Future Fisher Doll. 34 Yrs Old, with 1 year son, and ready to Celebrate Me. Miami, FL

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Someone on RS said that women take of everything...

Someone on RS said that women take of everything and everyone but their temple "our body"
2015 was a resilient year, may 2016 be marked with lots of new things starting with my body. All the best to me and all my sis out there making changes in their lives. We just need to get used to the art. Wink

OMG this Comments

I am still stalking the RS site, sometimes i feel confident about it all, and sometimes i dont. I feel like maybe i am rushing maybe its not a good idea to have both. Its a Florida Law, that if a patient wants both procedure they can only take 1000 cc and transfer, to not compromise the BA breast augumentation. All the cash for a not so snached waist OMG. I am in canada and our dollar is not doing so well, i think it needs a bbl as well hahahaahah. On a serious note a $6000 BBL procedure in Fl. will cost me $9000 in cad funds (converted) ggggggggrrrrrrrrrr.
So decisions, decisions. One minute i feel good about one doc the next i dont. Then it hits me, i am not going to spend this money to be basic, so why go with a doc thats bashing all other docs because they aint always being well reviewed. I need to make this decision .
Its late and i am tired. I know when i make my decision i will divorce RS and concentrate on my new journey, well not until i am done taking notes. Such as where and what to buy, who to book for my massages. After it i will divorce this site only to be back with results and reviews.

More of me.

I just want it all gone. Can't hardly wait for it.

Feeling ansious.

This is to all the dolls on RS. I wish one day all of us would meet on a getaway. A getaway where we would share our stories, where we would cry and laugh at our experiences. A gateway where the bond we already share here will strengthen even more. I am in Canada and you guys feel like extended family. The way we care for each other, the way we elevate each other, the way we lovingly scold each other. Shiet I got tears running down my eyes, as I think of your reading this. laughing, nodding, remembering your experience, your fears, your doubts, your uneasy feeling. yall feel like sisters to me, wish I could hug yall. we are all doing this for a reason, whatever that is. we have decided to do us. I am looking for the doll that said "don't be that girl" I love her, think she's a nurse or something. Her posts got me feeling like holly mother she's good, think she should be operating on us. Point is I wanna be that girl. the one that's so happy with her new self she wants to encourage other girls to find their voice, their true self. Girls I am feeling a certain way. I thought of you all and decided to leave a few lines. To the ones that have gone through this, God bless and the ones waiting in line as well.


Hey dolls , have any of you fools arrived early in Miami, like two days b4 procedure ? If so, where could I buy after BBL clothes. The ones we all see IG girls wearing. I am aware of sites like PoshbyV, angelbrinks etc. Is there a store in Miami that sells such clothing. Could someone please tell me.

Questions !! Question.

Hello Dolls!!
So here are some of questions:
I got back to the city tomorrow and will get some tests booked if not done, in the hopes to be ahead of this BBL race.
When have you dolls started taking the supplements? I eat lots of green leafy vegetables already and don't want to over take iron supplements
Where can I buy the waist clincher? I have seen so many dolls with waist clinchers like the ones on Isntagram. Please anyone
I have also seen some booby Pillow being bought from a consignment store, is there such a store near Vanity? I will arrive on the 15/11, 2 days before my SX. Do you recommend inflatable one? has anyone ever travel with these supplies?
Thank you girls

Booking flights......Omg its almost time....

Hello RS Dolls, its almost time for my countdown. I really need help from the out of town patients. As I mentioned I am from western Canada, and as such I can't get a straight flight to/from Miami. I am trying to get a very comfy return, with that being said , has any of you dolls spent more than 4 hrs in a plans if so, what would you advise. I plann on booking the very first row, not first class, but right behing the washroom, almost across from. Flight attendant , so that if I have to lay down ( flight crew permission) I can with my feet up. I am jat trying to prepare for it.
Would OTP suggest me buying more lwf room or just make sure I am allowed to freely pace up and down isles? Should I be concern with connecting flights? What are the dos and don'ts of travelling long hauls after the procedure?
You guys don't even get me started on the supplies. I am just hoping that I can get it all in Miami. Working in a remote camp dosent fo well with EBay and Amazing shopping.
Help please

