Girls, The BBL Hype Is REAL, Thin Girl Getting Fisherfied. Miami, FL

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Hi ladies, I've finally gathered up the courage to...

Hi ladies, I've finally gathered up the courage to document my journey for one of the craziest things I've done in my LIFE. I'm sure you all understand that lurking on this website for hours has become the absolute norm. Looking at butts all day is so weird and I can't contain my excitement that there's actually a procedure like this. Anyway, I wanted to contribute to the many wonderful ladies that have posted their reviews and have shown me the light for real LOL. I want to say first that I have seen so many amazing results and had it not been for RS I would just be living with this tiny booty forever. All my life I've been pretty thin, that's not to say my weight doesn't fluctuate. The biggest I've ever been was in high school around 128 lbs, then I dropped to 100-115. I am 27 years old now and 122 lbs @ 5'5.5". A lot of people think I am super skinny, but I have pockets of fat that I have been trying to get rid of through working out, eating healthy, etc. But with all the hard work and hours at the gym/dance classes my booty never grew, and I was not completely happy with my love handles and stomach. I've always wanted a snatched waist and flat stomach, and of course a booty! I'm so desperate. I've contacted Vanity, I originally wanted to book Dr. Hasan but he is MIA and so I immediately asked for Dr. Fisher. I've seen his results on girls that have my kind of frame and am hoping for the best. My coordinator is Ana Fernandez, She seems nice and worked hard at getting my sx date for July 7th. I was obviously pretty wary scheduling with vanity, I am just praying everything goes smoothly because I can't take any other time off because of work. I've already made my $1000 deposit, and booked my plane ticket. TBH I am actually hiding my bbl from everyone, and I haven't told a soul. It's super scary but I really don't think it's anybody's business. And knowing my family and friends like the back of my hand, they most certainly won't approve of my decision. The worst part of it all is that my poor boyfriend is going to be on a work related vacation to Sweden and he doesn't even know I scheduled this sx. He will freak out if he finds out LOL. I am seriously hoping that by the 10 day post op mark the swelling will not be as obvious and he won't notice (yeah right, LOL). I'm not even sure how I am going to hide this by then but that will have to come later. I've hinted it to him a couple times and he is so against it and keeps telling me to work out if I want results. It's so annoying because I know my body because I live in it and working out does not give me the results I want! He doesn't get that working out just makes me look too thin with no curves. He keeps telling me there is nothing wrong with being too thin, and I just roll my eyes. I hold most of my weight if not all in my upper body, and my butt and legs don't have enough fat and I just feel like it's not proportionate to my body. Has anyone tried to hide this sx from people? How did it go???

Booked Flight Just Need Recover Stay

So I've been looking for places to stay and all the bad reviews scare me, especially since I am going to be alone. Does anyone recommend a recovery stay they swear by that is also affordable? I am only going to be in Miami for only 5 days unfortunately because that's how long my work will allow me to take time off. I know that it's a serious surgery but I really have no other choice since it's the only time in the year I will be able to do a bbl. So 5 days it is. I was thinking of booking an airnb by the water or something and maybe have a on call nurse or something. I have a month to decide, I haven't even started getting any supplies yet. I will have to start making a list! I am seriously dreading the flight back home most of all. I have a 2 hour layover :((((( I may have to re book a nonstop flight. What do you all recommend???

Booked my Recovery Stay w/Keyla Recovery House

I just put down $100 deposit for Keyla's recovery home. I was kind of freaking out even though I have 35 more days until my surgery :) She seems to have good review's. She charges $150 a night, provides transportation, and breakfast/fruit/snacks. I think she has unlimited chicken soup which I am fine with because I'm sure I won't be eating too much after surgery anyway. I am so impatient, I just want to have this surgery and get on with the recovery. It's a combination of nerves and excitement, the nerves are mainly since I will be going alone! Also, I know I have to be gaining weight for this surgery, I'm afraid I won't have enough fat. I will be posting pictures soon, I swear I have pockets of fat! But sometimes I will wake in the morning and I feel like there's not enough for the results I want. I'm definitely not looking to have a Nicki Minaj or Kim K ass, maybe just a Beyonce booty. LOL, she has the perfect body to me. Not too big for her body. I can't wait to meet Dr. Fisher so he can size up my wish pictures and tell me if they're attainable with my body type. I'm considered "athletic". Also I hate eating all this food, I feel like crap afterwards, I am not used to stuffing my face, and trying to hide it is the worst part. I just bought some ensure shakes on amazon and I am hoping that helps. Currently I am 123 lbs @ 5.5". I will want to be at least 130 lbs at the time of surgery. Again I'm not trying to look super obvious, I'd rather have natural results.

