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Hello Dolls, I have been thinking of starting this...

Hello Dolls, I have been thinking of starting this review for a while with the hopes of easing other dolls minds on what to expect while going through the BBL procedure. I have chosen Dr. Ghurani of Spectrum. I have been stalking their Instagram and past and future dolls. I decided to go ahead and get this procedure because a friend of mine is getting hers done there with Ortega soon. She gave me that final pushed I needed. I am a little under 2 months pre op and Ghurani told me to loose 15 lbs. So now I am in grind mode to get these pounds off. Wish me Luck!!!

Taking it one day at a time..

Hello ladies I am about 7 weeks pre op. As I get closer to the date I would try to post more. There is nothing really exciting going on now. I would start purchasing item next week. I am trying to lose some weight, any suggestions. (Skating is coming to mind.)

Started purchasing supplies

Hello Ladies,

I started purchasing things yesterday on Amazon and went a through the whole list. I only have a few things left thank God for Amazon, Everything in one place.

One month to go

Hey ladies I have about a month and I'll be on a plane to Miami. Im hoping everything goes well. I would be going to my Doctor soon for my surgery clearance and hopefully get some prescriptions filled.

11 lbs to go

Hello ladies,
I haven't been writing in a while trying to focus more on weight loss, About a week ago I called Spectrum to see exactly where my BMI suppose to be in order for me to have surgery.(since I gained 5 or 6 lbs) Let me tell you I was super upset when Liz told me 32.0.....Not 32.5 or even 32.1... I would be turned around. Needless to say I started to grind. So, Now I am down 8lbs in a week with a lot of hard work and dedication. Counting calories, treadmill, skating, walking instead of taking the car, etc. I drink lots and lots of water( 80 to 90 oz ) a day. I mix it with apple cider vinegar and lemon juice. (192 lbs -184 lbs) I need to be at 175 lbs in 3 weeks. Baby I'm getting it. Yeah I also skip breakfast majority of the time. This help me eat better during the day while still enjoying things I love.
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