Do not book DR ORTEGA for a bbl he is total waste. worst experience ever!!!!

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I am doing my research on affordable doctors in...

I am doing my research on affordable doctors in Miami.

Which are the best doctors there?

How was your experience, did you get the desired result, any complications, service experience ?

How much did you pay for flights, surgery, accommodation,the break down and all inclusive?

I am thinking of Dr Mel Ortega - any recommendations on him?

Looking to travel to DR or Miami for a BBL I am fron LONDON

Looking in to doctors in DR such DR DURAN, DR WALKIRIS ROBLES, YILLY.

Or either Miami Dr ORTEGA.

Anyone want to buddy up and travel together to get surgery done and pay half costs for room.

London to Miami for a Brazilian butt surgery

I will be travelling from London to Miami for a bbl. My chosen surgeon is Dr Mel Ortega. I will stay in US for 2 weeks. Looking to buddy up with other real self girls to share half costs for recovery home / hotel.

Does anyone know an all inclusive affordable recovery home in Miami???

or a caregiver and transportation offers? I may rent a room with air bnb or hotel.

Anyone want to share costs to rent a room off airbnb

I am getting surgery done with DR MEL ORTEGA. I will be renting a room close to imagenes cosmetic centre / vanity. Probably in CORAL WAY / WESTCHESTER or any other closer locations near to clinic. We can share one room with two beds. I will be hiring a nurse from CSI AGENCY. They charge $13.50 per hour and transport is .58 cent per mile. If anyone is serious to stay together and recover and support each other throughout this procedure please let me know. inbox me :)

boppy pillow, yoga mat or yoga block?

Has anyone used any of these on a economy class long flight back after having their bbl procedure? How was your experience and which would is you felt comfortable in using? I will be placing it under my thighs leaving a gap away from buttocks.

3 days post up

Hi i am doing a quick update.

i just had my surgery couple of days ago and i would like to share my experience. I recommend girls do their research and DO Not Book recovery houses i have seen scary stuff in person and heard bad reviews how recovery home ladies do not provide proper care. Understand the girls emotions feelings and leave them alone in pain suffering. These ladies wont provide girls with transportation so they have no choice but to book taxis to buy supplies. I have booked a studio apartment in Olympia heights it is a very good choice i made. It has a private entrance. I advise girls please do not travel alone the recovery stage is extremely hard to be alone. Please bring a family member / friend or a registered nurse to provide post op care. I have a lady who i met of realself her username is bori123. She is very very good the best choice i have ever made. I got to know her over phone few weeks before surgery and she agreed she can look after me at a reasonable cost. She has had a bbl with Dr Ortega too last year and her results are amazing. She understands me physically and emotionally and has provide the best care ever than any experienced lady out there. She picked me up promptly at airport, took me grocery shopping, garment shopping,, cooks me nice food, ensures everything im the apartment is clean, assists me to toilet, changes and washes garments,takes me to all appointments in her car, she is the best she has done alot for me and has always advises me for best. I would recommend her if anyone needs care or transport. You will not regret having her around. She is very reliable and straight forward.

Need advice please!!

Does anyone know in which week is recommend to start wearing the butt out faja?? I am nearly 2 weeks post op. If I was to wear it now will it kill the fat cells injected?

imagenes - worst coordinator!!

Hi girls

I am sharing my experience with you on imagenes cosmetic centre. My coordinator was YANET. Her service and attitude was very very poor towards me. She was very pushy at first forme to book surgery with her once she took my money she stopped responding to any of my questions and concerns. She has a very unhelpful, unorganised attitude. When i arrived at the clinic not even once she came up to me to welcome me or congrats me on my new surgery. She kept walking by making me feel invisible. She knew in advance i am an out of state patient and that stay in Miami wont be long and that everything within that time needs to be completed within the week. She did not inform me about my lab works time, surgery time, neither booked my massages and follow up. I had to get this all sorted through another coordinator who was willing to provide some help. Yanet also did not give me any post op care instructions or further information about the surgery. I requested several times my medical note and she made excuses not willing to provide. Till i informed her i will make a complaint to the owner of imagenes explaining about her unhelpful attitude. She then provided me with false information medical note completed by her. Saying i had inner / outer thighs lipoed and had fat injected each side of butt with 1600 cc each. This is so untrue and such a lie. I am no where near this amount. Neither Dr Ortega injects this much in to his patients. Dr Ortega / nurse informed my caregiver i had 1300 cc each butt cheek. The amount yanet sent differs alot. I am so unhappy with the service of this clinic. Dr Ortega and the nurses were friendly and helpful but this clinic is let down by the coordinators working there. These girls reputation is making the place look awful.

