In search of a new doctor for a BBL or TTuck

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FINALLY!! Booked and confirmed my bbl with Dr....

FINALLY!! Booked and confirmed my bbl with Dr. Omelupu. I'm 5'2" and currently 197 pounds. CLEARLY I have about 15 to 20 pounds to loose so my b.m.I. under 34. I've lost 6 pounds in a week and I have five weeks to go. I'm confident and determined so I'm not worried. My BEST friend had hers done a little over a week ago by Dr. Omelupu and she looks BOMB!! I'm talking back scooooped, waist snatched, A$$ popp'n! I'm staying at Recovery House and my bestie is actually coming back to stay with me for 4 days for moral support. I know right!! :) Anywho, I started taking all of my vitamins today which I will list later. Stay tuned for more updates.

Updated before pictures

Hey Darling Dolls,
Here are a few of my before pics. It's so hard to accept these pictures are me. I've been through a lot mentally and psychically in the last 10 years that really affected my self esteem and took a toll on my body. To make a long story short, NEVER allow or accept anyone treating you poorly. However, I'm in a much better place now and I'm ready to get back to feeling like the old me. I have gained confidence and strength. Any decisions I make are for the best of me. Xoxo

Has anyone heard of this?

Have any of you ladies heard of this booty pillow? I like it because it seems to not put direct pressure on your butt cheeks. I have a six hour flight back home :( Luckily for me I'm going to my bff's first from Miami (only 2 hour flight) where I will stay for a few days to rest and heal. Then I will have about a four hour flight... I'm very worried.

12 days until bbl

So thankful for my friend who previously had this done with Dr. Omulepu. Reason being you can not get ANY answers from spectrum. I've requested a call from the doctor SEVERAL TIMES and nothing... I'm sure he can take 5 min from his busy schedule. I know he's busy but still....

Anyway, with that being said I'm still excited about my journey... I'm hoping for a DONK ;) I hope I get it!!

In search of a new doctor :/

Hi ladies,
It's been a while!! Soooo, I never got the surgery with Dr. Omulepu.... and I'm glad I didn't. First of all I never once spoke to the Dr. After several attempts and I do mean several. Long story short his nurse calls me the day before my surgery to tell me he can't do it because of my weight. Mind you I'd already paid my deposit, had my labs approved and cleared for surgery, booked my flight and paid for my after care stay. I just have no words for the unprofessionalism of spectrum aesthetics. BTW after my friends body healed she noticed that she was uneven and he took no responsibility to fix her without cost. She said she felt like she was in a chop shop it was an awful experience.
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