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Like most of you dolls I want to improve my body....

Like most of you dolls I want to improve my body. I've done tons of research and my DR is Salzhauer! I did do the back and forth like we all seem to do. It came down to 2! Ortega & Salzhauer. Karla from Ortega was more than happy to take my deposit money-then NEVER emailed me again. I emailed her 4 times with various questions no response. The last email was dated 4/23! Mmmmm that pissed me off and made narrowed my list to 1. I need to add that DR S did Facetime me with in 48 hours of making an online appointment. He seemed very personable and told me the areas that I could not fix. I liked that. I do not want expectations that cannot be achieved. DO NOT WANT TO WASTE MY $$$$!
I made my deposit and set my date with Dr S. I'm going 8/12 and cannot wait! I'm debating how many cc's to get. My main concern is realistic results! I'm flying down to Miami July 15 to have my face to face consult. Thus far Arianny has been beyond helpful. There are still a few details to iron out but I have to say that she's on top of her game with answering my questions in a very timely manner!
God bless to all the dolls healing and here's to another day closer for the rest of us!

Pictures & measurements!

Now Measurements! And wish pics...

Bra (right under my boobs) 35"
Hips ( middle of hip bones) 39"
Waist (middle of belly button) 32"
Left thigh (at very top of thigh) 23"
Right thigh (at very top of thigh) 23 1/2"
Right arm 11 1/2"
left arm 11"
I am 5'8" and weigh 158.

ARIANNY usted es impresionante!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok- I just have to post this! I had my surgery scheduled for 8/12....well thanks to school I actually have to be at work on 8/13! Es no bueno! I was very upset last night when I found this out! Of course I thought I'd have to wait another year to get this done. As all of you wonderful ladies I don't have the patients for that! I finally came to the conclusion that if it's not meant to be--its not meant to be take it as a sign!
I called Arianny first thing this morning told her my situation- NOT HOLDING OUT HOPE mind you- but low and behold she called me back in less than 5 minutes with a another surgery date!! 7/28 it is!! I am floored at the top notch pre-op attention I have received from the Bal Harbour staff. If your looking for a DR with his front line in order this is your place! I am beyond shocked that Arianny could get me in! I know they where booking June/July In March!! Needless to say I am doing my happy dance! And I am sending Ari an edible bouquet right now!! TY TY TY ARIANNY!! And I am thinking about texting the DR to let him know just how amazing she is!!
I am now 67 days out!! WOW!!! I've come to the realization that its not how many cc's I can get but the over all outcome of the surgery. I know I am in good hands with DR S and now all I will do is pray for a smooth surgery and speedy recovery!
I also want to say another TY to all the wonder ladies on this site! Vets--your wisdom and accounts of your journeys are truly priceless to us that are starting ours! To the ladies that aren't on the flip side-TY for all the support and encouragement! RS is a wonderful source of info and inspiration! Let's keep it up ladies!

Started my shopping!

4 Maxi dresses.
Gauze pads
anti itch cream
compression socks
2 fajas
chux & pads
I'm trying to keep packing as light as possible!
Booked hotel- Daddy O in Bal Harbour. Waiting to hear back from the nurse. I only need one for 48 hours I think.
I''m very excited! I cannot wait to fix this flat a$$ of mine! Not to mention the bra rolls! I truly hate looking at my back! It's frustrating that by looking at my back & butt you'd NEVER know I work out 5 days a week! 3 of them with a trainer!
Best of luck to all you wonderful ladies! We're one day closer to bootyland!

getting closer...

My date is rapidly approaching. I can't believe how fast the past 8 weeks have gone by. I'm addicted to this site as most of you beautiful ladies are! OMG the amount of pictures I've looked at it is beyond stupid!
One thing I have noticed, is that, my expectations of my results have and are changing the more I read reviews and look at pictures. At first I wasn't too worried about cc's and I am still not worried about the actual number of cc's just the shape of my over all results. After going back and forth I do realize that I want an upside down heart shaped booty with good bottom projection. My sx is on a Monday so I am worried about not being able to see the Dr S prior to sx. I had full intentions of going to see him before but need to save that money for the sx. (I added an area of lipo so there went the $$ to do a face to face)
I will say that I from reading a previous post I will not take the xanax the morning of surgery. I want to be able to communicate with the Dr and make sure we're on the same page. I'm thinking about taking a wish pic with me just in case. I have had NO problems with my pre-op communication what so ever. Arianny has been awesome and been very patient with me and my endless list of questions.
My shopping is almost done so that's a plus. I have flight and hotel and nurse booked. Looks like its all waiting from here on out!

