Dr. Hasan April 18th ! Bout to shut it down !

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Hell RS! Well I am new to this but visit the site...

Hell RS! Well I am new to this but visit the site daily lurking on others reviews and have finally decided it's my time! I am 19, I have one child. For years I haven't been comfortable with my figure COMPLETELY and don't mind putting money into my figure. I am in the 'financial' stage of my procedure. (Getting my money in order). After months of research I have chosen Dr. Jonathan Fisher at Vanity Cosmetics in Miami, FL. I was quoted $4500 by the receptionist but she claims the price will change. I have not yet paid my deposit so I am praying I still can get that amazing quote. I think Fisher can deliver the results I want. (Big bubble butt lol) yea, I want ass like Deelishis just a little more natural. I'm looking to have my procedure done in Apr and will be paying my deposit in a couple days. Ladies, what should I be doing at this point? What vitamins should I be taking to ensure my surgery goes smooth? April is creeping up and I have sooooooo much to do! Help* thanks.

Confused about Vanity

Hi RS! I still plan on having my procedure in April but I am quite confused on what doc to choose at Vanity. My first option was Fisher, but I only see one review on him. So I decided to consider Ghurani, but I can't seem to figure out why there is so much confusion with him. Is he not at Vanity? I just want the doc that can best achieve my results. I'm looking for a full hour glass figure with a bubble butt. Preferably, around 1000 cc's. The $4500 I was quoted is the budget I am sticking with. I just want to be confident in the doctor I choose. Which doctor do you dolls think can achieve that bubble butt? Also any ladies that have recently contacted Vanity are you all still being quoted $3800-$4500, or has the price gone up? Just a few questions I have ... and I would really appreciate the answers. I just want that ahhh !! lol Thanks.

April 18th SX Set !! I need a buddy !!

sooooo I finally paid enough down to book my SX date and it's set for Apr. 18! I'm so excited, omg !! my coordinator is Jessica she is great! she provided me w/ a lot of helpful information regarding my surgery. prior to calling and paying my deposit, another coordinator (not sure her name) called me and offered me 5 free surgeries. that didn't go well because she fckin lied!! so no free massages but owell. I told her I wanted 900-1000 ccs and she stated I was the PERFECT candidate ! ( they probably tell everybody that lol ) but Jessica apologized about the miscommunication and offered me 5 for $250. can't anyone w/ good hands just give me a damn good massage??

On another note: I need a buddy!

Vanity and the lies :(

Soooo I'm constantly paying my money to Vanity. I paid $1000 because Jessica promised me the date April 18th!! After paying my money she flipped the script on me and told me I needed half to book my date. I told her no maaaaam you promised me that date out your mouth and I need it!! She then placed me on a hold and claimed I'm booked?? I hope they not just feeding me lies because from the looks of it I'm not the only one getting the run around. She also stated she would be sending my confirmation along with pre op instructions which I never received. I'm less than two months away and have no clue on wtf to do. This miscommunication is not what's up. I'm starting to second guess but I'm not turning back on Fisher. I can't go on another search because it's too stressful. Is any one else having issues with them? I really need the support ladies :(

The Countdown is real !

Whooh lawd !!! so my sx is scheduled for April 18 at Vanity. to start, Jessica is no longer my coordinator, Claudia the general manager is. I guess Jessica got fed up with me calling so much and my assertiveness, she throwed me to Claudia! Idc tho, it's my body I will call everyday. lol she just wasn't attentive to my needs enough. Communication with Claudia hasn't made it any better, hopefully it will change a little closer to my SX date.

I cant explain to y'all hoe readyyyyyyyy I am. Ive been nervous, excited, anxious, scared, regretful, and some. Im just hoping its all part of the journey & it too shall pass. Ive stared on my supplies. I bought several things. I will be staying about an 50 mins away from the clinic so I hope that's not a conflict. (Miami yall better get ready for this Memphis chick cause im ready for yall! lol) Ill be staying from Apr 16-24. Hopefully, around the 6th day I can have the strength enough to slide through the city. (Ima be ready to show my ass off lmao)

I just hope Dr. Fisher will give me a sexy body, the body that I dream about when I go to sleep. I just want to wake up after surgery, take the pain like a G, and live the rest of my life knowing I made a decision for me & me only. waking up like damn I look good!! I will continue to keeep praying for strength, guidance, and a peace of mind. I deserve it, as we all deserve it!

Ill be making my appointment soon for my medical clearance. I plan on making two appointments. One now, and one about a week before SX to keep an eye on my hemoglobin. I relatively have low iron so that is my only scare. I have started taking 25mg of Iron daily and will be drinking OJ more often. Jessica informed me those were the only vitamins I should be taking pre-op. Question: Is depends a good supply to have? Will I not be able to pee? Im just curious??? But, ill be posting more often now, and uploading my body and wish pics more. (Its sad im not even comfortable doing it on here yet! smh.)

