Going with Dr. GHURANI for a BBL in NOVEMBER 2013 - Aventura, FL

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Hey all! I've never really be 100% satisfied with...

Hey all! I've never really be 100% satisfied with my lower half. I was skinny for most of my life, up until 9th grade where I matured & developed and everyone else always commented on my new bigger booty. I loved it, but I never really understood why others thought I was so curvy when to me, I looked average! But through working out off and on and nice jeans, I always thought my shape was pretty cute.

Now that I'm mid 20's and have gained a little weight (5'3", 147lbs), I realize that I have a butt just like me moms and that is no bueno. I have nice meat on the bottom but it's SQUARE on top (no cute bubble booty) and I have weird dents on the sides with ugly bulges above the dents. My waist is almost non existent and I def have a belly, muffin top, back fat/rolls and bra fat. Yuck! Not cute in anything clingy or short shorts, etc. I can get away with jeans and some dresses, but I don't want to hide my body anymore. I have no children and I should be able to FLAUNT my body at this point in my life, not layer clothes to hide it and wear cover-ups at the beach!

So, with all that being said, I am READY for this BBL. I'm nervous about the surgery itself, the recovery, pain, mediocre results and regret, but that's not stopping me. My ex-boyfriend (yes ex!) is 1000% supportive. His quote was "I'll be glad to wipe your butt if you need me to after your surgery!" I think he's more excited than me. He already is prepared to take 2-3 days off to be with me around the clock after the surgery and help me recover, drive me back and forth, etc. I've already been approved for financing through CareCredit, and I emailed my photos over to Dr. M's office last year (I was originally planning to have surgery in October 2012, but my job and living situation was shaky, so I had to postpone it). Now everything is in place.

So far: I called the office in July 2012 to inquire about the surgery. I looked online at Dr. M's photos, videos, blog, media mentions, Real Self, google, youtube and EVERYWHERE else to research him. When I called, my coordinator was (and still is) Marisol. I liked her immediately. Very funny, VERY informative, patient and she listened. She kept asking 'do you have any more questions? Come on, ask me, ask me!' She emailed me a few emails full of info on hotels, prescriptions, pre-op medical clearance, cost, down payment/deposit, payment structure, procedure, recovery, just every little thing. She asked that I send in several photos of myself for the doctor to review. She didn't pressure me to make an appt or anything. I sent the photos and within maybe 2-3 days, got a response email back from the office with the Dr's comments. In all the times I called, even if Marisol was on the other line, I would either wait for maybe 5 mins for her to pick up or someone would say she would call me back. Within 3 hours max, she would be returning my call and ready to answer any questions I had. I've never had any issue with any of the office staff over the phone or by email.

So now, when I called just a few days ago to see if I could book an appt, Marisol looked me up and remembered that I had inquired last year. The price last year was $9850, and it's the same this year. I know they say it's usually $14,000+ but all the times I've checked their site, the $9850 price is listed as the only price, so IDK what's up with that $14K number but I've never seen it. My consultation appt is 7/25/13 and I am really really excited. I'll be going alone since I'm leaving from work and I didn't want to ask my ex to take off just for the consultation.

I'm so ready and so excited. No one but my ex knows that I'm in the works of making this surgery happen this year. Dr. M gives phenomenal natural looking results, so I'd rather just keep this procedure personal and just watch eyes pop and jaws drop when I display my new body next bikini season. I want a nice juicy bubble booty and fat added to my hips to really round & curve me out since I feel I'm lacking there. I'll make sure to keep you all updated and follow your stories on here! I think I'll add my wish photos to show what I'm going for!


Hi all!

When I joined the site, I had originally planned to go with Dr. Mendieta in Miami for my BBL. Now that I have looked around more and researched, I have changed to Dr. Ghurani for my surgery and I am psyched!
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