BBL - December 2014

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I'm getting ready to book my Sx! I've been...

I'm getting ready to book my Sx! I've been researching, considering BBL, and stalking RS for years now. I took some time away but thank goodness for email newsletters from Arianny to remind me about it! So, got back on here a couple months ago and I'm finally ready to take the plunge. It does feel almost impossible to weigh the factors and feel totally confident in my decision. Timing, budget, specifically-comparable examples, etc, are all a lot to think about. I do know one thing though - I CAN'T WAIT FOR MY SX!

I'm looking to book a date in early December, then hopefully I can have enough time to recuperate before NYE and then back to work in January.

Booked my Sx with Hasan!

Ladies, I'm so excited! I'm booked for December 12 with Dr. Hasan! So I have like 7 weeks to pack on the pounds so I can get that dream booty and hips. Even better, my BFF is coming with me for the whole week and will be my personal nurse. I can't even believe it! I've been obsessed and dreaming about this for a long, long time. The idea of putting on some tight, stretchy jeans and totally filling them out, and turning heads when I'm walking down the street - it is so exciting. I'm so ready to look like I've always felt inside.

I'd love to hear from any other Hasan patients out there about your experiences, and any advice on what to expect, plan for, or how to prepare.

Changed to Salzhauer - Still Dec 12!

After a couple of weeks of reflection and re-considering, and looking more deeply into potential Doctor's backgrounds, before-and-afters, facility, patient reviews, Yelp reviews, I decided to make a switch. Dr. S is considerably more expensive than Dr. Hasan, but given how serious of an undertaking this is, I had to make the change. It was a tough decision but since I made it, I am a lot less nervous and much more excited! My date, incredibly, is still December 12, so that means I'm literally 30 days to go for my booty-fication! I'm booking my AirBNB today, and will be staying in south beach.

Here's some more wish pics I'll be keeping handy ;)

40, fit, male, BBL to get a sexy hourglass + heart shaped bubble butt

Wow! Just three weeks to go for my BBL with Dr. Salzhauer! I can't wait. I've been wanting this procedure for years, and finally decided to take the leap about a month ago.

The hardest part of this for me is that, well, I'm a guy, who's going for an ultra-feminine shape. I'm asking Dr. Salzhauer to give me the smallest waist possible and a heart-shaped rear. I'm busy eating like a little piggy to pack on enough fat to give him something to work with. But how will it turn out? There are very few stories like mine on RS to help set my expectations.

I'm unsure how dramatic of a result I should ask for. I know for certain that I really want a bubbly, heart shaped bum. I want it to be noticeable and obvious that I've got a feminine shape and proportion. But just how far should I go? Where is the line beyond which it is just too much?!

I'm so excited but also nervous: What will it be like to have a voluptuous, round, sexy ass like that, day-in and day-out, for years? What will it be like to walk into work with a new, very different, body? (I'll only be out of the office for less than two weeks). How will I be received at my next family gathering? How obvious or 'hide-able' will the change be? It's one thing for a woman to have her body become more fem. Or for a man to slim up and grow bigger muscles. It is very different for a man to have womanly proportions. How would you react if a man you knew - colleague, brother, or boyfriend - showed up one day with a badonkandonk? Thats what I'll be doing! I've only told a few of my closest friends, and I haven't told my family yet. I don't think I'm going to - at least until after I've had the surgery. Is that crazy?

Anyhow, all the stories I've read on RS and the many, many before and after photos have been of immense help. I plan on keeping a regular journal from now until a few weeks after my procedure in mid-December. I'm so excited about my journey and I'm excited to share it, too! I hope that it can help others out there as well who are thinking about this huge decision!

Wish pics

Just some dream booties

One week to go! Playing with photoshop

cannot wait - seven days to go until this booty is juiced up! I'm all cleared: blood tests, doctors' letter - and prepped: paid up, prescriptions rx'd, airbnb place reserved, supplies purchased, and dozens of RS reviews read! All there is to do now is wait, wait, wait.

i've told only a couple of my closest friends. i kind of want to tell my mom and sister, but at this point i'm not sure i'll be able to find the right time to do it.

so instead i've decided to play with photoshop some more and imagine what I might be looking like in a couple weeks. What do you think?

final 'before' pix - one week to go!

just some final shots so I have good comparison pix :)

i've gained 8-10lbs since my first consultation. Trying so hard to get it up to at least 10. I'll be eating like a big piggy for the next 5 days!

The Operation

well, today was the big day! Once I made it to the office, it went great. Stripped down, signed lots of paperwork, met with Dr. Salz, and made sure he knew exactly what I wanted - hourglass, heart-shape - and then the anesthesiologist. He was great. Time to head into the operating room. One minute I'm looking up at the equipment, the next thing I know, I'm in the recovery room, shivering. So cold! And wow - major, major pain. Any and every move was super painful.

The ride back to the apartment was also painful but bearable. Getting into bed was painful. Moving was painful. I was able to get comfortable laying down, but of course its hell on you back to be on your stomach for hours and hours.

Anyhow, the painkillers certainly help. And I already feel a lot better than i did 11-12 hours ago when I came to.

day of photos

Before and one day after

Three weeks post-op. Swelling down, so is booty

Three and a half weeks after my surgery....I definitely have good moments and low ones. My butt is bigger, no doubt. And I have a waist, which I did not before, at all. But.... Of course I got that booty greed! I was really wanting just a tiny little bit more hips and projection. The surgery and it's aftermath have been very painful and challenging. But I do feel great now, and as the swelling subsides, i can see a little bit of my abs. Any ways. Here's some pics.

5 1/2 months post.

i feel like my shape is pretty close to what it looked like right after surgery. my waist is a lot smaller, but not crazy small. i blame my bone structure. my booty is bigger but not J-Lo/Kardashian status. I will say that fitting into jeans and bottoms of all types is very different than it used to be. Ass looks great in jeans and i actually had to get an all-new wardrobe - nothing i had before even fits. When i wear a shaper, the effects are extremely dramatic. Overall, I'm happy but i definitely want more. Considering a round two later this year, more as a fine-tuning than to level up to KK status.

waist on point

good look at my waist with a shaper and fitted top.


met my friend for lunch today, was wearing some new jeans. she's all like "damn, girl, have you seen your ass in those jeans!?" She said its juicy. ¯\(°_o)/¯


(with the corset)

pre-op, I measured


hips - before and 6 months after

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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