Soon to Be Fisherdoll Needs Help!! - Miami, FL

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Booked my appointment with Dr.Fisher, im a little...

Booked my appointment with Dr.Fisher, im a little nervous after reading some reviews about Vanity but im still going through with it as my coordinator Stephanie has been really nice and helpful. I really dont want to stay in miami a week did anyone go home after about three days? Also what did yall take with you?

New information

So I called Vanity and they said the minimum i could stay is 4 days which isnt that bad but they havent really answered my questions about the procedure. I know how they opperate just not what happenes afterward. Can someone clue me in about what happens after the surgery? And im also curious as to when i can go back to work, my manager asked me how long i need off and i dont know what to tell her. I only have 3 weeks left so im trying to get as much information as possible.. I will be booking a hotel tomorrow probably in fort lauderdale since its cheaper its only a 45 minute drive to the clinic so I'm hoping to save a little money as far as thats concerned.

2 weeks and 4 days to go...

Finally booked a hotel today.. I decided on the La Quinta in Fort Lauderdale, its about a 44 minute drive from there to Vanity but it finacially works so hopefully all will be good. I havent got my supply list from Vanity yet or my blood work request but hopefully they do it soon. Im trying to avoid any problems that could be had with Vanity and get everything in order beforehand.


Finally got my lab request from Vanity, scheduled a doctor's appointment for Thursday. Im thinking about seeing if i can find another hotel in Miama and just fly there instead of taking the drive to Ft. Lauderdale. I added a few wish pics to show my goal.

Hard Decisions

Soo its a little late for this considering my surgery is a little more than a week away but i am debating between having a 1700cc injection or cutting it down to 1300,1400, or 1500cc. Advice anyone?? I want a very full round but not an extreme projection.

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