Dr Salzhauer Post op - Lipo and scar revision (no BBL)

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Hi everyone I have been stalking this website for...

Hi everyone I have been stalking this website for a while and whilst it's been so helpful and informative it's also made this a really difficult decision for me!

I am 28 years old, 5'3" 155lbs had 2 kids, had a TT, BA and Lipo done 7 years ago after my first child and then had a c section 2 years ago. My TT scar has been revised THREE times and never healed properly :(

Anyway since my 2nd pregnancy I developed excess fat on my back, flanks and waist and I have lost my curvy shape. I have a pretty big butt anyway but I think it's a bit asymmetrical and just not a good shape right now.

After all my research I am having a lot of trouble deciding whether to go to Miami (Probably Dr Salzhauer) or Spain (Dr Aslani). Miami will be a bit more expensive and what worries me is that the flight back is longer and that I can't just pop back to Miami post op for any revisions or check ups as I could with Spain. But at the end of the day I only ever want to do this once and need to get it right first time. Sorry for rambling on but I would really appreciate it if anyone with experience of BBL's with Dr Salz or Dr Aslani could offer their opinion. Or anyone from UK that has had a bbl in Miami I would be grateful if you could let me know about your experience esp being on your own and the flight back? I am hoping to get the surgery in March 2015. Thanks!

OMG I put my deposit down for Dr Salzhauer!!

You girls would not believe how much RS research I have been doing to choose a doctor. I have been back and forth even about the whole bbl procedure or whether to just have lipo but i have finally done it - I've made a decision to go with my original gut instinct of a BBL and lipo to arms, thighs and chin with Dr Salzhauer. During our facetime consultation he seemed to really get what I was saying and he is the only surgeon who actually took the time to speak to me personally. I have just put down the $1000 deposit. I will be travelling from the UK to Miami by myself, my sx date is 17th March so I will be out there from 16-26th March, I am gonna miss my babies and hubby so much :( But I know it's gonna be worth it. I am currently booking my stay at Moni's recovery house which I have heard great things about so now it's just a waiting game. I think I am gonna try and stay off the RS reviews so I don't doubt my choice in surgeon as the deposit is non-refundable!! Any help or tips for preparing for my bbl and what to take with me would be most welcome :) Will keep you updated ladies as I know how helpful this site has been for me so far

Booked my flights & told my hubby truth!

So I double checked with Arianny at Dr Salz's office that my date of 17th March is definite and then went ahead and booked my flights which are non-refundable. So I fly from London to miami on 16th march and return on 28th March First class. The first class ticket was so much more expensive but I think it will be worth it so I will be able to lie down most of the way.

So I only told my hubby I was getting Lipo as (for some reason!) he loves my booty and I was worried he would say no if I told him my plans. So anyhow he brought up with me that he had seen a message about bbl that I left in my inbox and asked if that was what I was planning on doing. So basically I confessed all and was crying my eyes out and it turns out he was so supportive about it! I couldn't believe it, he said if that's what I really want he will support me. So now I have a weight off my mind coz I was so worried about how he would react.

Lastly, I am booked in with Moni from 16-26th March and paid my deposit but have not been able to get through to her for the last week, starting to get a bit worried! The last 2 days I have booked into a b&b room I found on airbnb which looks good and was cheap.

Will keep you girls updated and will also be uploading some wish pics soon x

Wish Pics :)

I don't know if any of these will be achievable but this is the sort of look I am after - naturally curvy

another one

Change of username

Just incase anyone was wondering I have changed my username to Curvesfordayz :)

Still waiting... scared about what to say to family

Hi so everything is still on track, just waiting patiently, taking my vitamins and buying supplies. However, I have 2 young kids and will be going away and leaving them with my husband for 13 days and I am really worried what to tell other people. I don't want to tell my parents the truth as they just wouldn't understand. For me to go away without my kids is completely out of character and I am worried they will think something's up. I was thinking about saying I am going away with a friend to a weight loss/fitness bootcamp. But do you think they will notice i haven't lost any weight when i get back? If they try and call me from UK will it tell them what country they are connecting to? Help me!

Less than 6 weeks to go, another wish pic... come on ladies give me some support!

Hi girls so it's just a waiting game now really, about 6 weeks to go and I am so nervous.

So I joined this site and wrote this review because I am so thankful for everyones reviews on here that have helped me with my decision. However, I am not getting any comments, help or answers to my questions on here or on the forums i am posting on here so to be honest i might just quit updating this review as it seems a bit pointless!

2 weeks to go! Paid my balance, getting excited. Pre-op pics also

Just spoke to Rosy from Dr Salzhauer's office and she was really nice and helpful and answered my questions.

