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I really want my procedure done by fisher. Im...

I really want my procedure done by fisher. Im ready to put my deposit down but i want to find the best recovery home first. Any suggestions? I have been suggested from his assistant that Curvy Angels Recovery Home and Xanadua Recovery Home is great for them . I searched both an just wondering if there is more that could be better. I would have a person coming along with me as well

Switching doctors

I talked to a friend of mine an she had previous surgery from dr.hasan! I love her butt an think I wanna go to him . He is also cheaper than fisher. Im still deciding though. Any suggestions of which one I should actually go to?

Recovery partner?

Im waiting to see when Hasans openings are ! If anybody is going to get there surgery in either August or Late December, do you want to share a rh or hotel? Im scared to go by myself

Lymphmatic massage

Im thinking about staying in a hotel with a family member . I know i need lymphmatic massages . Who can come to me or I go to in miami for these massages? I will be staying in a hotel near vanity cosmetics.

Hasan price

Talked to angie at vanity . Hasans new price for a bbl is the same as fishers now . I think i might go back to fisher since their prices are the same . I recently just saw a botched job done by fisher and it was terrible. So undecided.

Switching doctors

I think I want to go with duran or ghauni instead. Ive been researching them both alot! I love duran's work but its very hard to get in contact with her.

Deposit Down!!

I put my deposit down for fisher ! My sx date is next june ! Im so excited ! Now I need to find a great recovery home.


Its final!!!!! My surgery date is June 6, 2017!!!! So excited


I know i paid my deposit for fisher already but I think I want to go to cabaral now. What do you think?

Duran Final Decision

I switched from fisher to cabral and now finally! DURAN!!! I got my quote for the surgery and recovery home package and I am going to put my deposit down for the coordinator and duran today . I am planning on having my surgery next June , but would want to have it in December . I will see if anyone cancels . Hopefully!

June 1 2017!!!!

Any surgery buddies for duran ??!!! I will be flying out may 30th though. But my surgery will be june 1st

Date change

I have my date set for june 1st , but now I want it in december or january , is there a cancelation list that I could be put on ?

Daye change duran

If anybody is giving up there sx date in the end of december or early january please let me know! I would like an earlier surgery date


Im GOING TO CABRAL Dec21!!!!!! Who is going during my time i need a sx buddy!
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