6 Ft Tall, Looking to Go from Flat to Phat, Soon to Be OrtegaDoll. Miami, FL

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Well, I am back at it again. Last year I had a...

Well, I am back at it again. Last year I had a BL/BA in PA. Now, I want a phat booty!! I was always an athlete growing up, and even still never had a booty. I wanted this even before I fixed my breasts! I originally was contemplating DR, but the out of country stuff scared me, especially being an ICU nurse, and the crazy stories and things that I have seen over the many years. Plus, in the states I can use Care Credit. So, after researching more I decided on Miami. Afterall, most of the gorgeous people walking around there are enhanced! Lol!. So. I found Spectrum and Dr. Ortega. Now, I wanted Dr Osak, but after talking to Emily, the coordinator, and finding out that he is not board certified, I went with Emily's suggestion of Dr. Ortega. I have paid my deposit and have a date in a few months. So, I figured I will start my review now. I have seen some good and some bad things about Ortega, mainly not being aggressive enough with his lipo, and woman looking like they didn't have a BBL at all! Both of which scare the hell out of me. I am not in the position to be off of work longer or afford to go into this only to have to do a round 2. I am looking for help, suggestions, inside info from ladies who have had a BBL with Dr Ortega. I have read a few, but some don't have pics. I am so excited, scared, and nervous. Wondering about the procedure itself, recovery, and social impacts. To be continued!!
P.S. if any dolls are on IG, my surgery page is AmazonDrOrtegaDoll....I would love to follow and network.

Before pics

Recovery house vs cheaper options

Was wondering whatbother oootions i have traveling to Miami alone. Whatbisbthe most economical way? Got thos quote from a new place i found on my surgery ig page. But damn!, not really wanting to spend an extra 1125 plus flight. I am a nurse, so should i just get intermittent help? And book a hotel? Suggestions please!

Recovery house

Well i have found Keyla's recovery house and have made my deposit. I have nothing but good reviews and I feel good about my decision! Of course I will add this into my final review once I am in Miami. Follow them on IG @keylarecoveryhouse. The price was awesome also!

pre op

I hate showing these pics..ugh

What faja is best??

Figured I'd ask this question to my RS dolls also... I have been told the vedette 944 and marie E...thoughts?

Thanks Sx community

Ladies I must say, I have done more searching and researching for this procedure then I did for the boobs!. I have found that the combo of RS and IG is perfect!.Dolls create a surgery IG..now I have also seen some pettiness, but overall you can get a lot of info and pre and post op pics real women. I have learned a great deal. Also Keylas recovery house , @Chiseledlux for garments, medical massage professionals, bbl pillow, the pink room, and more resources!!!

New Year..New Booty...1 1/2 pre op

Just wanted to postbsome surgery app pics. Things are getting very real now. I'm almost done paying off Keylas RH...finally started buying supplies. Had a scare another Ortega doll that had surgery last month caught an infection in her grafted sites, was hospitalized, and delayed in Miami for a good week. Scared the hell out of me. .So i was totally tripping and wantedbto change surgeons. I realize shit happens, and I havento have faith. Seems like everytime ive tried to change to Dr O, something stood in the way. Im going to stick with my choice. And remain faithful he will deliever and that I will be ok. Will update soon. Im always on IG

35 days to go...

Time is rolling along!. I'm having so many emotions already its a damn shame. Lol. Let's not mention the "I woke up from surgery and looked the same" dream I had! I literally have to smh! But...through all that I am more anxious than anything. The surgery IG community has become a source if knowledge and networking. I suggest getting one to all ladies on this journey. I will be placing an order this week of supplies and an extra garment. I took my time to putting it together over the last few weeks. So, my Amazon.com basket is ready! I am also purchasing some essential oils that are excellent with swelling and cellular repair to add to my Bio Oil.
I sometimes feel that since surgery is getting closer, I am more stuck on my imperfections. It's like I just want to start recovering. Lol.

17 days

The time has been flying by..almost time. I am so nervous.

8 days

Man Oh man! I can remember when I was like 100 something days away, now in exactly a week I will be on a plane to the MIA! The emotions are unreal! The dreams, nervousness, and excitement has me going crazy! Have waited a long time....almost here.

6:15a...Its going down!!

Made it to Miami safe and sound. Staying at Assistance 4 Life with my surgery sister. Karla is out of town, but her sister, Maria is the best!! Staying in their new recovery house..small and clean!
I'm currently waiting outside of Spectrum to go in. Had some good prayer with my father this morning and I feel good!!

doing ok

This is not an easy , simple, or quick process ladies! I have been having lots of emotional swings. My body is totally beat up, swollen, bruised, and not the outcome that will be with time. I highly recommend Karlas new house where Marcy and Kenya took great care of us. I would not recommend using the massage lady they provide. She did not drain us at all..wasted money, actually ended up paying for 3 from Yazna at Spectrum, addressed my concerns with Karla, and she gave us all our money back. Nothing personal, it is business,.with my background and knowledge of he anatomy I knew something was wrong when she was massaging upward, and not towards tge large groups of lymph nodes. To each his own, wasn't good for us. Felt a million times better once we were drained at Spectrum.
As far as pics, i havent really taken any, butt was looking all top heavy. Ortega told me he got 4L and used all 4L. So , once Im home..ill update more.

6 days post

i purhased this Diane faja in miami. still think the waist needs to be tighter. Ingot in it by myself. I taught my mom to massage and drain me. Only very lil drainage now. Still wake up with lower back pain and stiffness. Iven been massaging in the morning which helps so much. I don't know what the final outcome will be. Im a it nervous about that. But I do know of a woman that is tall like me that went to Ortega and had the sme concerns i have, and she looks good now at 5 mths post. But at 6 days my butt..well..idk, not as dramatic as I hoped for.Everyone says time and patience.

some updated pics

I am now 3 weeks post op. Been wearing a maria e. Had an intention that I noticed on my left side, and boy can I tell you how excruciating it has been with getting it massaged out!! Found a Coloumbian owned spa in Philly that does all the post surgical treatments I need. I will say after the 3rd massage I can totally tell the difference in the hard area. I had 3 massages at Spectrum, then my mom was massaging me until i found Magaly Spa.
Current measurments 35-35-50. was 36-40-51

4 weeks post

i update my sx IG often. Prepare yo spend money post op..between finding the right garment and massages..
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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