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Hello to all beautiful sister of Realself ! I...

Hello to all beautiful sister of Realself ! I have officially been Fisherized ????. .. I enjoyed and learned so much from you ladies although I was never on much because the anxiety is too much. My experience overall was great with Vanity minus a hiccup or two but overall I think they are trying to turn the page. I will update more shortly. I will be departing Miami in a few hours and have to get packing.


So I had my surgery @ Vanity on 8/18. I had read many reviews on Vanity's customer service so I was prepared and basically went in with a no nonsense attitude with the staff. Fortunately I never experienced any nonsense with the exception of having my surgery rescheduled to an earlier date due to Dr. Fisher travels which I found to be a blessing because God knew I needed to prepare myself better. I had a Wonderful coordinator ~ Margaret made my experience with Vanity very professional and informative. She is the absolutely best! I flew in too meet her and Fisher before my procedure. If I had a question or concern I could call/ text her and she always responded.

Miami Escape stay

I recall walking into Vanity the morning of surgery but I have no memory of walking out! My husband had told me Dani and staff had me so quickly he nearly missed my departure to the recovery house.well... I awoke a Miami Escape with Dani and her staff hydrating me and taking care of me. Molly and Brenda are very thoughtful...and although Dani was recovering from her own surgery she checked on me several times to be sure I was comfortable. Ladies they are the Real Deal in Miami. They are wonderful. My plans were to spend three days at Miami Escape and recovery with my husband for the next six days at our hotel ( Provident @ the Blue Miami). I was walking and moving around so well by the end of day two I rejoined my husband @ our resort. Like many of you ladies, I enjoy nice things, people and places.. My mind was able to rest @ Miami Escape so that my body could recover. Please consider Miami Escape during your research. I had the opportunity to engage with a couple of "recovery house" owners and ladies ~ please choose wisely.

Recovering @ Provident Doral @ the Blue Miami

So for those who are traveling with a companion, spouse or caregiver. I recommend Provident Doral @ the Blue Miami. It is very close to Vanity, shopping, and recovery houses. My husband and I enjoyed our stay. The suites are spacious and very nice. I booked directly through their website but they are also on home way and the other travel booking sites as well.

Update~ @ 10 days post-op

I returned home Friday and after 10 hours in FLL airport I was just too exhausted to update. I'm feeling much better today.
I was 146lbs during pre-op according to Vanity which is possible due to me not having my Starbuck frappuccinos the week prior to surgery. Those things are the devil but I love them. 2 days following surgery I was 154 lbs today I'm @ 152.2. The swelling is starting to lessen as I continuing to watch my sodium intake and water consumption. Dr. Fisher instructed me that I have to eat even if I didn't feel like it.. So I've been feeding the investment more hoping I get a good return. I plan to seek out massages this week so if any of you ladies have any recommendations in the Atlanta area please advise. xoxo

One month update~ feeling fine!

Well...35 days out and I'm feeling fine. I haven't updated recently mainly due to life and working. My apologies.... I continue to wear my garment but not so much the foams. I sleep on my stomach which I've now found to be quite comfy. Surprisingly Vanity has contacted me weekly to check up on my recovering. I believe I'm healing quite well although I do get an occasional day of swelling depending on my eating habits. Im enjoying my new body and my husband is as well. He's such a big help in helping me get out of my CG. Good luck and prayers for all you ladies. xoxo

Photo update

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