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So after much stalking on this site, I have...

So after much stalking on this site, I have decided to have Dr. Blinski do my BBL. At first all I wanted was lipo. After having my second child with a c-section, I have a stomach now that I've never had before. I have always been good at sucking my stomach in and giving the illusion that there is nothing there but there is!! I'm so good at it my husband was completely against me getting the surgery. After whining and crying and not letting up, I have FINALLY convinced him I need it. Not only lipo, but he has now (softly) agreed to a BBL!!! And breast implants! I don't know how or why he changed his mind but I'm running with it while I have him. He's always been against the "fake" butt look but I assured him I wouldn't get the fake looking butt, just a bit of an enhancement to what I already have. Everytime I work out I lose my ass and he has seen this happen over and over so I guess he's ok with it now. Either way I have paid my deposit with Dr. Blinski and it's non-refundable so it's done! I have a few consults lined up this week for my breast. Hoping to have those done by first of the year. The waiting list for breast in my city is NO WHERE NEAR what Dr. Blinski's waiting list is so I know that won't be an issue. I will also do a separate review for my breast. I am so excited! So with all that being said if there are any Future Blinski dolls that would like to switch dates with me, I REALLY want an earlier date. Please, Please let me know!!

Switch Dates!!!

I am scheduled with Dr. B on Sept 7, 2017. I would love to have an earlier date. If anyone would like to switch please let me know

Should I Work Out?

My BBL is in 5 months. It's about to be summertime and I just feel so heavy. My stomach is big and round and uncomfortable, my arms are big, I just feel out of shape. I want to work out and lose some of this weight for the summer but I know I need fat for the surgery. I don't want to be so out of shape after the surgery that I struggle to work out. What should I do?
Miami Plastic Surgeon

So far so good. I've been emailing back and forth with Dr. B for about a week now. Question after question and he has been great. Honest and straightforward. His staff at the office so far has been good. I'll keep everyone updated!

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