Another Duran Doll coming soon 10/6/2016

Just wanted to start Documenting:) I just received...

Just wanted to start Documenting:) I just received my quote today for Dr. Fisher. I want lipo and BBL. (5,500) I just emailed pics over and waiting on him to review them! I want to schedule for Aug 2016! I'll let you guys know when I get my date locked in and deposit paid:) Although I'm still trying to contact Dra. Duran! We shall see how this goes! I'm so excited! I'm really doing this!


Vanity just called me asking if I still wanted a procedure done by Dr. Fisher and also asked about my deposit! I kinda was waiting for a quote from Duran but I still haven't heard anything! I think I'll just pay my deposit to Vanity this week! I still can believe I'm doing this! I'm excited tho!

Switching to Duran

I've decided to switch doctors! I was going to go with Fisher but then I got my quote from Duran! Yay! I paid my deposit so my journey has officially started! I'm so excited and nervous! I'll be going in October 2016.. Any one else going around that time?

Date Comfirmed!

October 6th is my surgery date with Dr. DURAN :)


It's 10/5/16 not 10/6/2016 :) I just revived an email confirmation!

Switched dates

Switched sx date! Now having sx on January 17th... Yay!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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