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I have always been unhappy with my stubborn belly...

I have always been unhappy with my stubborn belly fat and hated the fact that when I put on weight my butt would always look nice and plump but I would be stuck with a fat tummy and a little fat in my back. If I tried to exercise, my butt would shrink. I first learned about fat transfer/BBL when K. Michelle mentioned it in an interview. At first, I was a bit terrified and paranoid about the thought of being under general anesthesia and someone poking my flesh out while I was put to sleep. But after much contemplation and deliberation, I began my research on BBL procedures and decided to go with Dr. Rami Ghurani in Miami, Florida. My main reasons for choosing Dr. Ghurani is 1) he is double board certified--American Board of Plastic Surgery and American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 2) He is a BBL Boss and has a great reputation 3) Was affordable compared to Dr. Constantino Mendieta (who was my first choice) 4) Location/Close to home. I had to think fast being that there was a summer promotion/deal and right away I decided to put down my $500 down payment. Dr. Ortega, his partner at Spectrum Aesthetics, was about $1000 cheaper but I wanted the best work and Dr. Ghurani is the "master" at his office. So my BBL journey began about four weeks ago but I was scrambling trying to find the missing $1500 for my surgery so I didn't have time to think about anything or post. Here are my dream body pics. I have long legs so I think this works for me because the model looks about 5'8, 5'9 and that's my height. I will upload my "before" pictures a week before surgery because I have ten-fifteen more pounds to gain. 36 Days to go!!!

Yesterday I went out to get some things on my BBL supply list

I checked off most of the items on my BBL supply list yesterday. I am a pretty organized person and I love to plan ahead and hate last minute running around so I got most of my things five weeks in advance. Anything that I haven't bought as yet, will be bought a few days before surgery or will be provided by my surgeon. Here's some BBL surgery essentials.

Hemoglobin Levels---Checked early

So I was reading some dolls' posts on getting your hemo level checked in advance. Girls get turned away for having low hemo levels and they can't have their surgery on their desired days because they didn't know ahead of time. Thanks to the advice of one doll, I decided I wasn't going to wait until the last minute. So I went to the lab and got my results right is a 12.1 which is perfect. I think my doc likes to work with above 12. I must say I was a little worried because I don't eat meat. But I guess its the tofu and I do eat A LOT of broccoli, kale and lettuce. One doll suggested that I refrain from the coffee, tea and dairy stuff because it will block my iron. I actually decided to take a break from it a few days ago because it was messing with my sleep. I will continue to take my Vitamin C, Iron and folic acid as directed by my doc to maintain my current levels. If yany of you dolls are trying to increase your hemo, you can try blackstrap molasses as well. The lady at the lab told me that its shoots up your hemo levels real fast.

The mixed feelings

So last night I tossed and turned in bed and literally woke up this morning feeling dizzy. I have crazy anxiety knowing that my date is five weeks away. I still can't believe that I am going to get a BBL. If you guys knew me, you would know that I'm such a scaredy cat, such a coward. I get nervous for anything and everything involving my body---tattoos, piercings, facials, eyelash extensions, everything!!!! I literally trembled when I was going to get my tragus pierced six years ago and when I went to get my nose pierced earlier this year. My heart was pacing real fast!!!! I worry about everything so this is one of my bravest acts and I can't wait for the day when I walk out of Dr. Dhurani's office with my new body. I'm not too stressed about the recovery part because I'll be staying at a recovery house in good hands and I did a lot of research on how to take care of myself and heal properly----the actual surgery is what's driving me bananas. I must say that the only thing that's keeping me focused and motivated right now is seeing pictures and success stories of you dolls on Real Self and Instagram. Keep the post-op pictures coming. Well I'm out dolls...until next time.

BBL Exactly 4 weeks away!!!

OMG OMG OMG!!! I can't believe that exactly 4 weeks from today I'll be in surgery or coming out of my BBL surgery!!! This is all still so surreal to me!!! I've been keeping up with my folic acid & B12, iron pills and Vitamin C to maintain my hemo levels. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I checked my hemo levels early to be safe and it's a 12.1 which is good and I want it to stay that way!!! So I will be staying away from coffee, milk and soy for the next few weeks...My little surgery duffle bag is packed with all my essentials, my money is looking right, recovery house is booked, flights are booked. It really helps when you get all your essentials out of the way early!! Takes away from the anxiety and nervousness. All that's left is submission of my tests to my surgeon. Until next time dolls *smooches*

Pre-Op department called today

Pre-op called today to speak with me and they emailed all my required documents for physician medical clearance, EKG, and blood work...It's getting real y'all! Going to handle all my affairs tomorrow.

