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Dr. Fisher, here I come! I cannot believe this day...

Dr. Fisher, here I come! I cannot believe this day is quickly approaching!! Originally when I inquired in August, I was told the wait list for Dr. Fisher was up until February 28, 2017! Man hold up! I wanted something sooner and I practically harassed Sofia everyday for a date earlier than November. lol! Sofia was a gem and I guess the universe was on my side because I got a phone call that said someone cancelled and that I was scheduled for October 18th! Perfect! I booked my flights (hubby and I) and a rental car and was in the process of looking for a place on AirBNB because my husband was going to take care of me. I started communicating with Ana, my pre-op coordinator, and she answered all of my questions. So far, I have no complaints about the service I have received. Well Ana called me last week to tell me Dr. Fisher will be in a medical conference the week of October 17-21 so my October 18 appointment would have to be scheduled! That was news I didn't want to hear, but it worked in my favor. They moved the sx date up to September 30!! Dang, that's right around the corner! Excited and nervous at the same time. Thankfully with Southwest Airlines you can modify your reservation with no change fees so that was a breeze. Anyway, I will document this journey the best I know how and will post pics as the date gets closer.

Recovery House is the Plan Now...

After VERY MUCH thought, I have now decided to stay at a RH due to the Vanity's last minute change in my sx date as I mentioned in my first post. Initially my husband was coming with me and my good girlfriend took off work to watch my little ones while we would be away. By the way, they are the only two people who know. I heard about the stories of jealousy and I am not in the mood for any of that! Since Vanity ending up changing my sx date, I did not want to inconvenience my squad by asking them to change their days off work again. So my hubby is just going to stay home with the kids and my girlfriend will help pick them up from school/daycare. So blessed to have a support system.

Anyway, I read a very informative forum about diff RHs. I reached out to Claudia because I saw she was named in lots of reviews. I'm flying Southwest Airlines, which only flies to Fort Lauderdale and she quickly said she does NOT pick up from there! Ummmmm, okay. I also saw reviews about Jessica. I texted her with the dates I needed. She asked what I was getting and once I answered "BBL" I never received a reply. On to the next!

I saw a post by another doll (SnookiePrada123 - bless her heart. RS blocks all her posts). She recommended Love Show Recovery House because she said she was treated like a newborn baby. Gets no better than that! I gave Love Show Recovery House a call over a week ago just to inquire. I was extremely impressed by Ms. T. She took time to talk to me and text me back. She told me to view her IG page (@loveshowsrecoveryhome) and from the pictures alone, I can tell she prides herself in making sure we dolls have a safe and healthy recovery. The food menu is what I would expect in a restaurant-such a variety! Hell, I think I'm just excited to eat. She even talked to me about my food preferences and dietary restrictions to customize my meals. What I mostly liked is that she has a lot of supplies stocked already so now I don't have to buy half of the things I need. She even has dresses - included! That's a money saver alone. We have been in contact a few times since our initial talk. She's very personable and if she's going to be wiping my @$$, I appreciate that trait! lol! My mind is made up, I made a deposit with Love Show Recovery House today! **For pricing information, it's best you check her IG or contact her directly because she runs various specials. There is a Labor Day Special right now!**

24 days away! Pre Op Pics 5'7, 163 lbs

Hi dolls. Another doll named GimmeRound gave me the courage to post these pre op pics. I'm a mom of 3, which includes toddler twins, so I'm a bit timid but I'm reminded that we're all here to support one another.

My sx date is 24 days away! I have mixed emotions. Excited. Scared. Nervous. Anxious. I completed my lab work today and I'm confident that all will go well. My flight is booked. My stay with Love Shows Recovery Home is booked. I'm ready, well almost. Lol

Lab Results Came Back And...

So I had my lab work done this Tuesday, after the Labor Day holiday and the results came back early Thursday morning! My doctor gave me medical clearance and everything! Yaaaaay. The only thing is my hemoglobin is at 11.9. Ana, my pre-op coordinator called and said Dr. Fisher requires it to be at least 12.0. Boooooo. Off by a tenth of a point! Ugh. So now, I guess I'll double up on iron supplements to increase it because Dr. Fisher wants me re-tested in a couple weeks (and I can't be on my period because it obviously decreases your blood count). I have slowly removed red meat from my diet over this year so I'm sure that has a lot to do with it. I guess I'm going to find me a few steak night spots throughout the week lol. Please keep your fingers cross that I shoot for 12.0 and up! "All The Way Up" :-)

My RH Has Exceeded My Expectations!!