Pre-op today!

As other RS ladies have said before- this sh!t just got real! I had my blood work done today. It will be a long two days to see if I get cleared for sx! My PCP said he wasn't worried about my blood work! He was just wanted to make sure I quit smoking (gross I know) 2 weeks prior to sx and NOT smoke for 4-6 weeks post sx! I told him I know!
He was a tad surprised that I'm doing plastic surgery again after my mommy makeover complications! But he in NO way judged me at all! He's a very nice & caring DR!
OMG where has the time gone?? I'm officially 19 days 16 hours and 59 minutes out! I know the next few days will fly by! I'm going on a vacation to Disney with my sons before sx-so I know the next 19 days will fly by! Sunday I start my vitamedica pre-op vitamins.
I have all my supplies except for the RX for after surgery! Ruth should be calling those in one day next week! I packed very light! 4 maxi dresses-2 light sweaters to cover up garment for my arms- yoga pants-2 fajas- compression socks-maxi pads-band aids- anti itch cream-granny panties-4 t shirts for under faja-gauze - chux -2 pairs of flip flops. Oh-all my personal hygiene stuff as well.
One day closer to fixin' this flat of mine! I wonder if DR S would like the nickname DR Run flat!! (Like the run flat tires??) HA!

Question for vets

Ok to any vets out there.. This maybe a very odd question but from someone who has no ass at all... is there as adjustment period to you new booty? Just curious really! As I literally sit on my tailbone as i type this!

Finally told my mom!

I have been so worried -needlessly I might add- about telling my mom about this sx. Since my MM didn't go so smoothly I was worried she'd try to talk me out of it! She simply said I think your beautiful- but if this is something you feel you need to do I support you and will be there for you! Moms are amazing! She is truly a gift from God that I cherish!
Well I will be having sx in 15 days! I'm hoping my vacation to Florida with my family will help my not think/stress about this as much!
Happy healing ladies!

Pre-op consult.

After our meeting today I am even more confident in my choice of DR! He is kind warm & caring. Never felt uncomfortable even butt a$$ naked.
Start by saying that appointment was for 1230. Had to do paper work ect. Then at 1250 the DR walked in. Since I've had the mommy makeover I didn't have a lot of questions. Just if the look I desired was possible. (Want upside down heart with good bottom projection.) He said totally doable! Insert my white girl with no rhythm happy dance here! He said I had plenty to work with & had nice crease for the shape I wanted. I had to go over pre & post op instructions w Ari (adorable chica) & got my Rx! And a really nice bal body hoodie! I will wear it after my sx! Very cozy! Have to add Ari is the best. She told me ALL garments are provided just have to ask. Also no need to go buy a bunch of supplies. They provide it all! Down to the chux & maxi pads! :) nice touch!!
With everything I did at the office I was our in under an hour! That's impressive!! I just pray post op appointments go that smoothly! After sx no one wants to sit & wait! Or in my case stand and wait!!
I can't believe my sx is 11 days away! That's nuts! June/July have flown by. Now I get to enjoy disney with my kids!
All the best to all you beautiful ladies!!

RX is filled!

Ok ladies I'm medically cleared & have filled my Rx's and started taking the extra RX iron tablets! It's officially 8 days & counting!
So glad I'm side tracked w Disney & a wedding next weekend.

Made it to Miami

Well surgery is in the AM at 1030. I've been excited. Now I'm getting nervous. This has been a very stressful week. I'm ready to get the recovery started! I'm staying about 2 miles from DR S office. Hotel is nice. Whole Foods Walgreens and other stores within walking distance. The cab fare was $40. I think I will be getting a car service for the return. I'm staying in Miami till Thursday then up to palm beach w my brother for 4 more days. Back here on Monday for one week follow up. I go back home on Tuesday.
I will post ASAP tomorrow. I just hope my caregiver is good/sweet.
God bless to all those getting surgery!!

It's booty day!

I'm waiting for my nurse to pick me up & take me to DR S office now. Have to be there at 10. Glad it's only 3 miles away! Nurse got lost getting to hotel! Sadly at this late in the game I'm still considering the shape I want. Cc's don't matter as much as shape for me! I'm taking two wish pics & asking DR which one will fit my body type better! I'll update soon!

Just waiting.

Marked up have IV waiting on dr to take me back to OR! Getting excited. Love the wish pic dr picked! He's gonna hook me up! Can't' wait. Update soon.

Flip Side!

Surgery went well. I'm not in a lot of pain just sore. Everyone in DR S's office was wonderful. Ruth was as sweet as she could be. Love my results so far!! Can't wait to see final outcome. Liz is awesome. So glad God put her in my path!!


