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Hello beauties... I am documenting my BBL journey....

Hello beauties... I am documenting my BBL journey. So here is some information about me. I am 5 foot 3 inches and a mother of 2. I had my recent baby on Oct 19 2015 in Vilseck Germany. She was 9lbs even. I am a commissioned officer in the US Army however I am currently stationed in Vilseck Germany. I am currently 143 lbs which is the biggest I have ever been while not pregnant. I am scheduled to have the BBL Procedure with the infamous DR Fisher on Oct 3 2016. According to Fisher I am an ideal candidate who does not need to gain or loose any weight. I will be doing all my labs with the military and sending my documentation two week prior to the surgery. I took 12 days of personal leave an I am scheduled to stay with Miriam Landford recovery home. Follow me on my journey.... pics coming soon

Before pictures and a small update

Hello beauties.... So the army has granted me 14 free days of leave.... And they are also giving me my pain meds to take with me. I love being an army girl..... Anyway today I called in to speak to Anna.... She is such a sweet lady. I'm so excited about this surgery. So my goal is to gain 10lbs even though doctor fisher said I was good to go, for everyone asking about Miriam here is her number 9544714330.

My measurements

Hello Beauties....

I met so many women here on realself that are having the Bbl procedure around the same time I am. As you know, I am looking for a recovery home.... I'm considering Mayda or a private hotel with one of the women from realself.... I'm just trying to see what will be cheaper and better....

I had a stressful day at work. As you know I'm in the army and i will be the oic of a M4 range.... So inhale been stressed to the max about that. There is a lot of stuff going on at work too. But I try my best to stay positive ????....

So school is going great. I'm in the process of earning my masters degree in child and adolescent psychology. My overall goal is to be a teacher or a principal once k retire from the military.

So let's talk butt....
Ok so here are my measurements
34 30 36
My goal measurement is
34 26 46

I feel like I have lost weight. Lord knows I can't not afford to loose any weight. I am only 5foot 3 145lbs....

Ok so what type of body I want.... I'm thinking about a nicki Minaj booty.... What do you think? Let me know if you have any recommended recovery homes... Also I will be taking some nudes soon... Stay tuned ladies

YouTube: so I am thinking of documenting my journey on YouTube. I use to make hair videos so if interested please subscribe and I will post videos

Also find me on Instagram

Nicki Minaj Butt

Go big or go home !!!!! That's my motto.... I have been thinking about my Bbl surgery all day today. Tomorrow is my 28th bday and I am so excitedly fun sky be doing something for myself. Something to make me happy and feel sexy again. At this point in my life I want a big butt and guess what y'all.... I like the way Nicki Minaj butt look. And I think want the same thing lol. So before I get a million and one negative comments.... Let's me say that this is just a want.... I'm very realistic and my small body would never be able to have a butt like that. I'm only 5 foot 3 and 148lbs.... And I'm loosing weight every dang smh..... My expectations are very low to avoid my disappointment. In reality I want a stomach like draya (off basketball wives) and I want a butt like porsha ( off of real housewives of Atlanta) now that's a realistic want for me... Anyway I have a little over 30 days.... The countdown begins

Look at my wish pictures

Wait..... A women dies at vanity on sep 9 2016

Ok so I love to watch YouTube and I can across a video of a women who just died at vanity on sep92016..... What the heck is going on.....

7 days = fisher doll

Hola ladies !!!!! I have 6 more days until I am in Miami and 7 more days until I become a fisherdoll. Am I excited?!?! Yes and no!!!! I am just more anxious to see how I will look after this surgery then anything. I will be staying at Mayda recovery home for 14 days. I decided to stay in Florida longer then usual because I am a solider US Army stationed in Germany and the flight back is over 10 hours..... the last time I checked ( 4 weeks ago) I was 149lbs and I am 5 foot 3. Most of my fat is located in my stomach due to having two children over the course of 4 years and also having poor eating habits. I already have a cute frame and a nice size butt so I am looking for a PHAT Booty and I do mean fat. I want fisher to suck all this stomach fat and contour my sides to give me that "draya from
Basket balls wives" look.... I'm excited but I already know recovery is going to be a pain in the butt...but I'm ready for it. Anyway.... I decided to eat a plate of pasta, garlic bread and a 8 ounce bottle of ensure plus... I will be going to bed soon... I'll update you ladies tomorrow.... the count down begins ????