She gave me some pre-op advice such as not taking ibuprofen or aspirin and to make sure i have a boppy pillow. She put my mind at ease a bit more as I knew I definitely wanted the lipo but I was starting to feel unsure about the BBL as my hubby is really concerned what it will be like as he loves my booty. But after talking to Rosy she said the Dr won't make it too much bigger just a bit rounder and more projected so I think it should be a good result. I already have a big booty and was just worried that I wouldn't be able to fit in jeans anymore. I might still change my mind, it all depends what happens in the consultation in-person as I have only spoken to him over the phone and email. I am hoping he will be able to lipo my inner thighs so they won't rub together anymore, I would love a thigh gap but I am pretty sure he won't be able to do that as I think my skin in that area will go saggy due to previous lipo there.

I have put on quite of bit of weight recently (not intentional!) so I am about 160lbs now which is really depressing and I look gross but I can always lose weight a few months after my surgery I guess. I can't believe how quickly the time has gone and I'm not gonna lie - the thought of travelling to Miami on my own and having surgery is so scary but I just keep thinking that the end result will be worth it.

I also paid the rest of my balance so I am all set to go.

So I have gotten up the courage to post my pre-op pics, excuse the messy room. As you can see my tummy tuck/ c-section scar is horrible and has been revised 3 times it always heals this way, guess it is just my body. Am planning on getting it tattoo'd over next year.

Before pics

Before pic

Wish pics



one more wish

Ok ok last one!!

Too many booties to choose from!

OMG only one week to go!!

So I am starting to feel pretty damn anxious about the surgery and leaving my kiddies for 12 nights, I haven't slept properly the last few nights. Making final preparations now, pretty much packed and ready to go, stopped drinking alcohol and not taking any pain meds. Haven't told anyone except my hubby about the surgery. Am just really hoping Dr Salzhauer can give me a natural looking beautiful figure. I really want him to sort out my inner thighs but as I haven't seen him in person yet I am not getting my hopes up as I think he may say the skin will sag there if he does it. Been keeping in touch with Keyla via What'sapp and she seems great so hopefully I will be in good hands for my recovery. I will be staying with her for 12 nights 16-28th March then taking the long 9 hour flight home (on first class). It will be my first time flying first class and it's a shame I won't be able to enjoy it! Just wondering what I will do for the two hours I am waiting at the airport for departure as I will not be able to sit?? Can't stand for that long :-/ have packed a big wedge shaped pillow to help me lie on my front at Keyla's and a boppy and some flushable wipes, still softener a, loose tops and leggings, flip flops, gatorades, pjs, big panties, toiletries, think I'm pretty much set. Trying my best not to come in contact with anyone who is ill just want to stay locked up at home but can't! Anyway will try my best to keep u ladies updated x

Plastic surgery simulated before after pics

I had a go on the simulator app, what do you think about these results? I tried to make it realistic

Flying out tomorrow

I cannot believe I am flying out tomorrow and having surgery the day after. I am feeling scared, nervous and excited. Woke up today with a sore throat, have caught a cold and really hoping I don't feel worse tomorrow. Will the surgery still go ahead if I have a full on cold on the day??
Saw family today for Mother's Day and had to lie to them the whole time talking about where I am staying and how it's a girls trip etc which was quite stressful. Hoping they don't discover my lies when I get back!

Night before surgery

I was picked up by Keyla, she is so lovely and her house is beautiful and clean. Am in bed now having taken a Xanax prescribed to help me get some rest and I am feeling pretty sleepy. I am incredibly nervous about tomo and unsure what to expect, I just hope the doctor can do what we discussed. Missing my hubby and my kids, leaving them was so hard. Wish me luck girls, I have to go into the clinic at around 3pm miami time tomo for afternoon surgery. Will update you when I can

Only got lip and scar revision

I changed my mind as everyone said my butt was nice and big enough just got Lipo ans scar revision v late last night. I am feeling very upset haven't seen myself at all yet last night was worse pain of my life mostly in my back I was begging for more pain relief. Please dolls give me some reassurance did my butt look good before???

Not even 1 day post op

I have Lipo foams and covers for my scar revision under my garment. Nurse took it off earlier and I had alone pouch of skin lower stomach I was so worried but she said everyone gets it its just swelling this is best I can manage so far


Wish I had lost weight before surgery instead of gaining weight in hindsight as I didn't even get the bbl in the end and the Lipo may have been better if I wasnt at my heaviest weight :(

The pain is unreal

Now I have a pretty high pain tolerance and have had a lot of surgeries - cosmetic and medical before and never been in this much pain. All I can say is thank god I didn't get the bbl coz I would have died trying to sleep on my front on this scar revision. It is so painful. The Lipo to the back is especially painful, can't even get out of bed on my own yet. Glad I brought a shewee device with me as although it's weird it does help a lot and stops garment getting messy.