bbl 12 area lipo has decreased to $3800. I paid $4500 including 5 massages and garment. The massage lady has no knowledge in doing the lymphatic massages. I had to go and get one from myriam medical massage professional.

i highly recommend girls only pay for your bbl and do not add massages or garment it is a total waste of money with this clinic. This clinic is very disorganized and the service is extremely poor.

i thank god i have made it safe throughout this journey and returned back to my homeland without any infections or other problems.

recommended apartment for out of state girls

I stayed at this apartment when had my bbl. It is located in Olympia heights close to Westchester and coral way. It will be easier for girls to commute to surgery centres like imagenes / vanity / new life.

I had a pleasant, private, safe stay here. It is one of safest, quiet area in Miami. Highly recommend it to out of state girls.

Here is the link :

Advice to other girls....

Out of state : make sure you buy your fajas, antibiotics, pain medicine, supplies before you arrive to Miami.

Exchange your currency in your own country. I lost out on alot money thinking i will get more dollars with the pounds i had but ended up loosing more.

prices here are very costly and you will end up spending more than you imagined.

bbl experience with dr Ortega

Hi girls

I would like you to share some opinion and comments on your bbl experience with dr Ortega.

how many inches of volume did you increase post up?

do you have a even fuller butts from top to bottom?

have you maintained your hips if been injected with the bbl?

how long have you worn your garment?

Any other post op advice I would appreciate it.

my butt measurements before surgery was 38 and a half inches.
i am 4 weeks post op. Currently holding at 40 inches. I have not sat on my butt or applied any sort of pressure. I have been lying on my stomachs since day of surgery.i have been doing light household duties since i have returned home.

i feel a little disappointed at this stage. I have paid awful lot of money just for an inch and half butt volume and which is at the bottom only. Rest of the butt seems flat and empty.
i am not sure how much more volume i will be loosing in the up coming months.

i read many reviews on girls that went to dr Ortega and their butt measurements are holding at 43 inches.

what do you suggest i can do?

shall i start squats at this stage to improve volume and muscle?

selling my new faja

I bought this faja from Miami in march 2015.

wore it one week and washed twice.

its become loose for me so no prefer to sell it.

it is in good condition no mark no nothing.

i bought for 128 dollars. I can sell for 65 pounds. If anyone interested inbox me. I will post it to you immediately or you can collect from London.

its XL size

lycra material

has two rows

butt out

i cant post pictures here its not allowing. I can send them to you if you like.

Do not book DR ORTEGA unless you want your money to go down the drain....

I am nearly 11 week post op. I have been looking after myself very wisely. I did not start sitting or sleeping on sides till 2 months. I see one inch increase in my result so far. I am very unhappy with all the money spent after ending up with a slight change. I believe if I did my research in picking a good doctor today I would not have been in this state. I had good amount of fat in my flanks, stomach. I was expecting thinking my body will highly improve after a bbl. NO this was not the case. I see the flanks have decreased, stomach little flatter but abdomen fat still remains aswell as upper back / bra line. dr ortega did not do aggressive lipo at all and missed areas. With a round 1 I have started to believe you will not get a huge change of 3-4 inches increase. you have to have a few rounds to get that amount. also depending on your body fat and life style if fat survives. I had stubborn, pure fat that was good to use. but unfortunately dr ortega could not provide what i wanted. I would not recommend this dr to anyone. Girls please do your research and dont start believing in whatever you see on the internet. there is alot fake profiles promoting dr's, photo shopped pictures happening, or making judgments on to early post op recovery the swelling wont be your final result. The recovery is tough whilst all the money gone down the drain. leaving with unsatisfied results and permanent scars to live with.


