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It feels kinds weird going through this process! I...

It feels kinds weird going through this process! I know for sure this is what i want. I just can't believe that i am actually going through the steps changing my body. Although im not extremely over weight i have not been happy with my body for a while. I lose weight gain weight but never have i been satisfied with my bottom. So here we are.. I have been approved and Finance by United Medical Credit and they will be sending Vanity my 5,000 that i was approved for. So here we are moving right along to the next step... Still in disbelief... I turned 30 December 11th and i made a vowe to myself to grow old sexy and health by this time. since im not where i wanna be and have not received the results i want from exercising im gunna cheat a little and have Dr. Fisher Bless me with his hands. Im soooo excited but sooooo nervous at the same time about going through a "SURGICAL PROCEDURE" lord bless me and all who goes down this path for he decides our faith. Keep you posted on further information

Have a date!!! :) Nov 10th 2016

So I finally have a date they have my money so its final!!! Im going to see Dr. Fisher on November 10, 2016!!! Im so excited and nervous at the same time and it 4 months away....i really dont know what to do in the meantime cause November is far away...

The Count Down!!

Im so ready....

Wish Pic's

Im short and very top heavy just want a hour glass portioned body... A lil butt and hips to match my big boobs, which is a FULL 36DD that s borderline DDD lol scared of getting a huge ass its sexy but i dont wanna always look like a sex kitten! Please Dr. Fisher give me a nice round bubble butt!!!

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Wish pics

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Oh ladies i got this bundle deal that includes EZ Pee, 3 POLY FOAM, LUMBAR MOLDER & ABDOMINAL BOARDS it was like $67 with shipping and everything. I feel like it was worth it because ive been on the search and buying separate was just more money to me and im a baller on a strick budget!!! Lol I can't wait till all this is over so i can see the money im working for. lol im so geeked its getting closer :) nervous and over joyed at the same time, just a bunch of different emotions.. I keep looking at myself in the mirror trying to picture how im gunna look... I just wanna skip to 6 weeks after surgery all healed up and sexy lol

Dolls Recovery Getaway

Sooo I've decided to go with Dolls Recovery Getaway. I was undesided between them and Loveshows Recovery house. Doll house was more straight up with their answers to my questions, and didn't ignore one concern that i had. I have massages scheduled outside of the RH and i just could get an answer to loveshows RH regarding if they will transport me there or not! Which i saud was important. On top of asking a few unnecessary personal questions about why im on a tight budget? Why get the surgery if im stressing? and why i don't have help! That's beside the point, i didnt contact you for counseling i called for a service that im gunna pay for regardless of what my budget is. Anyways ...Dolls getaway RH said absolutely! And on top of being on top of things dolls RH prices are cheaper and very reasonable too! Ill be staying with them 4 days and the total came up to 480.00 i just wanna be around some professional, warm, caring people who know more about this than myself until i feel up to it and get a routine going.


I purchased the Vedette 944! $50.00 bucks on Ebay Vs 70-100 buck anywhere else! :)

Me now! Eghhh!!

It's finally time!!!!

So today is the day i get blessed by the hands of Dr. Fisher! Im just so ready to be on the other side of things recovering. I will be at "Eres" 1:45 and it's going down. I just pray that god keeps his hands on me and all the other women going through such a process! Just bless us go come out happy and healthy... :) goodnight next time you hear from me ill be letting you guys know how everything went!! Good luck to the other ladies I know will be having their surgery tomorrow, God Bless :)

Final Wish Pics

I will be showing Fisher these wish pic photos


So i basically been in excruciating pain since this went down... I don't know if it's just me but this hurts really bad! The girls i had the pleasure to meet at the RH were doing so good and moving around. I found that very hard to do. My tummy and my butt is so hard but i will say Dr.Fisher did an excellent job! He was super cool and very funny... I would definitely recommend him for your bbls

9 days Post Op

Soooo it has been a rough!! I mean Rough recovery!! Today is the day were i am starting to feel kinda ok. I take the garment on and off ok and thats only to poop and shower. The antibiotics had md trippin!!! Bad headaches and crazy nightmares! Now they are done drsin is removed im starting to see the light! I still cannot bend put shoes on or even sit on my but if i wanted to. Its so tight and stiff!
My toughest moments as of now seem to be at night. Thats when i hurt the most! Maybe because im not moving but i get so sore at might its crazy! I think Dr.Fisher must have went really hard on my midsection which i am happy about because most of my rolls are gone on my back and my tummy is super flat! When I get 100% i will definitely be working on these chunky arms because they dont fit my new body. I look in the mirror and i can say i am happy with my results. Although I wanted a bigger butt, its cool. Im just gunna stay positive and be thankful for goid results and making it out safely which was my main concern. The beginning was so rough! But i wanna give a HUGE SHOUT OUT TO DOLLSRECOVERYGETAWAY AND MY MOM! They were everything! After surgery i was laid in bed they feed me soup and was so comfortable and supportive!!! GOD BLESS THEM! I forget the night nurses name but she was a godsend! I THANK ALL OF THEM!!! I just hated going up and down those stairs which was good for me in the end lol i just wanted to lay there but they pushed me to move around and get up! You cant just lay around ladies you gotta get those muscles moving. I recommend Dolls Getaway RH and the food was good...

Here is a pic 9 days post op... i wish i could get a netter angle but im so stiff i can not twist much at all!!! Any questions you guys may have feel free to ask!! Just know this surgery is for strong! I commend those girls who go round 2 and 3! This is it for me!! Im St8 on this type of pain! And I don't mean to scare anyone i kust feel there where no reviews that ive seen that expressed the real when it comes to hos painful it is! I was expecting to be ok and back to work after my 10 days but i was wrong! Those ladies that are good after a couple days I would love to know what i did differently lol :) but be strong i can say after the storm for about a week i will get bare able and you will see the light!!
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