Future Fisher Doll 26 Year 140 5ft - Miami, FL

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Hey chicas! I made my surgery day on August 10...

Hey chicas! I made my surgery day on August 10 with dr fisher. I choose him because I felt like dr fisher really knows how to "snatch" the waist and make magic happen for the butt :)

My coordinator is Yolanda and she is simply amazing always answers my questions and very patient with me. We talk seriously everyday.

I am paying 5500 for everything. I'm getting my arms lipo and my inner thigh lipo as well. Along with a Brazilian butt lift.

I have already started buying everything that I will need for the surgery. I'm pretty much all done all that is left is paying for my flight and booking massages. I'm from Las Vegas by the way and I'll be staying in Miami for 11 days because I want to make sure everything is all clear before I go back home. Any who I'll keep posting about my journey feel free to ask anything ! And I do have another site but I couldn't tag dr fisher so I made a new one

Carry on :)

this is the real me underneath the close

So these are pictures of myself baring it all. I am 140 and 5 ft so I'm like a little meat ball :) but as you can see i have rolls on my back and love handles and a small butt ... I do have a butt !! It's there's just barely hahaha its playing hide and go seek haha I'm such a goofball anyways I'll be posting pictures in a few days of my wish pictures.

Wish pictures

The booty I'm hoping for is a nice round bubble butt. I don want no crazy Kim kardashian booty. I want something natural but with alil extra lol ... And a nice gap in between my thighs. I want nothing more then for my thighs to not rub! I'm really hoping dr fisher makes my waist super small. That's the main reason why I choose him because he does a "aggressive lipo" and I love how he projects the butt. Also I state each review all the things I'm getting done just for the women who don't like to go back to read old reviews lol no judgement I do the same !!

Procedures im getting done ...

Brazilian butt lift
Lipo on my arms
Lipo on my inner thighs

And debating about a fat transfer on my lips everything is paid in full

And my surgery day is August 10 with dr fisher. Woot woot !

Wish pictures

Didn't upload in last post

okay a update on whats going on (surgery date is Aug 10)

well well well my beautiful ladies the countdown is on! i literally have one more month till my surgery date. my emotions are everywhere about it one min I'm super excited and the next I'm really nervous. i have only told one person at work and she makes little jokes about it which makes me think she's secretly jealous because she doesn't have the money for it. my partner knows about it of course and my best friend. i have there complete support about it. i am so greatful for them.

now for hotel honestly haven't decided yet on where I'm going to be staying but i have some in mind. for the women who don't live in florida and plan on staying for 9-10 days i recommend "home away" or "airbnb"

my plane tickets are already paid for. i manage to come out the pocket 600$ and i have first class coming back so ill be comfy! :) by the way I'm from Las Vegas NV babyyyyyyyy!

i plan on booking my Lymphatic Drainage Massage with the famous " marian" she has a special for 5 massages for 150$

now the blood work ... the doctor will prescribe you get to get CBC,CMP,PT,PTT,INRHIV,HCG

now pay attention women this is VERY IMPORTANT the most common women fail to realize a lot of our iron is low so its a great idea to start taking iron vitamins a month before your surgery.
So i advise to get a cbc at home its about 40-50$ atleast you will know your good to go on that.

also i have learned in florida that they can only can take out 4.0 ounces of fat which is about 9 pounds THAT IS IT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! LOL so i don't advise you going crazy on gaining weight.

o and i decided to not get my thigh lipo so I'm getting a refund on that ... but what i am getting is my arms lipo and of course the bbl. my doctor is still dr fisher and again I'm 5ft and 145

okay you guys I'm don't writing the next one will be me on the way to Miami !!
feel free to comment or ask anything ! love you guys thank you so much to the women who have been so supportive on here and still managing to stay in contact.

i thought i would take more pictures of myself so i can have some before and after

one week left before i fly to Miami !!! :)

On my way to Miami !

Sooooo excited I'm coming from Las Vegas headed to Miami as we speak ! I'm overly excited ! I will be arriving in Miami tomorrow morning at 9am and then I'm going to vanity for pre op. Natalie called me this morning reminding me to come before 12 in the afternoon and told me my surgery time will be 12 in the afternoon as well. I asked her how long will fisher be doing the surgery on me for and she said based on my bmi fisher will be done within 2 hours. She mention the more your over weight the longer fisher will take But we will see . I'm flying with delta and coming back American Airlines first class I wanted to make sure I was very comfortable there and coming back. More importantly coming back though. The tickets all together was only 600$ which isn't bad considering I have first class. Everything should and will be smooth for surgery ... My lab results was all clear and normal ... I am paid in full. And I have emails to back everything. My coordinator was amazing and sweet so I bought her some souvenirs from vegas just showing my appreciation.