More pics

Day 3 post

I went into this trying not to look at myself for the first week. Too many changes occur day to day. So far I'm loving the results. I'm really swollen in my hips that freaked me out a tad. Wasn't expecting that much swelling. Dr S & his staff have been amazing. Very well oiled machine they've got going.
Yeni is a cutie pie to. I love the fact that they come to your hotel/condo the day after sx to check on you. That's a very nice touch. And gives you a nice piece of mind.
The emails from DR S everyday telling you what to expect from recovery is a nice touch. I'll try to take more pictures tomorrow.
By far the worst part for me has been the laying on the stomach. Im not a good stomach layer!! You will use your arms a lot. So do some push ups to prepare.
All the best ladies.

5 days post op

I am beyond surprised at this recovery. I was expecting to worst and this has been smooth thus far. I am very happy with my results and the post op care from dr S and his staff.
I am still very bruised but the pain has been very bearable. Sleeping on stomach has been the worst part for me. I haven been able to sleep more than 3 hours at a time. Wake up very stiff. But that's getting better with each day.
I go for one week post op on Monday. I'll be happy to get this contraption off my stomach. Still not sure exactly what it's for. I'll ask on Monday. Yeni the nurse said she didn't know but was told do not take it off or change it. I still feel very blessed with this recovery. Maybe it's because my mommy make over was so rough. I was expecting the worst.
Love my results so far. Booty is still hard but doing great. I haven't measured it I just want to try to be patient for 3 months and see how it goes. My waist looks great. Still very swollen all over. I know that is just time.

One week post op visit.

I have to say that finally getting the contraption of my stomach was wonderful. I can't say this enough dr s and his staff are awesome. I was told I look great for 1 week post op and keep up the good work.
The best advice I can give you is eat drink & walk ASAP post op. I walked from day one. I have tried too walk 1 mile a day since 2 days post op. Not all at once mind you over the course of 24 hours. Sunday was the first day since sx that I truly didn't have any energy. I was worn out from cleaning up.
Today is a great day. I took my first shower and OMG that was close to heaven. Putting the garment back on was a tad rough. I swelled up really fast. I'm posting a few pics the nurse was nice enough to take for me today.
I'll keep posting in sites as they occur to me.
First one I'll say is this: stay on top of the stool softener! I took mine from day 2 and had first BM on day 3! Stay on top of your vitamins & iron after. Your body needs them to heal quickly.

Travel day!

I was kinda worried about the flight home. I had 2 flights. Mia to ATL TO MEM. It wasn't bad actually. I only felt silly pulling out the pillow and sitting on it. Oh well no shame in my game. I'm protecting this booty! ODDLY my life leg swelled up and looks like an elephants leg from the knee down. I've taken a nap and about to shower. Had to take the garment off! It's nice to be home!
For future DR S patients:
Parking: Go behind the building and park in green looking garage or in the bank parking lot outside. Parking in front was HARD to find.
He is amazing and gifted! Don't second guess your self. If you have a vision he'll do his level best to help you achieve it! His staff pre & post op have been so sweet & kind. The only complaint -isn't really a complaint more an observation- 1 week post op appt was at 12. I didn't get called back till 1230! As I said AN OBSERVATION not a complaint! I was done w appt by 115 so truly NOT bad at all! I'll take 30 mins after some of the horror stories I've heard on RS! Please jot down any questions you have for the DR!! My mind went blank and I had no clue what to ask. Examples- how many cc's-how long w the lipo foam- when can I do light exercise-when do I go to stage 2 garment- when can I waist train? Thats' just a few I forgto :(
Depending on how long your staying in MIA- you won't need to bring your stage 2 garment. They sent me home in my original garment. I was there 7 days after my sx.
If flying out of MIA- that airport is just crazy busy 24/7. I stayed my last night in the airport hotel due to my super early flight. Give your self time to get threw security if you don't have TSA pre-check card! Look into cheaper flights going into Ft Lauderdale! I'm thinking there close to the same distance from DR S office.
I'll keep posting more a it comes to me! I'm ready for my first shower at home!!!

