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I had to delete my old account due to someone...

I had to delete my old account due to someone hacking it, so here's my new one. I'm in my 20s I have two beautiful kids a three year old boy and a little baby girl. It's time for me to fix my body though, I have everything ready. Just waiting for the day to arrive! I'm striving for 1,200 ccs in each!!


In one month it'll be my pre operation appointment and i am so nervous! I have to so many questions I'd like to ask the doctor so I'm going to write them down because at my consultation I was in shock the whole time and didn't ask a single question just paid my whole deposite and called it a day lol so I'm gaining some weight I guess I'm at 127.5 little by little lol I know I won't get to my goal weight which is 140 but 130-132 is fine with me lets see what the doctor says. I want 1,000 or more Ccs in each cheek!

Weight gain

As you can see these pounds are coming in. My goal is to gain about 6-10 more pounds what do you guys think? Do you see the difference?

I think I have enough

What do you lady's think? Do I have enough fat to achieve my goal? I'm ip two more pounds (: 6 weeks left till surgery and exactly one months away till my pre op appointment

45 days left!

So my time is finally approaching! I'm super excited yet nervous because I don't know what I'm getting myself into really. My whole life is about to change. Can you guys tell me how your life changed after a bbl? No one seems to be responding to my new RS account and I need the support as my time is coming swiftly. Im also getting arm Lipo can any of you ladies tell me your experience with arm Lipo?


I'm a wreck! I'm so scared about not getting the results I want. I mean I know you have to be realistic I know I won't have a Nicki booty but I hope to look nice and I hope that all this money doesn't go to waste. I've seen so many reviews on here on how girls don't really get the transformation they're looking for and I'm hoping it doesn't happen to me. I just want to get this over with!!!

Losing weight

I've lost three pounds again and I'm only a month Away. I cried so much last night, i really don't know what else to do. I'm not going to waste my money I know I do not have enough fat for the results I want.
Any tips on gaining weight ladies?

33 more days!!!

So excited my time is almost here!!!!!!!! I have my Bbl pillow, the urinal funnel. I have an appointment on the 5th to get cleared and labs the next day then my pre op is October 12. I'm so excited just anxious because I know I don't have enough fat but whatever I'm going to eat triple than I was this last month and see where it gets me.


I cannot believe that there's just one month till my sx day! I'm beyond excited and its all I can think about. so many emotions at the same damn time, my whole life is going to change I just know it. only thing that concerns me is that my coordinator has not emailed me or called me updating me on what to do next like its just a month away? no list or guidance on what to do next. I don't want to leave everything for the last minute. regardless, my pre op appointment is in two weeks and im going to make a list on questions that need to be asked. any suggestions ladies? PLEASE HELP!! I DO NOT FEEL THE LOVE FROM THE RS SISTERS.

Weight gain three more weeks!

Look at those rolls on my back OMGAH!! do you guys think I finally have enough fat to have a big donk?? I feel so ugly I can't wait for this to be over with.

Here's the second one that didn't post

5 pounds what a difference

It didn't want to upload

great news!

my coordinator monica just emailed me back saying it looks like I've gained enough weight! this just made my day.

Hello October! 25 days left

I've been patiently waiting for October and it's finally here. Such a bitter sweet feeling, I'm more anxious now than ever! So many different things running through my mind. I just really hope I can make it back to work after two weeks and what scares me the most is what If they call me to reschedule? I'll have a freaking heart attack!!!!! I've been waiting for too long. Medical clearance appointment is next Monday at 1. Let's pray it all goes well (:!

Serious question! Help!

Can drinking a plan b pill interfere with getting my surgery?


today I did all my blood work now im just waiting for the results to come back in and to see if I am officially cleared for surgery! cant wait! 20 more days(:


How long does is usually take for your coordinator to tell you that you've been cleared? I did my labs on Tuesday

Black little dress

These are pre op pics in this black dress can't wait to try it on after surgery to see how my body looks. Just hoping for the best results, I'm two weeks away and I wasn't able to reach my goal but it's okay Im going in with a positive mind, TOMORROW IS MY PRE OPERTATION APPOINTMENT! I really hope that the doctor isn't busy because I have so many questions.