Okay ladies I'm going on this plane wish me safe travels muahhhhhhhh


SOooooo i arrived at 10am in Miami was going to get a rental at the airport but they was charging anywhere from 500-800$ but off the airport i got a great deal at budget for 180$ for 9 days so thats a big difference!

me and my girlfriend arrived at vanity at 11am it was so packed big booties everywhere! i couldn't help but stare at the women booties hahaha i didn't have any issues with them there was no confusion or mis communication on my surgery once so ever thank god because i was not in the mood to be played with lol I'm laughing but I'm so serious. i told one of my real self sister i was there she had a surgery yesterday with hasan and i promise you he did AMAZING JOB! she looked so natural but very nice eye catching mouth dropping bottle shape. you must look at her page @indiangirl_hasandoll I am so happy for her cuz she loves her results so far.

my pre op all they did was make me sign my life away and confirm me that my lab work was all normal and make sure i called for a drainage massage and i have everything i need for the bbl on monday. i was hoping to meet dr fisher today but unfortunately i didn't.

o and crazy thing i was waiting for the cab to arrive to vanity to pick me up and take me to the rental place and this women walks out vanity and saw me with all my bags and ask me do i need a ride? i said sure and hop in the car i figured she was a nurse or something because she had a van. but she was sooooooo sweet and helpful giving me advice and telling me what to expect omg i just wanted to put her in my pocket and take her with me! well that women happen to be amy and she is caretaker and turns out was my real self sister caretaker if i was to come by myself i would def have amy take care of me. you can tell she was genuine and she didn't even tell me i had to pay her gas money but i still did. good people still do exist.

for the people staying in Miami for surgery and vacation i would recommend looking at places on airbnb or homeaway ... I wanted to stay at a condo on airbnb but they were all sold out by the time i wanted to book it. so I'm currantly staying at Provident Doral at the Blue Miami the hotel is very nice very roomy.

after vanity i went to the beach and pretty much hung out at south beach all day. Tomorow the plans are Miami zoo,Miami Seaquarium ,Parasailing. then the next day will be my surgery day! i want to soak everything i can in Miami before i go.

okay my real self ladies ill be posting pictures of vanity and etc in a few min and the next update

Vanity office

I was trying to be low Key and take pictures of everything lol

Provident speak at the blue hotel

Pictures of the hotel

hey my real self sister!! update on me

so i had my surgery on august 10 at 12:30 it was so packed my coordinator no longer works there i was sad about that because she has been there for me since day one. any who they had me waiting in the waiting room to be called they made me do a pregnancy test ... they just asked me a few questions confirming me my procedure and doctor. lets take a moment to THANK GOD i had no complications or issues with vanity. because i promise you if they would have told me that my surgery was pushed back all hell would have been loose.

by 2pm they finally call me from the back she got me naked and took pictures made me sign more paper work and then i made the famous dr fisher very polite and funny and charming as well. i loved how honest he was. i showed him my wish pictures and some he said he can do and some he said no lol i asked him will i see a difference on my arms lipo and he said i will see a difference but nothing dramtic. he told me to make sure i do the drainage massages as much as possible he suggested 5 in miami and 5 in vegas. in my wish pictures all i said was i really just want thin waist and i told him don't be afraid to go aggressive on my stomach !
so after he left a guy came in put the iv in my hand I'm a big baby when it comes to noodles so it hurt like a mother f. then i started hearing music in another room and one of the nurses called me and put me in the room where the music was coming from. the surgery room. all i remember was the nurse told me he was going to give me something to calm my nervous and within a blink of a eye someone was putting my garment on and i was shaking so hard from body in shock and just so cold. i was so thirsty that gatorade was like heaven lol i was so drowsy i kept waking up and falling asleep. she put me in a wheel chair and my girlfriend was outside.
so i probably shouldn't be saying this but o well i had bought some lower tabs from vegas for the procedure so i took one as soon as my girlfriend pick me up then we pick up the medication dr fisher prescribes which is oxy so thats nice..
got to the hotel i ate some chicken soup and pineapples and a ensure shake and threw it up with a hour later.

its very challenging to get up and pee and i have slept on my butt these past two days i know im bad.
i got my first massage today with marian i picked her because i saw her name everywhere on realself ...she did a great job i will be seeing her every day ill give you a final review about her the last day with her. she hooked it up for garments though i paid only 40$ for a vedette garmet i bought two one in 2xl and 3xl ... i measure myself and I'm 33 and 44 waist. i am happy with my results just can't wait to see how it will look when the soleness goes away. i will be posting pictures right now ill take better one when I'm 7 days pre op

Here are some pictures

Here are the pictures try this the second time

Arm lipo was it worth it ?

Yes I do ... My personal opinion yes. My arms was so flabby and big I hated them and now they aren't so big. They are not skinny and Dr fisher did tell me don't expect my arms to be skinny but I will see improvement and that's all I really wanted. So for women who are thinking about getting there arms lipo if you really are over weight I don't suggest it because the doctor can only take out a certain amount of fat and I'm sure u rather him give u a slim waist instead of a spongebob waist and slim arms.

But I wasn't too over weight I was 143 and 5ft I originally wanted my thigh lipo too but I changed my mind because I really wanted him to take as much fat as possible.