Almost a month pre sx and not word from Vanity is this normal

Hello Dolls!!!!!!
So its almost a month pre SX and I haven't heard from Vanity. I am trying to not stress over it for now. I am hoping that on the 30 days mark to SX they'll restart communication. You Dolls are amazing here on RS. we get so much info from Yall, about the procedure its crazy. At this point I have gained and lost weight, have done my labs here in Canada, all is well, no need to correct anything prior to SX. I am really just waiting on more communication from Vanity. Do you think I should worry about this silence? is it normal? are there things yall had to do, a month prior to the surgery, like what to eat or not, what to avoid? please help, please Dolls

25 days and i still havent......

OMG i am 25 days and i cant exactly tell y'all how i feel. As i mentioned before, i work in a remote site away from life as we normally know it. Its impossible to do anything except go on the computer to rant, cry and express our feeling.its good to know that a doll out there feels the same way, so i am not alone
I have done my labs and as per my Canadian Doc all is well theres no need to worry, i sitll need to get a copy and fax it over to Vanity for a second opinion. Havent done any shopping due to my being away from the city. Has any of you dolls have a similar situation? as in left everything to be done in Miami. Would i be able to find all the supplies there, if yes where would y'all suggest i go. I def will check out the Walmart for stuff like bac. soap, the arnica gel etc. Does anyone knows where i can get the bobby pillow and fajas and all good stuff associated with BBL? oh and is there anyone going to have a sx on November 17? Please let know. it would be nice to have someone there to share our moments with.

Confused on butt shape....

I am confused on the butt shape i should get. As so many of us here, i am confused please someone help. first i dont want to go with less CCs, because i know i wount be able to afford second round, so i am praying that we get this right the first time. Now yall see my body shape, what do yall think i should ask for? i love the heart shape butt, but i think that after a while it would look as fool. the heart shape butt looks good to the eye, omg this is excatly how i feel right now confused. I am torn between Nye Lee's butt and Draya Michelle. is there a way we ask for a combination of both booties? please any one, please. i am not butt greed, however i dont want to feel the need to go for round 2.

More pics . I think I have a square butt. Gggggggrrrrrrrr

I need sx sis/buddy/friend/crypartner please anyone

Hello Dolls and Gents if any, i need a partner in crime, mine big day is coming fast. November 17. i feel weird because i havent bought a thing. Someone tell me if i am cray cray. i am leaving it all to my arrival in the 305 on Nov 15. is this wise? i mean am I doing the right thing? I hear a lot about Moni, and Mirian are these ladies all at the RH provided by the clinic? I arrive way before my date, how do i go to the house prior to sx? Please RS vets help. The only thing i got going that i hope is good are the labs. Did them already, just need to bring myself there.

Venting Why me , why me

why me, why me.........So i have Bacteria Vaginosis a fungal vaginal infection, caused by a lot of factors including stress (my current mind state ) that requires me to take antibiots. If any doll has been on antibiotc before (i am sure yall have) it prevents you from keeping anything down in your tummy, with that being said i am freaking out because i am loosing weight . I am concerned cause they have me on these meds for a week. I have already gone from 175 to 171 pds and now this. OMG
anyways on to a different issue. Recovery House
My deal includes a RH for $1200 that includes
4 massages, transportation from and to airport and to the clinic, 1 garment , wifi, breakfast and all the good stuff right? Wrong
Here is what we need to be aware of :
we need to make sure we know what the deal entails in full detail. We need to know in advance what we are getting otherwise we would be better off booking our own RH.
I checked out Xanadu RH and OMG they have nice deals. Whats interesting is the fact, they dont offer the same services to guest staying at the American Extended Stay. the services that i think are crucial for our recovery first days.
if all else fails we need to make sure we get :
Laundry Service
Clean Towels
Room service
We know recovery aint no joke, will be so banged up from the procedure that these necessities are beyond vital to avoid futher complications ie: infection due to no laundry service, clean towel and room service.

Learning to be patient.

