The Fisherized Snatched

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Ok I am new to the rs fam. Hey Dolls! My sx date...

Ok I am new to the rs fam. Hey Dolls! My sx date is December 21, 2016. ( the auto fill will not let me put in the correct date)
I been researching 5 plastic surgeons and facilities forbthenpast 2 yrs and I have decided the famous Dr. Fisher at Eres aka Vanity. I have seen and heard nothing but good results and good bedside manner regarding Dr. Fisher. The facilities and staff professionally seems to fluctuate but that's ok.. most Dr's office have some type of temporary issues. The most important thing to me is that Dr. and his skills, safety, passion for his craft, oh and credentials, experience, results and some other stuff, so Fisher seem to be the man.
Ok let's go!

Paid In Full

Hey Dolls.. I'm pretty sure you guys know you should do your homework regarding this whole crazy body transformation thing, right? lol..
I'm learning that, in order to do the right thing and safe thing, be prepared to spend some $$$$. Looks like depending on what comes with these Eres up and down prices, you start off with one number and end up with another. Crazy????.
Anyway, Today I decided to go with a recovery home. At first I booked a hotel for 6 days ($900), but with the traveling back and forth (you will be going back and forth between seeing Dr and massages appointments (Uber)), that's about $100+, (1) garment, (+\- $175), 5 massages ($300), care giver ($125-$150), meals ($120+), and most of all *Cell Saver **A MUST! ($525). Wow ????! That's $2270 and that's not with what you pay for your sx..Crazy ????
So with the Recovery Home ????, I choose a package for $1200 which includes everything except the Cell Saver..(+$525). Total $1725.. saved $545..YAY????????????????..

Labs Good..8 more days to go

Ok my labs was excellent. 8 more days to go for the Fisherized Snatch. .I can't wait. I'm so excited. I just want to say that Amy from Eres has been so nice so helpful and so patient with me from the first day I spoke to her till now. And I know I'm the client from but she has kept her cool the whole time with me. I appreciate you my sistah.
Supplies: when I get to Miami I'm going to hit Walmart and get whatever I need. Anyhoo dolls I will link back next week for the follow up.
Pics will be posted next week as well.
TTYL Dolls

Ok it's going down.. omw to get Fisherized Snatched..

Miami bound to see the famous Dr. Fisher. I'm ready.

I'm here.. Pre-op..

Flight was a lil weird..plane problems but we (my daughter and I) made it! Waited 10 minutes for Ray, who is a pleasure by the way and he drops us to Eres. Being here now, I will say one thing ladies, do not judge a book by its cover. Although the space is in a shopping center, the waiting area is very clean and modern with a rich black and white's elegance and nice staff comforts me. I'm excited! Surgery at 4am tomorrow, will post an update soon!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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