But much love RS. The countdown is real I just ask for you dolls support and encouraging words. Love you ladies!! Smooches!

My official wish pics

The official countdown begins. My blood work test is tomorrow at 9 am, I will have them fax over my results. I pray my hemo is 13 and its a all clear. I would hate to have to go back and forth to the doctor. Also I have my official wish pics, just the back shot I think I may change.. Im so anxious & excited yall. 31 days till the new me!

Doctor Hasan it is!

My doctor has been switched to Hasan. I was a little skeptical about the switch; but the price is lower and his results are beyond exceptional! April 18th is ticking .... Almost take off time yall! So excited. My blood work appointment was yesterday. I hope my hemo test comes back alright. The x ray came back clear, and my urine did as well. Anybody know where I can get discount airline tickets from Memphis to Miami?

Test Results In !

my glucose is 88.
my hemoglobin is 12.5
am I good to go or should I be higher?

2 Weeks Left !

so I'm two weeks away from my big ass day ! Everything is pretty much booked. car. SX paid off. flight. only thing now is my massages & a few more things. I'm more than excited and the ladies on RS couldn't have helped me any more! y'all have really been my backbone when no one else understood ....

Claudia confirmed my blood work for Apr 17 @ 10 AM. And from what she states I'm the ONLY one on the 18th. I'm just ready to get it over with. I'm scared but my fiancé says ima eat this pain !!!

I will be purchasing my garment from them because Claudia said if Hasan doesn't like the fit he'll make me get another one. so I'll just purchase me a S or M for Stage 2 when I'm home and my first one is getting loose.

I'll keep you guys updated! pray for me and I'll see y'all on the big booty side in 14 days!


Please anybody that can answer this question ! :
I'm 11 days away and I still haven't purchased a garment, what kind do I need? I already know that I'm gone buy one in maybe a Medium or Large for Stage 2.

The first coordinator at Vanity (I have no idea who she was) said that I need the Vedette with the butt out (the thong) and said "what's the point of the fat transfer if you're just gonna cover it up, the fat will shrink".

MY COORDINATOR Claudia who claims to be the general manager said this ---> "butt in alwaysssss....

the material on the butt MUST BE SOFTTTT !!!! " via email.

ALL IN ALL CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT GARMENT I NEED BUTT IN OR THE THONG? I purchased the Vedette 915 which is a thong but now I will have to cancel my order because Claudia said the covered one!


Im All Set & Ready !!

9 days to go yall. Im so anxious, excited, and non the less ready for my new body this Summer. I hope Hasan can give me the body I want & deserve. Im ready to get my first day over with, and wear my bathing suit this summer. My sx is all I think about...

Smoking before SX??

Dont judge me but I've been smoking weed... Would this affect anything? I really should stop but Jessica said that as long as it's not tobacco. Any input? My SX is in 9 days if I need to stop I definitely will.

Almost done packing !

I packed lots of loose cute clothes! my dude will be there to help me put em on. sundresses and palazzo pants will be my wardrobe for now!

I don't wanna overdue my supplies cuz you know we hate wasting money! so I think I'm good to go.

Pre-Op Instructions !

is says no vitamins so should I stop my iron pills too??? I wanna make sure my hemo is sufficient. I don't want anything to go wrong!!

Vedette 929, Pre Op Pics!

My vedette came in. I hope this one will work I don't want to have to but one there... I don't see why this one wouldn't work ! I already have a shape I have confidence Hasan can give me the shape I want. I pray he does ... 4 days till Miami. 6 days till SX. Pray for me plz RS sisters. xoxo


Sooooo too much info, but I just came on my girly! I'm nervous and about to cry cuz now I don't think my iron will be high enough. :( (like seriously about to cry ...) I'm about to take 2 iron pills a day now instead of 1. I absolutely can't accept a turn around. I'm getting this procedure! what do y'all think ? I'm so scared .. WHYYYY did this have to happen

bags at the door !

bags at the door!! soooo excited - Memphis to Miami.

$250 good price for massages??

is $250 a good price for 5 massages? Or can I find cheaper in Miami?

