Soon to Be Fisherfied! BBL Scheduled for 2/26/16. Miami, FL

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Hello Dolls!!! So excited! Put deposit down today...

Hello Dolls!!!

So excited! Put deposit down today for my BBL with Dr Fisher on 2/16. I am flying in from out of town. Working with Lia as my coordinator and so far she is great!

I'm trying to decide a few things:

1) if I should add lipo of inner thighs. I have enough fat to get the full 4000cc out without doing inner thighs. I want to maximize the results so I am wondering if adding the inner thighs will spread the fat loss too thin. In other words, should I wait and do the thighs later to get the most dramatic effect from the abs, waist, back, etc??? I need input!

3) recovery house options - I have heard Magdelena is awesome and Xanadu is expensive? Please share experiences and costs, etc!

3) I am 5'4" and currently 154lbs. Anyone else my size care to share before/afters??? I want booty but don't want to go crazy because I'm so short. Trying to figure out how many cc's looks best on my frame.

Anyone have their procedure around my same time? Would love to buddy up!

Inner Thigh Lipo?

I am adding inner thighs. Anyone know of anyone who has had inner thighs done?

LABS DONE! ***Can't believe my sx is in 25 DAYS!***

So I scheduled an appointment with my primary care doc here in Oregon to get my pre op labs done just to check and make sure there is nothing that needs to be addressed prior to surgery (iron, etc).

I anticipated paying out of pocket, but while I was there she suggested we do a pap smear so that she could bill most of the labs as part of an annual physical. Otherwise, since the entire point of the appointment was happening because of an elective plastic surgery, my health insurance would cover zero of it. She said she thought it would only be one of the lab test (I believe hemo) that would not be covered. The comprehensive lab panel, pregnancy, HIV etc should get paid by insurance no issues. Also, the office visit was covered by just my copay this way.

Hope this helps some of you!

SX Was Today! ***6 hours Post Op*** Pics!

Hey dolls. Just woke up and waiting for my pain medication to kick in. Thought I would post a pics. They aren't the greatest but hopefully will give you an idea. I will post more as I'm feeling stronger and able to maneuver around better.

I am staying at Keyla's and it would be impossible to say enough kind things about her and her husband too!

Less than 1 day post op ***pic***

Love my waist but I'm worried my but is GIANT!

Will it go down??

1 day post op***1st massage***pics

Had my 1st massage last night. I took 2 Percocet about 30 min before and it still wasn't a pleasant experience. BUT I could tell it was going to make me feel better afterwards. That along with the shower and freshly cleaned garment made me feel SO much better!

Day 2 Post Op ***more pics***

Had to take these foams out for a minute and snapped a pic. I am very swollen but like what I see so far. My thighs and hips are super inflamed as well.

More day 2 ***post massage****

Massages are the best. They hurt but you feel so much better after each one!!!

Inner Thigh Lipo Bruises

Quick shot of the bruising caused by the inner thigh lipo I had. It looks worse than it feels but my legs are VERY swollen from it. No itching or anything there.

Life at a recovery house =~)

Day 5 Post ***pics***

A few pics in clothes.

I am feeling tired this morning and most of yesterday. It is sort of discouraging but I'm hoping it is just a normal part of the process. I feel that I am doing all of the right things: LOTS of fluids, lots of moving, lots of resting, massages everyday, good nutrition. The only thing that could improve is sleep. Staying in a recovery house is great, but it does mean your sleep will suffer a bit. The first few nights it didn't matter because I was waking up every few hours myself, but once you are more than a few days post op you should be able to sleep for longer stretches....unless of course you are in a house with a bunch of other girls who are post op. Anyway, please let me know if you experienced this fluctuation in energy. It is bumming me out.

Traveling home now

I'm boarding my plane any minute and I have no idea how this is going to work. I have read everything, have all the stupid pillows and still don't see how I'm gonna keep my butt off of that seat!!


How Many CC's Removed

I have had a lot of people ask me how many CC's I had removed and how many were put back in. Here's the thing, IT DOESN'T MATTER.

Believe me, I searched high and low to find out how much girls had removed and how much was put back into each butt cheek and hips. The thing is, there are SO many variables when it comes to calculating the amount removed that unless you have ALL the facts, the numbers really don't mean much. Also, each person's skin is different meaning the doctor WILL NOT know how much fat he can transfer to into your buttocks and hips until he has you on the operating room table.

If you want to know more about this, below is a link that explains this in further detail:

All of that said, below is what I found out was removed and replaced:

Total of 3300 cc's removed
1450 put into each side (buttock and hip)

So, 2900 put back in.

What does this mean for you and your desired results? Nothing! :)

My point is, the best results are achieved by having wish pics to give your doctor an idea of your desired results in regards to shape and volume AND more importantly by having realistic expectations.

Wishing everyone the best on their own individual journey!


11 Days Post Op ***PICS***

Pineapple Water *** A Recovery MUST HAVE***

I lived on pineapple water at Keyla's Recovery House. It contains BORMELAIN and is a natural diuretic. At the RH I probably drank a gallon (or more) of this a exaggeration. So, now that I'm home I thought I would make some myself. Turns out, it's super easy. Steps below:

1) cut the pineapple as if you were going to eat it.
2) place what you consider "edible" into a container to eat later
3) place what you consider "inedible" (minus the top of the fruit) into a pot covered with water.
4) bring to a light boil for 5-7min
5) simmer for another 15-17 min
6) remove from heat and refrigerate (once cooled). You don't want to pour super hot liquid into a plastic container.

7) drink drink drink - this stuff is SUPER good for you.

Few pics -=- almost 4 weeks post op in these pics -=-

I was almost 4 weeks post op in these pics.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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