7 days pre op

Okay you guys sorry I didn't really want to post to much after I got my surgery because I was worn out and tired I mean seriously tired lol you will see exactly what I'm talking about for all the woman who hasn't had there bbl yet. This surgery is ver serious and u will feel all kinds of emotions and your also in pain so you just a complete mess. Brazilian butt lift is no walk at the park I promise u. U will sincerely start thinking u regret it or you don't like the results your crying all the time your not sure how to feel about the results. It's so much. I can't say it enough. BUT LADIES U MUST STAY STRONG AND BE POSTIVE ANS REMEMBER WHY U WANTED THIS SURGERY IN THE FIRST PLACE. Confidences happiness content. So anyways I'm back home now in vegas I was in Miami for 10 days I'm going to write 2 reviews on Marian who was my massage lady and doctor fisher including vanity but I know us girl mostly want to see pictures so here u guys go of me just 7 days ... By the way I eat seriously all day lol I didn't loose my appetite but I eat healthy all fruits and protien.

Some didn't upload

Marian (Medical Massage Professional)

Okay so when i arrived my first time there my girlfriend came with me and she wanted to make sure i was fine and of course watch but marian didn't want her too. telling my girlfriend to leave and let her do her job. i didn't understand the problem but i told my girl just go to the front and wait for me ...i drained alittle it hurt but it was bare able. so i had 4 massages with her the last one hurt real bad i almost fell to the floor. the best way i can explain the pain is imagine a sharp knife and put it in fire and put it in your skin and scrap your skin. yeah its that serious. marian never helped me put my garment on as soon as she drained me she would just get up and leave and go to her phone or go eat -___-

so to sum it up go somewhere else. she is rude. i feel like you already in pain and the last thing u want is to deal with someone being a bitch to you.

Went back to work today

I'm loving my
Results and people I've known for years think I just been working out lol so I love my shape and I'm happy that nothing looks too crazy

Hey ladies 3wks and 5 days post up

Just thought I would give you guys a update on me ...

I haven't lost any weight my thick ass is still 140 :/ not sure how to feel about that my goal is to be 130 I'm 5ft.
I am eating a whole lot better.
I wear my garment all night sometimes I go to bed without my lipo foams but mostly I sleep with them on. Every now and then I get a sharp pain and sometimes I get stiff if I lay down to long.
My stomach is still hard but my butt is getting jiggly :)
Stomach is still numb. Bruises are completely gone

I got a massage here in Vegas it was nice but it wasn't the right massage I needed. In Vegas its so hard to find someone who actually drains the liquid i still haven't found anyone :/
My stomach is still lumpy I fuckin hate the lumps I've became obsessed with it lol but overall I'm happy with my results. My ass isn't gigantic and fake as I mention before I didn't want a big ass just a nice bubble butt. Dr fisher is a great doctor. He just sucks on reaching out to his patients after surgery lol its all business though.

Well this is all I have to say I'll post again in 3 months ... See you guys around ! And good luck to the future real sisters!?!!

Just a update

In still on my diet ... I sit down on my ass all the time I can tell that my butt went down but everyone says I'm tripped I still get tingly feeling on my back but over all I'm good. I'm happy with my results

3 month post op from my bbl from fisher

My ass is still fat and my Stomach is still flat life is great lol no but seriously I love my results I'm so confident and happy it was so worth every dollar. There are moments where I do think about another bbl just because I want more projection at the bottom but then I think I'm trippen and just need to wait and see because it hasn't been 6 month yet. My booty looks natural on me mostly because my thighs are big and the very Lil amount of People I have told don't believe I got it done because it looks so natural and it giggles and wiggles everywhere lol I have mastered clapping my butt hahahah But I do have a few things that I'm concerned about 1. I now have fat on my chin I never had that before (which means I need to really be strict on what I eat) 2. My back is still Swollen By the way vanity has called me 3 times to check and make sure I love my results and making sure I'm doing alright which I appreciate. Plastic surgery is addicting won't lie about that lol as far as another Bbl I don't think I'll be getting another one but if I change my mind y'all would be the first to know lol However I am getting a juverdurm next month I'll be posting pictures and review about that ... Juverdurm is only Temporary by the way so it will be fun plus the holidays are here so th price will be cut Any who that's it for now ladies u know if u need to know anything feel free to ask I love u guys ... U have no idea how much your kind words makes a difference to me. THANK YOU.

March 2016 update ... Still loving my results

Getting ready for work

Explicit - Click to view

I haven't gained any weight and I watch what I eat ... I don't wear the garments any more which I should though. My butt hasn't lost any volume. I'll post more videos for my beautiful real sisters soon. Feel free to inbox me questions and for the ones who I haven't responded to yet I will tomorrow :)


Hey y'all it's been awhile since I've been on here just wanted y'all to know things are well I have lost alil weight I'm 130 I was 145 before surgery but my ass is still there it moves and jiggles and it's holding it down lol if u guys want to know anything feel free love u guys
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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