UGH low and behold the dreaded before pics...

I hate to show these pictures, but it's important for you all to get an idea of what I'm working with. Like I said I feel like I have enough fat, but other times I'm not sure.. any opinions ladies? Regardless I am continuing to eat like a pig, which sucks because I have to go to a bunch of social events the month of June, baggy sweaters galore! My sx is in the first week of July, I can't wait!

Stressed out trying to gain weight NEED HELP

I'm excited to eat whatever I want because I LOVE food, and I'm a foodie at heart. But it hasn't been that easy for me to gain for some reason... :( My metabolism is faster than I thought. It's like I'm able to gain weight whenever I least want when I need to go to an event but now that I need the fat it's taking forever! WTH. I thought I was at 126 lbs and I am actually 122 lbs. I want to be at least 130 by the time of surgery! I think going up to 140 is too unrealistic for me, I have 34 days to gain and that seems impossible. I bought some ensure protein at work today and I am hoping it helps. It makes me feel gross eating so much. I don't think I'm eating enough to add very many pounds, but It's super hard to eat that much without feeling sick afterwards. How do you girls do it?? Anyway I hope I have enough fat to at least have a nice slope in the back because I want a slope so badly!! I've never been so excited to gain so much weight though LOL.

Ensure Drinks To Gain

Ladies do you know when we are supposed to stop drinking ensure plus drinks before the surgery since it has Vitamin E?

Still have to get supplies, blood work is tomorrow!

I am still trying to take some time to finally make a list of things I will need. I don't want to over do it because I want to save as much money as I can in case something comes up in Miami. So far I am thinking I need unscented wipes, Neosporin, bandages for scars, chux to line the bed, arnica gel, arnica pills, vitamins for quicker healing, comfortable clothes to wear post op, such as tank tops, and maxi dresses/skirts, house slippers, robe, booty buddy, body pillow for sleeping, etc. I am going to get my garment once I am there most likely from Vanity because I don't even know where to start on finding the right size. I'd rather have Dr. Fisher advice me on this. I get my blood work done tomorrow I am so excited! Hopefully everything is cleared. Also I've been drinking ensure plus to gain weight and thank God I asked my Ana the coordinator when I should stop drinking since it has vitamin E, you're not supposed to have any vitamins pre-surgery. She told me that the doctor said to stop drinking them, so I will have to think of other ways to gain weight :( I have 28 days to gain at least 5 more lbs, should sound easy, but it's has been harder than I thought, I hate stuffing my face so much since I work at a desk all day and I don't want to feel sick. I'm also getting nervous of how I might feel when I get back from Miami, I have to go back to work as soon as I am back, :(!!!!

Paid the full balance!!!