Pre op done!!

I had my pre op appointment today, it was a success! Dr salz made me feel so confident he assured me that I was going to look amazing! Perfect curves and projection. I can't wait two more weeks!!! And I finish paying off the 750 that was added onto my bill since I added Lipo to my arms now my surgery is paid in full, got my meds and I'm ready to go just one more thing, I'm still waiting on my damn medical clearance the doctors office never faxed over the results oh well let's wait and see and hope for the best.

Worst day ever!!!

So I get a call from the doctors office and of course it's s bitter sweet feeling because you never know but it's Chelsea and she's like oh I got your labs and they're all good BUT your doctor didn't send the right medical clearance on the paper he put "do your own exams" so right then and there I flipped out called my pcp and flipped shit lol I told them what was going on and all they said was oh I'll let the doctor know and then I told them I'd call every single fucking day if I have to paid for that medical clearance so I want my damn letter saying I'm cleared for surgery damnit! I was beyond pissef so Chelsea such a sweet and helpful girl she called my pcp office and they said they'd fax something over and what they faxed was another paper saying " the doctor said you can do your own exams" I went crazy when Chelsea told me that because how can my pcp do this to me? I payed for it my labs are all good why the hell do they not want to send over a stupid letter saying I'm cleared so I called my pcps management and spoke to a lady named Melissa told her the situation and she said not to worry that she's going to talk to the doctor about 30 minutes later Chelsea emails me saying she recieved my letter and now all to do is wait for her to give it To the anesthesiologist to see if I'm officially cleared or not let's cross our fingers because God knows I only have 13 days left till surgery

So here it is!!

My official weight gain and last pre op pictures. I gained a total of 10 pounds and I can definitely see the difference. I can't wait for him to suck out all the fat out of me I hope he can give me a nice shape and nice projection!!

This is my ideal shape

I really hope dr salz can work his magic and give me this shape!!! It'll be a dream come true.


Tati emailed me today saying I'm cleared! October 26 I am officially ready for you!!!!!

6 more days omg!

I can't believe it's only 6 days away! I've waited so long for this surgery and it's finally only days away. These last three years have been hell for me I hope this surgery gives me a little confidence boost (:

4 days left

4 days left and I have everything ready! Except that I have not been able to find a button down dress or zipper dress whatever though. I've been really sick to my stomach these last couple
Of days also I feel a cold coming in like I have mucus in my throat tmi lol but I hope it doesn't affect anything I'll be leaving to Miami on Sunday.

Freaking out! Please help!

I'm sneezing and I have mucus!!!!!!! What if I'm getting sick? Also my ear was hurting earlier omg what do I do? My surgery is 4 days away! Any tips? Please help

Arrival at 7am!!!

Tati called and emailed me confirming my arrival time at 7am. I can't believe this is all happening right now. Now I'm actually getting excited yay!!!

On my way to Miami!!

It's about that time!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!! On my way to Miami. Less than 24 hours to go.

I'm here!!! Pray for me please

It's that time! I'm almost there.

Made it to the other size

I promise to do A full review later

Well here you go!!

One day post op pics

This is no joke

Day 2 and I'm feeling so sore but it's more soreness than anything. It's much harder to do things because I also got my arms lipoed but I'm very strong. I've been getting up to walk but I can't stand up for too long cause I get really dizzy. I feel much better when I'm laying down. Over all I'm ok but my entire body is sore. Like I said later on I'll do a full review but Doctor salzhauer is the best doctor on this planet and his staff is amazing

Without garment

Honestly this has been such a tough experience I'm so weak I've fainted like 5 times but I know it'll be worth all the pain and suffering.


I'm wearing a size small garmet and I feel like it's squishing my butt doesn't look like I have much projection :(

My butt is so damn flat!!!!!!

My freaking butt looks so flat with this garment on and it's making me freak out yes whatever I know it goes through changes but god damn already? Ugh I can't wait to take these stupid drains out. Over all I feel good.

