I'm torn between two doctors? - Miami, FL

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I'm torn between these Two Doctors Ghurani and...

I'm torn between these Two Doctors Ghurani and Blinski ! Both of them do amazing work! Real self sisters Can You all help me decide who should I choose ? I'm trying to lock in my date ASAP . I heard Spectrum was unprofessional but they have an earlier date available . Blinski is booked until August .

Ghurani Doll June 28

So I decided to go with Dr. Ghurani at Spectrum Aesthetics . His work is amazing and I just can't wait to see my results . Can you dolls help me on preparation , supplies , and suggested recovery house? I would like the pros and cons of it all . Where all my Ghurani Dolls at ??

Is it worth living in a recovery house ? How long will you really need a nurse help ?

I'm asking this because these recovery house prices are crazy . How long do you actually need a nurse ? How many days before you're able to do things on your own ?

Everything Book ! I'm sooo excited !!!

So I just book My flight and recovery house . I'm staying at Claudias Recovery House. She seems nice and answered all my questions . I will be flying to Miami June 27 . My surgery is June 28 and I will be leaving Miami July 2nd . My Coordinator Jessica at Spectrum Aesthetics is really nice !! :) she's answered all my questions ! Now I need to get prepared for this surgery and start taking my iron liquid and vitamin c pills so I can have a fast recovery . I will be posting before pictures soon :)

I switched recovery houses

So I decided to go with Keylas recovery house instead of Claudias. 2 other ladies and I end up getting a group rate and it was cheaper . She seems nice so far . Continue to pray for me and my Ghurani . I'm excited and anxious . 32 more days :) -GhuraniBeauty

Official wish pic !

This is body goals for me . This the pic in going to show Dr. Ghurani


I'm so excited ! Today was cleared for surgery and can relax now ! Because it was a lot just to get cleared but it will be all worth it. I have 20 more days until my surgery I'm so excited !! #ThankYouGod #GhuraniDoll

Compression Garment?

Where can I get an affordable compression garment from ? Where did any of you ladies get your compression garment from ?

Ladies do you recommend any of these compressi garments ?

Help please . I'm trying to purchase one


I'm so excited In a couple of hours I will have a new body !!! I still can't believe this day has come !! After years of wanting this and doing my research I'm finally getting the body that I desire . Ik that Dr. Ghurani would do great and I have high hopes for him :) Ladies Send A Prayer that Surgery would go smoothly ! Thank you - BodyTransformation p.s. Before and After Pics Coming Soon :)


I'm officially Ghuranified . The worst pain ever waking up after surgery but I'm one day post op and I don't have that much pain. The bleeding and drainage is crazy ! I'm going to go into details soon. Thank you dolls for your encouraging words , thoughts , and prayers.


This was immediately right after surgery so , it will go down even more . I think he did his best :) Everyone says I'm going to have a small waist .

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