3500 down! I waited until I received my lab results and my primary care doctor said everything came back normal so I will send them over to Dr. Fisher to be officially cleared for surgery. I was a little concerned because my RBC came back a little bit low, but nothing too serious, hemoglobin was still at 12.00. I think that is what matters the most, I was totally paranoid because I got the results over the weekend on the kaiser website and I thought my results meant I was anemic. But I got an email from my doctor Monday morning and she put my mind at ease by telling me everything was normal. My boyfriend thought it was cute that I was being a hypochondriac searching the internet about RBC count and what is considered abnormal. Little does he know it's because I have a surgery coming up, LOL. UGH, so bad. I definitely feel a little vain and guilty :\ I still haven't told anyone about the upcoming surgery and my boyfriend doesn't even know. He thinks I am just going to Miami with my sister for vacation. He will be in Sweden himself for a work related trip and I took this as an opportunity to get things done, I truly feel guilty for keeping something as big as this from him, and my family for that matter. I just know he will be so upset with me, and I have already put so much effort into this surgery so I don't want to risk telling him so late in the process... I will be by myself the entire surgery and have no one to complain to post op. I am so thankful for this site! I love reading everyone's experience. I just can't wait to get on with the post op process. Looks like I will be missing most of the summer wearing a dreadful post garment and lip foams :( It is going to be so awkward because I know a ton our friends will have a million events coming up, I hope I am not too exhausted at all the bbq's and parties. Huge concern for me is sleeping, and sitting. Sitting at work, and sleeping next to my man at night. I'm sure he will be weirded out when I have to wear the garment 24/7. I have been slowly telling him I want to waist train, I'm hoping he will just think it's another weird thing women do. Oh gosh!! Regardless, he will definitely notice a difference in my body. I am planning on taking his questions one day at a time if he has any LOL! Any other ladies ever hide something like this from their SO's??

Sx Date Almost Here!!!!

I can't believe it's so close to the date, although still feels like forever away. I am surprised at myself for not being as nervous! I'm sure it will hit me on the plane. I am exactly 2 weeks away. I just need some last minute things to buy. Compression socks, and maxi dress or something to wear post op. I am clueless on what size I should be buying, normally I am a small. But with all the lip foam I am guessing a Large? X Large? I don't even know. I just bought a robe, and tank tops to wear under the garment, I most likely will wear that all week, lol. How long did you ladies wear the garment and lip foams? I hope not long, I am stressing over going back to work in all that get up. I am sure it's going to be terrible, but hopefully all worth it! And omg, guys the more weight I gain the sadder my butt is!! I swear I hold all my weight in my upper body, so annoying, I hate my skinny legs/thighs, :( Yet all my jeans are so uncomfortable now, I just want to wear baggy sweaters and sweat all day. I hate going out, even though no one can tell I gained. I hide it well. I am also scared sometimes that I don't have enough fat to transfer... but I just want something that fits my frame.

4 more days until I am in Miami!!!!

Yesssss I am so excited! I'm surprised at myself for not letting my nerves get to me, I'm sure that's going to change the day of surgery. Ladies, I got so lucky! I woke up a couple days ago to find out I started my period. Literally 7 full days before surgery. Last month I started on the 6th, and I thought I would get it right around my sx date. But thankfully, I will be mostly done by the time I get to Miami. Sosososo happy. Also my supply list is practically ready. I just need a garment and compression socks, which I am going to get at vanity. I gained 9 lbs so far, I was 120 lbs, and now 129. Hopefully I can gain a pound or 2 this fourth of July weekend! I cannot wait to transfer all this weight, I feel so gross eating whatever all day everyday. If I skip a meal I get all stressed of losing precious calories, lol. I hope all of you have a lovely and safe 4 day weekend! Happy 4th!!!

Tomorrow I leave for Miami!

I am all packed, the only things I am missing are the post op garment and compression socks, which I will get at vanity. I got a call from them scheduling me for 5 lymphatic massages. Massages will start day after surgery. I think you are supposed to see the doctor first so he can give you the go to start the them. I hope I have enough fat! I will make sure to take pictures for you guys pre op. I weighed myself and I am at 128. I wish I was at least 130-135. But it was really hard to get up to this much. I felt sick after eating more than three big meals a day. I figure I will try and maintain the fat after sx with ensure drinks since I have so many left over. I have to say, vanity has been awesome thus far, I have not received bad service from them yet, I was super nervous about them re-scheduling me, but I think after some of the bad reviews they've been getting in the past they did some kind of a customer service renovation. I will let you guys know all the details after surgery. I hope there are no complications with them, or the surgery. I am starting to get anxious, I can't wait to be in Miami! It's too bad I won't be able to really enjoy the trip since I will most likely be miserable healing lol.

Made it to the other side...

Was in so much pain surgery day and even today. I will update with better pics and a detailed review of vanity and dr. fisher when I feel better. I've been pretty much sleeping all day. Feels like being hit by a bus. :(

Day 2

Day 2...