12 days post op

So far I am beyond amazed at how smoothly this recovery has been. I'm tired and feel like taking naps all the time. The day of sx I weighed 164 and I weighed myself on Tuesday and was shocked at the weight gain 186! OMG I wasn't prepared for 22 pounds. I truly didn't feel like it was 22 pounds. So ladies be PREPARED for the major weight gain right after sx! But I have lost 13 pounds in 2 days. I'm 173 today. I'm still trying to not look in the mirror. I know if I do I'll start nit picking my body and I'm not going to go play that mental game.
As to be expected, my booty is still rock hard and swollen but I love the size and shape thus far. My hips right now are to big for my taste-but again I'm trying to wait it out to start making any calls on my final results. The emotional roller coaster of this recovery is rough. One day I think I've done the right thing-then next day I think wth have I done to myself? I know this is part of the process and I'm trying to be patient but it's hard. I'm counting my blessings that I am very mobile and able to do my daily activities. I am tired at the end of the day but I get it all done. I just keep thinking if I could get a goods night sleep things would be much better. The lack of sleep over the past 12 days is starting to take its toll now. I finally figured out the boppy pillow so sitting is getting easier. I still try not to sit more than 20-30 minutes at a time and then walk for 5-10 minutes. Sleeping is a total other story. I can't seem to find a comfy position to sleep. I've tried everything I can think of. On the bright side I'm twelve days out and very thankful this recovery is going so well.
I still love the DR S and his staff. They've called me everyday to check on me. That gives me a great since of security.
My best advice is 1) drink lots of water-gatorade-pineapple juice! I drank the NAKED drinks 2-3 a day for the first week and lots of pineapple juice the first 3 days. 2) walk ASAP after sx. It does suck but suck it up and walk a few minutes. 3) have lots of chux to keep your bed & linens clean. 4) change your dressing often the first few days. Eat proteins as much as possible and take iron pills. I'm still taking iron pills and still on antibiotics until Monday. 5) Have maxi dresses they are the most comfy thing to wear out in public.
I'm gonna try to post pics later tonight. It's hard for me to take pics and not nit pick them to death! Just have to keep telling myself it takes 3 months ---it takes 3 months!!
All the best ladies!

Day 12 pics

Almost 2 weeks post op

So far recovery has been very smooth!! I can't say that enough. I feel very blessed and thankful that I've been this mobile and a good amount of energy since the day after sx. All my bruising is gone. Just the swelling remains. I am still loving my results!! My booty has softened up a lot over the last 2 days! Now I'm just waiting for the drop & fluff! The garment is a pain but must be worn! I know this is just part of the healing process so I'm still staying away from mirrors as much as possible. I refuse to nit pick my body at this early stage! I must admit--I keep waiting for the booty greed to come a calling--so far I'm lucky and very happy with my results.
I am still walking 1 mile a day. I've been doing that since day 2-but now I'm walking the mile all at once. I do no more exercising than that and still using the boppy! The only thing that I'm worried about is a few nights I've woken up on my back and I have no clue how long I was in that position!! Oh well can't control everything!
I did take my kiddos to a movie- you can go to a movies ladies- sit in the very top row and do not fold the chair down- just sit on the bottom of the chair and your booty fits perfectly!! NO pressure on the booty! I was worried but it worked perfect!
I have pics and will post them ASAP!
Have a great weekend ladies!! Happy healing to all who have crossed over! One day closer for those yet to come!

Dang that should say almost 3 weeks post op!! Sorry ladies!

I'm almost 3 weeks post op! Duh!!

I'm officially 1 month post op.

I can't say how happy and uneventful this recovery has been. I feel very blessed after reading some of the horrible recoveries some of the beautiful ladies on RS have gone threw. I count my lucky stars everyday!!
I'm still trying really hard not to nit pick my body just yet. The swelling has gone down a lot. I weighed 168 today so I'm 4-6 pounds from sx day weight. That's a plus. Oddly it's my back & arms that swell the most. I'm back to almost a real workout. That's been wonderful. To just do cardio was a relief for me. I'm very happy with my results at 1 month post. I'm hoping the greed monster doesn't show up! That's one reason I'm avoiding mirrors at this stage. Trying to let it all settle before I make any judgement calls.
I still love DR S & his staff. They've been wonderful. One of his nurses called me daily for two weeks to check on me. Nice touch.
Here are some pics at 3 1/2 weeks post & 1 yesterday.
Happy healing ladies.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Not there yet! I will post once I have meet the Dr! I will at this point say that his office staff is absolutely amazing! First thing I will do it give Ari a great big hug!! She's been spot on and answered all question-no matter how silly- rather quickly and accurately! Keka has been good as well. I've only dealt with her once but NO complaints!! Those ladies make this process easy and haven't rushed me once! DR S is very caring. He never once rushed me or made me feel my questions where too many. I took 3 wish pics & told him to chose the one that would work best with my body. He took his time looking at the pics and making his choice. The after care has been amazing. Yeni is as sweet as she can be and answered all my questions the day after sx. I can now say the entire staff is awesome, caring & organized.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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