My hair during my Bbl?

Hey ladies.... I had such a stressful day at work. Seems like there is never enough hours in the day. So one of the things that has been stressing me out lately is my hair care!!!!! How am I going to maintain my natural locks while in Miami for 14 days.... SO I am set to have this girl I work with braid my hair.... Mind you I hate braids.... My scalp starts to itch and life is miserable but I don't want to have to do my hair at all.... Ladies I have a lot of hair.... And I know from experience what neglect can do to ones hair.... So braids it is.....

Hair regimen: E'tae natural products ( caramel treatment, shampoo, conditioner) Alikay naturals ( Shea butter mix) ....

I am still doing all I can to pack on some lbs.... I had a ensure plus around 6:30 am, 4 slices bacon, eggs , oatmeal around 9:30, a beef pattie around 1:30, and a chicken salad with a honey bun and ensure around 8:45pm....

I'm sick of eating crap.... I just refuse to cook.... I'll do all the cooking when I come back from Miami.... Anyway it's getting late I'll update you ladies tomorrow.... The topic tomorrow will be about my recovery house .... Talk to you all tomorrow

I have a few days left until I become a fisher doll. I'm super excited ????

Recovery home..... Hello Mayda.... 5 days - fisher doll

Hello ladies.... So as promised I am here to discuss my recovery home. I decided to stay with Mayda. I found MAyda by watching a video in YouTube video entitled "vanity plastic surgery" ( I think lol) anyway the video was captured by a fellow realself women who got her Bbl done by fisher early in 2016. She recorded her journey to include her stay with Mayda. What made me choose Mayda? her YouTube review along with the fact she is a great cook and I love to eat. I also spoke to MAyda on the phone and she is such a sweet lady, we are actually friends on Facebook now and I am really excited to stay with her. I will be in Miami for 14 days and she gave me a great discount. Anyway ladies it's getting late in Germany so I'm off to sleep.... Tomorrow topic will be all about the wish pics and my current body. I will be taking so,e nudes for you all as well.... Have a lovely night love muffins..... Please join me for my daily countdown.... Also I will be recording my journey when I arrive to Miami.... Talk to u ladies tomorrow ????

4days -fisherdoll Call me slim thick

Hello ladies.... I have 4 days left until I vecome a fisherdoll. I can't wait to get this stomach fat sucked out of me. I am a mother of 2 (4, 11 months old) my last child made me thick.... thick in the stomach I mean lmao.... i have a small gut that annoys me so much. I'm sure proper eating and my military exercises will help me but to be honest with you I have been wanting a bbl for a long time.

Today was a great day. I went to my military doctor and they basically did another health assessment and provided me my medicine for surgery. I am thrilled to have so much support.

So I have been getting a lot of people asking me why am I staying in Miami so long. Well.... I'm a single mom of 2 and I'm a soldier stationed overseas so I need the vacation plus this is my bday present for myself. No kids. No cooking for 2 weeks heck I'm super excited just to chill and relax.

Tonight I am eating fast food. I have no energy to cook anything at all.

Body goals ok so I love the way draya off of basketball wives look. She has an amazing stomachs believe it or not I like the way Nicki Minaj booty looks... go big or go home that's my motto....

So when I see dr fisher I am going to tell him that I am his canvas an so to make me look great. I will give him an idea of what I want and like but I firmly believe that he will hook me up. I want a big butt nice hips and a super flat stomach.