Ladies, you can try to prepare yourself for this surgery as much as you want, but know that it is possibly the most painful process you're every going to endure... I am so happy that I chose the right recovery home, Keyla, Santa and everyone here has literally brought me back to life since sx. It's only been two days and I am still in a lot of pain. Although I am finally able to walk more and stand a bit straighter. I also started my massages with Elsi day after surgery. It hurts! But you feel so much better after getting them done, getting massages on your back feels good after awhile, it's the stomach that hurts more. The first massage I wasn't feeling well enough when I had to stand, but the second massage I was able to stand longer so she can drain my stomach. She uses the arnica gel I brought with me, and a ultrasound thing, I love it. She is so sweet and caring, and I definitely recommend her and Keyla for your recovery process. After surgery I woke up in so much pain guys.. you are shaking and it's not only from the cold room, but I think your body is just in so much shock that you can't control it. The nurse at vanity wasn't as horrible as I read from other reviews. I tried my hardest to cooperate with her and followed her instructions. I think I was laying on my back when I woke up and she helped me lay on my stomach and put on a warm blanket on me until Keyla came to get me. She also gave me a gatorade. Keyla arrived immediately and they helped me get on my knees and onto the wheelchair and into the car. The first night was like hell! I thank God everyday for helping me get through it. Day after surgery I was still in pain, lethargic and did not want to eat much of anything or get out of bed even though my neck was killing me from sleeping on my stomach. Also I threw up the first night twice. Sleeping is the worst, I have neck pains every morning and my throat feels bruised, most likely from the tube they stick in during the surgery. Eyes and face are still swollen, but it gets better little by little each day. For instance today I feel like I could walk and move more on my own. Your arms are going to be EVERYTHING. I really need to work out because they are so sore from lifting my body up and down. I hope I am finally able to do a bunch of push-ups after this :) I actually ate a full meal today, and was able to keep it all down. You have to eat! It will help you heal quicker, and you want to keep all the fat in your booty! I have switched to tylenol extra strength, but before today I was taking the percocets every 4 hours, not missing a beat. It was way to painful otherwise. I will do a full review on vanity and Dr. Fisher a little later, let's just say I am in love with the results so far, I only hope that the booty stays, and I am super happy I have curves now! Also my stomach is retaining a lot of fluid so I am hoping it goes down a lot before I leave. But the waist is snatched and I am so thankful for Dr. Fisher. He is the real deal!!!

Neck is killing me...

Dolls, I need your help! My neck has been killing me since sleeping on my stomach. It is literally the worst pain at this point. Also my eyes are completely swollen, especially the eye I sleep on since I turn my head to the side. I have tried sleeping with pillows under my head, no pillows under my head, pillow under my stomach. I can't really find a comfortable position. Is there anything I can do to get rid of this neck pain and swollen face??? Thanks!