Dolls this experience has been teaching me so much. I am glad iam doing this with yall hell. Quick update, I have registered myself in the Vanity portal, have done the questionnaire and am awaiting on the pre 0p instructions and have also gained a bit of weight ( 171 - 177 pds) well I hope this will be enough for the amount of ccsd like to get.

Its almost time and its coming fast....................

Its almost time and its coming fast..................... I am trying so hard to stay calm. I have recieved my countdown clock and now waiting on my 1 week pre SX instructions. I have been following the dolls that have gone already and boy i tell you. Lots of emotions are runninng thorugh my mind right now.
I am trying to prepare myself. Someone said we get depressed after anesthesia that is scary. How have you dolls dealt with it? how till we can safely have sex? my boyfriend asked me. While i dont want to hurt him, i also dont want to jeorpardize my results. Any advices

I have touched down

Hey Dolls, I have arrived in Miami and oh my, I feel like , I really am from Alaska, such a nice weather eevn though it's rainy , it was still a warm night. I am staying downtown Miami . Tomorrow morning I'll present myself to vanity and begin my process. I am so frustrated with the fact that the exchange rate is making this whole process unbearable. I will go to Walmart, Walgreen to gather my supplies . trying to stay calm. I have already paid the RH and now they don't exactly when I'll be staying with them . I am like for real, the device its already paid, the only difference they wount pick me up at the airport , as I am already here . I'll still need to check a day prior to SX. Anyways this just really needs to be dealt with in person , so vanity and xanadu tomorrow here I come. Its 4 in the morning the air is dump, thick I can't sleep. Too anxious, too excited , too nervous, afraid to go deal with Vanity's lack of a lot of things. Anyways girls wish me luck.
I forgot to mention, when I arrived at the miami aiport i looked around, hoping to find a rs doll, its was a strange feeling.

Booty factory closes on Sunday , OMG

This place Is closed, wow I told the coordinator of be here on the 15. This is the only place the a guy are predicable. Lack of professionalism after you paid for the most part.

All went so fast.

All went so fast. First off if you'd like to get any where hereby taxi, please give yoself lots of time. After arriving at the , after some "Buenos dias" , " mami tu cuenta tiene balance" I was like huh! Nah , wait what you mean I owe 20 dollars? So vanity clinic has been doing this n don't know a bank charges to receive/send money, like really. I firmly said no I didn't owe a left at that. Ana came to get me, two hrs later I was done with the paper work, had tried my fajas and OMG I had the please to meet a doll from RS. I was honored and wanted to go tchill with her ;(, couldn't the taxi had already arrived and I left to the RH.
The HR( recovery house) my advice don't take the deal, we are better off finding n dealing with on our own. Vanity has so much on their hands, this is too much for them to handle properly. I found out the hard way.
I mean need to take more n explain exactly what n why the RH runs this way. I arrived early to get a few things out of the way, it turned vanity works at their own pace, I feel I was money and time that could be been spent with my son. Wiring the funds for so twisted n mad I eended ended leaving my us credit card, you can only imagine how stressfulwas, that was since the Canadian is 25% less than the American every is way up there price wise. I stayed at the Lemington Hotel, girls please don't do it, I know its cheap but , that's oldie, mouldie, you can hear people snoring , elevator door is cracked old. Just saying, I know bayside is right there but I wouldn't , s&$%#, I wouldn't come here any earlier than a day before the surgery. Or if you have too make sure you a few weeks days before yo SX day.
Anyways I left vanity got to the hotel, I had finally been booked, got my key and as I am leaving to my room, they slap me with their dos and don'ts. They had no towels changed every, no laundry n no lunch exactly what I tried to have figured out before coming up here. Girls if you have decided to go ahead. With this at one point or another you'll come across this.issue of RH, while its important to have I really just think you should book your own. There's a couple places in town , leaving it up to vanity is a big no-no. The hotel has problem with clients in the past , vanity likes to make promises n make this sound like its heaven but it ain't. I called to complain , then they decide to talk to me like I am a two year old.
-NO laundry service( we are all banged up from SX , don't really see me/us laundering
-NO towel change daily ( we are bloody after this no towel, shiet I see infections , just waiirnf around the corner)
You get charged extra if you leave bloody stains at the hotel, I said you know what I am done with this. I just wanna get my booty n get the heck out. I went in and come our to go get my supplies .