Nurse when she came round said I looked good and she had never seen a garment so clean and blood free. She also said I look about 7 years younger than I actually am which is always a bonus. So now I'm sitting here at 4am the Percocet is kicking in and I feel much better although Keyla keeps telling me to eat but I'm finding it very hard to. There is another girl staying here from Chicago she goes to get her BA tomo which I'm sure will be fine, I found that pretty easy 7 years ago. Sorry if I'm waffling on or made any spelling mistakes I am pretty shaky and out of it. Can't wait to feel normal again. Thanks girls for your support I needed to hear that I made the right decision even tho I specifially came out here for bbl I hope I don't regret it. If Dr Miami has given me a nice shape and somehow managed to lower my scar I will just lose weight and do lots of squats when I've healed, better than risking getting a massive ghetto booty as my before measurements were 40-32-43 I think

They took out 4 litres

Just found out they took out 4 litres of fat with the Lipo is that a lot? How much can I expect my waist to go down in future

2 days post op and burns by my incisions

Itchy and painful Dr miami says they are friction burns and just to put antibiotic cream and band aids on them which Keyla has done. Praying to God they don't scar I cannot have huge burn scars all over my back ;-(

The first honest review I ever seen about bbl

I gotta be honest with you girls. I thank god I didn't get the bbl, I can't imagine pain worse than what I've been in and ive had tummy tuck, Lipo, BA and c section before this. If you have a big booty or you have no real issue with it I would recommend you don't go into this lightly. Can't imagine being in so much pain and also not being able to sit. Don't hate me girls but I urge u pls don't get a BA or TT at same time as bbl. I had my whole TT scar revised and it kills and that is not even the muscle repair or anything it is just skin deep. I been in and out of sleep and in pain and just can't explain how bad it really is for me. My overall contour is looking good and I did feel regret not getting the bbl before but I think I made the right decision

Very anaemic

Am very anaemic right now, heart beating fast, Relying still on strong painkillers, dizzy every time I move and my head and ears throb so much I can hardly hear anything anyone says. Been getting up to walk to bathroom when painkillers kick in and that's it. Not capable of anything else - am so out of it. Will try post pics over next week or so but belly looked saggy first day post op so I am scared to look plus I can't stand up straight because of the scar revision I have to stoop constantly

Spent last 4 hours getting an IV

So bal harbour were good in that they organised for Uber to come get me and take me to their clinic, the traffic was a joke. They checked my hemo and I was not anaemic so just dehydrated. Had an IV in for a couple of hours and have just got home. I feel a little better but honestly not much difference at all, still throbbing head and ear pain. They told me I need to eat and drink more but I have been really struggling. I thought I had been drinking so much but it's not enough. Will Keep u updated girls. I'm so tired I wake up every night every single hour all the time ???? just hope I can have a decent sleep tonight

Why wasn't I put on Instagram or snapchat?

I signed the letter and I was never put on it. That made me cry the day after their excuse was coz we hasn't discusswd IT. But I signed the letter?? Maybe my results just aren't good enough to be out up on their pages?? Fucking worried I know there is a lot of swelling but I can't see much difference in my shape, he didn't ask if I had any wish pics just marked me up. theninstagram and snapchat thing made me extremely upset like he didn't want to show my surgery results for some reason??. I asked for before and after pic and they said they have none :( on top of that I am worried these garments they have me are causing all marks dents and rolls in my new body. I also found out that he made an incision through my tattoo on my back which is v sentimental to me and I was never asked if that was ok. I haven't seen it yet Keyla has. I feel pretty down and like I am not going to get the results I hoped for. I still also have a throbbing migraine and earache no matter what I do

Feeling a bit better today

Feeling better managed to have a shower and wash my hair. Luckily Kelya used to be a hairdresser so she kindly blow dried my curly crazy mess for me. Still unable to eat, lots of trapped wind no bowel movement yet. Still have throbbing head ear and back pain but it's a bit more bearable now when I take the Percocet. Also a bit less tired and out of it today which is good

Unbelievably swollen but here some pics 4 days post op

Feeling a little better today

I was feeling so depressed and anxious I thought I was going crazy. I cut out the Percocet and I feel so much better. I am feeling lonely and homesick but Keyla took me out for a drive to get me out the house which was nice. Swelling has gone down a little and I am coping with just Tylenol now. My back and thighs hurt so much. I can only walk for a couple of minutes before I have to sit down. Everything exhausts me even getting up to go to the bathroom or having a shower. I HATE this triangle foam thing in my lower back of the garment it is so uncomfortable. When I am naked after a shower my back hurts so much but the skin is numb and swollen. It feels like this is gonna be a very long recover to get back to my old self. Have my check up tomo I wonder if I will get to see my scar or if the tape will have to stay on.