I have been MIA for awhile since my surgery, but only because this journey has been a such a stressful/emotional roller coaster for me! The first couple of days out I was in so much pain, I kept thinking how crazy I was for going through with it. I still get these feelings from time to time, especially not being able to sit, bend and wear whatever I want. It's horrible, I am truly hoping all of these sacrifices payoff in the end. I am also impatient with the results. I know it takes time to see the real results but honestly wearing these stupid lipo foams is suffocating! Although, I will say when I have everything off to wash the garment my lipoed areas feel super stiff and weird. I'm not too ecstatic about the way my waist looks. I feel like my waist was smaller before surgery! And I know it is due to swelling but I see instant results on others so it gets confusing. Everyone's body repairs itself differently. I am just confused as to how to maintain my shape, like when can I wear a waist cincher? Everyone does it differently so I am not sure, Dr. Fisher wants you to wear lipo foam for 6 weeks, but I see girls on here ditch them week 2 and wear a waist cincher instead. He recommends that later in the process. I hate the stiffness on my sides and stomach, also my back needs to heal, there is some lumpiness. I will say that it gets better with each day, also and that I realize I am being impatient. I am just scared of any disfigurations on my body. Sometimes I feel crazy for doing this surgery, other times I'm excited to see the end results. It is definitely a roller coaster :( I started to cry a little when I got home from the plane ride. It was horrible, I had a whole row to myself but it was not helping. I could not find comfortable position for the life of me! 5 and half hours later I was exhausted and just wanted to be home. I got in at 10pm and technically it was 1 am Miami time. Let's just say doing this surgery and not telling anyone is really hard, I would not recommend it at all. You should have support throughout all this. I am grateful for the site and the friends I made at the recovery home. Ladies, there is a huge chance that any elective surgery will make you feel depressed, that is normal. Just know that as time goes on it gets better. For me the depression was thinking that I deformed my body and that I couldn't really talk to anybody about it. But really I am overreacting and I know that. My boyfriend is also away on vacation across the world, so it is hard having him gone, he still does not know of the surgery. So I am constantly afraid that he will notice the oddities on my body, lol! But I have to remind myself that I did not have this surgery for anybody but me. He is not an ass man, it was seriously my decision and I know I am overreacting because I am such a perfection. With any surgery, there is no such thing as perfection! You have to come to terms with that going into this. It may look better afterwards but do not expect to look like a goddess right in the beginning.. some people just heal differently than others. Furthermore, I would like to address that I will no longer be having any more surgeries in the future, especially at Vanity. It was like all went well up until I got to Miami. They are just too unorganized and I felt like a cash cow when I was there. First of all they called day of sx and had me come in at 4pm even though they told me I would need to be there at noon prior. Dr Fisher pushed me to be his last patient of the day. This is seriously the worst thing ever. No joke, I was told to arrive at 4pm and I didn't meet with the doctor until 9pm. Starving, sweating from anxiety, and tired as all hell. Sometime around 8pm I was psyching myself out and wondering why I was even there and to cancel everything and just enjoy being in Miami. But that didn't happen. I met with the Dr. Fisher, he was nice, and funny guy. However he talks a lot. I mean I am pretty sure he knew I was terrified being his last patient and felt bad. He did mention this a few times. The thing is by the time he was there, I was just ready to get on with it. So my questions fell flat, and I was too tired to even remember anything. I put a lot of trust in him. I told him I did not want a booty to big for my body, but something plump. Showed him wish pics, and he got the point. Then I met with the anesthesiologist. He was a cool, good looking guy, had an accent, we were talking about where I was from and what I do etc. The whole time though I was literally terrified, being in the operating room on the table is super intimidating. I have never had a surgery done on me before so I was mentally freaking out. Course on the outside I was cool as a cucumber LMAO. He tried to find a vein in my arm and poked me but it did not work, and so he apologized, said it was because they strayed me so my veins were like non-existent. He got the needle in my wrist though. He left the room for like what seemed like forever, but was probably 5 minutes in reality. I was so cold and kind of shivering, super low energy. He came back, told me that whatever he was putting in the iv might sting and to count to 10 then think of the ocean. I followed his exact instructions and before I got to 6 I felt light headed and tingly, but it didn't sting thank god. Next thing I know I'm on my back shaking uncontrollably from the cold. The nurse was helping me to my stomach and she put blankets on me. My caretaker came to pick me up. They put my robe on me, fed me gatorade and wheel chaired me out of there. The car ride sucked and I was so nauseous! I got home super late, and threw up all the gatorade then passed out. Next day was worse, and so on. Felt somewhat okay by day 4. I stopped taking the percocet by day 3 and just took tylenol ES. Also you want to get as many massages as you can! It helps with the draining process. The fluids in your feel so gross, and just heavy. I got 5 in when I was in Miami. Looking to get more after the 7 days are up. Dr. Fisher does not want you to continue the massages after he takes the drains out until 7-10 days. I will post more pictures soon. It is just such a hassle taking the garment and lipo foam off and on. Thank you ladies for all the support, I will continue to post and give as much info as possible. I am just waiting for this ass to go down lol, needs to fluff!!! I want to feel normal again... Like I said my sides and stomach feel stiff so I don't know if this is scar tissue or what, can't wait for swelling to go down and my skin to start feeling like skin again. I just want to sit!! lol


Ladies when does your butt get soft?.and when does it drop? Feels like two water balloons back there. Day 9 still swollen. There are a few bumps and hard spots where I was lipoed. She brill this soften? And are the marks from lipo foam going to go away over time?