So here's my review, got there at 7 am and Tati immediately gave me a cup to pee in, I then went back into a room. Barry the anestia guy comes in, he was such a sweet heart. He asked me health questions etc. then Tati came in made me sign some papers etc etc then DR MIAMI THE MAN comes in he made me so excited, it was like seeing a celebrity. He starts marking me up I showed him a wish pic and I told him I wanted an XXL Bbl he was like I got it! So I made him pinky promise me that everything will be fine and I was like thank you I love you and he was I love you too! He's truly amazing he cares about all his patients. So like 5 minutes later Barry calls me to go into the surgical room I lay down I remember him putting an iv on me and that's it. Suddenly, I wake up in the recovery room shaking my ass off and I was laying on my butt with a boppy pillow I was in so much pain. Whatever long story short my mom comes in with my cousin I get on my own and my nurse was like wow calm down I saw black lol but I saw on the wheel chair and sat in my car with the boppy then moments later my mom had to pull over so I can lay on my stomach cause I couldn't anymore but over all the first day wasn't as bad it what made it worse was the stupid nausea over all I'm ok.

In a tight dress

I love my shape! I just hope my butt fluffs up a little more.

First light shower

Omg it was crazy why am I still so dizzy. When it's time to change my garment, it feels like my world is about to end.

I need some advice calling out Doctor salz beauty warriors

Ok I see all these others girls with a different garment, mine is tight all over including my butt. Also, my doctor doesn't recommend massages; but everyone has told me I'll need them. So what do I do? Any answers for me? Do I buy a new garment I'm scared it's killing my fat sells plus it's tight but idk I just feel like it doesn't fit right, please help.

6 days post op

Feeling much better than I was before. I'm not a nauseous and I don't feel like passing out whenever I take my faja off. Swelling is going down and so is the bruising. I have my post op appointment tomorrow with the Doctor. Praying to take these drains out because I'm not draining anymore, the drains are empty. Idk if that's a good or a bad thing, we'll see.

8 days post op

Already starting to feel normal, they took my drains out yesterday. Dr salz said I did not need any massages. My front drain Hurt so bad lol I wanted to die. I'm back home now and of course my bf and I couldn't help but to have sex lol I know I'm crazy right? Lol. My whole stomach and back is numb. How long does that usually last? Overall I feel much better.

Not going to obsess

I'm not going to obsess over my butt... He did his thing on me. But I won't measure myself everyday, I know my butt has gotten smaller and so have my hips but over all I still have a nice ass and nice shape. I can't complain nor be be greedy. Now about a round 2? It's too early to think about that. Maybe in the future I can consider it not right now. For now, I am going to enjoy this new body and flaunt it! I can care less who finds out that I got a bbl cause at the end of the day. They're not the ones paying for it lol it's me!!! It's my body I do what the f*** I want with it okay (:

Super itchy

I can't stop fucking scratching my butt and hips I'm so damn itchy what can I do help!!!!

Might have three seromas

I have three little balls and I'm thinking they might be seromas. I'm going to wait another week to see if it'll go away if not I'm calling the doctors office.

The struggle

The struggle to put on my spandex faja is real it's so hard to pull over my ass. My ass isn't even all that big but it's a good size for my body (: 2 weeks post op today! And feeling amazing my butt is starting to soften a little in certain areas.

Feeling smaller

So I guess the journey of seeing my butt bigger on some days and smaller on others has started. I don't look as thick today. I have tights on and I feel like I look weird.. This is so annoying I swear. By the way I started work yesterday and couldn't do it I had a break down so I won't be returning until the 23rd of this month. My waist is 28 and hips and butt 41. Originally my waist was 32 and butt to hips was 36

16 days post op

Well I don't know if it's because I'm eating too much but I don't see myself as thin as I was a week ago around my stomach and back area or maybe I'm just swollen I do switch garments a lot so idk. Here you go!! Some pictures that can show you that my butt has gone down.

