I'm Going to Hasanified!!! - Miami, FL

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I'm so happy that I came across this site. it is...

I'm so happy that I came across this site. it is just so helpful and I love reading all of you ladies post. but let me introduce myself . I'm 23 years ,168 pounds,5'3 and I have 1 son. I always wanted a big butt and Now I will finally be getting it . I have been looking into B.B.L for a while now and I have finally picked my Doctor I will be Hasanified!!! YES ! YES! YES! I'm SO Feeling so Happy and Grateful !!! I have already sent all my pictures and took care of that i'm just waiting for Alexandra to call me back today with the earliest date open she has so I can pay for this new booty in full and start preparing . I really hope and pray that she has something for me around late September or early October. She assure me that it was due able. So I'm really happy and excited to see 1 of my dreams come True.

Help buying grament/faja ????

For all of my wonderful ladies who have already had surgery what garment do you prefer butt in or butt out? Which do you think works best for you ??

wish pic

just another wish pic

Thinking About Switching My Docotors

So after I Paid In Full to Vanity and got my date for BBl. I get a call saying I owe money which I did not so I kindly told them and I stated over the phone that I could email them over all the information. Which I did !!!! they tell me they had my paper work mixed up and she would call me back and when she does call me back the next day she tell me she have to reschedule me for a later date. What !!!!! I HAD TO GO Bad on her and use some very um um words .So she told me she would take some money off . But what is money off when I already was prepared to have my BBL done on a certain day!!!!

New Doctor !!!!!!!!!!

So I finally have decided that I'm switching doctors . Atfer all the Bs with Vanity have officially switch to Dr.Cortes . I turned in my papers and made my $500.00 deposite with Lucy yesterday and I will pay the rest in full on the 23rd.

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