1 week post op

Before and 1 week after

Had first post op visit today

All was well, saw the nurse and Dr Salzhauer and they said everything is healing fine, took out my single stitches but left the TT incision taped. He wants to see me again on Friday before I leave.

Still keep going back and forth about my decision not to have a bbl but oh well I have decided when I am better I am deffo going to lose some weight, do waist training and do squats everyday!

This Lipo has already spurred me on to lose some weight and live healthier. Seeing all these beautiful miami women is making me want a hotter body too so I will be making an effort when I feel up to it.

Still haven't really slept and was out all day today with Keyla which has taken its toll on me even though I was in the car most of the time my TT incision now feels like I am having period pains so trying to rest now.

8 days post op

Feeling a lot better today, even went to the hair salon and out for lunch with Keyla

9 day Post op measurements

Breast 39 in
Waist 31.5 in
Lower stomach/hips 35 in
Butt 42 in

Will update as weeks go by, am really hoping my waist goes down to at least 29 in hope it's possible

Total makeover!

So got my hair lightened and brazilian blow out and got my nails done, even went shopping at the mall and bought some new clothes. When I arrive back home on sunday my hubby won't recognise me :) Even though I am so swollen I feel on top of the world today and so happy for some reason, like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am determined to become the person I want to be from now on. I can't wait til my scar heals I am gonna get a nice tattoo over it I have decided will be my 30th bday present next year

Leaving Miami today

Can't wait to get home and see my hubby and my babies! Was in a bit of pain today and last night but feeling a lot better on the whole. Overnight first class flight (I bought for bbl) which I regret paying over the odds for now but it's non refundable so guess it's just one of those things. Will keep you all updated as time goes by with some more pics. Still really swollen, tummy and back are numb and hard

Hard lump on inner thigh

Yesterday I noticed a hard lump on my inner thigh which I think has been cAused by the garment. Am now using Spanx with foams as my PS suggested the switch and have also booked my first lymphatic massage for this Thursday and Saturday. I wasn't going to have any massages but since the lumps are developing I thought I better have some

Hubby's reaction

So erm I convinced my hubby we would be ok to have sex last night and although he was really worried about hurting me it was actually successful ;) he even said wow look at your shape, your tummy is so flat and you look just like you did before having kids!

My overall shape looks really good but my whole stomach and back is hard, lumpy and swollen. I really hope it's something that will go away

Scar pic from a few days ago

15 days post op

15 days

Argh the itching!

So the last few days my body and scar have become so itchy. I am taking antihistamines and using creams but nothing helps! I have barely slept at all for the last few nights due to the incessant itching - even on parts of my body that didn't have Lipo like my calves and forearms :( Is there anything else I can do? Should I be putting anything on my scar? It is dry and crusty but I have only been putting micropore tape over it and nothing else as it hasn't closed yet. Just want to do everything I can to give it the best possible chance of healing properly

Migraines and nausea

Been suffering from intense itchiness which nothing helps, also am extremely tired all the time and last couple of days been suffering with migraines and nausea. Stomach still hard and back extremely swollen. Measurements This morning were 39 bust 30 waist 42 hips. Been eating too much choc this easter want to lose at least 20lbs but not sure when I can start restricting calories as I want to heal properly

3 weeks post op

Stomach still just as hard and lumpy and back is still numb. Weight and measurements the same. Been eating way too much need to start dieting asap but can't get motivated! Still itchy but not as bad as last week

3 weeks

Progress pics

Not uploading! Will do separately



So am about 157lbs
Bust 39
Waist 29.5
Butt 42

Itching and sleeplessness :(

I can't take this itching! :( I have to take a Benadryl every few hours to keep it even slightly under control. I spend all night every night scratching intensly and unable to sleep. I don't know if this is normal and what I should do as nothing works :(

Almost 6 weeks post op

More pics

6 weeks post op

My butt is all my own I didn't get a bbl but my hubby says it looks like a did! Must be because of the lower back Lipo

Leggings pic

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Still waiting to see my final results over the coming months but so far I am happy with my outcome and treatment from Dr Salzhauer and his staff at Balbody as an out of town patient. I was originally booked to have a BBL but decided against it and they refunded me the difference in price no problem. He is extremely busy now due to all his Instagram and snap chat groupies so expect quite long wait times in his office to see him and very short appointments with him

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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