I have two weeks and two days before my sx in Miami! The countdown is on! As far as supplies, I didn’t order much because my RH, Love Shows Recovery Home, has a lot of supplies already. I only ordered the Hibiclens soap for pre-sx showers just to be EXTRA careful regarding infection, bio oil (for scaring and stretch marks – my twins stretched me OUT lol), Quercetin Bromelain supplements for swelling and inflammation for post-operative healing, Mederma scar cream, my own compression socks and a rubber urinal. After talking to Ms. T at Love Shows Recovery Home, she was like “Why did you order that, I have most of that stuff! ” I knew she had supplies (e.g., dial soap, gauzes, arnica gel, pads, night gowns etc.), but I guess I didn’t really know she is stocked with so much!

So let me tell you dolls how much of an angel Ms. T is!! I was looking online for the last of some important supplies and I came across a Craigslist ad that was a great deal for a BBL pillow, a lipo ab board and lipo foam (exactly what I needed! Won’t He do it!!!) Here’s the kicker; the seller lives in Pembroke Pines, FL and I live in Texas. I asked the seller if she wanted to ship them or if she would be willing to hold the items for me until my arrival in a little over two weeks. She was really cool and said she didn’t mind waiting. Now we all know that typical transportation with RHs involves airport pickups/drop-offs and sx related appointments ONLY. I texted Ms. T and asked if I could pay her instead of Uber to take me to meet the seller once I get there. Ms. T asked, “Where is she?” I said, “Pembroke Pines.” She said, “Get me the address and phone number and I will go pick it up later.” I was like, “Oh no way, but thank you for being so gracious.” I’m the type of person who never wants to have anyone go out of their way. She went on to say, “No seriously, what’s the information? I will head that way shortly.” Wow!! I gave her the information, she paid for them, picked them up, and the rest is history.

Here is the part where I was simply amazed: I asked her if she want me to send the money for the cost of the supplies electronically (the same way I paid my deposit). She said, “No, just get it to me when you get here.” If she’s not amazing, I don’t know who is. I am so thankful and impressed and I haven’t even stepped foot into the RH yet! “Love Shows” Recovery Home has really shown so much love. I can’t wait to meet her in person. I’m extremely grateful because she did not have to do that for me!!!
Another Update: I re-tested for my hemoglobin yesterday. I stopped eating red met this year and therefore, my previous hemoglobin result was 11.9. We know Dr. Fisher wants you at 12.0 and up so I have been taking supplements and waiting to hear the results. Fingers crossed.

I am so Discouraged – I Need Prayers PLEASE

Dr. Fisher wants our hemoglobin at 12.0. My first result was 11.9. I needed to be retested. So I have been doubling up on iron pills and my plan was to get some liquid iron as well. I was told I should test before my period because your levels naturally decrease due to blood loss. Well my period came yesterday, a few days earlier than expected. Since it was the first day, I rushed to the lab to get tested again. I got the results today and I am extremely sad to say it was 11.8. I am sooooooooooooo sad. To make matters worse, I’m going though issues is my marriage. He is no longer supportive (I have read about these kind, but never thought I’d go through this) and I don’t know how much more I can take. So needless to say, my sx was something I was looking forward to, something to be excited about.

My cycle normally lasts about five to six days and my sx is supposed to be in 16 days. I don’t know how in the world I can raise my levels that quickly ON TOP OF being on my period! This process is such an emotional roller coaster.
There is an option, but it’ll cost more money. If you have been following my journey, you know I’m getting laid off the week of the surgery so I am not trying to spend money unnecessarily. Anyway, there is a “cell saver” service now offered for individuals in my situation whose levels are less than 12.0. Basically a cell salvage machine suctions, washes, and filters blood so it can be given back to the patient's body instead of being thrown away. It’s an extra $500! BUT, the lowest your hemoglobin can be is 11.7 and I’m only .1 away from that. You also have to have a certain BMI and I’m good on that end.

I did not want to re-test again here at home for fear of getting on my doctor’s nerves. My pre-op coordinator said I could re-rest when I get there and these are the following possible outcomes:
(1). I can be at 12.0 and we are good to go – no extra money spent (Let’s pray really hard for this)
(2). I can be less than 12.0, but greater than 11.7 – pay $500 and get the cell saver service
(3). I can be less 11.7 – take my black ass home & reschedule at a later date

I could test before I am due to come just to avoid wasting my time and wasting a flight. My rant is over. I just need some encouragement dolls.

On a mission, but liver is NASTY!!!

