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So my surgery was due on tuesday with Dr Fisher.....

so my surgery was due on tuesday with Dr Fisher...i did my blood work on monday and i got a call saying it was abnormal i need to do another one before surgery. on tuesday i did my second blood work and urinalysis. at 4pm the Dr called me in and infomred me my WBC count was super high and asked if i felt sick. i told him no and he said he couldnt do the surgery if i had an infection already and gave me a 1,500 mg azithromycin to take and return on thursday for blood work. Jessica came in and was really nice and offered me $200 to extend my stay. i really dont want to but i dont want to go home without the Sx either so will see.

surgery canceled

so i went to vanity yesterday and did my blood work the third time...they all know me by now. those sticks hurt so much anyway my WBC was 12 now its 15 while the normal is 10. yep...it went up...way up...so he said he cant explain why but am a high risk for infection after surgery. he recommended i go back home and see my primary Dr first. so we rescheduled to June 25th but with Dr Hassan cause Dr Fisher is too busy this month and will be off next month. am kinder unhappy for wasting so much time off work but not about Sx cause God has a reason about why this happened and i wont let the Deviel take the glory.

Arnica Montana and vedette

so i started taking this pills 7 days before surgery, word of advice dont take ANY supplements before surgery for at least one week. supposedly they increase WBC count and this could have caused by bad blood results.
when you go to vanity buy your faja right next door at the pink building upstairs on top of the pharmacy. she sells them for $60 and you can try them on. i bought the one with a zipper cause that's the one vanity was going to give me.

Day 4 Post-op

i had my Sx on the 19th of Aug. all my planes were delayed so i ended up arriving in FLL at 2pm instead of 11am urgh. i was trying to get to my pre evaluation so i got a cab that charged me $91 to get there. Dr Hassan was not in he had already left, he leaves earlier than Fisher i guess. i was told all my new bloodwork that i got done back at home were cleared but i should do a urinalysis just in case the Dr changes his mind, i was going to be 1st pt at 7am (woohoo). i got on a bus and got to my cheap motel/someones apartment. it was 30min away by car. the guy that leaved there was young and very friendly, he showed me my room a 11X12 twin bed with a side table and lamp and a dresser and 2 clean towels. No AC just a big fan and the bathroom was next room with a little light that would go off every 45sec if you didnt move and no hot water (broke mess!!!).

Surgery day
woke up at 5am took a cold/warm shower made the bed with the shower curtain and chux pad ontop then covered it. got all my essentials and went to the bus stop, got at vanity at 645am. the door was open but no one in sight. i bought a subway to eat for later and i had gotten a gallon of water in the room from the day before. at 710am a nurse who also has had the Sx and still has a faja on comes to get me. i dont like the way her ass looks and i notice most girls here have a funny looking ass that pops out like 2 fruits, like boobies more than an ass. am thinking its the faja thats to blame. she gets me to undress and takes pix. the aesthesia comes in really nice guy very fun pokes me (ouch was painful like a 18g) and gets the IV fluid on. i ask him to make sure am fully asleep and i wake up. he laughs and promises he wont inflate the balloon too much so am not sore later.
I finally meet Dr Hassan (he looks just like his pic, not like a Dr like an Italian mafia hit man or a movie star lol). at this point i have nothing and he does most of the talking. he says i look like i might get sagging skin and he makes me sign that i am informed (still dont know how bad he meant) then that i dont have a lot of fat(i lost weight am now at 130lb) and that young fat is stubborn fat but he will be aggressive and will do his best to put back all my fat.
i go to Sx room put socks on get cleaned up (so cold am shaking) the anesthesia comes in puts an oxygen mask i want to make a comment dont know if i did next thing am being woken up, in pain as hell, confused and wet. its the PACU nurse trying to get my faja on (i dont know how that gal did it bless her heart). she gets me on my stomach pushes some medicine that burns and am out again. woke up thrice needing to pee so bad she brought over a bed pan, my pee felt hot i was hot. each time i wake up i feel a little better and she gives me some Gatorade that taste so good. i give her the number to my cab guy who doesnt know i am having Sx.
an hour later am ready to go and i seat on a wheelchair okay, my cab guy is mad his been waiting for an hour and he doesn't know how critical i am. once he sees me he relaxes and we talk the whole way to the motel. am feeling no pain or nausea and very energetic at this point.
i get to the motel the owner is at home and he doesn't notice the blood am trying to hide as i quickly walk to my room as his talking to me. am supper dizzy at this point. i get to the room close the door and get in bed.(YES I CAN do this on my own i tell myself)
i had old tramadol and vicodines with me but i didn't take them, i called my family who didn't know i was having Sx either and there surprised. i keep flexing my knees cos am scared of walking alone and only wake up to pee with the pee thing and a bucket i had in the room. you will pee every 2hrs. am draining like crazy i have to keep changing the chux pad and thank God for the shower curtain trick.
Day 2
wake up at 6am and take pain medicine so i can pack its my check out day. call cab to pick me up at 1pm. go to sleep wake up in 2hrs feeling way better and not dizzy when i walk. i clean up finish packing then get in bed when i get tired. wake up 2 hrs later eat yesterdays subway (dont judge me) pack some more and am ready to leave. at 12pm i take more vicodine call us airways ask for wheelchair assist. my cab arrives and takes me to vanity(the guy am using is charging me $25 a trip way cheaper).as soon as i walk in am dizzy again the quickly rush me to a room. the nurse comes in gives me some instructions i ask to see the Dr but his not in (sucks) and tells me i have no stitches on (woohoo thank God). i ask he to help me change the padding which she reluctantly does, there soaked in blood. i change my clothes put a chux pad over my faja in case i sleep in the plane. head to the airport on time.
i get a wheelchair, everyone is super nice to me not what i expected there all like why would you fly so soon? but am no pain just sore. my seat is all the way at the back aisle. i have to walk there which i do okay since the plane is empty i take my time. the plane starts to depart and am told there is a row thats empty i can seat. (thank you Jesus) i rush there and lie down the whole flight. 2nd flight from NC not very friendly staff but once again i get a full empty row and i sleep the whole flight (God loves me). thank God i put a chux under my clothes coz its soaked in blood. i get a cab to my car i had left at a hotel and drive 15min home on a boppy pillow. i feel like a million bucks i just had Sx and am back home all on my own with a $250 budget. i get home and am tired i had made my bed with the chux and i just go sleep.
Day 3
my mom wakes me up and shes all over me. i feel stiff thank God i traveled earlier. she helps me remove my faja i almost pass out.(took her forever to get it past my big ass). i get in the shower but it hurts my wounds so i just splash some water on me. my skin feels like leather and numb i dont want to touch myself. my stomach looks deformed and over my groin looks super swollen. she dries me puts on bactrin and new pads. getting the faja on take like an hour omg shes about to get the scissors lol. i sleep most of the day and we clean my old faja. at night after work she massages me ever so gently and no fluid comes out. i feel full of energy i clean the house watch some movies then try to sleep. wake up every 2 hrs to stretch my aching back.
Day 4
woke feeling good sat on my boppy pillow for breakfast, put on my board and foam. tried massaging myself and nothing moved. my skin feels numb and i think i will cut my faja cos its too tight on my ass. so far so good...thank you Lord