I have a small butt as it I swear so I'm sure he can hook me up with no issue. Anyway my daughter is starting to cry time to give her a bottle.... tonorrow I will be taking about my hair care and packing my bags..... also I apologize for my bad grammar and misspelled words but the new update in the iPhone sucks and this is the drama I'm dealing with anyway enjoy my slim thick photos lmao

3 days= fisherdoll.... healthy hair journey, this big butt, the women I met on realself and my GOOD GOOD GIRLFRIENDS

Hola ladies.... I have 3 days left and then I will be a fisher doll. I am beyond excited and nervous at the sometime. I am not looking forward to that long ass flight from Germany to Miami.... I am however looking forward to eating some good Cuban food at Mayda's recovery home. I am also looking forward to meeting some of the lovely women I met on realself. the turn up is gonna be so real.

I am currently at work.... waiting to have end of the day formation. as soon as I go home I am going to get out of this monkey suit and put my comfy PJ's on. I am then going to prepoo my hair for about an hour or two next shampoo with a sulfate free natural shampoo and deep condition overnight. Tomorrow at 8am I have a lady coming to my house to braid my hair but I might cancel on her and just do my own hair. I am still debating on that. I am on a healthy hair journey and I refuse to neglect my hair during these two weeks.

I have met a total of 4 women on this site that are awesome. We are all getting a BBL with Dr Fisher around the same time. There are some awesome women in the realself community that I see myself making lasting friendships with.

The waiting game: at this point I am just waiting to see what happens next. I am suppose to find out my time for surgery today or tomorrow. I would like an early time but according to AMY Dr Fisher controls who he wants to do first. we shall see!!!!! anyway ladies I am going to sign off now... formation is in 20 min. Tomorrow topic will be about how my hair came out, the time Vanity gave me, and what I am wearing on my feet to travel to and from the airport as well as to vanity. stay tuned love muffins....

PS: HOW MANY GOOD GOOD GIRLFRIENDS DO I HAVE ON THIS SITE..... if you don't know what I'm talking about its ok... but if your a good good girlfriend leave a comment just curious to know ....

Today I saw he day fisherdoll

Omg today is the day. I wanted to send an earlier update but I had so much going on this weekend plus the flight was crazy long and I just didn't have time. I am here at Mayda recovery home. But let's back up.....

So I did go with the braids and boy do it look a mess. My hair is braided but I don't like it at all.....

My flight was 11 hours long and I had to transfer 2x before arriving to Miami at 1:30 pm which is 7:30 in Germany. I sat next to this fine ass guy on the ?? he must of been a rapper cuz he looked like money smelled like money and had a tattoo on his face. I was so afraid to talk so I just say there holding my fart s in making my tummy hurt. Lmao. He was that fine

I arrived to Miami and thank god my bags didn't get lost. Mayda came to pick me up and this fat she has been amazing. She is like an aunty already who loves me because I eat all my food.

The view is everything here in Miami. I met these two females here at Mayda house. They leave tomorrow and when I tell you they are bad bitches. They body look A1. I'm taking about perfect. They look like famous Instagram chicks. But they are also cool as hell. They are from California. We all exchanged numbers so I will be in touch with them.

I'm so mad I didn't meet up with any of my surgery sisters. The jetway was that real. I wish my surgery sisters luck.

It's almost 1am and I'm wide awake like a hard dick in the morning lmao. For some reason all I keep thinking about is Lonnie be and his good good girlfriend movement....". let no one upset you. It 1".

Miami is so beautiful. So the girls saw me and was like wow you have a big butt already so fisher gonna make sure you look amazing. I was like omg thanks.

Well I'm a try to get a few more hours of sleep I have to be at vanity early but don't worry I been recording and taking lots of videos

Turn up ??????????