Omg, I'm desperately trying to increase my hemoglobin levels from 11.8 to over 12.0, but this liver is NASTY AF!! It has the best source of iron, but damn I can't stomach it. I even tried drenching it in ketchup. Ewww. Alternatively, I'm going to get on this beet juice!!! Went to Walgreens and CVS and I couldn't find any liquid iron so hopefully the iron pills, spinach and beet juice daily will help because "I ain't gone be able to do" liver! Period. Why is it even for sale? Like, who eats this? It tastes like rotten death. Ugh

Good News!!! 6 Days To Go!!!

Had my third hemoglobin test Friday and my iron is now 12.3!!! Dr. Fisher wants his patients to be at least 12.0 so I am finally good to go. So now Vanity can get the rest of my money, lol!

Superbeets (used to make beet juice) and liquid iron have increased my hemoglobin from 11.8 to 12.3 in a really short amount of time!! It's on and popping! My sx with Dr. Fisher is still scheduled for 9/30!

Thanks so much to the wonderful dolls who have given me words of encouragement and suggestions. It worked!!! I'm keeping up my routine until the BIG DAY! Smooches my loves...

In Miami Now! BE WARNED About Vanity!

Ok dolls so I made it to Miami last night. My recovery house is great. Feels like I'm on a girls trip, lol but I'll go into that later-possibly do a separate review.

If you have dealt with or planning to deal with Vanity Cosmetics, you know their payments are made via deposits into a Bank of America account - yeah, totally untraditional. To have MY OWN personal records of payment, I made my first deposit via check from my Chase bank account. No problem and my payment receipt/invoice was emailed the same day! Once my hemoglobin levels were confirmed to be increased, this past Monday I paid the entire remaining balance the same way I paid the deposit - via check...again, for my records.

So as I'm literally in the car on the way to Vanity for pre-op, I get a phone call,
"Your final payment has not cleared."
"Excuse me?"
"You wrote a check and it's not cleared."
"That's incorrect. My checking account was already debited for the check."
"I understand but it has not 'cleared' on our end. Maybe you can do a stop payment. We won't be able to do the surgery tomorrow until payment clears."

Now most intelligent people know, you cannot ask a bank to STOP PAYMENT on a check that's already cleared your account! Their elevators obviously don't go to the top floor. I continued and said,

"Let me talk to a payment manager because clearly the money exited my Chase account and went to Bank of America via check!"

Some sorta rude dingbat named Claudia gets on the phone who basically tells me I need to do a stop payment too with basically no empathy whatsoever. By this time, I'm in the Vanity parking lot and luckily there is Chase Bank in the same shopping plaza. I walked over to Chase and asked for a copy of my baking transactions which included a copy of the check that was clearly debited from my account.

I walked over the Vanity and as I was at the front desk asking to speak to a manager, I received a phone call from a lady named Diana who is allegedly the General Manager. I showed her proof of my payment. She attempted to help but she's not the brightest crayon in the box either. She pretended to be empathetic but she really was condescending.. "Just pay another form of payment or we will have to cancel." I had to politely tell her that she can't dictate my finances because I was already out of the amount of money for which the chick was written. I literally had to step out to figure out if I needed to cancel everything and go home OR pay again. I was assured that once the check "cleared" I would get a refund since I essentially would have double paid the remaining balance.

Here is my problem with Vanity. Not once was I told that there was a 10 day waiting period on check deposits. Like I mentioned earlier, I received a receipt for my first check deposit on the same day so I wouldn't have thought that my payment for the remaining balance would have been any different. My other issue is that although the check has cleared my Chase account and is probably sitting in there Bank of America account, its considered uncleared in Vanity's "system" for 10 days. It has nothing to do with a bank to bank transaction. It's all Vanity. That is so stupid and was a huge inconvenience  and caused uneeded stress. I would have just paid cash had I known.

All I can say is THANK GOD I brought my credit card. I started to leave it home, but I listened to that little voice. I came too far to let it all go down the drain...I paid the balance and received a $0 invoice. Other than that, I had no issues with Vanity today for pre-op. It was pleasant otherwise. They better run me my money though as soon as the check "clears" GTFOH.

Oh yeah, Dr Fisher was off today so I didn't get a chance to meet him so I look forward to doing that in the morning. Wish me luck dolls! I'm the first patient and I'm scheduled for 6 a.m. peace and love...

It's The BIG DAY!! OMG!

First of all, pray with me for a safe sx and speedy recovery! Thanks in advance for those who already have. I was told to be at Vanity at 6am EST. I got here early and I'm waiting in the parking lot. Fisher wanted me to be first because I have high blood pressure which developed when I was pregnant with my twins. I'm not really nervous, just anxious and ready to get it over with so I can deal with recovery. Woosah.