Had my first night out last night

I went to the club and wow lol what having an ass does to people lol it's amazing how that's all guys look at like what the hell.. But it was so much fun I felt great and looked great! I felt so confident. My bf and I just spilt up so it felt good going out and having a few drinks.

Questions I should've asked the doctor

How long till my butt will stop shrinking?

When can I stop wearing my faja?

I said I wasn't but I'm definitely doing a round 2

This sucks bc I got an XXL Bbl and my ass isn't near as big as I wanted it to me. It's getting so mf small like damn I spend mad money on this shit and now it's not even all that big. He did fix my body but damn I guess I'm just booty greedy but idc in 2017 I'm going for a round 2! Most definitely no ifs or buts about it. I don't care what my families says IM DOING A ROUND 2.

One month post op

Officially one month post op. Look at these before and after pictures! The transformation is so damn crazy!!!! I can't complain. Over all feeling great!

when to sit

The doctor said at 4 weeks post op it was okay to " throw away " my boppy pillow, but do you guys recommend me to even sit on my butt? I really don't want it to shrink more than it has already. at work I still sit on boppy pillow, and I honestly will continue to use it until im ready to stop.

5 weeks post op!

5 weeks post op today!! And it's still changing everyday

swollen tummy and flanks

im almost 6 weeks post op and my tummy and flanks are still swollen. it doesn't even look like I had liposuction. and my arms aren't even that skinny either. what should I do? buy a waist trainer? my garment isn't tight anymore.

More pics

Unlike other girls, I love to show
People my results because I remember obsessing over this and looking for girls to update their RS accounts and being so disappointed so here you go ladies lmk what you guys think!

So embarrassing but before, one week post op and now 6 weeks post op.

Little update

I stopped wearing my faja bc it fits too big and I've been too busy to buy a new one but today I just had to put it on bc I feel like I have electricity running through my back and stomach. Also, I've been sitting directly on my butt without a pillow and everything seems to be fine. I LOVE MY BODY, he really transformed me. I am so happy with what he did to me. I'm a new person, but I will do a round 2. No doubt about it lol I love my body but after all the swelling went down my butt is measuring around 41 inches and it's more wide than actually having projection but
Overall it's beautiful but I just want a tad bit more not even something over the top. So in 2017 I'll start my journey again. I have a dent on my butt and the doctor said if it didn't go away that he'd fix it so let's see (:


ok so I have a whole bunch of cellulite on my butt and this huge dent like the size of the palm of my hand. last follow up I had w the doc he said if with time it didn't change, that he would fix it. I have to go see him on Monday, so lets hope he hasn't changed his mind about fixing it, and I hope he doesn't charge me lol it'll suck so bad. so anyways im feeling good! my butt hurts if I sit for too long but other than that I am great! love my shape but like I've always said just wish my butt was a little bigger and now I regret not getting a tt bc I have this nasty saggy skin that makes me look pregnant it just sucks! I wish my waist were smaller. but oh well.

Same dress

Wow it's crazy how much my body has.l changed. I'm still swollen on my sides and belly and back my stomach isn't as flat as I wanted to be and my extra skin is bothering me so bad I really need a tummy tuck lol


so everything is going well. I have one hard spot on my left butt cheek but overall its all soft. this dent is bothering me but the doc officially said he'd take some fat out of my inner thighs once im fully healed and fill in the dent. I hope he's feeling a little generous that day and fills in the other butt cheek a little more that'll be GREAT!

10 weeks post op

I should've listened

At all my pre operations appointments with dr salz, he always suggested for me to get a tummy tuck and I really should've listened because now my stomach is just disgusting. I can't even wear certain clothes or tights bc I just look chunky. My butt isn't even all that either. I really need to tone my legs too because they're all flabby my butt isn't as big as I thought it would be it has some bla spots that the doctor said he'd fix. I got a new job so I doubt I'll be able to go to my follow up appointment in February. My stomach really really really bothers me its lumpy on the top. I will definitely get a tummy tuck in the future.