These are the tests required for BBL Medical Clearance

Hey dolls,

Some of you inquired about the tests that are required for medical clearance for BBL with Dr. Ghurani. Well here is the list. If it doesn't look familiar to you, you can Google it to find out what each of them is. I think this is standard for all U.S. surgeons. I did all my tests today and it takes about 3 days for the results to get to my surgeon.


3 more weeks aaaaaaah!!!!! Time is flying!!!

Three weeks from today I'll be getting ready to go in or I'll already be in the process of becoming a doll. I did my labs and ekg stuff on Friday morning and I'll be following up with them this afternoon to see if my paperwork was faxed over to Ghurani's pre-op department. I think three days is enough time to start being on top of them...Don't want to wait to long as I'll be overseas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi starting next week Thursday for 9 days. I wan't to make sure all my affairs are in order before I leave.

The internet really messes with your head pre-operation, think I'm gonna stop surfing

So, I was online today and came across a patient saying she was worried that she wouldn't wake up from general anesthesia and right away I started to worry as well and relate to her concerns, even though I had already start to put my surgery fears aside and stopped thinking of any negativity. Now although this person may have been gullible and not knowledgeable of modern day general anesthesia, it still resonate with me. Now after I came across that anecdotal post, I came across a post on Instagram by the California Surgical Institute saying BBLs last between 7-12 years!! Like whaaaat? All the research I did stated that it is permanent once done by a skilled surgeon that deposits the fat in the right areas. What is this surgeon talking about? Why is he saying this?Why the hell did I have to come across these posts? This is what the internet does to you. Too many folks with keyboards that are able to say any and everything. Like for real...damn you internet... Now I will be stressing until God knows when. Does that ever happen to any of you girls??? You are excited one day and stressed the hell out and nervous the next day? This whole thing is like a roller coaster! The anxiety is so real... I try to keep calm but its so hard.

Girls I'm thinking about cancelling my BBL surgery

So I've been reading more on this fat embolism stuff and although its a rare occurrence, its very scary. I would love to have a beautiful body but I love my life even more and have a career and love and family to come home to. There were two women that died in the past few years at Vanity in Miami and this was from fat embolisms. Now they mentioned in these articles that the surgeons responsible were not board certified plastic surgeons but I'm still freaking out. Then I came across the old stories about Kanye West mom's death and still no one has confirmed the cause of it. The surgeon is saying she had extensive surgery (lipo+tummy tuck+breast implant) and that he advised her to go to a facility to heal but instead she chose to let her nephew who is a nurse care for her. Apparently, he left her alone to go to a baby shower and she was lying on her back and choked. Other than this, there was no info from the autopsy. What do you girls think I should do? I'm going to try to have a consultation with Ghurani before I pay but I just want to know what you girls think. I know Ghurani is double board certified and left Vanity and is now at Spectrum Aesthetics. I'm wondering if he separated from Vanity because of their malpractice and to protect his reputation.

Hey gals! Cancelled surgery!

Hello ladies!!! I know you guys were a little worried about me. Just saw your comments and I'm so sorry I didn't post updates or respond to your comments. I've been traveling from NY to dubai to abu dhabi to NY again then Atlanta and Miami. I decided to do coolsculpting instead of bbl to get rid of the little bit of fat in my back and belly because its not a lot of fat and with coolsculpting its non anesthesia, non surgical, non invasive and the fat melts after 6 weeks.Doing cool sculpting procedure next month and I will upload before and after pix in late December because thats when I will see results. I felt that my butt was already a good size and all i need is to do is get back to my squats and wear waist trainers(My butt gets very big when i stay on top of my squats and keep my weight). I think this was best because adding more fat from my stomach to my butt would have not been proportioned with my bottom legs and may have turned out awkward. I don't have very big bottom legs. 
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