I bought this faja from Miami in march 2015.

wore it one week and washed twice.

its become loose for me so no prefer to sell it.

it is in good condition no mark no nothing.

i bought for 128 dollars. I can sell for 65 pounds. If anyone interested inbox me. I will post it to you immediately anywhere in UK or you can collect from London. I will post royal mail recorded delivery if needed.

its XL size

lycra material

has two rows

butt out

Anyone needs post op care + transport here is the links - you will save alot money than recovery homes. I highly recommend

I have stayed at this place in miami when had my bbl in march 2015 -
The owner said his wife / friend will be able to assist with post op recovery care and transport at a reasonable cost. It is very close to image cosmetic centre and vanity.

This lady is a nurse by profession and offered to provide me with care and transport - she said $50 for 8 hours care and transport cost you can discuss with her at a fixed cost.

I highly recommend girls either to bring someone with them for care or either contact these ladies of airbnb when you book the room with them. There was a few more on airbnb owners who ill you help you out. just be in touch with.


bbl 6 months advice

Since I have started the gym I'm mostly doing bottom half workouts. I use the cross trainer half an hour. My butt has lost half inches its on 40 and half inches. The butt is becoming completely flat. What do you suggest I do? Can I get the loss back and how? What butt tone up workouts you recommend?

Has anyone from UK or US had a good bbl experience from TURKEY, EUROPE???

I am planning to go for a round 2 bbl. I do not want to travel too far and add up too many expenses again. I am thinking to have it in countries like TURKEY, SPAIN, BELGIUM or another EUROPE countries.

Anyone had a good experience. Please comment to let me know which doctors or country you recommend for this procedure.

Please can you advise me if this is normal or not - my body skin has darkened slightly since I have had the bbl, my face looks bigger and have started to get a double chin, bigger arms, dimples in butt. Have anyone of you experienced this? What do you recommend I should do?

I am not happy with the volume / projection. dr ortega did not perform aggressive lipo as I still have back fat, love handles, belly fat.

Any experience on a round 2 bbl. please comment

I wanted to hear from girls who have had a round 2 bbl. Would you recommend it and is it worth the money? What parts of the body did you have lipoed? getting thighs lipo good or not? What doctors would you recommend?


Girls who requested my before and after results. I am so sorry I did not upload as I was very busy with work. Here are some pictures of me. I have only an inch increase in my butt size. I can not even tell I had a bbl as to when I wear clothes the jeans and trousers feel flat on me. Butt cheeks dont look even and round. The stomach area looks a little reduced. But the fat seems to be coming back to that area again. I suffer from PCOS I am not sure if it is because of that I gain weight in my mid area. I have lost some weight its been a few weeks now. Still not happy with results. For all the money spent and pain I feel it was not worth the money. I seem to gain more weight on my face and arms and stomach. Thinking of a round 2 in future but with another doctor.

anyone seen any offers with dr omulepu for 12 areas lipo bbl for $3000 -$3500

Please comment or private message me

Advice needed from girls who had a round 2 bbl

I had my first bbl just over a year ago. And I am so dissatisfied with the results dr ortega gave me. My butt seems flat and uneven. one cheek seems to be bigger than the other. I have dimples in my butt and rest mid to top the butt is completely flat. the fat in my stomach, abdomen, flanks has came back again. I have put weight alot in my face and arms area. Any girls who have experienced a round 2 bbl. Please share your opinions and advice to whether you would recommend to others a round 2 or not? If so, how much butt volume have you increased and whether you are satisfied by having the second round. I would definitely not return back to dr ortega.

advice needed on rhinoplasty please

Any girls had a positive experience with rhinoplasty? Can you please advise me what dr I should look at, are the scars visiable, should I have a closed or open rhinoplasty, how much time should I take off work, are there any long / short term side effects? Are the results permanent and will there be any future changes to nose?
Miami Plastic Surgeon

will not recommend this doctor. he does not care about patient wishes or needs. he will do what he thinks is best. he provides very little volume a inch increase after swelling has gone down. his lipo is neither aggressive. i paid 12 areas for full front and back. my my bra line and upper back is still the same he did not lipo even though he marked it. you will not see this doctor on follow up at imagenes. the nurse will take your stitches out and rush you. the massage lady at this clinic has no knowledge in doing massages. she will rub you in circular motions with a cream giving so much pain and discomfort. coordinators at this clinic are worst only money minded and disorganized. once deposit is paid you have to do all the chasing. overall my experience with all these people were not pleasant. being an out of state person you will just get ripped of from them because all are money hungry here.

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5 out of 5 stars Payment process
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