Touchdown in Miami!

we're here!! made it safe to Miami by the grace of God. first time flying on a plane, it was a journey in itself!

blood work in the morning. ready to get this over w/. hipdipsadness was my buddy along the way. can't wait to meet her !

going under in a hour!

dresses & ready to go. prayers going up! my day has come ...

see y'all on the big booty side.

post op!

projection ! I'll upload better pics and my experience later.

more pics .. same day post op

In pain

right now my ass hurts like hell. I can't stand, when I do try to stand I'm nauseous and feel like I'm about to pass out. I can understand why some women question why they got this. it hurts like HELL! I'm in sooo much pain. vanity didn't give my fiancé any post op instructions so we really don't know what to do. he changed my top lipo incision pads but we didn't want to go any further. so I'm still bloody. I'm pissing left & right. and been sleep on & off. this is really hard.

I go to Vanity in the morning for my post op appointment. hopefully I get to shower and wash this bloody garment.

I'll keep you dolls updated. about to attempt to get some sleep.

just an update.

Hopefully the swelling will continue to go down & my waist shrinks more! I love the back hourglass.

Drainage Sites Closed??

So my drainage sites are closed and my massages feel pointless. My massager said it will come through my urine and is a longer process. my stomach is SUPPER swollen. I feel it and it's sensitive to touch. she moved all the liquid to one spot.

I just want this fluid off me!! anybody have ANY suggestions on what I can do?? water pills? this shit is so irritating and causing my pain not to subside. I literally can hear the liquid.

any suggestions? anyone!!

Stomach Fluid


My Pre-Op Consultation Experience at Vanity

Im gonna make this short & to the point ... I went to vanity on the 17th for my preop. I was super excited, anxious, nervous, all of the above. I had my wish pics right along with me. I arrived at the clinic at 10:30am, I thought i was late but I was fine because they said my blood work didnt need to be repeated, which was weird. & i didnt know why .. I was fine with that because I knew then it was official! She informed me I was the first one at 6 AM in the morning.

Got seen by Hasan at about 3, signed my papers (which felt like I was signing my life away lol), and he looked at me....

I have to say that was the worst experience EVER. Hasan saw me, looked at me for 3 minutes. Told me Ill do my best, didnt wanna see any wish pics, told me I may have loose skin like "blaaah" (yes, he said that..) and under my paper work he wrote that in writing and made me sign it!! He is very assertive, he's an ass. he tells you the truth, so dont expect for him to sugar coat.. I left crying and very upset.

Claudia stepped outside and saw me boohooing to my fiance and told me to step into her office. We talked about it and assured me that he gives 150% in his work & it shows. She said he is straight forward as all good doctors are.. She put me at ease and told me ill be fine.

Honestly, my feelings were just hurt, I expected more from him. more time, more of a personal experience. ya know? So dont get there and expect to be sugar coated. I love my results tho! But Hasan wont even look at your wish pics. (side eye)

Ill update yall later with the surgical process from when I went under and woke up Hasanified! Eeeek


how do I get swelling to go down? my stomach is still tender and hard ... how long does the swelling last and how long should I wear my garment ?? It's hard as a brick is this muscle I'm feeling or what? lol my stomach was fat at first so I wouldn't know.

Abdomen Swelling? starting to worry if this is normal.

how long is swelling suppose to last? what does it look like? and what can I use to keep it down?

my abdomen is so painful, tight and tense. I have no fat, but yet I have a bulge that looks like swollen muscle (if you look closely it looks like a 6-pack). my abdomen is hard to the touch and if I keep my garment off for an hour or longer it starts to swell again. is this normal? Vanity doesn't speak good English. I need info from vets or docs!

Also my back is super super tight too, I can't stretch and when I do I feel my skin pulling. Omg I'm so tense.

3 weeks PO

update !!


update !

Haven't been here in a while ......

Hello, long time no see !! Oh how I've missed the RealSelf team and you gorgeous ladies.. Just an update so far, my butt still looks the same; although I have picked up a little weight ! ???? My scars on my butt are STILL there (the dots) and also on my upper back. Maybe my skin just doesn't heal well but I opened another can of worms because it's unattractive & makes me uncomfortable. I've tried mederma, no help. Any suggestions?? Or go ahead & try for laser scar removal ?! I need answers!! My boyfriend doesn't mind it, he says he's gotten use to it but it's still bothersome to me.... I will update you all with pictures later !

Oan. I decided to get back on RS in search of a doctor for my tummy tuck.. Hasaan did state that due to me having so much fat I would have loose skin, I appreciate his blunt honestly because he was def accurate about that (again, I'll upload pics) idk if I want to stay in my home state (TN) or travel again... I need recommendations I know nothing about a tummy tuck ???? I'm not looking to go to the most expensive but someone with experience, comfort, and patience. What's a reasonable tummy tuck price range ? & also any recommendations I can look into ?? I've made my mind up; I'm doing this so I can be 100% satisfied with my body..

I appreciate answers! Thanks much babes...
Miami Physician

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