Some shopping fun

Shopping is easier yet harder now a days lol when your waist is 28 inches and your butt is 41 not complaining but it's hard
To find the perfect fit of jeans. And I can't even wear shorts bc of the cellulite I now have on ur side of my thighs smh

Still holding a bit lol

3 months post op and some weeks and my butt is still there I guess it's at its final stage where it'll stay permantely. Not too shabby everyone else says my butt is huge but I don't see it obviously lol but I'm happy at least I'm not flat like before right? Lol my shape is pretty nice too. Now my sides and stomach are still swollen for some reason I wore my waist trainer to sleep last night and I woke up to looking like my waist was snatched so I will start using my waist trainer again until I'm fully healed... Here are some pics

It's been a while but

But I'm back! Going to give you guys a little update. Okay well, on April 8th in going in for a check up with dr salz I'm really not happy anymore. After healing my butt just looks retarded. It's squared it's still big but it just has certain dents that make my butt look flat in certain angles. My upper back still has to much fat like he did not lipo too much up top I don't want to give only negative comments he did an AMAZING job with my body compared to how it was before but if I paid all this money I want to make sure it looks right and by the way I'm officially looking into a tummy tuck after months passing I've realized that I desperately need it I can't even wear certain clothes because of my loose skin :( but yeah here are some pictures let me know.

Great news saw the doctor

I went in Friday for a follow up with the Doctor he said I looked amazing which I do I can't complain but I have some problem areas as you can see from the photos above. He said he will fix it!!! I'm also adding in a tummy tuck so I'm just waiting for Monica my coordinator to email me a quote and it's on and popping again! Going in for a touch up Bbl and tummy tuck! Yayyyyyyyyyy

Got my quote today

My official quote! Just waiting on her to email me back on when I have to pay my deposit and it's going down all over again ????????????


it's been such a long time since I've been on here. let me tell yall lol MY ASS IS HUGE!!!!!! like I've gained 20 lbs since surgery and its like omg huge lol so I decided not to do my tummy tuck with dr Miami because he is over booked and honestly don't have time for his shit lol he let his fame get to him and doesn't give his patients the time of the day. obviously the price he gave me for both procedures was great but I am not waiting 2 years to get a damn surgery lol soooooo I am going with a new doctor in Miami his name is dr Enrique gomez. he is charging me 4,900 for a full tummy tuck and I need lipo again cause my love handles are kind of coming back. later on today i'll update you guys with pictures of me. and I might open up a new review for my tummy tuck journey.

One year later

Dr miami wait times

does anyone know how long the waiting list for dr Miami now? please let me know asap

so confused as what to do

Overall I've gained 25 pounds since surgery. I don't know if you all remember how badly I struggled with gaining weight for surgery. my butt is double of what it was before and I have love handles im just overall putting on weight. I don't know what to do though, I have a quote for 4,900 for lipo and a tummy tuck. dr Miami gave me a quote for 6,500 for revision bbl and a tummy tuck. his wait times are way too long for me though. im thinking of just getting lipo and doing a boob reduction. but I know I will complain about my belly If I don't do a tummy tuck ugh idk what to do.

appointment with dr miami feb 24

So after thinking about this for a while... I decided to reach out to my coordinator monica and tell her my prolem and she said to schedule an appointment with the dr again and see what my options are. I'm taking my 1,000 down payment with me and hopefully set something up for the end of the year or the beginning of next year (since I am an existing customer and it's a revision). let's see what he says!

A year and three months later

Are you guys ready to see the huge ass difference once again? I seriously need to lose 15 pounds asap. Can't wait for my appointment with dr Miami to see what he says.



hey beautysss after a lot of thinking I decided to go to dr duran... he work is AMAZING! I am doing a bbl revision, tummy tuck, breast lift with implants all for 7k. what have you ladies heard about her? she seems great to me. my surgery will be march of 2018 because of my vacation days.

DR DURAN Inform me about her please

I got a quote from dr Duran (tummy tuck, bbl, Breast lift) all 7k. Her work seems amazing!!! But I haven't seen great reviews so I'm scared. Tell me more about her.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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