Got the email

1350 ccs transferred to each cheek. Damn hope most of it stays!

11 days post op

Hi dolls, I tried on a pair of tights/leggings today and I feel elated. For the first time in my life I feel great in leggings. I am so happy. I think the fat is staying. I haven't noticed any extreme loss. I haven't measured myself at all so I need to get on that. I am happy with the size it is right now. I think one cheek is rounder than the other, but it is not super noticeable and I am pretty sure that was how it was pre surgery. I just hope it stays this size, with the exception of it falling naturally in place. I can't wait until it becomes soft! As far as the lipo around my stomach and back, there are a few lumps and bumps. I will schedule massages again as I am at exactly 7 days since the drain was removed. I also have been using a handheld ultrasound thing that my massage lady in Miami sold me. I think it works to break down scar tissue. My main concern is I think I developed a small seroma on the bottom right side of my abdomen but I am not completely sure. I could be inflammation, or swelling. But all the other places around it is hard. I really hope it is not a seroma because I don't want to have to drain it. If I do I'll have to find someone local, there is no way I can fly all the way out to Dr. Fisher again. Have you vets ever had a small seroma and just left it to go away on its own? Does it affect your results???

Started endermologie

I'm trying to keep up with my massages and bought a package of five endermologie treatments. It's supposed to help with lymphatic drainage, toning and firming. I can't wait to see results. Hopefully they work. I'm also doing manual lymphatic drainage massages with another holistic center. Bought 3 massages. This surgery is seriously adding up. Can't wait to be done with the recovery. I think my waist size is going down but I would like to be at 26-25 inches. Currently measurements are 34-28-40. I've also been sitting but not for long periods. Still feels weird to sit but the more I sit I think the quicker the butt softens and starts feeling more real. I'm so scared of losing projection and fat cells back there though!!! But I can't take not sitting for so long. At night though I'm sleeping on my stomach. I will continue to do so at 2 months post op. My favorite part of the day is waking up in the mornings and taking a shower. Almost 3 weeks in since surgery which means 3 more weeks of the stupid lipo foams! I hate not being able to wear what I want.

2.5 weeks post op

I think she's finally dropping!

3 days before 4 weeks

I switched garments I am wearing a smaller one now it cinched my waist right away. 2 more weeks till I can ditch the stupid lipo foam. Although I'm afraid to let go of them since the days I go out without them I get all sorts of marks from the garment. Not sure when the skin will retract all the way and be less swollen. Ill feel less swollen though and my waist went down 1/2 an inch. In hoping to be at 25 or 26. I am at 27.5 currently. I've also been sitting. I know I'm crazy! I should probably wait longer but it's too hard to go out with the stupid bbl pillow. Way too embarrassing. So when I'm out I try to mostly lean in on my thighs and put most of the pressure there instead of my butt. It sort of works. It feels less uncomfortable to sit now but the butt is still not completely soft no need it to be jiggly like fat so I know the fat stayed. I'm so scared that it will go down. I really hope it doesn't because I'm so in love with how it looks with clothes on. Still haven't been or with my girls. I know they'll be like whoa! What have you done?! Your ass is phat! Lol it's not huge just proportionate. So I don't care what they think lol. When will the butt be completely soft so I don't have to worry about fat absorption??

5.5 weeks!

