of the sx as a whole. Thanks for all your support dolls.

Heading back to Miami

Driving to Miami tonight with a friend to meet with Dr. Alvarez for a follow-up and weight out options for a scar revision. Am so nervous and uneasy. For some reason I feel this is not exactly what I wanted to hear and go through. Word of advice for my future sx dolls have access to extra $1000.00 on top of sx, supplies, RH, hotel, etc because this was a very unexpected cost that could happen to you. Also be careful when deciding on a PS without malpractice insurance, traveling far away for sx just in case an emergency does occur. I was in the hospital for four days 732 miles away from home. My family was a WRECK and my mother lives in PA which is almost 1,200 miles from Miami. I just want everyone to be safe and gorgeous!! Unfortunately, I was so postive and excited before sx I did consider any of the things that happen to me. I thought I would be walking on the beach after sx. Well its time to get this road trip on the road. I will update you all next week.

Scar Updated (Graphic Pictures)

Well realself family. Things did not go as I wanted. Once the scab was removed it was much more damage to all layers of skin and tissue. I literally have a gash in my side. I have to be very careful to keep sliverdene on it and covered at all times. Am lost for words so this is a short review. To some everything up...I wish I took another route. The pain of the sx, recovery, burn skin, open wound care and now scar revision in 6 months is way more stress then I signed up for. I regret this sx, I can barely show off my body and live my life how want. Everything has been effected from my relationship, sex life, job lost, credit card debt, mental health, and lying to my family. I have no idea why this had to happen to me.

New photos

Yesterday I was just dressed for a typical Saturday. I wore something comfortable and chic. I was TURNING HEADS!!!! In the store this older lady around 60 years old said I love how your wearing that top. So I decided to take some pictures. I did have on my garment and I must say I like what I see as well. Almost 2 months post op. I hope my size remains the same. Dr. Alvarez said he injected 1,750 CC in each cheek and hips!! That's a heavy load :-).

Scar update

I just wanted to give all my supporters an update on my recovery and wound. My wound is definitely healing which am so glad about. I am just super careful at all times to keep it clean and covered. I will not catch an infection!!! As I have been doing this entire period, I remain postive and try my very to look at things on the bright side. Am ALIVE!

Lower Back Fat Roll

Hey dolls, I need some tips without sx revision on removing this lower back fat roll. It's this roll of fat that sits right over my butt!!! It is messing up my frame from the back. Thanks in advance!

4 month Update

I just wanted to post some new pictures.
Am still healing. Feel free to ask any questions.

6 Month Update

Hello, Dolls!!!
Well I cannot believe it's been 6 months.
I can truly say am starting to love my body!!! My shape is finally busting through but of course I am scarred for life. I had to cancel my trip to the Bahamas this month. My body is not two piece ready. I would not wish this process of healing on Hitler if he was still alive. (Seriously). I still deal with sharp pain in my side. At least twice a week I start to itch and burn under my scar. It's terrible!!! Not to mention the scar is just plan ugly it is no better way to explain it. But I will pull through and find the best solution to my cover my scar. I use bio oil twice a day and merderma pretty often as well. I do not see a major difference.


Question dolls... What did you use on your scars to best fade them? I want mine gone away. If you have not had your sx yet you want to avoid the bottom incisions. It is very noticeable and if you go to the beach or just get dressed in front of someone it will be obvious that "something" happen.

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