sitting is a basic human need....Day 5 post

Am so tired of laying down... my back is killing me. 3 more weeks. I had a BM today was easier than i thought took prune juice yesterday to help. Having no other pain just sore. My faja was too tight it was cutting my butt into 2, vanity says its just inflammation idk but i cut our the inner tight part to give my ass space. Am woried about the upper part and the shelf bootie am tempted to cut the top to. I feel like the faja makes an ass push out in a funny way.
Back to work tomorrow, praying it goes smooth. I have been walking okay with an upright posture.
I got a massage yesterday from my aggressive sister...urghhh...but no fluid i thank God hassan didnt stitch me so i drain pretty well at night.

work is okay

Worked 3 days now and other than chatting time pt care is okay. People at work are really nice and helpful just told them i had back sx. Am wearing baggy scrabs and no1 has made a comment about my ass.
I removed my faja alone yesterday, felt so good to be independent but needed my mom to squeeze my ass in it at to put it on. When i had it off i literally felt my abdomen swelling and the skin getting tight.
At night woke up with so much back pain had to remove my board and take some pills to sleep.
My lower abdomen near my hip bone hurts when i wake up dont know why but i noticed some fluid on my left side. If by friday its still there ill ask a friend in med school to remove it cos most Drs office i asked prior had refused.
Am happy with results just wish the swelling can go down and my butt to fluff.

massage it

I started massaging my abdomen and back. It felt so much better and greatly reduced the swelling and sensitivity. One side has fluid but its reduced after the massage. My stomach is still bigger than pre op which sucks but ill be patient and wait for the swelling to go down. My groin area is just swollen could be due to lymph nodes in the area or gravity draining fluid there.

cab driver

used this guy he charges 25$ all trips and is very reliable.
3059342734 Rivera

i miss some of my fat

Am in the confusion stage...do i like my body do i not...
Labor day meant family cookout and everyone was all over my ass. They asked to so many questions i finally had to admit...i got some work done lol its my stomach its so flat and hard theres no way my lazy ass could have pulled it of. As for my ass its only 41" but i am walking around like a celebrity, everybody is staring caught one guy trying to take a picture. Its too much i feel i need to cover up all the time. My stomach though omg hassan didnt leave nothing and i think a lil fat looks natural but they told me the shape will change in time.
All in all the results are so damn good they scaring me

swelling has gone dramaticaly down

Am so happy i have no fluid i feel healthy and am independent. My swelling went way down and now i can see the results better. My ass reduced not inches but i can tell, my old clothes even tight jeans still fit me. I have more volume but my ass is not crazy nikki big. My waist is not 27.5 and hard. I can finally wear my faja alone. Before i would have to drive to my parents house to get my faja removed so i can shower then get it on again so i can sleep in it. Feels good to be 75% back.i still cant sit down, my ass hurts if i try.
Advice: dont buy the board online...i bought mine from ebay and its being pushing fat in the wrong places which can be permanent.
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