Hi ladies, I am excited to say it has almost been 6 weeks and I can't wait to ditch the lipo foams! I am a bit scared to though since the skin is still healing, I am so tired of wearing the garment too! I still get marks all over but definitely not as bad in the beginning. I have been pretty religious with wearing my foams and garment but I have gone out a few times without foams. Although I will always wear it at night and I think it was only 3-4 times that the foam was off for a couple hours when out to eat. I also been walking around a lot, not sure if this is good. There are some days I'm in love with the size of my butt and other days where I feel like it looks small. But he for sure focused on giving me curves and I love them! With the garment my butt measures 40 inches, and without 39.5 inches. I do not want it to go down anymore so I am scared! I can't wait till I hit the 3 month mark, I also sit on my bbl pillow but have sat normally a few times and only for a little bit. I also still go to my endermologie massage appts. I love getting them, I do feel like it helps with smelling. I just need to drink more water. Also still have stubborn swelling on my lower back. I have received a waist trainer so I have been wearing it with lipo foams and ab board underneath. It is quite suffocating, but I'm hoping to see more results and a smaller waist from it. Currently waist measures at 27 inches. I feel like there is still bra fat, like right under my arms :( I wonder if Dr. Fisher is just afraid to lipo too aggressively around this area, because I have read a lot of reviews that say that he didn't lipo the bra fat enough. I am thinking of maybe cool sculpting this area at around 3 months, anyone ever try this???

Swollen lower back NEED ADVICE??

Hi dolls, I am going to post pics each time I update because I love when you girls post your pics to show true results. I am 2 days from being 6 weeks. This past weekend I went out without foams two night in a row. I went to the club and the attention was crazy lol. Men are crazy. I am pretty happy with my results thus far, I just want me waist to be smaller and I still have swelling in my lower abdomen and back. My lower back looks dimpled and I really wish it would smooth out by now. I did not wear the triangle because it was causes weird indents into my skin and I was scared of it staying that way. I just wear foams in the back and abdomen I wonder if I just continued to wear the triangle it would look better??? Ladies please tell me if you experienced any prolonged back swelling and the look of skin being dimpled? It's just loose skin but not much. That is my main concern now. :( I really want to wear low cut shirts and dresses in the back, I would hate to have a weird looking lower back!!! Other than that I am ready for my 3 month mark to hit! So tired of wearing the foams!

6 weeks!!!!

I am going to ditch the foams maybe wear them if I see a lot of indents but the skin has retracted for the most part. I still want my stomach to look better around the lower abdomen. I had a fluid pocket I think I did not drain it but I think it is getting smaller, but it is still there. I may get it drained somewhere local if it is a fluid pocket? I am so i love with my butt though some days I fee like it looks smaller and other days someone will take a pic and I'm like okay never mind LOL. I believe someone on real self said it most accurately: I'm a stripper in my mind. It's so true booty greed will get you so let your doctor know! :)

Stomach Pics

I was asked to take shots of my stomach so here they are :) You can see I still have so much swelling I feel. I see other peoples results and there stomach looks so much tighter by 6 weeks. Not sure if I am quite ready to go without foams I feel like I swelled up last night without them :\ Not sure if maybe I am doing something wrong?

9 weeks!

Hi ladies!! I've been pretty busy at work so it's been taking forever for me to post. It will be 9 weeks on Thursday thank God! Can't wait 3 more weeks than no more garment. I have been out twice without it and will wear just spanx that hold the lipo areas in. I don't have a ton of swelling left. A little in the lower back. If anything I just have scar tissue that shows in pictures around my abdomen. I massage in the shower a lot. I think it helps. Hopefully in another month or so it will look better. I'm a perfectionist and am always finding something ugh lol. Also I feel like the booty looks better and more lifted with the garment rather than without it. It's more rounded to me when I have it on under clothes. I should just start doing squats... I'm just scared of losing fat! I've been sleeping on my sides and pretty normally now. I also sit on my butt when I'm out and about. Booty is much softer! I still refuse to let anyone squeeze it though lmao!! I'm crazy afraid to have rough sex and shit lol!! I also want my scars to be less noticeable and dark. I think they are getting lighter though.
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Dr. Fisher knows how to sculpt, however it is too early in the process for me to see the true results. The reason behind the 3 stars is he does not make much time for his patients. Basically you get what you pay for. And you will feel rushed at all times. Plus there is A LOT of waiting to meet with him for literally 5 minutes. Barely meeting with the doctor is kind of insane since you are trusting this man with your life and the surgery is no joke. It really depends on how sensitive you are to things like this.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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