Anyway, here are some pre-op pics. I am 5'7 and 158 lbs now. I'll see you dolls later and I will update when I can. Smooches...

Dr. Fisher Stuffed This Ass Like A Thanksgiving Turkey!!!

I made it!!! Not too much to update for obvious reasons, but I promise I will update as I start to feel better. Just wanted you to know I made it. I'm in pain but I'm handling it-maybe a 7 or 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. Thanks dolls for everything. Here's a couple pics.

5 Days Post Op & Doing Great!

Miami, we have a problem! What's up with this damn Hurricane Matthew?? I hope I can make it home okay. Glad my sx is out of the way! I'm 5 days post op and I'm doing great! I am taking my time moving around and handling it quite well from what I hear. My butt is sore but it's not painful. What hurts the most  (or what's the most sensitive) are my sides! They are so tender to the touch.  Next, my back and then my stomach.

With everything going on with the storm, I got my stiches and drain removed today-much earlier than expected!  I feel much better with my drain out. I was nervous because I have heard that some people pass out. It was nothing! I've been getting my massages and each day gets better. I, personally, feel better after my massages, especially after the ones from My Body Contour. The heat therapy relaxes me. The massages from Vanity were mediocre. Ladies the massages will be uncomfortable, but if it's done correctly, it should not be painful and you should be more relaxed when you're done. Oh, I had a BM on post op day 4 just in case anyone wants to have an idea.

Other than the payment issue when I first got to Vanity, I absolutely had no other issue with them. I thought the ladies were so nice. They burst out laughing when I started twerking-they were coming from behind the counter to see!! We laughed and hugged and kissed and they told me they wish all girls were like me. I just treat people how they treat me. My overall experience with Vanity was very pleasant.

Dr. Fisher is amazing! He is knowledgeable and so charismatic. I brought him a gift and he was so shocked, humble and appreciative. My first day was tough, but each day is better. I love, love, love my results. I know there is swelling but I'm not super swollen. I only bruised in the chest area between my breasts. Here are some pics!

P.S. These are MY DAMN HIPS. Somebody tried to argue me down telling me Dr. Fisher added some. No he didn't! I didn't ask for any because I've always had hips. They are more profound with all that fat gone! Get you some!

17 Days Post Op

Hi dolls I'm 17 days post op and feeling good! I'm still in my garment with my foams and I have no pain whatsoever. I have not been consistent with the ab board though. My sides are still tender and my back is a little bit too. I haven't taken pain meds in over a week. My only complaint at this juncture is sleeping. Because I'm restricted to my stomach, my back and neck get stiff. Oh something else is bothering me: my hands (mainly my left hand) is tingling and numb. It was not like that right out of surgery which lead me to believe it happened afterwards. I have a habit of sleeping on my arms when I lay on my stomach. I guess with all the bodily changes after sx, I may have accidentally restricted blood flow. It's slowly subsiding each day. Just be careful and try to avoid doing that because it's very irritating. I read that something else experienced the same thing and it eventually went away for her. I went shopping today for some new clothes! My waist is so small now that my jeans will definitely need to be altered. Check me out!

P.S. I'm 158 lbs and these pants in the pictures were a L. I had to get an XL because it was toooooo much booty. The pics do not do my ass justice.

8 and a half months post op!

It's been a while since I've posted, but I'm enjoying my new ASSets. I'm 8.5 months post op. My butt has fluctuated many times. After the swelling went down, I was mad because I thought I lost all volume. I immediately thought I was going to do a round 2, but you really have to be patient dolls because my fluff was real (especially around 20-24 weeKS post). My butt reorganized the volume and it is perfect and round. Dr. Fisher is a surgery God and my thigh to butt ratio is perfect. I get sooo many looks. I was out having lunch last week and a female stranger walked up to me and said, "oh my God your body is perfect!" I just tell people who know me I gained a little weight lol. My decision is not their business. I'm so step, tummy tuck!

I absolutely LOVED Dr. Fisher. I only met with him once at pre-op. A post-op was scheduled, but hurricane Matthew was expected and Vanity closed for safety reasons. I was the first patient of the day at at 6am, Dr. Fisher was upbeat, extremely friendly, knowledgeable, charismatic and down to earth. I brought him a gift representing my city's football team and he was genuinely grateful. He was honest with my desired results. I am extremely happy with the outcome and if I ever have another cosmetic procedure, I'm definitely traveling back to wherever Fisher may be! P.S. My overall experience with Vanity was great as well. I did not have to wait at all and I loved the girls there, especially Daniella.

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