Want to Get Fisherfied!!! 33 Two Kids 5.1 and 120lbs - Miami, FL

So I am pretty new to this site. I have been...

So I am pretty new to this site. I have been stalking all the stories for about a month and finally got the nerve to contact Dr Jonathan Fisher's office through realself. I got a email right away from a coordinator named Anaily she answered all my questions but told me I would have to pay in full to get the summer sale price. Well lucky me ???? I don't get my bonus for a couple months (heart breaking) Meanwhile Anaily and a few others coordinators kept texting /calling / emailing me everyday. So I decided to speak to a new coordinator named Krystal and to my surprise she told me that I can put just a deposit to hold the summer discount price.. The next day Anaily started blowing up my phone and I mentioned to her what the other coordinator said. Now all of a sudden I can leave a deposit. Has this happened to anyone? I really love Fishers results, but I'm not a fan of BS with the coordinators. Does any Fisher Dolls recommend a good coordinator from vanity? I need to know I'm in good hands!! Thanks in advance Ladies..

I Need to go from a Apple Top to a Apple Bottom!!! Pre Opt and Wish Pics!!

So as you can see from my Pictures I have chicken legs (tears) and I'm more top heavy. As for me, I wish I could have that tatted up Holly body but realistically my legs are way to thin for all that.. So hear are my more realist wish pics for my body type. (The two last pictures) what do you ladies think?

I Need Help From NJ Beauties

Any RS Beauties can help me find a place to do the lymphatic drainage massage in New Jersey? How many do you recommend? I know I'm a Long way from May but I want to be prepared. Thanks in advance and happy healing!! Killem with Curves..

Update on my coordinator Anna

At first I was iffy about my coordinator Anaily due to the fact that she told me I had to pay in full. So I sent her a email because she kept calling and texting me for my deposit. This is the email I sent her...
Hi Anna
I have been feeling a little uneasy about sending my deposit without all the information in writing about everything that is included with the procedure price. Plus not knowing what percent of a refund I get back in the case that I physically can't have the surgery. I am 100% positive I want my BBL with Dr.Fisher but I want to also be 100% sure I will receive everything that is included in the summer sale. I also need to know after the initial 1,000 $ deposit when is the rest due?

In response to my email, she sent me a copy of everything that's included with the 5,300 $ which is,,,

Your deposit will lock in your deal for


which will included

12 areas of lipo with Brazilian butt lift + 1 free garment + 2 masagges + 2 lipo foams.

Liposculpture to your full back....
Bra line ( 2 )
Flanks ( 2)
Waist ( 2)
Love handles ( 2 )
Whole abdomen area ( 4)
+ Fat grafting to your butt and hips
Surgery fee included
-Blood Work
-EKG (if needed)
- Pre op
- Operating Room fees
- Anesthesia & certified anesthesiologist
- Doctors Fees
- Post up room with certified RN for 2 to 3 hours after surgery.
- We also include complimentary of Vanity Cosmetic Surgery a FULL YEAR of FOLLOW VISITS to any of our facilities.

Your deposit of $ 1000 will lock your surgery date , which we can change at any time with no extra fee.
Remaining balance of surgery will need to be pay at least 2 weeks before the surgery.

She also attached their refund policy . Which says it's 100% money back guarantee. So now I can say that I am happy that Anna is my coordinator and that she is doing everything possible to make me feel comfortable making my decision. I will be making my deposit tomorrow. I hope this helps you ladies and if I missed any must ask questions please let me know.

So Many Fajas!!!

How in the World do you choose a Faja? So Many Different Fajas that Claim the same thing. I Need a Vets Input!!! eBay seems to be the cheapest place to find a faja btw.

More Pre Opt Pics!!

Nine Months seems Soooo Far Away!! Any who, here are some more pre opt pics!! Fix this BootyDoo Fisher!!! Lol

It's Official!!! I'm Gonna be a Fisher Doll!!!

I finally put my down payment in! I'm so Excited. Now I have a Longggg 9 month wait :\ I have to gain 10lbs before surgery. So I figure that I should start trying to gain 3 months before surgery. Any suggestions on how to gain weight in a healthy way will be highly appreciated. Also I'm thinking of buying the Dr Miami Booty Buddy. It's pricey but I think it looks more comfy then any other pillow I've seen. Best of Luck to all my RS sisters and Happy Healing..

Pre Opt

Researching Doctors Credentials / Malpractice?

Hey Ladies I'm just wondering how all of you went about researching your plastic surgeon? I have googled and also used this website, https://www.abplasticsurgery.org/ in hopes of making the safest and right decision for me. As we All know, it's a very nerve wrecking decision to choose a plastic surgeon and research is key. If there are any websites or other way to find out more information on these surgeons please let me know. I heard there is a website for Miami surgeons but I haven't found it yet. Wishing you All the very best on your Journey!! Happy Healing and Best of Health to You All.

My Nerves are On A Million!!!

Why do I do so much research!! I totally terrified Myself!! I ran across a RS page named Islandbutterfly (you can search her in the doctors search on here) and her post end on the day of her scheduled BBL with Dr Fisher. Someone in her comments said she passed two days later from complications from her surgery. I am so conflicted right now and I'm definitely not trying to change anyone's mind with whatever surgeon they choose, but I'm second guessing myself.. Do I really need this? If Not Fisher, then Who? I don't know anymore. I'm sure you can find bad in any surgeon. I Need to Pray on it. And I will keep All my RS Sisters in my prayers. A RS sister also gave me this website to do some more research flboardofmedicine.org just in case you need to research your doctor. Anyway I haven't heard a peep from vanity since I put my deposit down. Ugh Lord Guide Us All!! Okay that's my rant for the day! I need some Wine to calm these nerves.

Claudia's RH

I have been looking for a RH in Miami close to Eres. I keep seeing Amazing reviews for Claudia's recovery house but no information. Do any of you Dolls have a website, Ig page or phone number for this recovery house? I have been looking into Miami Escape RH also. Has anyone stayed here? How is it? I will most likely be traveling alone and I need the help of my RS Vets!! Also Miami Escapes looks like they have most of the supplies for after care and I want to travel light. Thank you ladies in advance!! Happy Healing!!

Finally Paid in Full

I'm excited and nervous at the same damn time!! Originally I wanted to set a date in May but Dr Fisher is booked out until the end of August. I feel like I have been waiting Forever... Any-who in the mean time I still have to gain 10lbs and I still don't know what recovery house to choose. I'm thinking of staying at Miami Escape. Can't wait to go from Flat to Stacked!!!!

Date Set

My date is set for August 21st. I'm looking into staying at Miami Escapes RH. Any other Dolls going in the end of August?

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