I am about to leave the hotel room

I am about to leave n guess what I decide to do, clean the hotel room. Dolls I am nesting hahahahaha. Y'all nee to continue praying for me, I am ready for this.

Holly mother of God.

Holly mother of God, did anybody said this hard ? They lying, nothing prepares you for this. The time you leave the hospital is when it all starts . Dr, was amazing, joked about my complainning that the bootyfactory , closed on Sunday. Oh yeah words goes around fast. He found me an amazing Canadian. I went in 2 something n came out at 8pn. Yeah I was special like that.
While interning the doc, I asked him to shed some into the "a whole surgeries a day' while I could confirm the accuracy of his response, I was satisfied by it. He talk me that clinic is just very efficient, staff have been there for so, there minial need to, give instructions, shiet just happens . then he went back to make fun of me. A big thanks to all the dols prying for me n wishing me a speedy recovery. I fo love n apreciate y'all very much. Pics girls I can't barelly stand up the only good thing so far no nausea. Got in room at 930 , asked for pain killer at 3 am.

It's has been a ride.

My sistas, this has def being a life changing ride. I went from anxious to true believer in mankind . today is my second po op, n let me tell, showered never felt so good after the first massage. The Vanity were amazing, very accommodating , had so much fun with me( they were always trying to figure me out, pinning to almist every country in south America) I am so African lol. Dr. Fisher, he's 1to 10, 10 tried so hard make me comfortable, I told I had wish pictures, but was realistic about the situation. He actually told me he'd make me better than one of my wish pics, thanks fit choosing me, he said.
I've been in my after the first night, it has forced me to on with my shiet, I have given so much , n many feed back from y'all, that it has helped a lot. Well better than words , here are the pics. Don't have any info re. Have many cc's, all went so fast forgot to measure myself. I'll enquire on Wednesday my last massages n follow up with the booty man.

My babe came

My babe came got us a room at the cleavander hotel . I couldn't help it, I put on the dress , the socks n went party with him. We both got a chance to see the results . it was amazing. Omg ii love my results. I am bed now all tucked in n compressed.

Quick update

Hello! Dolls I know a lot of y'all thinking I am Crazy or hard core for going out so soon after the procedure. Here's my philosophy, I hate feeling sick, I hate taking medicine. So when I had the option to have a nurse for 3 nights I quickly dismissed it after the first night, cause I did not want to babeseat myself. First night was horrible, I pasted out twice. Someone said come to this procedure fit , its true. If it wasn't for my strong arms and strong core I'd be crying over a wasted investment. I wanted to sear so bad, but I squared and pushed up my way around the room till this day. I was also fortune enough to not puke, that's has helped me keep all in my tummy . the only thing that bothers me are headaches and light headness. Looking forward to seeing the doctor and having my drains out.

I am waiting on fluff fary like....

I am waiting on fluff fary like.... Don't really wanna let the loss of volume get to me. I am still pretty sore. Got way more movement now, still haven't sat for nothing, still drinking lots of water , eating clean, taking lots of rest. I am def. A quick outside healer, inside not so much. I wonder when is the tightness, the numbness on my tummy supposed to go away? Really I still have two weeks at home, what a ride. I still love my results, loving the attention. Sometimes I see a dent here n there, but my waist is so small n pronunced that it makes all my worries go away. I keep reminding myself, that's not how you looked when you went in. That often calms me down.
As for you girls doing this for the first.time, make sure you have that peace of mind, make sure even tho you've gained weight for the SX, you are still fit.
I really didn't use most of my supplies. The first set of foam, I bought I am still using, didn't really bleed all that much, not using the BBL.pillow, no pee eazy, not even arnica hell. Only today I tried the arnica pills. Guess mine SX wasnt as hard as I expected to be.