Quick update


Ladies first I have a lot of pain medicine in me so o hope u understand me. Yesterday I was depressed. I contacted this white boy from my job and was like " why don't y'all give me a chance I'm a good army officer I worked hard to get here I come from the hood my mom didn't raise me my father a big drug dealer and I bust my ass to prove I'm
Worth it and I feel like I'm still not good enough"'I know he was shocked but lately that's how I Neenah feeling in the army. I work so hard. I'm 38 and I'm 4 classes away from my masters degree. I use to be a stripper at 18 I joined the army at 19. Then I called my pain and told him he broke my heart when he cheated. We got two kids together and he killed me inside n I'm still hurting. Then I cried to Mayda the recovery house lady and told her about my mother being addicted to drugs.... ladies I embarrassed myself.'but the perks will have you depressed as fuck!!!!! Until I spoke to my surgery sister and she said shut the fuck bitch fisher gave U a nice body we flung our boobs next lmao. She made me feel better cuz ladies I was so depressed. Everyone sat my butt big I day it's small but I'm only 5 foot 2 148 lbs . Anyway I'm ok ladies just didn't have time post. If u wanna chat with me send me a direct message I'll text you . But I will also try to update realself often I just don't have energy to do that but we will see. When I get to a computer I will write a full review also I love Mayda she is the lady taking care of me

I'm 28 not 38

See my last post has so much grammar errors smh I'm high on drugs ok

Perks.... what it does

Hey y'all. I promise you I'm ok. I'm not a sad hot mess but a loving fun person who is a great mom and some even say I'm funny. The perks will have you messed up seriously. Every sad moment in your life you will think of and you will cry your eyes out. I'm super blessed y'all. I am almost done with my masters I have a 4year old and a 11month old and a great I mean great job that pays me very well. I don't know why I was so sad and depressed yesterday but I promise you that phase is over. I feel like a boss chick. I'm happy. I'm eating good and my skin is glowing. Thanks for all the well wishes good good girlfriends I'll update you later..... oh pray for me cuz it's a nasty hurricane out here in Miami. I'm a make a video for you all later. Love you my big booty and and future big booty queens ????

How much fat they took out

All together dr fisher took out 2,350 cc of fat from my body.

Dr fisher injected 1150cc into the right butt

Dr fisher injected 1160 into the left

Too much compression

Ladies..... I'm in pain. I feel like my body had way too much compression on today. I'm laying here butt ass naked. No faja. I took two pills and I'm still on pain. Because of the rain storm I didn't get my massage and boy is my body sore. WeAring my faja feels like hell:..... I don't care I'm a lay my fast ass on this bed ass naked: I haven't had no itching or no other craziness just sore ass skin: tomorrow I'll wear this monkey suit again

Hey dolls oct3 a fisherfolk was born

Truth: the truth is I have been debating if I wanted to continue my journey on realself. There is no real reason why I want to go. I apologize for my late updates but I have been enjoying Miami.... and relaxing. So as you all know I got a bbl done by fisher. I must admit I was a bkt star struck when I saw him..... the infamous fisher was in the building. We talked about politics ( I'm in the army ) and we talked about my ass. He informed me I have a hernia. I already knew that. It was caused from both my kids. Then he said I had a cute shape..... check this out when fisher said take off your robe.... I looked and said you want to see me naked im not ready... he bust out laughing. He pointed out all my imperfections and I was amazed how at just a glance he was able to see flaws. Well fisher held my hand like I was his high school date fool me to a room and said let's go. I freaked the fuck out!!!!! I felt like I was going to be executed. I sat on this narrow as bed and thought of the many women who laid down and never woke up. I told the Spanish man giving me the IV.... I can't lay down. If I'm. Go out like this I'm a sit up. He laughed and said Rivera I'm a give u this to relax.... I said I'm not....... next thing you know I wake up on my throbbing ass!!!! I saw a short Spanish women with black hair. I herd them say in Spanish someone call Rivera ride. At that moment I knew I was alive!!!!!! I was in so much damn pain. I called to the Spanish women.... I said help me please your my angel please give me pain medicine please I will love you if you do. She probably thought I was crazy. But see I'm a psychology major and I know how to talk to ppl.... she came over and face me a shot in the arm. Next thing u know I have no pain and I'm not that cold n it's time for me to go.... I arrived at Mayda house and I walked all by myself. I didn't need help at All. Whatever that short lady back at vanity gave me it sure did work. I slept texted my realself surgery sisters. My man and everyone else. I was starving but could only eat soup through a straw and crackers. Never once did I throw up or faint... matter fact I didn't even have bruises. Fisher did a good job. Look at these pics.my story will continue tomorrow I'm getting sleepy

Mayda Recovery Final Review

Hello Beauties....