Two weeks and a 1 review

Feeling better every day. The arnica pills are a Godsend. I sat today on a foamroll pillow, it felt good, only sat for 15 minutes. It's been 2wks, just can't hardly wait to go to a pool and just lay on the donut. OMG, just wanna lay on my back. It's pretty cold here in Canada, so I am doing my walks in the parkade where I live.

playing dress up.

Imma about to seat in 3days. hoot hoot

We don't know what we got till its temporarily gone.

I sat and layed down on my back. It felt amazing. Such a simple thing to but oh lawd it felt amazing.

I broke the post op code, but this, this is bad.

Dolls, I am now 6 wks post op n loving it. Love my results, love the attention, love shopping n the list goes on however nothing prepared me for this . I broke the post op code; I went out on my 3rd day, I flew to West Canada no glitch, shiet I even went to work in the midle of no where with no issues untill I met my match. It started as a very cold feeling on my lower back, with garments on. It had me boarding the window in my bedroom for heat. Then it progressed to a tingling sensation, aight no biggy, then it went straight to pins and niddles. Man it was on my lower back, my thighs and now I week ago it brought me to my knees. I now have full on , all over my back, I feel it when I get up, BACK BURNING SENSATION. It feels as if I have thrown into a ditch with ants. This feeling has me on my knees. Man our bodies go through such excruciating pain, our nerves on our upper n lower back, flanks need such Intensive repair, its not a joke. Man I have never eaten so much pine apple , drank its tea n juice in my life. Question though to you vets, is there any trick to this condition or am I to just let run its course?

I fucked up my bbl

Hello Dolls, I am sad to share with y'all that I fucked up my BBL. I tried so hard to not be a cry babe after the procedure, a weak patient a chronic complainer ( not happy with results) that in the end I fucked up my results. It has been officially 3 months and my results , at least my tummy looks horrible to me. My skin is dimpling around the belly bottom and where my back meets my ass projection when I tilt backwards. I am sad. I think my biggest mistake was to not compress for 24 hrs for the month and a half. I had noticed an indentation on top of my belly button on the right side, but thought it would go away. Has any of you dolls ever experienced this outcome, will I be able to bounce back? I am so sad, it costed me a lot of Canadian money and I am starting to think it was all waisted. The belly button crease really shows , specially when I wear silky dresses. On a positive note, my projection even though I lost most of it, for my frame I'll say is still there, my shape has improved a ton, is just the appearance of the tummy that's pissing me off.

Correction it is a 2 month mark

I have begun working out, will begin juicing. I really hope that any of you girls have an insight. Please , I refuse to believe that all of that sacrifice was in vain. Yes I made mistakes, that's why , I have begun to wrap myself now the way I should've before in the hope to help my skin retract.

Dr. Fisher IG

Hey dolls anyone knows his IG account name please. Oh by the way its back to school, and I am back at bring wrapped.

It's been a while

It's a while dolls. I am at 4 month mark yet, but I can say that I have been doing well. Been away for a minute , just getting my schooling out the way. Well here are a few pics of how my but is holding up, I still compress myself, specially when I work out, in addiction I also wrap my belly.

The ups and downs of this journey

I plank, cause I don't want to work out n lose fat, so I work the upper area only, the struggle is real.

Explicit - Click to view

Hello dolls it's been a while since I last came here. I have been doing well, the recovery has been uneventful, I feel and look much better, I still wrap myself , I still love my results but now I want to get my boobs done. I think the people that advise me against are the same people that advised me again the BBL, so the hell with all of them I'll do it. Here are some new pics in terms of reviewing the experience I'd just rather answer specific questions if anyone has any.

Don't get caught up in the moment

And size do matters, sometimes anyways
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Words can't express the gratitude I have for Dr. Fisher, he was amazing, funny, def. Great bed side manner, excited about his job. He's seems very happy that we come to him for such life changing decision. I would def. Go back to him for any other procedure. I wanted to get both BA/BBL, maybe in a near future I will. If you are considerimg Dr. You'll be in great hands, just look past all the Vanity zooland. I did ask him how was it possible that he performed so Manny SX a day. " simple crazy Canadian, we are very efficient at what we do, I've worked with this team for so long, that things just happen " there Dolls he was amazing to me you'll be in great hands.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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