As you all know I became a Fisher doll on 3 October 2016. I was 148 lbs and 63 inches which is 5 foot 3 inches tall. Fisher used all my fat and injected into my butt. I have 1150 cc of fat in the Right butt and 1160cc of fat in the Left butt. most of my fat came from my stomach area and back. I did not get fat injected into my hips because Fisher said I have natural laterals that are nice and if he gives me hips I will look like sponge bob. He told me that he was going to inject all that fat into my butt as long as my skin can take it. Fisher also informed me that I have an umbilical hernia and he will not be getting any fat around that area. I talked to fisher about a tummy tuck and he said I didn't need it. I just need my hernia fixed and then maybe a little more lipo if I wanted. ladies.... I am doing a round 2 BBL.... after I get my hernia fixed of course.

I arrived to Miami and Mayda was there to pick me up. She was on time... I didn't have to wait for her at all... I met two lovely women who are now my instagram friends. They stayed with Mayda and was leaving the day I arrived. Anyway Mayda is Cuban and every night was a different Cuban meal... fresh breakfast, smoothie for lunch and a hearty dinner.

Mayda is an angel and I really recommend her recovery home to you. its extremely private and intimate. She only takes 1/2 ladies at a time. She schedules all your massages for you and ensures that everything is ok. she is very motherly.... if you go to Mayda please tell her Siedah Rivera the army soldier stationed in Germany sent you.... I am sure that she will do everything in her power to meet you half way and provide you a great discount.

please ask me anything???? I am here to help....

I will be posting pics and videos soons

Happy turkey day

Hola beauties..... I know I been ghost lately..... seems like everything at work had picked up so my time is limited..... I did want to come back with a quick booty update. My measurements are 34 29 41.... I still have a bit of swelling so hopefully I can bring down my waist line a bit. But in other news..... I have decided to get a breast lift with a small implant and another bbl... I will be going with dr llorente for my boobs and for my bbl round 2 .... I'm thining blinski or fisher.... I will be taking pics to show u my progress. Also this is crazy but I have gained weight since my procedure. I'm 5 foot 3inches and I am 151 lbs..... I just started my AB and glut workout challenge. 500 ab workouts a day and 500 glut workout a day.... come join me???? I miss u ladies

2.5 months since my bbl

Hey beauties I'm back!

So let's get into the tea!!!!! I didn't care for my bbl when I first got it done! Because I had lita of swelling An she I couldn't distinguish between swelling ans results! So if you have been following my journey you know that I am a mother of 2 and a us Soldier!!!! Anyway the recovery processes has been easy as hell to me! I guess moving around and being realistic prepared me for recovery!!!! Also the fact that I kept my drain in for almost 2'weeks also helped me with my recovery because I didn't really experience swelling.

As if today I like my results! Do I love it ? No and that's why I will be going for round2 dec15 2017!!!! Yes ladies I am already booked and ready to get it started take a look at my pics and ask any question u want. Catch me on Instagram at: Siedahrivera have a blessed day

Xmas party and I was serving BODY goals

Hola beauties. Last night I attend my troops annual xmas party. Check out the pics.

Bbl round 2: I am scheduled to have my bbl round 2 dec 15 207 I'll kelp you ladies posted

Booty curves and more booty

Hey ladies just want to post some updated pics

Going To DR

HOLA.... I am happy with the way my body looks... I am however going for Round 2..... this time in DR. I am still trying to figure out what doctor is best for me... so if anyone has any info on that please let me know. My goal is to have a Mommy make over plus BBL round 2 NLT 14Aug.... I will be 29 on 1SEP and this is my pre bday gift for myself. I am all about doing what makes you feel better and what makes you feel confident. If you have been following my story then you would know that I am currently stationed in Germany.... with that being said there is a bunch of nonsurgical treatments that you can get done.... in 4 weeks I will be doing the Femilift in London.... its geared to tighten the vagina and make sex great.... I will keep you beauties updated.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

So far everything is going great

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